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January 28, 2016 5:37 pm

Social Media Lights Up With Outrage Over Canadian PM’s Holocaust Remembrance Statement With no Mention of Jews, Antisemitism

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo: Facebook.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo: Facebook.

The official statement released by the Canadian prime minister on International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust on Wednesday is causing a storm on social media for its omission of Jews in reference to the Nazi genocide.

Posted on Facebook by such figures as London-based Middle East analyst Jonathan Sacerdoti, Christians United for Israel (Canada) CEO Frank Dimant and i24 News producer D’vora Charness – to point out what they see as a travesty — Justin Trudeau’s statement is garnering hundreds of comments from furious followers.

Sacerdoti prefaced his post with: “Dear Mr Trudeau, Jew. Jews. Jewish. Judaism. Antisemitism. Regards, Jonathan.”

Dimant wrote above his own posting of Trudeau’s statement: “No mention of Six Million Jews murdered by the Nazis. Also interesting to note no reference to antisemitism sweeping Europe and the Islamist world.”

Charness, a Canadian, wrote: “This is what happens when you elect a 5 year old as Prime Minister… Missing words : Jew/Jewish/antisemitism #‎disgustedcanadian.”

Indeed, Trudeau’s very short statement mentions the Holocaust, the Nazis and the danger of allowing hatred to spread, but hides the identity of the victims. It reads as follows:

On this day, we pay tribute to the memory of the millions of victims murdered during the Holocaust. We honour those who survived atrocities at the hands of the Nazi regime, and welcome their courageous stories of hope and perseverance.

The Holocaust is a stark reminder of the dangers and risks of allowing hate, prejudice, and discrimination to spread unchallenged. It also reminds us that silence must never be an option when humanity is threatened.

As we pause to educate ourselves and our families on the bitter lessons of the Holocaust, we also strengthen our resolve to work with domestic and international partners to continue defending human rights and condemning intolerance.

Disgusted responses were quick to ensue, especially – though not exclusively — from Canadians (and former Canadians) expressing “shame” over their country’s new government, which was elected three months ago.

Among the many responses were the following:

Stuart Lewis : “We have a eunuch for a PM. This statement is deeply troubling.”

Dinah Kutner : “Why do we expect any different from this Prime Minister?”

Inna Rogatchi: “It tells crystal clear who [Trudeau] actually is. Any further questions?”

Olivier Cøhen: “It’s definitely a very ‘vanilla’ statement. Considering the impact the holocaust had on the Jewish people, and the size and clout of the Jewish community in Canada, he could have probably done well to mention them. Maybe this is part of the new Liberal “don’t offend the muslims” line of political agenda. 25000 potential new liberal voters coming in live, gotta snatch every last one! Can’t afford to lose any over some messy Holocaust statement!”

Natalie Erlich: “The question of who were the victims is hardly debatable – unless of course you are Khamenei.”

Bernie Berel Shuster: “I am very afraid that we are in for a long hard road with this PM Where are the prominent Jews that helped get him elected, with money and advice.”

Trudeau’s statement comes three days after Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion issued a warning to the Jewish state.

“As a steadfast ally and friend to Israel, Canada calls for all efforts to be made to reduce violence and incitement and to help build the conditions for a return to the negotiating table,” Dion wrote on Sunday, eliciting harsh reactions on the part of people interpreting this to be putting Israeli policy and Palestinian terrorism on a moral par.

On Monday, Dion’s spokesman, Joe Pickerill, answered critics by saying, “We’re not necessarily equating the violence by any means on both sides. But there have been issues, and we need to be in a position to point that out.” He also said that a longer “tough message” would soon be delivered to Israel.

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  • Shalom7

    The Jews were the group targeted for the “Final Solution”.

  • Shalom7

    You are heartless!

  • Lunara

    To the people thinking Hitler only wanted to target the Jewish people in the Holocaust:

    “Roma Gypsies

    Like the Jews, the Roma Gypsies were chosen for total annihilation solely because of their race.

    Even though Jews are defined by religion, Hitler saw the Jewish people as a race that he believed needed to be completely annihilated. Likewise, the Roma Gypsies were a nomadic people that were persecuted throughout history. Both groups were denied certain privileges in many European countries. The Germans believed both the Jews and the Gypsies were racially inferior and degenerate and therefore worthless.

