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January 7, 2016 4:27 pm

Major Jewish Group Accuses Golden Globe Awards of ‘Rehabilitating a Bigot’ With Choice of Mel Gibson as Presenter ‘at Time of Surging Antisemitism’

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Mel Gibson. The actor will present an award at the 2016 Golden Globes. Photo: Georges Biard.

Mel Gibson. The actor will present an award at the 2016 Golden Globes. Photo: Georges Biard.

An international Jewish human rights organization blasted the organizers of Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards for selecting disgraced movie star Mel Gibson as a presenter at the ceremony on Sunday night, due to his antisemitic history.

“We’re disappointed that the Golden Globe Awards committee, at a time of surging antisemitism, has chosen to rehabilitate a bigot,” Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper told The Algemeiner on Thursday.Would they have done the same for someone who has insulted other minorities?”

The Braveheart star gained notoriety for spewing antisemitic vitriol at a Los Angeles police officer in 2006, when he was arrested for drunk driving. “F***ing Jews… the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” he ranted.

“People should be judged by their words and deeds,” Cooper stressed.

A number of social media users also expressed outrage. One Twitter user called the decision “unbelievable,” while another said the show’s producers are “more than lowering the bar” by allowing Gibson to present. Yet another said sarcastically, “fine, side with the racist.”

Despite the backlash, Golden Globe Awards producers said they were “delighted to announce” the actor’s presence at the ceremony, according to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, members of which vote on the honors for excellence in film and television.

Shortly after his DUI arrest, Gibson issued an apology “specifically to everyone in the Jewish community” for his “vitriolic and harmful words.”

But Gibson’s record of antisemitism began as far back as the ’90s when actress Winona Ryder accused him of joking about the Holocaust during a party, according to The Jewish ChronicleShe said he was drunk at the time, and when her Jewish background was brought up in the conversation, the actor “said something about ‘oven-dodgers.'”

He also reportedly belittled the scale of Hitler’s genocide against the Jews during the Holocaust, calling it a “numbers game.” Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas said in 2012 that the actor dismissed the Holocaust as “mostly a lot of horse****,” and also revealed that Gibson continuously referred to Jews as “Hebes” and “oven-dodgers.”

Gibson additionally came under fire for his 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, which suggested that Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.

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  • dminore

    Al, you are right,in all respects. My 20 comments, destroying all of your Zio-Jew rhetoric, have been deleted. Who’s in control?

  • crom
  • Al Talena

    Those posts defending gibson are either domestic ne0-nutzis or pali operatives sent to foment anti-Semitism?

    • dminore

      Your posts are Has – Bar – Uh, Troll.

  • Janice Webber

    Mel is an idiot as are holocaust deniers. Mel believes himself. I am a child of survivors, it happened. I am a good person as are my parents. Mel should go live in hitler’s bunker & never come out. Shalom.

    • dminore

      From the level of your personal hatred, Janice, I think you are a Zio-Jew. How close am I to the truth?

    • Linda B.

      “Holocaust denial”? What does that even mean? Is believing that the actual number of Jews who died was more like 3 or 4 million rather than 6 million “Holocaust denial”? If so, what about believing that it was actually 6,000,001 that died? Or 8 million? Is it “denial” to take exception to *any* commonly taught aspect of the official narrative?

      That seems to be the case. And it’s rather surreal that it is so. “American Civil War Denial” would likely result in pity for the poor, deluded soul, expressions of concern for his intellectual well-being, maybe even his very sanity. But “Holocaust denial” warrants scorn and hate, being banished from polite society for thinking it wasn’t 6, but 3 million. Even investigating claims made by those deemed “deniers” is “denial” itself, social suicide.

      There is no other historical even that has this madness surrounding it. The many, many more millions lives lost due to Bolshevism (Jewish-led, by the way) isn’t even mentioned in our schools’ History texts, and if it were, investigating relevant claims, or even denying them outright wouldn’t result in prison sentences. So why is “Holocaust denial” set apart and seen as something much, much more than Historical scholarship and investigation? It’s the Historian’s job to “revise” — meaning to “look again” — at what’s taught, to get things right.

