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January 21, 2016 6:50 pm

Arab-Israeli Youth Movement Guide: ‘If Palestine Is Liberated Through Murder of Innocent People, I Hope It’s Not Liberated’

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Miriam Awad's FB cover photo. Photo: Facebook.

Miriam Awad’s FB cover photo. Photo: Facebook.

“If the liberation of Palestine is achieved through the murder of a mother in front of her children and through the stabbing and attempted murder of pregnant women … then I really hope it is not liberated,” wrote an Arab Israeli woman, Miriam Awad, on Facebook on Monday.

Awad, a resident of Haifa and a guide for the youth movement HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed (the General Federation of Students and Young Workers in Israel), was responding to Sunday night’s killing of 38-year-old mother-of-six Dafna Meir at her home in Otniel and subsequent knife attack on 30-year-old Michal Froman, a pregnant woman from Tekoa.

In an interview with Israel’s Army Radio on Thursday morning, Awad said that those Jewish Israelis calling her Facebook post an act of bravery “don’t know Arab society and think that condemning murder of and terrorism against innocent people is as though an alien came down from outer space.”

Awad also said, “We in Arab society are indeed in favor of a legitimate struggle against [Israeli] occupation, but one has to consider what kind of Palestinian state will be established. I am also a mother, and have no words to describe the type of person who enters a house and kills a mother in front of her daughter. If, after that [kind of action], a Palestinian state is created, what kind [of state] will it be?”

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  • fanya vasilevsky

    What a breath of fresh air!!! We can only hope that more people like Miriam Award live in Israel. Perhaps, long waiting peace will come to such a beautiful and so much suffered land.

  • L.Wolonsky

    The Arabs have 22 countries spanning more than 5.14 millions square miles. The Jews have a tiny state comprising a mere 8000 square miles. Enough said.

  • When someone offers an olive branch, is it right to hand them a thorny bramble? If only our world media would pick up articles like this, and the one on Dafna Meir’s family, in the aftermath of her murder.These are the people who can make peace possible, not the rantings of the right, and the twisted reasoning of the left or the self-serving interference of NGOs and nations who use this conflict as a proxy battlefield.And certainly not the whining, lying Palestinian leadership, to whom real peace between Arabs and Israelis is an anathema.

  • harry cohen

    i too would like a free palestinian state, only thoughtless terrosist idiots would believe in the two statesystem as the maps show. but why, why how come not one not one arab country has volonteered to give even a small infatasmil part of even their worst desert land or sacrefice a greener pasture for the palestinians,to live and provide a safe space between israel and palestine. you know why?because its better to unsight violence, and bitterness, than to have theese people yheir own live near yhem only to have them rebel against them. who in the world gave them the right to israels land. who made them thunk they are better. not in my lifetime i will physycally oppose all of theese maniacs