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January 4, 2016 6:10 pm

Amsterdam Jewish Home Attack Over New Years by Vandals Screaming ‘Cancer Jews’ and ‘Free Palestine’

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Amsterdam Central Station. Photo: wiki commons.

Amsterdam Central Station. Photo: wiki commons.

The home of a Jewish family was vandalized overnight on New Year’s Eve by a gang of vandals shouting “cancer Jews” and “free Palestine.”

According to political blog Dagelijkse Standaard, which first reported the incident, one family member wrote on his Facebook wall: “Last night, a few teens decided their celebrations are not complete without some hatred. While yelling ‘Cancer Jews’ and ‘Free Palestine,’ they kicked our doors and windows.”

Police arrived in search of the suspects but have yet to make any arrests, according to JTA. The front door of the house was badly damaged in the attack.

Dutch Jewish leaders denounced the vandalism and said it was reminiscent of times when Jews had to fear walking outside on the street, and called on police for better enforcement.

According to JTA, Dutch parliamentarian Joram van Klaverenamd and former police officer Louis Bontes sent a query to the minister of social affairs and employment, as well as the minister security and justice, asking “To what degree do you accept that Jewish museums, schools and synagogues in 2016 in the Netherlands require protection from violence and intimidation is a sign of social decline?”

The Amsterdam mayor in December pledged $1.27 million to 15 Jewish organizations that had asked for stepped up security.

In September, an elderly Jewish couple said they were subject to antisemitic insults as robbers broke into their home, beat them and made off $15,000 in jewelry and cash.

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  • Sheldon Tupperman

    “Antizionism” has been the “politically correct” position of those who have the chutzpah of calling themselves “proggressives” and that’s what you get when high ranking Dutch politicians, journalists and “intellectuals” downplay the horrible behavior of young Muslims by calling it “monkey-tricks,” “sturdiness,” or other similar terms, opinion makers who do denounce this kind of despicable acts are called “islamophobes,” “racists,” “pro-imperialist zionists,” and so on.
    These thugs have therefore the feeling that they can get away with this because they feel the “solidarity” of many segments of Dutch public life, although they may be already been waking up by the recent sexual harrassment,rape and robbery of women in Cologne, Stuttgart and other citis in Germany, the attackers were all North Africans and other “Arab looking” young men…
    Europe was indifferent and looked the other way when 6 million Jews were slaughtered, this loss has been “compensated” by the imigration of some 30 million Muslims… (and many more to be expected!)

  • nico roosnek

    The home of the family is close to place where Ana Frank with her sister Margot and her parents lived.

  • Danny Kid

    What’s are Jews still doing in Amsterdam? What are Jews till doing in Europe?

  • duPont

    Deja vu! Shameful lack of concern by the Dutch. Their government has been Islamicized and they have returned to their old anti-Semitism which was memorialized in their WWII actions. Well, that’s another place I shall never travel to so they don’t get any of my money, not to mention my respect! I wonder if the Amsterdam mayor will honor his pledge? It would appear that a FORMER Police Officer and the Minister of Security and Justice are the only ones who see the light. They will lose their country to their Muslim population if they don’t take a stand against this behaviour. Christians- BEWARE. They will go after you next!

  • SeeGG

    Talk about a cancer. This is social, cultural, and moral decline. Dutch authorities should arrest and make an example of these thugs.

  • moishe

    Holland which used to be a civil society and a safe country now has a Moslem minority that targets Jews and others. pity as most Dutch are decent.
    there will come a day when ‘tribal’ Europe will have enough of this ‘cancer’ in their midst. another mass migration will occur.