      If the official narrative surrounding the Shoah is so self-evident that only a “nutter” could question it, why is there such fear expressed when someone does question it? The more the Holocaust is treated more as a bit of religious dogma than an historical event, the more it looks as if the purveyors (and beneficiaries?) thereof have something to hide. And the more curious minds will want to dig so they can know. This is more so the case as more and more people learn about the much more voluminous Communist atrocities committed against Christians, about which nary a peep is heard.

  • Colin Wright

    What amazes me is that that the very same people who would banish Mel Gibson for life are all for forgive and forget when it comes to Roman Polanski.

    I mean, what’s drugging and forcibly sodomizing a thirteen year old girl, right? After all, it’s hardly in the same league as giving a traffic cop a hard time.

    • Al Talena

      So COlin is OK w/ Gibson the bigot that’s why she engages in deflect & deceive.
      BTW, which Jewish groups have forgiven polanski? Another colin deflect & deceive

    • dminore

      Read the talmud. We are owned, in America, by it. Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

      Read it and weep. We have been infiltrated – like a virus.

    • Malak

      What happened to Mr. Gipson was unjust and an act of pure hypocrisy!!!

      If one man attack Islam religion by presetting their prophet as a terrorist, who fuck pigs. and another man insulted make his career from demonizing 1 billion people like Bill Maher they are protected by the freedom of speech and presented as heroes, and when a man make a movie about something written in his Bible then he deserve to be destroyed!!!!

      they violated many of his human rights shamelessly, while ignored or defended others who were and are doing the same.

      We keep repeating the lies to ourselves, that he was hated because of what he did and said to his wife or a police officer, when the truth is that, his career ended and his reputation was damaged the moment he presented his that the public and media decided everything happened to him to be his fault, he was attacked more than Bosh did!!!

      The police said his wife was actually “blackmailing” him to the benefit of their divorce case but he was the devil of the story

      He met and apologized to the police officer but still he is the devil.

      He might been races ¨I don´t agree that he was or is really a races¨ but assuming, he was then who care?? he went and met with Jewish leaders and tried to change his views, but even though he was the devil.

      The man had an illness “Addiction”, many of us had either been their or have a loved one who did,

      If you lose your lifelong career, People attack for years, your reputation is attacked and you are left to stand alone, and your public image was destroyed just because of a movie you made using the “Bible as your manuscript” !!!!

      you and I will end up blaming the Jews and expressing anger and outrage behavior specially if that kept happening for a decade!???, Alcohol is to runway from reality, a reality caused by Hollywood reaction to the movie as anti-Semitism ‘What that even mean??” Even Noam Chomsky is accused to be anti-Semitism , rationally but understandably you will find someone or something to blame for your situation.

      The Irony is that for more than decade this man was destroyed by races idiots of movie makers in Hollywood “the most racist movie industry in the world”, as said by great actors,

      among them a clown like ‘Donald Trump”, He is part of the media and the industry that think they have the right to be hateful, races, anti-women pigs.

      This idiot worthless human being “Trump” get to run for presidency, while a talented actor and one the best ever lived in the industry, is treated as if he committed some an morally and unforgivable crime!!!

      HE SHOULD SUE HOLYOOD IDIOTS NOT TO BE ASKEN FOR FORGIVNESS, all of this circus is really an outrages hypocrisy of Elites who think they have the right to decide who can and who can’t enjoy his freedom of speech and for his rights to be respected!

  • Mike d’ambrosio

    I went to school with mike rizoli & am sure his hatred toward Jews stems from when a Jewish kid named Etham pulled him off of another boy he was trying to kiss while mike was drunk and the kid was asleep at an after school party. Mike was a sicko then and still one now.

  • God bless Mel Gibson and all others who speak the truth about those who call themselves Jews.

    • Al Talena

      The words of a bigot

    • B Rode


    • crom

      hear hear

  • Clive Southwood

    I made an honest, thoughtful comment, and it got “disappeared” by the site monitors. What the hell, this Jewish control of things is more extreme than one could imagine.

