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January 24, 2016 4:19 pm

London Politician Concerned Over Lack of Arrests for ‘Ugly’ Anti-Israel Protest at King’s College

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Conservative London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith, who criticized police inaction in relation to the antisemitic incident on the King's College campus. Photo: Facebook.

Conservative London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith, who criticized police inaction in relation to the antisemitic incident on the King’s College campus. Photo: Facebook.

A London mayoral candidate has expressed dismay at what he considers a lack of response on the part of British authorities to an anti-Israel incident that took place last Tuesday evening at King’s College, Britain’s Jewish News reported on Friday.

In an extensive interview with the publication, Zac Goldsmith, the mayoral race’s Conservative candidate, said he was “[worried]…that no one has to [his] knowledge been arrested or charged by the police” for the attack on an event at which former Israeli Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon was invited to give a talk.

At the event – co-sponsored by the Israel Societies of Kings College London and the London School of Economics — as The Algemeiner reported on Wednesday — anti-Israel activists chanted “Free Palestine,” hurled chairs, smashed a window and even physically assaulted Esther Endfield, one of the organizers.

Goldsmith told the Jewish News that the demonstrators “weren’t just saying ugly things but they were doing ugly things. They very clearly crossed the line.”

In spite of pre-arranged security guards on the premises, and dozens of police officers subsequently called to the scene of the violence — which included the angry protesters setting off fire alarms on every floor of the building in which the lecture was held – no suspects have been apprehended. That there were several cellphone cameras shooting videos throughout Ayalon’s lecture, both indoors and outside, where the commotion was taking place, makes the lack of arrests striking to many observers.

According to the Jewish News, other political figures have been weighing in on the incident, such as Conservative Minister for Universities Jo Johnson, who called it “violent intimidation that curtails free speech,” and former Communities Minister Eric Pickles, who referred to the perpetrators as “neo-fascists.”

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  • Al Talena

    American Jews, don’t be so snug. How many arrests are there in States when your local college arabs in alliance with leftys disrupt, sometimes violently, pro-Israel speakers and events on your college as your PC intelligentsia just looks the other way?!

    • Leroy

      New word for Europe. ”M O L E S T – F E S” —— Europe has traded 6 million loyal, civilized, productive citizens for welfare cheats, who have no respect. Europe made a choice, they must enjoy their new citizens.

  • Jonas

    When is Great Britain sinking in the sea??????

  • Patti Cirzan

    Our press has never covered the daily attacks in Israel for twenty years.
    If you want to know what’s going on in Israell, you need a Jewish
    publication. I don’t know why Muslim attacks on Israelis are ignorred. You
    will all have your own opinion,.
    I have mine. The press is anti Semtic and Anti-Christian.
    It is far left and globalist.
    Thousands of Christians have been killed. The press is mute.

    Watch CSpan, the Brits are fighting over the question of barring Donald
    Trump from the UK. They don’t like the fact he expressed opinions
    against Muslims, perhaps they will enjoy an ISIS viideo they got today~
    threatening the UK with Paris style killings, better?

    Wherever you live, watch your surroundings when outside of the home.
    The USA was once safe. No more. Shalom to all.

  • London continues to play games with Jews

    If London continues to play games with Jews, we can suppose a reason is to stop more Jews from moving to the UK from Europe.

    If all of the European and non Russian region Jews moved to the UK the total population of Jews there would be 1.5 million, more than 50% of the population officially of UK muslims.

  • Pearl

    Why the surprise & dismay, they were only Jews that were harassed! Anyone else experiencing this kind of disgusting behavior would have had the full support of local police AND perpetrators would have bee apprehended . Jews don’t matter. That’s the message. Welcome to 1938….


    It happened last Tuesday – and we only hear about it today – Monday?
    When an Arab gets injured or shot while trying to stab a Jew to death in Israel – they even stab pregnant women – there is an immediate response from the whole world – literally seconds later condemnation flows from all quarters. The media’s headlines being totally misleading – such as “Arab shot dead in Jerusalem” There is first a long story about the “poor oppressed” Arab. Not much info on the poor mutilated or dead Israeli. Jews are not allowed to defend themselves – ever – we have to go “like sheep” to the slaughter as was once said about us when we were actually defenseless. Antisemitism is again spreading like wildfire. It will still take time before Britain and Europe will rue the day before they understand that by “getting rid” of 6 million pesky Jews and replacing them with barbaric Muslims – they did themselves a disservice. Nowadays European NGO’s are funding terrorists in the West Bank. Believe it or not – German NGO’s are working hard here in Israel to make sure that The Arabs will throw us into the sea. It ain’t going to happen. Today we are not defenseless. We WILL defend ourselves – no matter how many anti-Semites get away with murderous behaviour. It is time someone in Britain and in Europe will stand up for the only true democracy in the Middle East. Sadly it appears that this ain’t going to happen either…….

  • Ephraim

    Thank you Zac. Unfortunately, whether in Europe or the White House, antisemitism knows no bounds. The right thing would have been to make arrests, and make use of their speech rules against hate speech. But antisemites, such as are out of control in the UK, and the White House, will not yield to decency or morality.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Of course there is no reaction.
    The Brits would not want to upset their future overlords.

  • Josephine Bacon

    Trust the Tory candidate to make capital out of this story! Jo Johnson and Eric Pickles will do nothing either to arrest anyone, Johnson seems to be minister for encouraging extremism in universities, considering how little has been done in the UK to curb it.

  • Rob

    Surely Zak must be our Prime minister designate ???. Saw him on Sunday morning TV, he came over as the very leader this Country needs in these immensely troubled times !.

  • stevenl

    Europe is giving the Islamists the rope to hang them. Stupidity derived from antisemitism must be punished one way or another.
    If a petition makes Trump persona non-Grata in GB, it says a lot about certain lobbies! Not Jewish of course.

  • Carol

    It is time for British Jews to make aliyah and let all the Jew-haters from the Left, Right and Islam take a close look at each other and see what good chums they’ll be without their most favorite scapegoat against which to vent their inbred lust for hatred and violence.

  • brenrod

    uk has become an anti semitic cesspool… jews must leave

  • nelson marans

    If you think that the British police would interfere with violent anti-Israel with physical violence occurring then you are naive. There are areas of England where Sharia rules and where the police dare not go in, but hopefully King’ College is not one where police should have been afraid to intervene or is it?

  • Pierrette Winter

    Not surprised, alas. Britain has sold out to the lies and the Islamic intimidation

  • The Brit. Govt, has learned a lot from Obama, with regard to how they need to ignore the muslim crisis.

    • zadimel

      What do you mean by “muslim crisis?” The only “crisis” I see is the lack of Jews as targets in Muslim countries. They were forced to leave Muslim majority countries by threats of violence,seizure of their homes and other properties, and physical violence,including murder after the Jewish State became an independent nation.