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January 19, 2016 2:04 pm

PA President Compares Plight of Palestinians to Armenian Genocide

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PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem with Armenian Christian leaders. Photo: Mahmoud Abbas' Facebook page.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem with Armenian Christian leaders. Photo: Mahmoud Abbas’ Facebook page.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas likened the plight of his populace to that of the Armenian victims of the Ottoman genocide during and after WWI, the PA’s Wafa news agency reported on Monday.

Abbas made this comparison during an Armenian Christmas celebration at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon noted the event and provided the following passages from Wafa’s English site, which highlight Abbas’ taking the opportunity of the Christian holiday to criticize Israel and honor Palestinian “martyrs”:

We, Palestinians, have gone through similar experiences with the Armenians; both of us have been repressed, terrorized and banished. As the Armenian people emigrated from their country to ours and then to another place, we are experiencing the same struggle; we emigrated in the 1948 and the refugees in Syria are migrating to the sea, into exile and to places only God knows about.

…We continue to suffer a lot because of the daily killing and slaughter; we are against murder and spilling the blood of any human being, regardless of the gender, race or religion. We value every drop of blood that comes out of any human being.

Therefore we tell our brothers and our families that we are in a state of despair and hopelessness. We realize the doors remain unlocked and the Israeli leadership is trying to shut open doors, but our resistance shall always remain peaceful and we shall not call for anything other than that. Every day we lose three or four martyrs without a single reason or justification, but we will remain patient and stand fast on our land.

The blog noted that some media outlets construed Abbas’ statement about being “against murder and spilling the blood of any human being” as a condemnation of the murder of an Israeli woman in Otniel on Sunday by a 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist (subsequently identified as 16-year-old Morad Bader Abdullah Adais from the PA-administered village of Beit Amra).

The graphic celebrating the stabbing to death of Otniel resident Dafna Meir on Sunday. Photo: Facebook.

The graphic celebrating the stabbing to death of Otniel resident Dafna Meir on Sunday. Photo: Facebook.

“Bizarrely,” Elder of Ziyon wrote, “The Jerusalem Post and i24News reported on this speech as if the main point was that Abbas was condemning the murder of Dafna Meir. He didn’t mention her and didn’t reference the attack.”

As for the PA’s valuing “every drop of blood that comes out of any human being,” Elder of Ziyon referred to a graphic published in the Palestinian news site QudsN – and shared on Palestinian social media pages — celebrating the Otniel woman’s murder.

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  • Armenian

    Armenians have been in Palestine for 1700 years that’s what he’s talking about. We and the Palestinians are the original people of that land. We share DNA and we are extremely friendly. To the people saying the jerusalem Patriarchate are like rats you are so ignorant. Like I said we have been there for 1700 years they didn’t flee to go to Israel they are fulfilling generations worth of tradition. Armenian Art Treasures of Jerusalem by Bezalel Narkiss is a very good book on this subject

    • Tamar

      Armenian, Please enlighten me , what DNA do the Armenian people share with the Palestinians ? How are the Armenians the original people of that land ?

  • Yale

    If I were an Armenian, I would be furious about a lie like this. In around one year, Abbas’ Turkish backers killed about fifty times as many Armenians as “Palestinians” have been killed in the century of the Arab war against the Jews. That makes the Armenian genocide a real one, and the Palestinian claim of one an effort to fool the gullible and stupid.

    Abbas isn’t stupid, but there are lots of folks around the world who compete for his favor by buying into his lies. If they had self-respect, they would tell Abbas to get his act together and recognize that Palestinian suffering is the result of the stupid decisions made by him and his predecessors.

  • David Hersch

    I remember well being a child in a small village in the middle of South Africa. There was no such things as indoor toilets, let alone flushing toilets. Toilets were outside, usually at the end of the garden. Once what was called a “long drop”, a deep hole in the ground, was upgraded, buckets were used which were emptied every Tuesday night by municipal workers. In almost everything he says and does, Abbas is the modern equivalent of these municipal workers.

    Of course many newspapers, Israeli included, are appalling in their news coverage and analysis. The graphic included in this article celebrating the murder of Otniel resident, Daphna Meir, does make nonsense of what Abbas says. In addition, let us not forget his encouraging the latest stabbings and his reference to the blood of his thugs and murderers as “holy blood”. We all know that Abbas is an out and out liar and thug dressed in a suit.

