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January 11, 2016 4:38 pm

Muslims Carrying Out Unauthorized Excavations on Temple Mount Claim They Are Repairing Water Leakage

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A Muslim group carried out excavations atop the Temple Mount without prior authorization from the IAA. Photo: Al-Aqsa Mosque Facebook Page.

A bulldozer on the Templ Mount. Arabs are claiming that the digging is being done to repair water leakage. Photo: Al-Aqsa Mosque Facebook Page.

Unauthorized excavations were discovered to be taking place on the Temple Mount, the Hebrew news site 0404 reported on Sunday, after photos of a bulldozer near the Dome of the Rock appeared on Arabic Facebook pages.

On one such page it was claimed that the digging was being done in order to repair a water canal that was leaking into one of the smaller domes of the compound. A posting on that page — called “Al-Aqsa Mosque” — also asserted that Israeli police attempted to put a stop to the work, prompting the Waqf (the Islamic trust that manages the Temple Mount) to intervene to allow it continue.

In response, an Israeli organization called “Students for the Temple Mount” called on Minster of Culture and Sport Miri Regev, who heads the Knesset committee dealing with rights of Jews on the Temple Mount, to intervene and put an end to “this flagrant contempt for Israel’s holy sites.” They also demanded the arrest and prosecution of those carrying out such unauthorized digs.

Excavation on the Temple Mount, a site holy to both Jews and Muslims, is an extremely sensitive matter. In the past, Waqf-authorized digs have destroyed historical remains reflecting the site’s Jewish origins. Palestinians, on the other hand, routinely accuse Israel of attempting to compromise the structural integrity of the Temple Mount’s mosques whenever it carries out archaeological excavations in the compound’s vicinity.

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  • Michael West

    The islamists need to be removed from the Temple Mount, by force if necessary!

  • steve

    With a bit of luck the mosque will be flooded, subside, and disappear into the ground for eternity.

  • that should not be a suprise to Iseral,there could be hidden treasures hidden in and around the 1st. temple,even tho they havn’t been found yet,as I understand it the knights templer hid every thing they could,and there is hidden undergrounds beneath the 1st. temple,this is just what I’ve read, I’ve never been there,it is just my opinion

  • Zahav

    The State of Israel is sovereign over the Temple Mount.

    It is necessary to end the custodial privileges of the Jordanian Waqf.

    Under the Kingdom of Jordan, the Waqf repeatedly desecrates the Jewish holy site. Jordan physically vandalizes the Temple Mount, including the destruction and dumping of sacred First Temple Era archeological remains. The Waqf destabilizes regional peace, by inflammatory hatespeech, and flagrant discrimination against Jews on the Jewish holy site.

    The State of Israel must reassert its sovereignty over the Temple Mount – Har Ha’Bayit – to preserve the Jewish holy site for future generations, and to restore the dignity of the Jewish people.