    • Al Talena


    • dminore

      Yes. And it’s only going to get worse as they clamp down on all dissent – which is inevitable, due to their crimes against humanity.

  • Thomas Beggs

    Congratulations Mel. These race baiting lobbying groups are a total joke now. The ADL etc. seem to have forgotten theres this big thing called ‘the internet’ where the facts of most things can be researched. No one takes the media seriously anymore, especially young people. Its 2016. The jewish community, or rather their self proclaimed representatives are way open to criticism. These whining press releases are actually fuelling anti semitism, insofar as their bulling agenda is completely transparent to anyone that actially wants to look into these things What they should be worrrying about is that these tactics are so transparent that its actually creating a culture amongs the young internet generation where the ADL etc are sctually a running joke. Its becoming cool to mock jewish people, in the same way that scientology is the butt of many an internet meme now. Gibson said stuff when he was drunk. We’ve all done it. Let him get on with his life or you will make him a civil liberties martyr.

    • Al Talena

      Interesting how anti-semites, beggs included, don’t have the balls to openly state they are anti-semites

      • dminore

        I am, but so is Bibi – or Baby – as may know him. From Poland, he is the biggest Anti-Semite on the planet, but you knew that already, since you are a ‘so-called’ Jew fighting for your right to expand and destroy. Right?

  • Tamarisk

    The article did not mention that the policeman that arrested him for drunk driving had a Jewish last name.
    The article also did not mention the racist voice-mail tirade that Gibson left for his then girlfriend which included his hope that she would be “…raped by a pack of n-(word)’gers”.
    So it seems that Hollywood wants to forgive Gibson for his rabid racism.
    I won’t watch it, I also wouldn’t watch/listen to any Roman Polanski films, Roger Waters, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, and other artists that are despicable people.

    • dminore

      ‘Despicable people’. So you have a censorship channel. How nice for you.

  • Mel should be given a chance to shine at the Golden Globes. However, I think I’ve had enough to handle in regards to the negative publicity we hear about him, over the years – there is something behind all that. There are many celebrities who have committed a lot worse however they do not get the media attention. Hollywood is not a pure place anyway but it is a sparkly place, the sparkle doesn’t have to be good or bad as long as it sparkles. Therefore saints do not need to turn up. Mel Gibson has plenty of sparkle. He was born with ‘Heavenly Influences'(as mentioned in an article I recently wrote about him), most celebrities are born with this configuration, in Mel’s case its a lot higher than the average celebrity. When I say ‘Heavenly Influences’ I do not mean an angel or someone who is free of sin. It’s called power and influence, something many people are jealous of.

    • Al Talena

      excuse by a bigot


    He spoke the truth. That’s all anyone can do.

    • Akiva Shapero

      go back to your scum ball cave.

    • Laura szabo

      Shame on all the people still critisizing Mel about his past. He apologized and for anyone out there that has ever drank or been an alcoholic , you say things and don’t think before you do. That don’t excuse it but how many of you have done the same? They should look in their own back yards before they condemn other people for speaking their minds. Obviously being in the spotlight and rubbing elbows with these people, I’m sure he’s seen and heard a lot over the years . They can’t let it go because they have a guilty continence . You go Mel ! I still love you and don’t worry you still have many followers that don’t condemn your past. Everyone has one its just they haven’t got caught or been exploited over it. (Yet)

  • Amazing how Jews can be like rabid pack animals when a person says the truth about them. Apparently the Rabid pack animals have gone to far and the people see it. Shame on these people that come against Gibson but for their Jewish tribe let Roman Polanski sex with a younger person, Woody Allan and other sexual perverts escape Jewish scrutiny…How many Hollywood Jewish producers have been involved in sex scandals? How many producers had Marilyn Monroe slept with or MANY of the other women of Hollywood? Even Men and kids have had to go through that humiliation to advance their careers, so what do you say about that? Leave Mel alone. If you point the finger at him then you got more pointing back at you. The only reason they are coming after Mel is because of his father, which is another topic I’d be more that happy to expound on later.

