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January 19, 2016 10:30 am

Ambassador Shapiro’s Delegitimization Speech

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US Ambassador to Israel Daniel B. Shapiro. Shapiro delivered an address at the annual Institute for National Security Studies conference in Tel Aviv. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

US Ambassador to Israel Daniel B. Shapiro. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro did his administration proud on Monday. His boss, Secretary of State John Kerry, couldn’t have done a better job of twisting reality to suit fantasy.

At the annual Institute for National Security Studies conference in Tel Aviv, Shapiro delivered an address worthy of note in its content and timing.

Earlier that morning, a pregnant woman from Tekoa, a settlement in the Judean Hills, was stabbed and seriously injured by a Palestinian teenager in the local grocery store. The previous evening, a mother of six (four biological children and two adopted ones), was stabbed to death in front of her 17-year-old daughter at their home in the settlement of Otniel.

Dafna Meir’s struggles with the Palestinian assailant, and her daughter’s screams for help, caused the terrorist to flee, but not before he managed to slaughter his victim. (At the time of Shapiro’s address, Israeli security forces were still hunting for the killer; a 16-year-old Palestinian was later apprehended and was being interrogated over the attack.)

These were by no means the only attacks against Israelis, even in the 24-hour period during which Shapiro made his speech; they were just the most blatant and bloody ones. But they were par for the course in the current Palestinian “lone-wolf” uprising, which has come to be called the “knife intifada.”

This is a misnomer, of course, because the surge in Palestinian violence that began in September has been characterized by many other forms of aggression against innocent Jews. Car-rammings are a particular favorite among the Facebook- and Twitter-inspired generation of terrorists. Rock throwing and Molotov cocktail hurling, too, are popular methods of attack.

And let’s not forget shootings. Whether committed by drivers, snipers or point-blank gunslingers, these acts of terrorism are also part and parcel of the war against Israel being waged by young Arabs living under Palestinian Authority rule, some of whom are even Israeli citizens.

Like the other speakers at the conference, Shapiro condemned the above. Briefly, that is, until getting to the real purpose of his talk: to chastise Israel. Naturally, he did this in perfect Obama pitch, professing his country’s great friendship and alliance with Israel, while calling on the Jewish state to stop causing all the trouble.

These were not his exact words. Shapiro is a professional diplomat, after all. But the language he did use was bad enough.

“Too many attacks on Palestinians lack a vigorous investigation or response by Israeli authorities; too much vigilantism goes unchecked; and at times there seem to be two standards of adherence to the rule of law: one for Israelis and another for Palestinians,” he said, while also condemning “barbaric acts of terrorism” against Israelis.

And then he said his administration is “concerned and perplexed” by Israel’s settlement policy, which raises “honest questions about Israel’s long-term intentions” where a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians is concerned.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was right to call Shapiro’s comments “incorrect and unacceptable,” but his response was insufficient. Because what Shapiro did was first to equate Palestinian and Israeli violence, and then to fault “settlement policy” for the daily assault on Israel’s very right to exist. The boycott, divestment and sanctions movement could not have made a better case for delegitimization.

To be fair, Shapiro is not an independent agent. He is an envoy sent to Israel to iterate the official positions of the Obama administration — a government that just signed off on its final capitulation to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This dangerous act, involving the lifting of sanctions and the transfer of billions of dollars to the mullah-led regime in Tehran, took place after the Iranian navy seized and held captive 10 U.S. sailors; demanded an apology from Washington upon their release; received a hearty “thank you” from Kerry; and then boasted about having caused the American servicemen (and one woman) to weep.

Is it any wonder, then, that the United States, who was treated throughout the negotiations with Iran like a pariah on the one hand and a wimp on the other, would expect Israel to roll over and play dead with the Palestinian Authority?

The answer is no. It is also the reason that Israel must pray for a Republican victory in this year’s U.S. presidential election. If and when that happens, we might be treated to a book by Shapiro, in which he reveals the lies he was forced to spew during his term as ambassador.

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  • Dave

    Withdraw his credentials and insist he leave.

    • brenda


  • When antisemitism becomes a reality in the US one day, and I reckon it will, I hope that Amb. Shapiro and/or his descendants come to Israel where they belong.

  • God forbid we should get a third Obama term in the guise of Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

  • H.Givon

    Ruthie Blum has articulated so clearly that the drive to satisfy the demands of the present hostile American administration takes precedence over truth and conscience. Amb.Shapiro, speaking for the anti-Israel State Dept., is but one of a long line of its envoys that proves this to be so. He has gained nothing by his verbal assault on Israel; on the contrary, Israelis who live with daily acts of terrorism against its innocent citizens, recognize his hypocrisy as he falsely mounts lies as truth.

  • jakob wasi

    Like an ill tempered child who hasn’t gotten his way, he cries and beats his head against the wall of his own willfulness. Grow up!

