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December 25, 2015 3:43 pm

Hezbollah Developing Naval Warfare Capacity, Arsenal Has 100,000 Rockets, Says Senior Israeli Defense Official

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Kibbutz Manara, as seen from along border with Lebanon, 2012. Illustration. Photo: Dave Bender

Kibbutz Manara, as seen from along the Lebanese border, 2012. Photo: Dave Bender

Hezbollah has more than 100,000 rockets in its arsenal, Israeli Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad told Israeli news website nrg in an exclusive interview on Friday.

Gilad, who is director of the Political-Military Affairs Bureau at the Israeli Defense Ministry, also told nrg that the Lebanese-based terrorist group has been building up its capacities for naval warfare, including acquiring Russian anti-ship P-800 Oniks missiles, also known as the Yakhont.

These missiles can be used against maritime and land targets, but also offshore gas rigs, said Gilad, a reference to Israel’s nascent and lucrative natural gas infrastructure.

Gilad said Hezbollah was uninterested in attacking Israel at the current time, both deterred by Israel and also bogged down in fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the Syrian civil war. There, Gilad said, the group has lost hundreds of fighters, echoing a recent Israeli report which suggested up to 1,500 Hezbollah fighters had already died in Syria.

“On the other hand, [Hezbollah] is determined to continue building its forces against us,” said Gilad.

Gilad’s comments came after Israel reportedly assassinated a senior Hezbollah operative, Samir Kuntar, in a precision-guided missile attack on a residential building just outside Damascus. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has vowed revenge.

Gilad also noted that the hand behind Hezbollah’s activities is Iran. He said the group is being directed by Qasem Soleimani, a commander in Iran’s Quds Force, who he said “travels around the Middle East promoting the affairs of the Iranian-Shia empire.”

The Israeli defense official was also pessimistic that the deal signed between Iran and five world powers in July would keep the country from secret nuclear weapons work.

“The day will come when they’ll build the [nuclear] infrastructure,” he said.

“They’ll do everything to get back to secret operations. Maybe the world pounced on them at first, but because of the nuclear deal they’re enjoying the removal of the economic stranglehold,” he said, referring to the process of lifting international sanctions outlined in the nuclear deal.

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  • To; Netianahu i cie,Israeli Goverment;
    I support Israel 100%,but don’t go against Christians,don’t make more enemis.Not because I’m a Cristian,but because the real anemy are muslims.Concentrate yourself there,because they’re on your door.
    The future is without islam!!!

    • Ron

      “Don’t go against the Christians?” They are the only people in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia where Christians are totally free from persecution.

      They have done more for Christians than any other country- including self-identified Christians. They just past a law allowing Christians to divorce themselves from being identified as Arab. The majority of Christians in Israel are Aramaic and pre-date Arabs by 1,000 of years.

  • Harri

    So take out the bloody arsenal!

  • Frank Adam

    Chances are the Russians do not particularly care if Israel or any other small country goes up in smoke as lost small change while they play their match with Iran against the US, China etc. They ae isolated enough to afford to distinguish between Israel /Zionists and Jews. Problem is they are ignoring that the madly extremist Moslems also wish to do down Russia. Given Lenin said the capitalists will sell us the rope we shall hang them with; the situation is not without its black humour. Bryzinski and Jimmy the fatuous Carter made the same mistake over helping the Afghans so now all jihadis think the USA can come apart just as easily.

