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January 1, 2016 9:41 am

2 Dead, 7 Wounded in Likely Terror Shooting Spree in Tel Aviv; Killer Is Israeli-Arab (VIDEO)

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The scene of Friday afternoon's shooting spree in Tel Aviv. Photo: Channel 2/screenshot.

The scene of Friday afternoon’s shooting spree in Tel Aviv. Photo: Channel 2/screenshot.

Two Israelis were killed, and seven others wounded, four critically and three moderately, in a terror shooting spree Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv, according to Hebrew press reports.

Though initial reports said there was more than one attacker who opened fire on and in the vicinity of “Hasimta,” a bar/restaurant located on the corner of Dizengoff and Gordon streets, police are now on a manhunt for a single suspected terrorist and possible accomplice or accomplices.

Israeli defense officials, cited in local media reports later on Friday, said the attacker is a 29-year-old Arab Israeli citizen from a village located near Haifa in the Wadi Ara area. He reportedly was motivated to carry out the attack by radical Islamist incitement. Police sources cited by Israeli TV said a copy of the Koran was found in a bag the killer left at the scene.

Security-camera footage published by Israeli newspapers shows the shooter — whose unmasked face is clearly visible — approaching the pub and looking inside, before aiming his automatic weapon and gunning people down in a cold, calculated manner. Some 30 shots are reported to have been fired by a Carl Gustav submachine gun.

The two victims were named Friday evening as Alon Bakal and Shimon Rawimi, The Times of Israel reported.

Security services have cordoned off the site of the attack, and are requesting that the public stay away, and those in the area to remain indoors, while the manhunt continues. The Shin Bet internal security services are assisting in the investigation.

The wounded have been evacuated to  Tel Aviv hospitals — Ichilov, Wolfson, Beilinson and Sheba/Tel Hashomer.

Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square has been appropriated as a station for dozens of police and other security vehicles.

Watch security camera footage of the shooting below:

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  • Larinthian

    As the 2016 presidential elections get under way, there is a unanimous consensus at least on the republican side, that a governments most basic and fundamental responsibility is to protect the country from threats foreign and domestic. If you were to take this belief and apply it to Israel, it too would be valid. In fact, even more so for Israel given the fact that they have been under siege since its inception in 1948. Over the last three months, Israel is once again under siege from its Arab neighbors. There has been a sharp increase in the number and intensity of violence. Netanyahu’s response to this massive wave of violence has been woefully inadequate. In order to finally restore law in order to the people of Israel, it will require Israel to design a course of action that isn’t merely responding to individual, small scale retaliatory counterattacks. This will do nothing to stop the carnage. Israel needs to conduct an operation that reduces Palestine into a pile of rubble. I sincerely hope Netanyahu’s decision to abdicate his responsibilities doesn’t stem from fear of a backlash on the part of Obama or the Europeans. If this is the case, Netanyahu should resign. Decisions on safeguarding Israel’s safety and security should only be based on what’s best for the country, not a trivial and immature desire to be popular. Israel is going to be condemned regardless of what they do, so they must do what must be done in order to finally stop the latest round of Palestinian barbarism.

  • Laura Burkhart

    It may be time to simply have Arab free zones in Israel. They think their freedoms are forever…and their attacks. Strike back with more harsh consequences. For every attack, all family get deported to Iran, and 5,000 Arabs leave Israel!

    • Alison Weston

      Spot on

  • R.C.

    Another Godless Muslim dog–murdering innocent Jews in an act of Islamic jihad. And allowed to do so by a corrupt Israeli government.

  • Reform School

    Compliments to Ruthie Blum, consistently issuing effective reports written at highest level of journalistic integrity

  • Reform School

    Video reveals a young male seated amid the crowd (scanning the perimeter, presumably hiding from potential defenders?) unafraid of being shot from behind by the active shooter.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    When do we make the Arabs terrified?

  • myron Robinson

    Why the reluctance to call the shooter a terrorist be he left or right wing.

  • Rabbi Jon Haddon

    Another terrible tragedy for the Jewish People…make no mistake…this is not just an attack on Israelis…this is a wanton attack on Jews, and yes, Western Civilization. Time for retaliation.

    Rabbi Jon Haddon

  • Bunche failed to see that the Arab-Israeli conflict was about medievalism versus modernity, instead viewing the matter as two victimized peoples fighting over a small strip of land. The hip schools in Los Angeles and elsewhere also make this error, following “progressive” analyses

  • Hannah

    When will Israel say enough and start doing what any other country will do, get rid of the vermin for once and for all. Israeli lives do matter more than the Arafaters.

  • Rachel

    They assume was a terrorist attack? Murderers! I was just in Israel and you see the hate in their eyes! Cowards!

  • glenda urmacher

    For 60 years this sort of garbage has been going on.
    The final solution is to expel ALL muslims from Israel, Judea and Sameria.
    Arabs are not normal, and they should go to the 22 other muslim countries of the world.
    Their properties confiscated and divided among all the victims of terror!

  • shosh

    The Israeli Government is too passive. They have to close the Arab Villages and not allow any Arab leave their
    village without a permit, as it used to be in years past
    during the 1950’s. Moreover they should expel the terrorist
    family from Israel to say the least, as these terrorists
    and their families are AMALEK and according to what the
    Torah says they should be killed, otherwise they will be coming after us in every generation and try to kill us,
    as we see it is happening again right now.

  • John

    Suspected? Suspected? Really? Why does the press or police or gov’t always says “Suspected?” How much more proof does one need? The rest of us know. But never the powers that be. Who are they protecting? I do not think it is the peace loving citizens they are protecting by claiming that the terrorists are “suspected.”

  • Is the use of the word “spree” with regard to terrorist atrocities dictated by your style book? Seems a little too much like Dave Barry. I think you should stick to adjectival expressions more relevant to the act.

  • Russell Mollot

    The punishment of the Jewish People continues, as Bibi stubbornly refuses to drive the Arab-Nazi vermin from the Holy Land. Such attacks are promised in BaMidbar, chapter 33, verses 52-55. But Netanyahu and his cronies do not believe in the Torah, nor in the G-d of Israel. Israel needs a leader who will permanently remove the so-called Palestinian scourge from Judea, Shomron, Gaza; from the Temple Mount, and from our midst. We need a real leader, who will honor Torah Law and rebuild the Holy Temple now, without further delay. We must have a leader who will proclaim from Jerusalem that the G-d of Israel is the One, eternal G-d.

  • Patricia

    These are savages w/ 0 value for human life. They are lemmings/robots, carefully
    programmed. Not an original thought in their empty heads. Our thoughts &
    prayers are with you , the victims. We don’t deserve this!