  • marta mikey frid

    He is one of those many Jews who only assume his Jewishness because it is politically convenient to do so. Our history is full of them: The ones who never chose the God of the Jews, but only hid behind the mantra of being “God’s Chosen Ones”

    • He’s only doing his job. For now he is an American diplomat.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    I hope that Shapiro, is only Jewish by birth.

  • Florence

    Is this the only job he can get? Sad.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Yet another Kapo.
    Hey, Mr. Ambassador. Allahu Akbar!
    Sleep well.

  • Ambassador Shapiro was not forced to choose the words he said in his speech. Unfortunately, it’s rare to find a diplomat, who would “resign in protest,” than give a speech that delegitimizes a loyal ally like Israel. As for the next U.S. President, it’s possibly another President Clinton or a more conservative leader.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    “To be fair, Shapiro is not an independent agent. He is an envoy sent to Israel to iterate the official positions of the Obama administration — a government that just signed off on its final capitulation to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”


    Every man is an “independent agent,” and every honorable man has the option to resign rather than disgrace himself – an option that Shapiro either didn’t consider, or rejected out of hand.

  • Roy

    Shapiro has made a place and name for himself as another mindless Obama stooge, spewing such absolute rubbish.

  • Rachel Cohen

    Shapiro was raised badly–he’s a Godless Jew–stabbing Israel in the back. What an abject disgrace that any Jew would work for and or otherwise support Barack Obama’s wicked policies. As for me, in less than one hour of research in the mid-summer of 2007–I learned that Barack was an anti-Semite, he hated Israel and wanted it and Jewry destroyed, that he was a Marxist and was pro Islamic terror–and would wreak havoc if allowed to get into office. I remember the Jews at AIPAC who believed his transparent lies–clapping and cheering–what abject fools and useful idiots. Many Jews did the same thing for Hitler.

  • Darrin

    I hope everyone remembers this November how the Obama Administration insidiously undermined Israel’s security for the past eight years. Any Jew that votes for any Democrat in November is a self loathing fool. It’s time to exact revenge in the voting booth.

  • Dov

    Seems Shapiro works for, or a card holder for ‘J’ Street.

  • jackqueline

    Maybe Netanyahu another mouth peace for the left wing Obama mob

    • jackqueline

      I meant Shapiro was another mouth peace for the fools of Obama

  • Mickey Oberman

    Another Kapo.
    They are now a dime a thousand.

    May they reap their just rewards.

  • ART

    Hillary and Obama “leading from behind” have destroyed any stability in the Mid East.They also made sure that all the dictators understood that Nuclear disarmament assures death and that the only security is from owning nukes They have also guaranteed that Iran will have nukes, the UAE and Saudis will follow

  • ART

    This is Obamas’ unequivocal declaration of war against Israel. His signal to the eu and pa who will follow his lead. Notice that Hillary has been silent about the murders. I guess she was re reading her emails or was she talking with Sidney Blumenthal of Thomas Pickering

  • Fred Walker

    As a US citizen I am appalled that a man who lives on my tax Dollars acts and talks in that manner.November does not come soon enough to get rid of the Obama administration.

  • Joy Wolfe MBE

    If it was up to me I would ask the US to recall their Ambassador
    He is not their to insult and damn the host state he is serving in.

  • Laura Burkhart

    Bravo, elegantly articulated…for the stark reality. Gosh, in my lifetime….it is so thoroughly humiliating, to see American’s, just like Dan Shapiro, take pressure on their necks, and blurt out words, that are no more the truth than the man in the moon!
    Why can’t anyone have courage to say, Israel is doing a fine job, surviving all the terrorism…with patience.
    What about the Foegel family, and the consequences of the settlements in the West Bank.
    Do you think Israel should just roll out the red carpet…and say…ah, yes, kill our citizens…and we will give you more land.
    I guess I am backward. I remember when Helen Keller was young…and her teacher came…Ann Sullivan, and told everyone to stop spoiling her….and made her be the best she could be.
    Allowing the Palestinians to, with a red fisted fist, scream, “I want my land, I want my rights, I want my…whatever…”, with a sword or gun or bomb…and you yield….thinking something good will come of it? No, of course not…rebels, and terrorists, and unlawful behavior should receive only this: As Golda Meir said, “Quick retaliation!” Anything else allows them to be less than their best. If they cannot be their best…then allow them to seek their well deserved liberty in someplace, other than Israel!

  • Philip

    I expect he’ll turn into another Martin Indyk.

    • rulierose

      he already has.

  • Channah

    Wonderful article! I especially liked the ending and the suggestion that Shapiro should write a book like Oren’s about the “lies he was forced to spew.” Love it!

    • Joseph

      Channah, can you please elaborate regarding the lies like Oren’s. I’m confused. What lies about Oren are you referring to? And by the way, living in the USA, I am dumbfounded by the popular Jewish support for Obama and his administration.

  • Dan

    “lies he was forced to spew during his term as ambassador.”

    He wasn’t pushed he jumped.

    • Ephraim

      Exactly right. No one forced him to take this job in the first place.