  • Jonah

    Russia is facing sanctions from the west and is selling weapons as a matter of survival. Obama knows exactly what he is doing, and how those sanctions would help fuel the caliphate. With lower oil problems Russia will do whatever it takes to preserve its people and its country. The difference between Putin and Obama is that Russia will not go directly for your jugular. Obama and Hilliary have sparked the apocalypse and unfortunately they are on the wrong side. Russia is just a symptom of their actions, but in order to survive Putin must play into their hand. The Russians do not wake up before breakfast screaming Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar….kill all the Jews and Christians. Russians are not of that ilk but they are survivalists. Now Obama is a master strategist and is using his military might and congressional funds to fund the apocalypse. Revelation 20:4 is in full swing and Obama is supplying the knives. Revelation 14.9 is being enforced inadvertently by Europe in its fiat military actions against Isis and by Americas military industrial complex. This battle is about souls and the ownership of this planet. Everyone who does not warship Obamas moon God will be beheaded or face continued attacks but those being funded by him. Russia and China have established a firewall between them and Obamas forces. That firewall described by Danial has enraged the beast. Russia and China intend to preserve their civilization from eternal judgement in the lake of fire. The rulers of the underworld are Islam and they intend to fill hell with those who reject their God. It’s no different than when Israel was under the control of Egypt, whips on their backs until the arrival of Moses. But this is much more serious, eternal condemnation. For 1000 years, in hell, an Islamic whip will be on the backs of those who reject the God of Abraham. At the end of that 1000 years of torment you will face the great white throne judgement. If you take the mark…..no Abraham’s bosom for you. Read about The rich false religious believer and the poor man. Upon death one was being tormented and the other was with Abraham. The true religious Jews, the Russians, Chinese, and everyone who gives Israel a glass of water or breaks bread with them during the tribulation, that would be now….will enter the new millinium with untold blessings that existed back in the days before Adam and Eve were deceived in the garden. Papaya trees, trees with all the variety of nuts…in their back yard…the lion will lie down with the lamb…this is how you will live as the others are suffering with a millinium of punishment awaiting the great white throne judgement. Now if you want to hedge your bet, your not a Jew, and you want to guarantee you will not face judgement upon death and will be streamlined to heaven upon being beheaded ask Jusus to be the savior of your soul. It would be gross negligence if I did not mention that after writing this article. Jesus was the son of God, a Jew who died for and is savior for all those who accept what he did for them on the cross. Scripture says the Israelis go toe to toe with the beast…they battle him until he is thrown into the lake of fire…why because scripture says as they will do this….God is again using the Israelis to fight the war to save the lost sheep….under the guidance of the two witnesses and 144,000 Jews from the twelve tribes. Now in the mean time Islam kills two thirds of this planet or forces wars that result in two thirds of the population if this planet to be killed. You know the devil gets his dues.

  • If/when Hezbollah attacks Israel, Israel will will need to hit them with everything they have to immediately isolate their arsenal. No mater what the world will say, as they condemn Israel anyway, Israel has to once and for all uproot her threads!!!!

  • On this the warmest Christmas day in history, at least here in New York, I’m painfully aware that our much respected Israeli Major General Gilad is correct when he points out that eventually Hezbollah, will build their nuclear infrastructure. The end then will certainly be close upon us.

    President Ronald Reagan, decades ago speculated (while knowing all along what he was talking about), when he pointed out that if humanity had to deal with extraterrestrial companions it might be a good thing, because then we would certainly join together as one race of people.

    That we are not nearly alone in our universe will certainly be made known shortly and then without further ado, we will enter in awe and en mass into a new unalterable era of reality here on earth.

    This announcement will force us earthlings into ending our grade school tribal rock throwing mentality, and agree to pursue a move on into a sane and more loving world order, based on the real facts of life here on this, the most gloriously constructed and sensational of all planets in the universe… earth.

    I suggest that the time is literally right around the corner now, and that the “boys” meet in Jerusalem very soon to disclose the facts of life and call for a complete cessation of all violence or threat of violence in the world until further notice. It would be wise to do this privately unannounced to the media at least I believe.

    This cessation of warfare or talk of it is necessary to explore all our ancient interpretations and tribal beliefs desperately needing to be renovated immediately to disclose exactly who we are. It will turn out we are just one family, mankind. While families do argue they’re not often given to annihilating each other with napalm at the drop of a hat.

    Its time now to get on with this phase of our development, I’m sure of it on just this day in reaction to Major General Gilad’s remarks.

    Perhaps, the Israeli Prime Minister should do the invitations.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Happy holidays to all of us as just human beings.


    John W. McCluskey

  • Se tiene la capacidad de destruir a hezbolla y sus 100,000 cohetes, siempre se tendran que destruir en el aire con la cupula, en sus almacenes, es mejor en estos, mas barato y eficiente, el mundo gritara pero que mas da, mejor que lloren ellos sus muertos, elque pega primero pega dos veces

  • marlene

    A barrage of bombs offense would anniliate these bottom feeders.

  • Reginald

    He that watches over Jerusalem neither sleeps nor slumber. May He continue to watch over Israel.

    Thanks for your update.


  • Rick Miller

    A sad day that the Obama administration has permitted anti-Israel forces to grow so strong.

  • adina nissan


  • adina nissan

    thank you

  • adina nissan

    Every day I look forward to read your excellent and most informative magazine.

    Thank you.

  • nelson marans

    The question should be asked as to why Russia continues to supply sophisticated weaponry to Iran and its surrogates. Is it playing both sides or is it unilaterally opposed to Israel and its continued existence?

  • Joseh Milthon

    Se Houver um Confronto com o Hesbollah, Yisrael tem que usar alta letalidade, e não pode deixar Pedra sob Pedra desses Terroristas!