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January 27, 2016 1:39 pm

EU Parliament President ‘Angered’ That ‘Holocaust Deniers Sit Among Us;’ Says ‘Without the Jews, Europe Would Not Be Europe’

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European Parliament President Martin Schulz. Photo: Facebook.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz. Photo: Facebook.

The president of the European Parliament said he was angered by the presence of Holocaust deniers among his fellow parliamentarians, Israeli news site nrg reported on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion of the UN-designated Holocaust Remembrance Day, Martin Schulz , who was born in Germany after World War II, said, “To our shame, some have not yet learned the lessons of the past.”

“Some say the Holocaust never happened,” he said, according to nrg, “that it was all lies. What angers me is that they sit in the parliament here. Holocaust deniers are elected to the European parliament.”

“Some insult or attack people because they’re Jewish or support Israel,” Schulz continued, “destroying cemeteries, spray-painting on graves, spitting on young people wearing a kippa.

“In the Europe of today, Jews are again afraid for their lives; they ask themselves if it’s safe to go to the synagogue, if their children will be protected at school. Young people are asking whether to raise their children in Europe, and are considering leaving because they don’t feel secure,” he said. “Without the Jews, Europe would not be Europe.”

President of the European Jewish Congress, Dr. Moshe Kantor, also addressed the parliament.

“When society allows its citizens to be under attack, this means that society has allowed its values to come under attack. Therefore, the goal now is to build the community for Jews and other minorities. It’s very important. Defending ourselves from neo-Nazis, the extreme Right, the extreme Left, terrorists or groups of migrants that are coming here, to Europe. Like we saw in Cologne and Germany,” said Kantor.

“What are the means for confronting these challenges? We have no other means save education, patience and law. I believe this place, where we’re meeting, is the best possible house for a legislative start-up — something Jewish organizations have been doing throughout the generations …  There’s a new kind of antisemitism that is called being anti-Israel. In Europe, there are many boycotts against Israeli products. We see this as a new kind of antisemitism that endangers the Jews and all of Europe. It’s like labels, like wearing the yellow Star of David.”

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  • carl

    It is good to hear a European leader finally speaking up. But how will laws help protect the Jewish community when lawmakers are among the deniers? How will Europe end Islamic terror when Switzerland’s political leaders make deals with the Devils themselves to actively promote the terrorist agenda in world bodies in exchange for protecting their own sorry little tucheses? Much more still needs to change to avert Europe’s downhill slide to catastrophe.

  • Michael E

    And still, this Martin Schulz, is one of the most aggressive supporters in EU when it comes to fill Europe muslims. It’t either stupidity or hypocrisy to hear him, or any Swede, talk about the Holocaust.

  • What chance do I have, a mere Catholic writer on The Holocaust of the Jews of Europe, of confronting denial when they throw back at me the prominence of a Jew in Israel who would relive some of the burden for 6,000,000 Jews from Hitler’s sole responsibility? Regardless of whether he conferred with the Mufti, took advice from Brack, learned from Genghis Khan or The Armenian Tragedy what he could do, achieve and get away with, Hitler drove the entire apparatus of Jewish Destruction toward that final resolve with his own planned Final Solution. Himmler did not reach his goal of Exterminating the Jews without Hitler’s say so. Eichmann did not drive the Trains, but he motioned them forward. Wirth did not gas individually 600,000 Jews in Belzec, but they were all led toward that device for annihilation by a command structure commanded by der Fuhrer. If we cannot get the simple sums right, the legacy of denial will always have a foothold, and might influence one more who should know that Hitler was responsible for The Holocaust.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Make no mistake, holocaust denial will become official EU policy soon. Pogroms are returning to Europe and the EU political elite will lead them.

  • Ivan Cohen

    Dr. Kantor, there are other means that can and should be taken to confront these challenges.
    If more Jews (and others who object to growing anti-Semitism) would take the time to address and object to the falsehoods and skewed reports disseminated by much of the media, perhaps the volume of the distortions might be reduced. Unfortunately there are no watchdogs. Mass action could well have some effect on the likes of The Guardian, The Irish Times, CNN, BBC etc. etc. Who knows, they might even take a little more care in what they distribute. In addition, politicians and officials of supposedly reputable organisations might have fewer collaborators available to spread their bile.
    How long must we sit idly by and say “what can we do?”. Get out your pens and paper, get your keyboards working – its a lot better than dreaming of changes being effected by education. We don’t have the time or the patience to wait for the effects of these ideas. They must be implemented but action is required NOW.

  • Monty Pogoda

    Yidden- COME HOME!!

  • Linda Golden

    Yes, without Jews, Europe would not be Europe…they would have to find another scapegoat for all their troubles…they would not be able to blame the Jews for all their problems because of their policy of appeasement to their large Arab populations that contribute little except intolerance towards the very cultures that they overrun. Jews leave Europe as fast as you can…there is no future there for you and your children and grandchildren. Take your brains, talent, technological advances, medical advances and $$$$ and go where you will flourish and be appreciated…you only have to look to what is going on in France, England, Sweden, etc. Etc. To know that there is no safety there…anti-Semitism is more than acceptable…it is the NORM…it has never gone away and never will.