    The Gypsies were also moved into special areas set up by the Nazis and half a million of them – representing almost the entire Eastern European Gypsy population – was wiped out during the Holocaust.”

    In numbers the Jews were the worst off, but in percentages, the Roma were hit just as bad. Almost the entire Roma population in Eastern Europe were murdered.

    I believe Trudeau did very well.


  • Dave

    All this because the guy included ALL victims instead of just including those in the majority? Maybe he should list everyone individually by name so no one gets offended? I’m ashamed that Canadians are being so petty. To include everyone who suffered at the hands of those miserable Nazis is not being anti-semitic, it is being all inclusive, acknowledging everyone and not just one group.

    • caryl berner

      let us not be so snide Dave. killing 6 million Jews made a huge dent for the Jewish population which was the intent of the idiots. this certainly does not negate the importance of all the lost lives during this deranged time in history which we are obviously facing again. When I installed a Menorah in Public, I dedicated the first 6 candles to the six million Jews who lost their lives. I, then, rededicated the same 6 candles to the gypsies, gays and righteous Christians who lost their lives. We know the Holocaust was to get rid of the Jews and while they were doing that, they decided to get rid of other groups they didn’t approve of. Not to acknowledge the Jews, in particular, who lost their lives for no reason is a devastation to those of us who are Jewish and still need to combat anti-Semitism.

      • Dave

        I can understand being disappointed that it’s not how you would have done it, but for people to brand him as antisemitic is a little extreme, that’s my opinion. You have to look at the intentions and not assume that the worst possible meaning/intention is the one.
        In other words, “You look lovely today” does not necessarily mean “you look ugly all the other days”. Sometimes, just sometimes, we look for insult where there isn’t, just because it is more exciting or newsworthy.

        • Dave

          That being said, being pessimistic is also understandable considering the long history of “The Jews are the cause of…”, ” The Jews did this… “. Being targeted by so many for so long does breed a decent amount of pessimism.

  • Bill

    The Jews were the chosen people to be the light for other nations. We should be humble for that and stop making ourselves victims. Acknowledge empathy for others who were exterminated as well as ourselves. Laying claim to a word is not being humble.

  • paul
    • paul

      The following message, dated January 11, 1932, was addressed from President Herbert Hoover to Emanuel Neumann of the Zionist Organization. It was read at the organization dinner of the American Palestine Committee in Washington DC on January 17, 1932. (Emphasis added).

      My Dear Mr. Neumann :

      I am interested to learn that a group of distinguished men and women is to be formed to spread knowledge and appreciation of the rehabilitation which is going forward in Palestine under Jewish auspices, and to add my expression to the sentiment among our people in favor of the realization of the age-old aspirations of the Jewish people for the restoration of their national homeland. I shall appreciate it if you will present my cordial greetings to those attending the dinner in Washington on January 17th to advance this enterprise.

      Yours faithfully,

      Herbert Hoover

      • paul

        balfour 1917……holy war 1933 from ny ny…..:)

  • Pat

    The tragedy of ww2 is the death of millions of innocent people. FINAL. There is no quantification of a tragedy to a specific group over another.

    • Rena B.

      Paul: The Holocaust specifically refers to the killing of approximately 6 million Jews, such as my mother’s relatives, my father’s relatives, and my husband’s relatives. Millions were shot or gassed and dumped in mass graves, some were starved to death, in camps, ghettos, and on death marches. Who knows how many ingenious and cruel ways others were tortured and killed. Then there are the Jews who survived the inhuman ordeal, either by living in holes, basements, attics, forests, convents, and in righteous gentile homes. WWII in general has other memorial days.

  • Glenn

    The statement remembers ALL 12 million people killed by the nazis, and not just one group. I thought it was an extremely good and mature statement.

    • Lucy Mauterer

      Glenn, the statement was insultingly deficient. The Holocaust refers to the attempted genocide of six million Jewish souls. Yes, many other people died at the hands of the Nazis, America lost many service men.

      I am disgusted at the omission. Canada is in deep trouble and you put yourselves there by electing this lame liberal. And unlike the U.S., you do not impose term limits on your Prime Minister. You could have another 20 years of this wuss.

