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December 26, 2015 7:20 pm

Far-Right Parties See Gains Across Europe Amid Immigration Crisis

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Muslim migrants off the coast of Malta. Photo: US Navy via Wikimedia Commons.

Muslim migrants off the coast of Malta. Photo: US Navy via Wikimedia Commons.

This shocking map shows how anti-immigration campaigners have enjoyed huge gains in this year’s elections, whilst thousands have taken to the streets to protest against the overwhelming influx of migrants and refugees.

From Greece to Germany and Switzerland to Sweden, far-right protestors and parties have stormed the mainstream of European politics as voters rebel against years of predominantly socialist rule.

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  • We English can push the scots out of the scotland

    We English can push the scots out of the scotland

  • LSK

    In the United Kingdom, The Daily Express and it’s competitor the Daily Mail are roughly equivalent to the New York Post in the United States. I consider none of these three newspapers to be reputable. They are merely scandal sheets using the news as bait to attract readers.

    This article is typical of the The Daily Express’ yellow journalism that, unsurprisingly, reminds me of Hearst and Pulitzer’s infamous yellow journalism. I am thinking of the sinking of the Maine in Havana Harbor back in 1898 which gave the United States national government an excuse to take over Spanish colonies.

    “The cause and responsibility for her sinking [the Maine] remained unclear after a board of inquiry investigated. Nevertheless, popular opinion in the U.S., fanned by inflammatory articles printed in the “Yellow Press” by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, blamed Spain. The phrase, “remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain”, became a rallying cry for action, which came with the Spanish–American War later that year. While the sinking of Maine was not a direct cause for action, it served as a catalyst, accelerating the approach to a diplomatic impasse between the U.S. and Spain.”

    Why stoop to such a low level when instead you could easily link to sites such as:

    Right-wing populism

    Human Rights First

    Pour le président du CRIF, Marine Le Pen est « irréprochable personnellement »
    The interview with Roger Cukierman the President of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France is in French but the article can be easily translated into more or less understandable written English with Google Translate. This article was written before Marie Le Pen successfully tossed her father out of the Front National but its still pertinent today.

    Roger Cukierman’s Twitter account
    You can read about how he staunchly defends French Jews against the evil Front National.

    And why not add in a little analysis to help your readers understand what is actually going on:

    As Chazal teach us that people fall into one of three categories: Jews, Noahides, and Pagans. Keep that in mind while we review a few salient points in Western history.

    In 1492 after pushing the Muslim rulers out of Iberia, the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon united under King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. They also issued the Alhambra Decree which ended the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry in Spain, the period of the Rishonim (which includes Rashi and Maimonides). Roughly twenty-five years later Christian protesters (still known today as Protestants), led by men like Martin Luther and John Calvin rebelled against the Catholic church. This led to the 30 years war during which much of Europe, and particularly today what is Germany, was drenched in human blood.

    Instead of deciding who was right, the protesters (Protestants) or loyalists (Catholics) it became fashionable for many powerful men to embrace the Enlightenment which is a form of paganism consciously styled upon Hellenism. Both the Enlightenment and Hellenism appear dazzling externally, but Chazal gave us tools so that we can easily discern the essential pagan character of both the Enlightenment and Hellenism.

    We just finished celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah which is one of two rabbinc holidays Jews normally celebrate today. The other rabbinic holiday Jews normally celebrate today is Purim. These two holidays represent the two types of external threats to the Jewish people: being assimilated into the brilliant darkness of paganism (back then it was the majesty of Greece, today it is, for example, the allure of the American Dream as marketed by Hollywood, Madison Avenue, etcetera) or being brutally annihilated by an Amalekite (back then it was Haman more recently it was Hitler, may his name be erased from the book).

    Europe (even ostensibly Catholic countries) has been generally mired in paganism particularly since the French Revolution. Hitler, may his name be erased from the book, was crystal clear about this distinction. One need only look to:

    “Hitler believed that before monotheism and the Jewish ethical vision came along, the world operated according to the laws of nature and evolution: survival of the fittest. The strong survived and the weak perished. When the lion hunts the herd the young, the sick and weak are always the first victims. Nature is brutal but nature is balanced. There is no mercy. So too in antiquity-the great empires-the Babylonians, Greeks and Romans conquered, subjugated and destroyed other peoples. They respected no borders and showed no mercy. This too Hitler viewed as natural and correct. But in a world operating according to a Divinely-dictated ethical system—where a God-given standard applies and not anyone’s might—the weak did not need to fear the strong. As Hitler saw it, the strong were emasculated-this was neither normal nor natural and in Hitler’s eyes, the Jews were to blame.

    His plan was to take over the world, set up a pagan master race and return the world to what he viewed was its ideal natural state; a world “unpolluted” by Jewish ideas and Jewish off-shoots such as Christianity. The words of the Hitler Youth song make this very clear:

    “We are the joyous Hitler youth.
    We do not need any Christian virtue
    Our leader is our savior
    The Pope and Rabbi shall be gone
    We want to be pagans once again…”

    So what’s going on in with the rise of the far right in Europe? Simple.

    Particularly since the French Revolution, Christianity has been generally trounced by the Enlightenment. (I do not want to discuss whether Christianity is idolatry, avoda zara, or not but instead I will follow “…Judah Halevi and Maimonides viewed Jesus (like Muhammad) as an important preparatory figure for a future universal ethical monotheism of the Messianic Age.”'s_view_of_Jesus).

    Pagans, regardless of their purported ideology, inevitably hate Jews. The far right’s hatred manifests itself in a Purim-style approach (think of Amalek, Haman, and Hitler, may his name be erased from the book). This is apparently very different than the Enlightenment approach which is the “come join us, we love you, bring your kids and your dog too!” approach of the Hellenists during the time of Hanukkah which later the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte championed.

    But both approaches fundamentally are the same: pagans try to destroy Judaism. In other words, the current shift from the Hanukkah-style approach towards the Purim-style approach is apparently fundamental but it is actually superficial.

    Of course most journalists enjoy reporting scintillating new stories. Therefore, the rise of the right in Europe naturally attracts the attention of scandal sheets like The Daily Express. But as Jews we have learned from Chazal that being on the left side of the aisle or the right side of the aisle on a train that is heading off a steep cliff makes little difference.