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December 30, 2015 6:46 pm

Israeli Intelligence Minister Rejects ‘WSJ’ Report Saying Netanyahu, Advisers Leaked Information About Iran Talks

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President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House, on September 30, 2013. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House, on September 30, 2013. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister Yisrael Katz rejected a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday that claimed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his advisers had leaked sensitive information about nuclear talks between Iran and world powers to undermine negotiations, in the run-up to the announcement of the nuclear deal earlier this year.

“Israel doesn’t act in any way to submit information within the US, to any authority in the US. We’re careful,” said Katz. The information used by Netanyahu and his advisers was gathered by Israeli intelligence, the Journal report said. The report also alleged that the National Security Agency had been spying on Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders.

Speaking to Israeli website Ynet, Katz said Israel would submit a formal protest if it turns out to be true that the National Security Agency was indeed spying on Netanyahu or Israeli officials. “Israel does not spy on the United States and we expect our great friend the US to treat us similarly,” the intelligence minister said, according to Ynet. “If this reported information turns out to be true, Israel must submit an official protest to the US government and demand a cessation to all such activities.”

Former Pentagon official Harold Rhode told The Algemeiner on Wednesday that the Journal’s claims indicated that the US was moving away from the principles of its founding fathers, “Bibical principles of Mt. Sinai on which Israel was also founded.”

Rhode, an Orthodox Jew, said:

The US administration/establishment seems to think that these principles are outmoded. If America still believed in those principles, then it stands to reason that the administration would not trust Iran more than Israel. Is the message here that the Jews in the US aren’t full citizens? That they are not trusted? Oh how we long to return to the values of the America’s founding fathers!

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year that a spy virus linked to Israel was discovered among the hotels where the closed nuclear talks were taking place.

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  • jakob wasi

    Got’cha! The Zionist state thinks it is too clever by half. And then it gets caught in its own web of lies. Another recent example of arrogance occurred in Singapore. There a member of the Israeli embassy used Singapore’s flag as a table cloth. Which all goes to show that if a good ally like Singapore is thought as beneath respect…well..the Zionists are not G-d’s gift to the world. And they bring shame to us Jews everywhere else; they don’t speak for us since we are not Israeli nationals.

    • Jakob, your lack of self confidence as a Jew would have led you to dance your way into the gas chambers of 1930’s Europe. Keep your head up — have a little pride in your people and in our country

    • Arejaye

      That’s typical of current Israeli behavior though, and I thank you and appreciate your frankness and honesty, unlike some who try their best to paint the Israeli picture like they’re perfect, the “chosen ones”, entitled to everything a “goy” owns and doesn’t have to give it back(I’ve read that more than once) can destroy what a goy has and doesn’t have to apologize(USS Liberty, Palestine, etc.) but you didn’t come off with that attitude of self invented supremacy and you were honest, so yes sir, I do indeed appreciate your honesty. More in the US need to hear stories like this. All those billions our Congress gives Israel is money needed HERE, not in the hands of a nut job like Netanyahu!

      • A Zionist

        Yet another example of someone who seems to believe they “know” about “Israeli behaviour” and once again we have reference to the “chosen ones” entitled to everything a “goy” owns.

        We also have the “dual loyalty” and the conspiracy theory at work.

        This sounds more like Hitler’s ravings in Mein Kampf and is offensive which begs the question as to what is being moderated as this is antisemitism?

    • judith grayson

      you are not a Jew. you are, however, insane. troll away and get a real job.

    • callissac

      I know it’s New years, but you already drank too much.

    • A Zionist

      How do YOU know what the “Zionist state thinks”? This is pure projection whereby you disown what is hated and then put them into the “Zionist state”, ie the Jewish State based on Jewish self-determination.

      jakob wasi laterretorts . . “well the Zionists are not G-d’s gift to the world.”

      The only people who refer to “Zionists” in this way are the Zionist/Israel haters to begin with.

      Next . . . “And they bring shame to us Jews . . ” And who might be “us Jews”?

      You cannot speak for anyone other than yourself. We in Israeli speak for Israelis but for some reason, you engage in this “conspiratorial myth” where “all Jews are one and the same”.

      “they don’t speak for us since we are not Israeli nationals” which is about the only intelligent comment in this piece of nonsense.

      You do not speak for us Israelis who know a thing or two about what puts “us Israelis” in danger.

    • orange

      For sure –you don’t speak for me!

    • Yadja

      You got nothing but hate for the only leader in the world with any backbone and when he came to speak to America in our Congress, he got standing ovations and handshakes all over the place and both parties welcomed him.

      He had every right to do it and anything else to expose the contents of the Iran Deal, because O tried to sneak it past our own Congress and would not reveal the contents. He tried to go it alone.

      O is a traitor and the American people respect Netanyahu more than O anyday.

      You are the problem. You.

  • shloime

    the story seems to have been floated by the white house, to yet again discredit israel (probably in response to iran’s latest violations of their agreement). the only thing that’s of interest is that they seem to have changed from the new york times to the washington post as their preferred organ of disinformation.

    • Yadja

      Amen and O hates Israel with a passion and the American people see it and know it. Matter of fact when Bibi came to speak to our Congress both parties gave him a standing ovation as he entered the room and it was 5 minutes before he could take the stage.

      Americans are with Israel and the majority of us understand that Israel had to do everything possible to expose this demonic Iranian Deal that even our Congress had not a clue, O tried to go through the UN and bypass our own people.

      You need to go onto a site called Yabberz to see what is happening across America against Israel with Muslims invading our sites and discrediting and hating Israel.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Where are the 5 comments???

  • Mickey Oberman

    I have no doubts that Obama’s White House urged The Wall Street Journal to publish such a fallacious article to cover up its own nefarious spying on Israel, an ally and declared ‘friend’.

    • Yadja

      O is a filthy Israel hater and most Americans know it. We know the truth and this next election will show it.

      O sent his people to interfere with Israel’s elections and we knew it. He wanted Bibi out. Americans are so through with O and his administration.

      You need to go onto a site called Yabberz and see for yourself the infiltration of Israel haters all over our net sights in America.

  • steven L

    Israel is not Germany! Power respects only power. Ethics without power is “USELESS” until U get power.

  • nelson marans

    Even more important is who broke U. by spying on U. S. Congressmen connecting with other Congressmen, a breach of law. The initial evidence according to WSJ credits or debits NSA with this breach at the request of the Obama administration. Incidentally the current administration by words and actions trusts the terrorist nation Iran more than the democraic Israel.

  • Sofia B

    If the present US administration thinks more highly then their only partner in the Middle East Israel, then let’s pray that the election next year will bring sanity back before everyone will be in danger. Iran is not to be trusted, and now has more power and money, their supposed shipment to Russia is a joke.

    The West is navel gazing, while others are planning their deaths.