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January 14, 2016 2:37 pm

Social Media Solidarity Campaign Calls on All French Citizens to Wear Yarmulkes

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Strasbourg  Chabad Rabbi Mendel Samama handing out kippot to passersby to show solidarity with Jewish people. Photo: Screenshot

Strasbourg Chabad Rabbi Mendel Samama handing out kippot to passersby. Photo: Screenshot.

A campaign was launched in France calling on all citizens to don the Jewish skullcap this Friday, after the Marseilles chief rabbi urged fellow residents to avoid wearing kippot, out of fear of antisemitic terrorism.

The social media campaign was launched under the hashtag   –#EverybodyWithAKippa — and by Thursday morning it had already garnered support from across Europe and around the globe, including among major US Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

The campaign calls on citizens to put on the yarmulke at 10:00 a.m. on Friday in a coordinated effort. The campaign publicized its goals with pictures of celebrities wearing kippot, including Michael Jackson, Robert DeNiro and David Beckham.

At the same time, in Strasbourg, Chabad Rabbi Mendel Samama launched a similar campaign, spontaneously deciding on Thursday to buy 100 kippot and head to the city center to hand them out to passersby, regardless of religion or creed. 

“I gave a kippa to whomever wanted one,” he said, according to Hebrew news site nrg.

“I told them that I’m a rabbi from Strasbourg, and I asked if they’d heard about the stabbing attack in Marseilles,” said Samama, referring to last Saturday’s attack against a Jewish man by a Turkish-born teenager outside a Hebrew academy in the city. The man was wearing a kippa when he was stabbed, but escaped relatively unscathed with light stab wounds. 

Following the attack, the president of the Jewish community of Marseilles, Rabbi Zvi Amar, suggested:  “In view of the tense situation in Marseilles, I think it is preferable for those who wear yarmulkes to wear caps … I don’t want any Jew harmed.”

“I told them, after a short conversation, that I wanted to give them a kippa so that they could express solidarity with us Jews,” said Samama. 

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  • Tabitha Korol

    Yes, they are suddenly as brave as the Danes. But just in case, be armed.

  • Dame Helen Hyde

    Well done. I admire the bravery, courage and determination.

  • Dani

    Great idea but… What about if it doesn’t work. Wuldn’t that show them that they have more support than us?

  • Edna

    To all the nay sayers and Jewish vengeance seekers I say ‘Be quiet’.

    People irregardless of their creed have rallied round to wearing a kippa, and we should be delighted with this response.

  • Linda Golden

    Well how nice…anti-semitism is anti-semitism and putting on a Kipa or an Easter bonnet or a fedora doesn’t change that fact.

  • Robert Davis

    Surely the soros’ jstreet scum will not wear a kippa although they claim to be jews! This scum claims to be jews only to increase the pressures over Israel meaning that even jews are against Israel although they are a very small minority among jews to take part in anti Israel bashing!

  • Jankel

    A small short gun high caliber stuck Under a big Streimel…. should be an allowed technique even on Shabbess, by the New Choulh’an Arouch…”Model 1545 modified 2016…”
    I have no very Jewish type and am not religious and don’t wear a Kippa; except great occasions…But i would love to see the eyes glance of a guy coming to burden me…and my 357 Mg..?

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Great action plan. Great move. Kol Hakavod!

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Excellent! Great move! Kol Hakavod!

  • Jonah

    You might consider carrying an m16 under your Kippa. I feel so sorry for these unfortunate lobotomized liberals carrying Charly Hebdo signs. Charly Hebdo signs are not going to protect you from Isis. Right now as I speak Isis is planning a mass slaughterer Hebdo followers and will attack, again, an American heavy metal band. Why? Because you cannot stop them with rouge and lipstick. An unarmed nation of lobotomized liberals sends a signal to the worlds jihadists, ” come in and kill us, we are stupid, we do not know how to defend ourselves, and our government is helpless against a well organized terrorist organization that can burn our country down if offended, but by god we will show you Charly Hebdo signs, we are united together as liberal idiots and we will show you a thing or to”. If you do not get the message our nuclear option will be to bring in Oprah Winfry with her two new age bibles that will put you on the run!

    • rulierose

      great idea! kippot plus the JDF shooting people who are trying to harm Jews. the two together would work wonders in Eurabia.

  • Irene Falshaw Holt

    A great idea.

  • Mary Hutchings

    What a great idea. Thank you. Reminds one of all the Danes wearing yellow stars on their coats during WW11.

    • This is one of those wonderful, Walt Disney type of legends everyone wishes was true, but alas ! not. Christian X,King of Denmark was an autocrat, forced to become a constitutional monarch.Unable to resist German invasion in 1940, they still managed to retain control of domestic affairs. He rode around his streets without bodyguards.was the symbol of Denmark’s national honour during occupation. Realising the treatment of Jews elsewhere, he made it known if the Nazis compelled his Jews to wear yellow stars, it would be against Denmark’s constitution ” and we had best meet it by all wearing the Star of David.”Christian helped finance the removal of Danish Jews to neutral Sweden.Of 7,500 Danish Jews, 500 could not get out in time and were sent to Theresienstadt where the Danish red cross monitored them and the Danes sent food parcels.When they returned in 1945, their neighbours had protected their property, gardens and pets! The whole country participated.