    • Al Talena

      rizoli the anti-semite doesn’t have the balls to straight up admit he’s an anti-semite

      • dminore

        Zio-Jews, what are they good for? C’mon Al. Enighten me.

      • Linda B.

        Someone once said some thing to the effect that an “antisemite” is less a person who hates Jews than he is a person whom Jews hate. Sounds about right.

  • Margaret

    Mel Gibson would have avoided this whole controversy (and would have been forgiven any inebriated rants) if he had done one thing. When he directed the film, The Passion. he should have played the role of one of the pharasees himself. Then Jewish people would have understood that he was not their enemy. He missed that one. Could have avoided all this trouble. Now as the confirmed enemy he can only beg forgiveness and have it fall on deaf ears

    • Dymphna

      It is his hand that was used to drive the stake in Christ’s hand.

    • Linda B.

      In the New Testament, it was some of the Jewish people who called for the death of Christ. Jewish writings, such as the Toledoth Yeshu (where “Yeshu” is used instead of “Yeshua, His Name, but which means “May His Name Be Blotted Out) gloat about it all. It was the New Testament on which Gibson based his movie. The ADL, et al, didn’t like it. Too bad. The New Testament (and Jewish writings) say what they say. And if “the Jewish people” want to see him as their “enemy” for making a movie, then it speaks more of their paranoia than of Gibson’s negligence in some way. And besides, as Dymphna wrote, it was Gibson’s hand that was used in the film to drive the nails through Christ’s hands. That is a commonly known fact, but not enough to assuage those who hate what the New Testament says. Unless it’s they, themselves, saying it amongst themselves.

  • Somehow I’m betting my last comment will not pass “moderation”. HA! HA!

  • How is this being talked about, but the fact that Donald Trump, who wants to banish all muslims from the United States, is the leading republican candidate for president. Something is seriously wrong here.

    • Linda B.

      Is it seriously wrong that the U.S. sends billions to Israel even though it’s a country with a racist “law of return,” that doesn’t allow Jewish intermarriage, that razes Palestinians’ homes to make way for more Jewish settlements, that is expressly and overtly a land set up for one religious group (the Jewish people), that isn’t accepting refugees even as their co-religionists push for Muslim immigration into Europe and for open borders in the lands formerly known as “Christendom,” etc.?

  • ScottCU

    And what about all the sugartits out there? Who will think of their pain. Mel Gibson offended sugartits worldwide with his drunken antics.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Jon Stewart said it best.

    “Insult the Jews.


    They forgive you.”

    Elie Wiesel forgave the Nazis who murdered his family.

    When do Jews start becoming normal and stop forgivng those who hate you?

    How stupid are you?

    That’s why the Nazis had it so easy.

    Never, Never, Never say “Never Again” because the truth is

    “Why Not!”

    • Colin Wright

      So…what are your feelings about Roman Polanski?

      I’d like to establish a scale of villainy here.

      • Al Talena

        Nothing like deflect & deceive by an anti-semite. colin is OK w/ his anti-semite buddy

        • dminore

          How much are you paid to post Al? $2,000 a year – of US tax payer dollars?

    • dminore

      It’s not about that. It’s about control. Think about it.

  • Very very sad that this could happen in 2015-16 !!!! I was watching the show,but if I would know this back= round I would stop immediately,for his information I am a holocaust survivor,octogenarian….. b

    • derek


  • Margaret Khan

    This has gone too far. Mel Gibson is not anti-Semitic, but the Simon Weisenthal Center is. When I was a kid, anti-Semitism was real. We saw films like Gentlemen’s Agreement that exposed it. But this is not real. This is contrived to maintain political power. Little children are burdened by the fear that they might be different from other kids and might any moment be thrown into a gas chamber. This is unfair and should stop. It is time to rebel against this kind of thinking. I can remember as a child being taught that racial remarks, though seemingly harmless, are destructive. That is true. We should all keep that in mind. But persecuting Mel Gibson this many years over something he said while drunk is going too far. You start to realize that there is a purpose behind it. Somebody wants to keep this racism fear going to manipulate people forever. Give it up. People are not buying it any more. Maybe severely programmed people but thinking people are not. And please please stop programming little children to think they have to fear being thrown into a gas chamber

    • orange

      you comments are truly disappointing,hateful and dishonest. perhaps Jewish children don’t have to worry today about being put into the ovens or gas chambers… we only have to be concerned about hate-filled terrorists knifing,shooting, bombing and murdering the innocent.