    • Lindon Blood

      You seem to be overlooking one very important point. The National socialists actually held a conference to determine how the destruction of the Jews should be achieved. They were focused on the Jews,no one else. Of course they were quite prepared to murder anyone who got in their way or they considered detrimental to the German race and scheme of things.But it was the Jews who were in their sights first and foremost.

  • We knew 1.5yrs ago who Trudeau’s Middle East consultant is:Omar Alghabra- former Mississauga MP and Hezbollah member who worked in Lebanon to attack Israel from the north. Also ran Palestinian House in Mississauga (last year, whose members beat up Jewish people who protested their anti-Israel newspaper, propagating lies against the Jewish nation, encouraging attacks on them. In Arabic. Mr Alghabra is now an invaluable high ranking official in Trudeau’s Liberal regime. He probably wrote the anti- Jewish Yom Ha Shoa speech for Trudeau.
    My references are from Ezra Levant’s Sunmedia programme (the Source) before this truthful media was shut down (I think, by the unions, when Ezra exposed their corruption. Maybe it was a joint effort by all the covert areas of corruption& deceit happening in Canada that Ezra Levant exposed. )

  • Pam

    Newsflash – half the people killed by the nazis were NON Jews.

    Although the term Holocaust victims generally refers to the victims of a systematic genocide of the Jewish people in Nazi Germany, the Nazis also murdered a large number of non-Jewish people who were considered subhuman (Untermenschen) or undesirable. Non-Jewish (gentile) victims of the Holocaust included Slavs (e.g. Russians, Poles, Ukrainians and Serbs), Romanis (gypsies), lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) individuals;[a] the mentally or physically disabled;[b] Soviet POWs, Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses,[c] Spanish Republicans, Freemasons,[d] people of color (especially the Afro-German Mischlinge, called “Rhineland Bastards” by Hitler and the Nazi regime); the Deaf, leftists, Communists, trade unionists, social democrats, socialists, anarchists, and every other minority or dissident not considered Aryan (Herrenvolk, or part of the “master race”).[e][18]

    You don’t see the 2 million Polish or the other 2 million Russians crying that their name wasn’t mentioned. Grow up!

    • Lucy Mauterer

      Pam, he should not have used the term Holocaust if he did not intend to acknowledge those specific ones, the Jews, who were targeted for extinction.

      It has nothing to do with “growing up”. It has everything to do with anti-Semitism and the potential Muslim backlash.

      You are the one who needs to grow up.

    • Bindon Blood

      Yes but there was no plan to totally exterminate other races,at least not at that stage;it might have come along if Germany had won the war.

  • Murielle Cohen

    I went to french public elementary school in Montreal. Almost all the children in my grade were pure bread French Canadians. They were the worst racists I have ever encountered in my life. Blame the parents for their ignorance…

    We are in a new generation, where people are mixing, more immigrants… Thank Goodness… We are all God’s children.

    Racism is never the answer do not let it take the best of ourselves. Even if it is tempting sometimes.

    Hitler was a man with a negative cause. He knew how to touch the hearts of defeated and cheated Germany from World War one. He became the voice of revenge. He spoke to a weak Germany. Promising Power. He blamed the Jews as an immediate excuse. It was easy to deal with them because they were of no threat. Hitler wanted his people to feel the power over them, in order to boost the German people’s egos. That was step 1 to his plan. He wanted to take back the land that was taken away from Germany. He managed, then he became Greedy. He just wanted to feed his ego and he wanted more and got carried away. His entourage, became afraid of him, he was getting carried away, going too far. No one could have stopped him.

    Everything that is created from hate, never lasts. The damage is done and humiliation becomes something to bear. Cruelty is an unbelievable thing, it feeds fear.

    Be fearless, live this thing called life

  • Jack Handey

    Strange, he tolerates the Muslim Brotherhood just fine, and is inviting ISIS members(refugees) in by the plane load.

  • Mac

    Did he get the speech from Obama?

