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January 25, 2016 2:14 pm

‘Procedural Ruse’ Enables Palestinian Authority to Continue Funneling Foreign Funds to Terrorists

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Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. Photo: Facebook.

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. Photo: Facebook.

Foreign donors to the Palestinian Authority should not be misled by a “procedural ruse” enabling the continuation of massive funding to terrorists and their families, Israel’s deputy foreign minister said on Sunday.

In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Tzipi Hotovely wrote that due to embarrassment caused by a budgetary report compiled by Israel’s Foreign Ministry in June 2014 – revealing that the PA’s annual payments to terrorists amounted to $75 million, which was 16% of the yearly sum received by foreign donors – the PA altered the way it was doling out the cash to the killers of Israelis.

That same year, according to Hotovely, “The Palestinian Authority passed the task of paying stipends to terrorists and their families to a fund managed by the Palestine Liberation Organization.”

This fund, wrote Hotovely, was actually handled by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, and the shift was “purely cosmetic in nature.”

Indeed, said Hotovely, a mere four months ago in September, the PA prime minister, Rami Hamdallah, assured that the PA would continue to “provide the ‘necessary assistance’ to ensure these terror stipends.”

As it happens, it was in September that the current surge in Palestinian terrorism, which Israelis have come to call the “knife intifada,” began.

Nevertheless, asserted Hotovely, “This procedural ruse apparently calmed the consciences of donor governments that continue to transfer aid. It is difficult to think of another case in which such a forgiving attitude would be taken regarding foreign aid to an entity that sponsors terror.”

Hotevely concluded: “Donors to the Palestinians who support peace would do well to rethink the way they extend assistance. Money should go to economic and civic empowerment, not to perpetuate a false sense of victimhood and unconditional entitlement. It should foster values of tolerance and nonviolence, not the glorification and financing of terrorism.”

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  • Robert Davis

    Those who give funds to the pa do NOT want peace, they are fools to the first degree not the second…If they gave funds to support peace they would be doubly fools but they are not such fools. What they support in fact is eu’s MEDDLING in Israel’s politics to show how powerful they are and can dictate Israel its Policy! They think Israel is the only place where they can boast to be a big power which they are not if not military at least financially A different kind of colonialism and european imperialism. This is the best way for eu to get soon bankrupt.

  • zadimel

    I would call upon the USA,Canada,the UK and others to reduce or eliminate all monetary assistance to the malevolent savages of rhe PA for their rewarding of those who kill Israelis/Jews. The financial encouragement to destroy the Jewish State and its people must excised by all those who support peace and democracy in the Middle East.

  • brenrod

    the question is why does israel not confiscate that illegal funding like any other crime. The euros building illegally in Israel and funding jew killers should be jailed. Those in europe funding the killers of jew should themselves be slaughtered. Perhaps that is why the flood of muslims into europe is happening like the deluge of the pharoahs armies.

  • Tony Trenton


    Allowing the perpetrators to hide behind the names of these organizations is counter productive !!!

    Who are these ‘Donor Countries’ and who are the persons making these Choices ???


  • Lawrence Kauderer

    What the idiots in the international community either don’t understand or choose to ignore is that when you give money to the Palestinian Authority, you are financially endorsing immorality, bigotry, hatred, Antisemitism, and evil. When terrorists murdered 130 people in Paris, the world was in an uproar. Since then ISIS has drawn some but not enough condemnation. But, condemnation by itself does nothing, action is needed. Here is a newsflash, the coalition government of the Palestinian Authority is made up of two terrorist groups, Fatah and Hamas and they are equally as vial as ISIS. Israel needs to immediately stop financial and material aid to the Palestinians. I always thought this was a foolish thing to do to begin with. If the Palestinians are being flushed with so much capitol and the Palestinian Authority places spending millions of dollars in weapons to murder innocent Israelis, then they have enough money to take care of themselves. This is why when I hear of terrorist attacks taking place in Europe, I have limited sympathy. The Europeans are dumb as dirt, they are funding the same scum of the earth as ISIS. The Europeans are not really interested in stopping terrorism and are missing out on a genuine opportunity to stop the scourge of terrorism. There is no country in the world who is more well versed in stopping terrorism than Israel. The international community should be working with Israel. Instead, they choose to defend the indefinable and persecute the righteous. As a result, they will reap what they sow.

  • Peter Joffe

    You cannot stab your way to peace. You cannot bomb your way to peace. You cannot achieve peace if you deny the right of your opponent to live or right yo exist. Paying for terrorists to continue with their vile deeds will not stop them it will encourage them.

    • Robert Davis

      That’s precisely what europeans and leftwing in particular want. They do not want to let Israel in peace, even terror is not enough for them, what they want is to destroy Israel. To ask for their help to help Israel get peace is NAIVE. What did Garibaldi say? ITALIA FARA DA SE? ITALY WILL HELP ITSELF this is how they got peace. As long as Jews do not understand History and psychology they cannot have peace. To help itself Israel must expel arabs. Those who do not want it should not say they want peace for Israel what they want is to keep sleeping in their cocoon.

  • stevenl

    The western world is not fooled by the Palestinians. Quite the contrary and they encourage the Pal in rejecting any serious talks. Same with the Obama adm.

  • The PLO terrorist entity misuses a lot of its foreign aid to fund programs that brainwash young Arabs to become Jew-haters and murderers. And don’t expect foreign funds given to the PLO terrorist entity to ever be used for economic, civic empowerment, tolerance and nonviolence. Unfortunately, foreign donors don’t care how the PLO terrorist entity spends the money.

    • Robert Davis

      Most of them do care : what they want is precisely plo keeps attacking Israel. A minority wants to keep dreaming. Israel will get peace WHEN IT WILL TAKE IT BY HIMSELF with no one’s help.