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January 12, 2016 1:22 pm

French-Jewish Leader Found Dead in Apartment; Police Probing Antisemitic Motive Behind Murder

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Alain Ghozland was discovered dead in his home in Creteil on Tuesday morning. Photo: Facebook

French police are investigating the death of a 73-year-old Jewish leader, found dead in his apartment in a suburb of Paris.

Police are probing the possibility of “antisemitic aggression” behind the apparent murder of Alain Ghozland, a spokesperson for French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

Originally from Algeria, Ghozland was a politician and city councilman in the heavily Jewish suburb of Creteil. His body was discovered by his brother on Tuesday morning, who came to look for him after he failed to show up for prayers at the synagogue on Monday.

According to Europe 1, police are investigating all motives, including antisemitism and armed burglary. The house appeared to have been rummaged through, and Ghozland’s car was missing, according to Europe 1, although law enforcement said it did not look as though the front door had been forced open.

An autopsy will be performed Wednesday morning to determine the cause of death, Europe 1 reported.

The incident comes a day after a Jewish man was attacked by a machete-wielding Turkish youth in the southern French city of Marseilles, outside a Hebrew academy. The teenage assailant was arrested shortly afterward and apparently told authorities he was acting on behalf of ISIS.

About a year ago, Creteil made headlines after a young Jewish couple was attacked at home by three armed robbers who raped the woman and stole the couple’s valuables, while reciting antisemitic slurs. The French prime and interior ministers condemned the attacks.

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  • Elizabeth Maclennan

    I am a commuted Christian by the Grace of God and watching what is going on in the world only confirms to me that God has control over all things I see the roots of my faith coming from the Torah and the fulfillment of the same in Jesus Messiah. Yes the world persecuted the Jews throughout history because deep down they were either jealous of the fact that they were the chosen ones or that it was pure hatred for our heavenly Father.As we the Jewish older brothers or we the Christians who have accepted Jesus as their Messiah are seeing the connection we are all sharing in the suffering. There is only one answer. We must all humble ourselves and cry out to G-d together and have the courage to be able to say “THY WILL BE DONE” The battle belongs to the Lord and sadly the sons of Satan are running rampant. Look to the scriptures. Their time is coming to an end. Come LORD Jesus, come soon. Amen.

  • Michael Fox

    When the Jews were attacked and being slaughtered in Nazi Germany the world turned a blind eye. Now the drumbeat grows in France and throughout much of Europe. The difference is, now there is Israel, a homeland for the Jewish people.

    The message is clear….you stay in Europe at your own peril. Anti-Semitism and the hateful Muslim population grows like the cancer it is. You have been warned and your ambivalence may cost you your life.

    • Rick MacDonald

      Hashem has said; “I will draw MY people back to the land of their fathers.”
      Knowing that god uses humans to effect His will, we should all take note of this recent headline from the Israel Daily News. Anti-Semitic attacks Results in Western European Jews making Aleah in record numbers.”
      This is a new wave of Jews headed home. Baruch Hashem. It may take awhile for the Jews of the Americas to feel the need to escape to Israel but it will come about, fear not.

  • ZG

    It’s a high time to sell your possessions and to get out.Leave France to the Muslims,and come to Israel or Canada.

    • twicemodern

      Nice Jewish defaitist! Stand up and fight back!

  • Luigi Rosolin

    The previous horrible crime against tree Jews with rape of the pour women that police had not resolve is probably give the criminal antisemitic the opportunity to do again. Shame!

  • Linda Rivera

    Wherever there are Muslims, non-Muslims will NEVER be safe. Never.

    The Quran commands Muslims to perpetrate satanic atrocities, wage violent jihad, torture, behead, kidnap, rape, gang rape, take non-Muslims for slaves and sex slaves and mass barbaric murder non-Muslims…..making it a Huge Crime Against Humanity to allow Muslims into our nations.

    My condolences to the grieving, heartbroken family.

  • Reading your newsletters thoroughly daily, What I see happening to Jews in Europe, etc. etc. both disturbs and deeply depresses me. What is worse, I never hear, read or see the unbelievable amount of Jew Hatred that exists world wide.WHY-AS IF I DIDN’T KNOW! I am frightened for the future of our faith and people. It seems to me that nobody but us gives a damn! Is G-d still testing us???????????? I guess, that Egypt, The Crusades, The Inquisition, Germany, and the many other horrors we had to endure through annals of history during the last 2000 wasn’t enough! IS THE WORST YET TO COME???

    • twicemodern

      Stop the whining, support the armed JDL, give generously for arms.Dead Jews were unarmed Jews!

    • twicemodern

      Unless Jews arm themselves and support the JDL generously, the worst will come!

    • Moshe ben Yonah

      Do not worry about Judaism or the Jewish people. While we as individuals are and have often been in great danger G-d made a covenant with our forefathers that we will never be destroyed. We will always be few but never gone.

      Am Yisroel Chai!

  • art frank

    Once again Jews are attacked by savage moo slims in the anti-semitic country of france.
    French Jews must wise up quickly while they are still alive, and leave france for Israel. No future for Jews in the soon to be franceistan.

    • twicemodern

      Bull sh-t, stand up and fight overtly or covertly , Never run like your ancestors did.If you are too old and too weak support those who will defend you generously instead of bending over!

  • what moderation…???
    it’s a straightforward message.

  • the item on Creteil, prime minister, condemned attacks. not enough outcry.
    attacked and raped in one’s home? that’s outrageous. Shocking.
    What extra protection did police provide for that neighborhood immediately after the attack?
    If your Jewish population leaves, France, won’t it be the country’s loss?
    for the intellectual, medical, scientific, innovations Jews are known to provide, to help all.
    The country wil not be inclusive, but fall back to a limited life experience. In our Global society, there has to be closer relations, with all different cultures, and religions.and Acceptance.Tolerance, if there is to be Peace, on Earth.
    example; we don’t kill an Iris because it is not a Rose,nor a Daffodil because it is not a
    Geranium. there is room for all kinds of flowers, and therefore all kinds of people. Live and Let Live. That’s it !!!!. so simple. Teach it…Practice it…..Live it….

    • twicemodern

      Jews went to their deaths listening to chamber music 75 years ago in case you did not know! Unarmed Jews at that. Support your local armed JDL instead of talking about the flowers, wake up honey.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    The pogroms are coming to France.

    • twicemodern

      Stop the whining, support your local armed JDL and you might hear about dead attackers but not dead Jews!