    Israel’s problem is that it is stuck between a rock and a hard place with “Palestinian” leaders and groups. Abbas, the ever useless, is what they are stuck with. This renders him almost immune and free to carry his buckets wherever he likes and he stinks as a result.

  • Elisabeth Wolf

    There is obviously need that an Armenian person gives some extra tuiton to Mr about the story of the Armenian genocide .

  • Theodore “Ted” Crawford

    Yes, I read about all those wicked, bloodthirsty Armenian Christians brutally stabbing and murdering all those Turkish muslims.

    What is it with Abbas? Senility? Insanity? Demonic possession?

    • Tamat

      Theodore “Ted” Crawford, Please read the truth about the Armenian Genocide. Armenians were not bloodthirsty people. The wicked murderers were the Ottoman Turks. As for Abbas likening the Armenian Genocide to his people, he must be insane, the Palestinians were given many options by Israel. Israel must defend itself.

  • Since a long time, I have been claiming that “Armenian” Patriarchate of Jerusalem is filled with the rotted fruits of the Armenian tree. These “Armenian” priests fled from the Syrian desert of Deir El Zor like sewer rats to live in Israel.

  • Hannah

    What a dick.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Time for Abbas to be arrested for his lies and honouring murderers.
    How dare he make such comparisons and then tell the world that Israel is killiong his people.
    This should be taken up with UNSC.( not that they will act agsinst Abbas)
    Israel should also takje this up with Congress and Senate
    and stop sending these savage bastars any money.

    Israel should give the Imams and school teachers a warning.
    That unless they stop teaching hatred and murder with a knife, they will be arrested and punished for the hate crimes which leads to crimes against humanity.

  • he could not make Turkey to apologise for armenian genocide but sheds crocodile tears. if he is sincere he would have asked apology for the palestinian militants using the bible as toilet papers in the bethlehem church. by entering there he has defiled christianity. So bethlehem has to be taken away from him. after all the palestinian issue is made an international one by iran

  • Isaac Brajtman

    Abbas reminds me of the Iraqui minister you also suffered from delusions when he claimed Iraqui troops were defeating their enemies as his troops were in total retreat and defeat

  • E benAbuya

    “We value every drop of blood that comes out of any human being.” (translation) It’s what we drink. Drinking the blood of human beings is how we stay undead.

  • Pearl

    He is such a sick bastard! He’s killing his own people. And the world is gullible.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    I wonder how can we ever be thankful enough to the Oslo folk?
    Why… Lets look at the humane, truthful, peaceful, non criminal, non murderous bands that the Rabin-Peres and other such, imported, armed, fed, cured and trained. Precious peace makers the “partnership, is it not?
    I say.
    Lets name more streets, avenues, highways, hospitals after that Oslo caterva.

  • yael taubman

    what a forcking idiot, I am so angry I could scream and I am, but that won’t help a bit.
    Abbas and co. are the biggest liars since the Nazi propagandist Himmler. if you tell a lie big enough and long enough it will be believed and because most of the people of the world are ignorant and believe anything they read in a newspaper, or online, or on tv think what they hear is the truth.
    please, anyone who cares, please refute all the crap that this PA asshule spreads anywhere.
    if you have a large share, please share and send it to anyone anywhere.
    I can’t believe what is happening in Israel and what is repeated outside in the USA and everywhere else in the world. I am going crazy!!! I would tear his face off if I ever encountered him or Saeb or any of those lying jerks.
    What is it with these teenagers? I know! It is how they have been teaching them since they were born…these teeners are the future leaders in 20 or so years. Do you think there will ever be anything close to peace in Israel? I don’t believe it.

  • stevenl

    A dangerous psychopath who belongs to a mental institution. But they have no such institution in their no country.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Abbas is not the president and has not been for years.

    Why do the press persist in calling him that?

    Presidential Pretender would be accurate and also rub a little salt into his wounds every time it is used. Do it. Stop supporting his megalomania.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Abbas is genetically incapable of telling the truth about anything.

    He is not the President and has not been for years.
    Why does the press persist in falsely calling him that?

  • Mickey Oberman

    Abbas is genetically incapable of telling the truth about anything.