  • Yes, who are the reprobate that voted for the man-child. I sure didn’t, could see he was trouble as his father was a disaster to the country for years. If we don’t look after Israel we will have God to judge our nation. What is the a$$ hole doing in a mosque sitting eating with the killers and rapist. Bringing them in to Canada and ignoring the Christian and Jews that need protection from the horrid of Ishmael’s spawn. We don’t need refugees that are going to tax our country as the man-child is going to let more of these degenerates into our country…..We need to stop this they are not the peaceful , loving people the a$$ hole states they are, look at all the trouble they have been to Israel . The bombings in Israel have to stop the Israel’s are a nation and deservice the land God gave them …….

  • Anya

    You know, other people died in the holocaust, not only Jews. The term ‘victims’ includes Jews.

    • Lucy Mauterer

      Anya, the term Holocaust refers ONLY to the attempt at extinction of JEWS. He should not have used the term Holocaust if he meant everyone.

      Oh, but the statement was specifically FOR the International Day of Commemoration In Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. And who were those victims, specifically? THE JEWS.

      You can’t get away from that.

    • Bindon Blood

      It should not just “include” Jews hen they were the principle target of the plan.

  • Jon

    So he didn’t mention Jews specifically. Shut it, it’s implied and inclusive of all victims..meanwhile in Isreal the victims become the victimizer.

    • caryl berner

      I see that you don’t know your history…you don’t know that Israel was willing to have a two state solution back in ’48 but the Arabs did not want a two state solution then and thus we have what we have today. Now after all the chaos they created, they want the Jews to give back land they captured in wars which didn’t need to happen IF they had accepted a 2 state solution in ’48. Can the Arabs give back the Jewish lives that did not have to die in those wars? And even with a 2 state solution, do you really think many Arabs won’t be happy until they continue to try to capture all Israeli land. Wake up and see the handwriting on the wall!

  • Irina

    I am ashame to know that the chief of communication of the liberal party is Jewish !
    Am Israel chai

  • Tony Bove

    I’m a Jew, and this is what I think. Yes, the Nazis killed six million Jews. AND FIVE MILLION NON-JEWS!!! It’s not an exclusively Jewish tragedy. I’m sure that Gypsies, and Catholics, and Socialists, and Marxists, and homosexuals (and lots of others as well) felt less excluded this year. No harm, no foul.

  • laura burkhart

    Canadians PM could not have honored less, those Jews who lost four Jewish Grandparents, many brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, and this man cannot depart from the sickeningly pro-Islamic bias globally in the media these days! It is beyond infuriating, and I am not even Jewish.
    Thank God that no matter what enemies are alive and well today, or even yesterday…God and the angels still exist…to defend God’s chosen people, the apple of His eye, the seed of Abraham, the Jewish, Hebrew people…who, when the dust settles in any battle, will win as many previous battles have be wages!
    Do not listen or take to heart these uncircumcised Philistines!

  • Alex

    I must praise Justin on his choice of words in trying to unify every single race, nation and cast in trying to feel a little more human. If anything, the victims of holocaust would want us to be at least that.
    United we won against the evil within; United we can be move forward.

    • Lucy Mauterer

      Alex, I refer you to the comment just below yours by Paul’s. It speaks very well to your ignorance of the matter.

      • Lucy Mauterer

        By tpaull.

  • tpaull

    I notice that about 99% of these comments are upset with Trudeau, just as I am. There are just a few dissenters, to whom I want to address this post. I understand the point some people made that there were many more victims, other than Jews, so why specifically mention Jews? But this is not the right way to understand why so many people are upset. It is because Justin’s (and Stephane Dionne’s) words are coded messages, well understood by contemporary enemies of Jews, to signal that neither of them will defend Jews, nor Israel, from attack. It is political correctness and moral relativism, the poisonous thinking of the left, once again at play to assuage Muslims and further enable anti-Semitism, which is thinly disguised, in Dionne’s case, as offering harsh ‘advice’ to Israel. The thing is, it’s not really about Jews anymore. From the viewpoint of radical Islam, it’s any infidel. While Jews are at the top of the list, the rest of you are next. Look at the fate of Christians in the Middle East (except for those in Israel)! Justin, although a Catholic, has said or done absolutely nothing to protect them. His sole preoccupation is with Islam. Stephen Harper, the adult, had moral fibre, courage and clarity, and knew instinctively what the right thing to do, something completely foreign to the juvenile Trust Fund kid we’ve foolishly entrusted to lead this country. Heaven help us!