    • Moshe Foster

      Just imagine what would have happened if this sick, hateful pile of garbage had made comments about black people. You never would have seen him again. It’s open season on Jews and Israel, especially with the lefties. Any self-respecting Jew should have boycotted the ceremony.

    • I’m convinced that you live in fairyland , Gibson has demonstrated his hatred and Holooust denial, sober and inebriated many times,openly. He defended his father, a former member of the BUF ( The British Natzi Party) a bigoted openly proud anty – Semite.Read my book
      “The 4th of May” by Paul GALY OAM.

    • Tabitha Korol

      If you are terrible ignorant, it is inexcusable. If you are a true anti-Semite, then that’s also inexcusable. Are you living under a rock? do you not see what’s going on in today’s world? Do you see how Islam is killing Christians? Do you have to see an actual crematorium to get what is happening to our world. Do you have to have Muslims wear black uniforms with boots and swastikas to grasp a connection. My goodness, Margaret, wake up.

      • dminore

        You are really speaking about the ‘so-called’ Khazarian Jews.

    • Nate Salant

      I have to respond to this because Mel Gibson has HISTORY of doing this – he didn’t just make one anti-Semitic comment the one time he was arrested for DUI. It goes back many years, and has happened on several documented occasions. People tend to say what they really think when they are drunk, and in this case, it appears that Gibson harbors those views.

      Also ignored is the fact that Gibson belongs to an obscure branch of the Roman Catholic Church that rejects Vatican II and all of the changes in theology and doctrine that have occured over the past 50 years – the most important being that the Church completely absolved the Jews from being responsible for the crucifiction of Jesus of Nazareth. Gibson and his group advocate for a return to the old texts, which were blatantly anti-Semitic.

      As for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, your statement that the Center is anti-Semitic makes no sense, and your case that anti-Semitism is no longer an issue is best answered by what has happened in France – and even the US – where hate-mongers have attacked Jewish supermarkets, community centers and schools, killing Jews and non-Jews alike. Countless additional attacks have been prevented.

      Furthermore, if Mr. Gibson had expressed similar views about Blacks, Latinos, Italians or Muslims, he would never be forgiven, and certainly would not be allowed to serve as a presenter.

      Gibson needed to make an unconditional apology and NOT MAKE MORE ANTI-SEMTITIC COMMENTS after the FIRST INCIDENT. Instead, he engaged in several repeat offenses.

      Personally, I hope he makes another unqualified apology when he presents.

      • Linda B.

        Sorry, but there’s been no change in Catholic theology and doctrine. That’s wishful thinking on your part, but it’s impossible for that to happen. Many prelates talk as if there’s been some change, but there isn’t. Not one officially defined dogma has been altered. Not a one. Nostra Aetate doesn’t say what many Jewish people and journalists like to pretend it says. It said nothing about “Jewish guilt” that wasn’t covered already hundreds of years ago in the Catechism of the Council of Trent.

        Gibson owes no one an apology. Instead, an apology is owed to HIM. He’d been tormented and hounded for at least an entire YEAR before “The Passion of the Christ” came out. Rabbis were coming out of the woodwork, calling him names, warning about impending pogroms that would ensue if people were to watch a movie based on the New Testament, a set of Books that a large percentage of the U.S. takes as holy writ. And all their fear, lying, and paranoia was complete BS. It was only THEN, AFTER all that abuse and in a moment of drunkenness, that he came up with his antisemitic comment, which was made when he was pulled over. They poked and poked and poked at him, and then he got drunk one night and expressed anger. That was the greatest thing to happen for the ADL types during the whole “Passion” debacle. They LOVED it. They thought they “really had him now,” man. Well, that movie became a major hit, making Gibson boatloads of money. Gibson had the last laugh, and I am truly thankful.

