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January 28, 2016 2:25 pm

Gentile Actor Zachary Levi Says He’s Denied Roles for Being ‘Too Jewish’

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Zachary Levi. The actor said he has been denied film roles because casting directors think he is "too Jewish." Photo: Facebook.

Zachary Levi. The actor said he has been denied film roles because casting directors think he is “too Jewish.” Photo: Facebook.

Actor Zachary Levi said casting directors have denied him roles for being “too Jewish,” despite the fact that he is not a Jew, the New York Daily News‘ Confidenti@l reported on Wednesday.

“I guess they were looking for more of a corn-fed, white boy look,” he said. “My family is from f****** Indiana! Come on, I’m like dying here!”

The Thor star clarified that he is Welsh, and that Levi is actually his middle name, while his real last name is Pugh.

He said he didn’t run into the “Jewish” problem when landing a role in Eva Longoria’s new NBC comedy series Telenovela, because he didn’t have to go through casting directors to get it.

“I didn’t audition,” he explained. “[Eva and I have] been friends for so long and she just said, ‘Hey, I have this role. Would you want to come do it?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll come do it.'”

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  • This hatred towards the Jews is bringing a terrible destiny on all of humanity.

  • And my post was deleted because????

  • He appears rather self-absorbed, not one thought for the abhorrence of the perceived discrimination, or its possible effect on actual Jews, only his indignation at being mistaken for a Jew, typical Hoosier ? Wonder why he chose to use a middle name with such “baggage”? Did he believe it would improve his chances of fame in an industry supposedly controlled by Jews ? Lastly, if they objected to his looks,he must have been seen by casting agents, so the name itself was not the barrier, only the criteria for the role. Still, “no such thing as bad publicity.”

  • American Jew

    Goldstein, why post this trash?

    Zachary Levi is experiencing anti-Semitism even though he isn’t a Jew. Yes, people thought the CHUCK star is Jewish.

    There is no indication that Zachary Levi is a bad person, so we should be sympathetic, not snarky.

  • Dani

    It´s sad to feel discriminated for any reason. In this case, I think it just shows how far antisemitism is gaining ground not only on college campuses but also in the media. This reminds me about a story of a dark beard polish guy who was accused of being Jewish during the 2nd WW just because some SS officers said so based on his look.

  • Goldstein…

    Poor Baby….Too Jewish???…We remember him on his olde series when we thought he was Jewish because of his name not looks????
    Tell it to Dustin Hoffman & Richard Dreyfus, etc.

    Why not change back to his real name…”Zack Pugh” that should set all the casting directors straight…but of course getting his name off of STORMFRONT and all the other nazi Hate Sites is a different story!!!

    • shloime

      i think you’ve missed the point. actors like dustin hoffman are being sidelined into playing unflattering caricatures of jews. anti-semitism is back in fashion, and it’s no longer taboo to express racist bigotry openly, so long as it’s only against “jooz”.

  • shloime

    welcome (back) to 1937, when jewish actors had to change their names to less jewish-sounding ones. only now, it’s even the non-jewish ones!