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January 6, 2016 1:27 pm

Israeli Energy Minister Urges Greater Intelligence-Sharing With US to Prevent Repeat of North Korea Scenario: ‘Deal First, Nuclear Bomb Later’

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Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz. Photo: Olaf Kosinsky/ Wiki Commons.

Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz. Photo: Olaf Kosinsky/ Wiki Commons.

North Korea’s purported hydrogen bomb test proves Israel and the United States should strengthen their intelligence-sharing to ensure Iran abides by the nuclear deal, Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz told the Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) on Wednesday.

Otherwise, Steinitz warned, the world risks “a sequel” of the formula in North Korea — “deal first, nuclear bomb later,” he said, according to Israel Radio.

Israeli critics of the July 14 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers have often compared it to the 1994 agreed framework between the US and North Korea, which ultimately failed to prevent the country from developing nuclear bombs. The nuclear deal between Iran and world powers lifts economic sanctions against Iran, in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program.

The threat from a nuclear North Korea extends beyond the Far East, Steinitz told the IAEC, which he oversees. North Korea was apparently helping Syria develop a nuclear reactor in Deir az-Zur, which was destroyed by Israel in 2007, and probably shared nuclear know-how with Iran as well, he said.

Steinitz was formerly intelligence minister, also under Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, and was a vocal critic of negotiations with Iran, its nuclear program and the final deal, which Netanyahu called a “historic mistake.”

North Korea’s purported testing of a hydrogen bomb came after Iran’s controversial ballistic missile tests in October and December, which triggered US condemnation and threats of more sanctions, though they were reportedly delayed.

Iran is barred from testing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, according to UN Security Council resolution 1929. On Wednesday, Iran broadcast footage on state television showing a ballistic missile bunker and a precision-guided Emad missile with a claimed 1,000-mile range.

Member of Knesset Michael Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the US (2009-2013), also compared the situation in North Korea to Iran with similar cinematic language.

“North Korea’s test is a promo for the future of Iran’s nuclear program,” he said, according to Israeli news website nrg. “A similar agreement; the same promises to the world; but Iran is much more dangerous.”

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  • Jonah

    A very well written article. Honorable intentions. Obama eats honorable intentions for breakfast each day. It is so easy for him to out manipulate people who see things for what they are and offer genuine solutions, who can identify a situation for what it is. If Steinetz was the president of America Isis would probably be defeated in a few months, the Iran nuclear deal would never have occurred and we would have someone of presidential stature that was genuinely concerned with North Korea and humanity in general. Unfortunately Obama does not care what this man knows and all the solutions he is offering are just a detrimate to his caliphate agenda. Now let me tell you what Obama may be hoping for. Just and educated guess. Since America has become somewhat of a terrorist organization promoting worldwide revolutions we have made some enemy’s in high places. That would be what Daniel calls the kings of the north and the east. Let’s just suppose they have become fead up with Obamas shenanigans and have planted very sophisticated viruses in our electrical grid. Now this would set the stage for turmoil and devastation on such a large scale elections in America would not happen. Or if NK would nuke California. You can be well assured that he has set the stage for such occurances to happen. Why? He needs control of our military until the job is done. What job? The complete destruction of Israel. He does not need the American people and if California was nuked it would not hinder his agenda it would play in to his hand. His focus is on Israel, not NK, he can fein a concern about Assad but orchestrate all the conflicts such as to accommodate the destruction of Israel. Unless you know what your dealing with when you deal with Obama you will get sucker punched. How do you negotiate with someone who’s closest friends are Al Sharpton, reverend right, Bill Ayers, and his female Iranian cohort who calls all the shots in the White House in regard to Israel. This man has his finger on the nuclear trigger and is in control of our military and he has dumeddown all the generals to puppets and yes men. China and Russia have submarines off our coastal shores ready at all times to launch EMP,S. Russia is waiting for Obama to go psycho on the world scene then they will quickly take him out. Obama is smart though he will control his weirdness as he orchestrates the take down of Israel as All hell is being unleashed on earth. Obama triggers Armegeddon or has triggered Armegeddon…the first phases of Armegeddon are in full swing.

  • Holy Shirt

    What more must Obama do to convince jerks like Steinitz that Washington will be Jerusalem’s enema another year? Research suggests Israeli wonder drugs can grease his butt enough to extricate his head without surgical intervention.

  • stevenl

    This will have to wait until 2017 if a Republican win.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Until Obama and the last scent of him have left the White House any US Intelligence must be suspect.