    • Colin Wright

      I agree with you completely.

      • dminore


  • Rick Miller

    Had he expressed the same thoughts about Muslims, Gibson would likely have been banished from any Hollywood events. Yet another example of the leftists anti-Semitic bigotry.

    • Linda B.

      Arabs are Semites.

  • RC

    You can’t honestly expect Godless Hollywood to do the right thing and support Israel–to stand up for goodness. They for the most will not.

    • Colin Wright

      ‘…do the right thing and support Israel–to stand up for goodness.’

      Make up your mind. Which do you want? One can’t simultaneously support Israel AND stand up for goodness.

      • Al Talena

        colin’s post explains colin’s prior posts attacking Jews. So is colin a pissstinan operative sent to the US to deceive Ameicans & promote Jew hate or a domestic ne0-nutzi?

        • dminore

          So you dehumiliate and attack the Palestinian name – true to your vile Khazarian ‘culture’ – and I say that with mockery.

  • ZG

    Let see if the Holywood Jewish functionaries will have the self respect to boycott this racist show.

  • duby Rehhaut

    I shred this sad article with my Facebook friends.
    What a disgrace to have this alcoholic antisemitic poor soul get a second chance.
    This gives the green light to all the rest of the antisemitic bigots to raise their ugly heads and show their true colors without fear because they will always get a second chance.

  • theo

    The Golden Globe organisers have really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this choice
    They also show where their sympathies lie
    Anti Semites – in their view – should be complimented and not ostracized
    They are a disgrace

    • dminore

      Kiss the ring much?

  • rachel robinson

    Wheree are those comments?? we need to be able to read them and judge them. This site is the only one place that hides the comments from its readers.

    I commented on this before, and I believe that this is a disgrace that you are asking for our comments and then hide them from us.

    • I agree. I posted a comment about Donald Trump in comparison to Mel Gibson….and the comment was taken down by the site administrator. This website seems to be choosing comments selectively to post. In my opinion, things like this lead to more hatred and anti-semitism.

  • Natan

    Is there a real shortage of show is personalities that the Golden Globes have to select
    The like of Mel Scumbag Gibson.
    I am normally a keen watcher if this program, but will select another channel this coming Sunday evening. ,!,,,

    • dminore

      More paid rubes. This is really getting boring.

  • nelson marans

    Did anyone expect any difference from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with its long history of anti-Israel propaganda in the media. It was a disgrace and the presence of Mel Gibson was an affront to every fair-minded individual. He is a bigot and a disgrace to his Catholic religion.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Gibson isn’t the real problem – it is a culture of ignorance for which Judaism is just as guilty as Christianity and which currently in Islam is particularly disturbing and vicious.

    Sane people should be promoting a clear modern understanding of the unity of man instead of promoting claims of separate uniqueness. We should not be hating and hurting each other because that is a continuation of an ancient stupidity

    Why waste time repeating the tirades of one deluded man. What is more important than refuting inaccuracy is broadcasting truth. That is why actions such as the recording of Hitler era testimony is so important

    When truth is broadcast, falsehood is more readily identified. Imagine attacking Creationism without simultaneously explaining the origin of life and of species and reporting the ongoing research, discoveries, and discussions

    Do that and one day the likes of Gibson might even pick up a real book..

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Dirty Mel is the lowest scumbag of Holywood…

    • dminore

      He’s my hero.

    • Linda B.

      Go Mel! Gibson is awesome, a major talent. Anyone who’s seen “Braveheart” or “The Passion of the Christ” knows it, and all the ADL-type hating on him in the world can’t change that.

  • Scots are victims

    Scots are victims. With his mentality he is projecting the scottish dilemma with England onto the Israeli people.

    Solve your own problems. Israel is bigger and meaner than scotland, which is soon to be conquered by England.