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January 1, 2016 2:13 pm

Details Emerge About Identity of Tel Aviv Shooter; 29-Year-Old Arab-Israeli Citizen From Village Near Haifa

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The scene of Friday afternoon's shooting spree in Tel Aviv. Photo: Channel 2/screenshot.

The scene of Friday afternoon’s shooting spree in Tel Aviv. Photo: Channel 2/screenshot.

Details continued to emerge in Israeli media reports late on Friday about the shooter who targeted a bar in Tel Aviv earlier in the day.

According to the reports, citing Israeli defense officials, the attacker is a 29-year-old Arab Israeli citizen from a village located near Haifa in the Wadi Ara area. He reportedly was motivated to carry out the attack by radical Islamist incitement.

Channel 10 said the shooter’s father recognized his son’s face on CCTV footage from moments before he carried out the attack that left two Israelis dead and eight wounded. After seeing a TV broadcast 0f the images, the father notified authorities.

The attacker’s Facebook page was free of incitement to violence against Israel, Channel 10 reported. According to Channel 2, the killer was not know to belong to radical terrorist organizations.

Some, however, still voiced uncertainly about what motivated the shooter. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told Channel 2 that contrary to the reports, defense officials had yet to confirm whether the attack was criminal or motivated by terrorism.

Erdan and other analysts noted that the shooting differed from other recent terrorist attacks — Israel has been facing a wave of nationalistically motivated Palestinian attacks against Israelis —  especially because the attacker fled rather than continuing to kill until he was subdued by security forces.


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  • Geoffrey Gilbert

    The shooting by an Israeli-Arab tells it all.There are a
    hard core majority who will be ready to kill Israelis be
    it on a whim or an inborn hatred fed to them at birth. It
    will not change for these people. And their interpretation
    of the Koran will justify this.

  • Kris Kristian

    Reading a lot about Israel, and having visited there, many times, I think that the late Rabbi Kahana was right.
    Kick out all the Arabs.

    If Israel listened to him, tere would been very little violece. Israel would have been the safest state for the world’s Jewish population

  • Rick Miller

    Attacks in Paris and San Bernardino attract national attention and a 24 hour news cycle. Kill a few Israelis in the name of Allah and it gets a brief mention. No media bias there.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    And so it starts once more.

    Intifada I II and now this new one and Abbas is responsible just at Yassir was responsible for the other ones.

    We blew up Yassir’s helicopter in Ramallah and what exactly did that accomplish.

    Blowing up their houses does nothing since Abbas and the wealthy Arab countries pay for the rebuilding and it will be better than before.

    I loved Ariel Sharon and his Unit 101. At least that accomplished an objective of stopping Arab terrorism.

    What is wrong with the government that can’t find a solution to stop these animal for they can carry out their murder?

    The only solution is to kill them before not put them in jail or tend to their wounds after their killing spree.

    Stop being so moral. It hasn’t worked for thousands of years.

    Remember Ben-Gurion didn’t want a Jewish army.

    Where would the Jews be now if they listened to him?

  • Dommy

    “They Must Go!”

    –the late (assassinated by a muslim) great, Meir Kahane.

  • Israel, notwithstanding its pious conservative population, is seen as the very embodiment of technological advance, and such a position makes Israel a target for every mystical ideology, too given to free market economics (in spite of socialized medicine). See

  • Mickey Oberman

    Criminal acts inspire fear in its victims and other citizens.
    Terrorism inspires fear in its victims and other citizens.
    Where does one draw the line? There should be no line.

    In Israel, which has been under siege for its entire existence, must for its own survival feel that fear/terrorism and react to it with a finality that can not be misunderstood by its perpetrators and their advisers and aides and supporters and prospective emulators.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “…..defense officials had yet to confirm whether the attack was criminal or motivated by terrorism.”

    Israel must enact a law that defines criminal acts of murder and attempted murder and destruction of property as one and the same as terrorism.
    And all acts of terrorism must be defined as criminal acts.

  • Sam Harris

    The conversation we cannot avoid now,”Time For Transfer”. Enough is enough!

  • david shayne

    According to Reshet Bet radio, the shooter has a criminal background, served time in prison (I think for assaulting soldiers) and, according to the man’s former lawyer, suffered from serious mental illness. This could be a terrorist attack or a crazy man acting out, most likely a combo of both.

  • Tony Trenton

    Islam is a Demonstrable,Despotic, Death Cult !!!

    Masquerading as a religion.

    We are in the midst of WW 3 !!!

    Islam against the rest of Humanity !!!

    The Islamic Ideology of a reverence for Death and Martyrdom. Is diametrically opposed to the rest of Humanity. That instead. Reveres Life and Liberty!!!

    The fight for our lives. Is on.