  • Have a look at Trudeau’s constituency:

  • “Having thoroughly perused Algemeiner Print Edition and all commentary submissions, – my impression is a useful and informative Service is being provided! Individual comments are suitably evaluated in a non-prejudicial, unbiased manner! Input from contributing Subscribers’ provides ‘ALL’ with a comprehensive overview, clearly indicating emerging trends together with a variety of reactions! KUDOS!”

  • Larry S Usselman

    This PM will be the down fall of Canada, he cares not for Israel , he has now joined the ranks of and extremist muslin, no better than what ISSI is, he is just disguising it for now,, but I believe within one year we will have Sharia Law as the only law in this country, because of him. And then my friend Canada will cease to exist as a free nation…

  • John

    This is interesting, I read the release and thought that it was very well worded. There are some facts that the article did not mention – “Torture and death within concentration camps were common and frequent. 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust (1.1 million children). 6 million of those victims were Jewish. Other groups targeted by the Nazis were Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, disabled people, and Roma“. Why did it not mention the other 5,000,000 that were exterminated. BECAUSE if anyone takes the time to actually read the release they will see that it said `we pay tribute to the memory of the millions of victims murdered`, I didn`t think it was necessary to name them.

    • Lucy Mauterer

      Here’s the problem. Holocaust refers to the systematic attempt to exterminate an entire group of people, the Jews. He was releasing the statement in honor of the International Day of Commemoration In Memory of the Victims of the HOLOCAUST.

  • Kay

    I think the omission beautifully highlights the hypocrisy of present day sentiments — look at you all, so outraged that Jewish people and anti-antisemitism is not mentioned in past tense. Where is this outrage on behalf of people who are alive today experiencing this same hate, prejudice, and discrimination? Where is the outrage for the people and places of worship being assaulted by Canadians just one month ago?

    You who are outraged by the omission of a memory. You are a hypocrite.

  • James

    So eloquently put by Daniel LeBlanc.

    Jews were 1/3 of the holocaust victims. They were NOT the only ones, although of course the Jewish marketing machine would have us believe otherwise. Racism and religious violence exists against many groups besides the jews and for people to be OUTRAGED that the PM of Canada actually recognizes the OTHERS that were victims (i.e. homosexuals, polish, russian, blacks, etc.) is more disgusting than what these people are saying.

    Really Jews, for all your hardships, perhaps you should use the same outrage to help others and shine a light on the same problems that are faced and the atrocities that are committed to other groups. Even the ones you don’t like.

    • Lucy Mauterer

      Nobody needs this anti-Semitic rhetoric.

  • steve

    45% of German Holocaust victims were not Jewish. Holocausts took place in Russia, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Rwanda and many other countries during the 20th century.

    Is it not insulting to all those who died to only lament the death of “Jewish” victims?

    Isn’t it time to remember ALL the victims of these tragedies and not just 55% of the victims of German holocaust?

  • Sam Harris

    Expect a surge of Canadian Jews south into the U.S. They would be more welcome than the others.

  • Uriel Priwes

    The Canadian People in its wisdom chose to “fix what ain’t broke”. they elected a juvenile with a sense of entitlement as their Prime Minister, and this P.M. appointed a stupid non entity as Foreign Minister. G-d help us all for the next four years!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    His father was a schmuck. What more can we expect from the son other than to allow ISIS into Canada.

    Jews better organize and arm themselves for this battle before the first synagogue is blown up and the first Jews die.

  • Leonard

    You all Have to spell his name correctly…
    It’s TURDeau

    • Leonard

      You all have to spell his name correctly
      It’s Turdeau

  • Jason

    Most people seem to forget that he has done a ceremony that turns him into a Muslim and he has vowed to support them in any way possible. Consider him one of them and for sure will not support the jewish community.

  • Bert Wakefield

    Trudeau is just a replacement of Harper, both did nothing for Canada, both trying to enslave Canadians, Joe Clark was the only smart Prime Minister that had the right idea to run this country and we let his own party kick him out. The first thing he tried to do was reduce the absurdly high income of all politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Edna


      Harper was an outstanding PM.

      He never tried to enslave anyone. He lacked charisma, but otherwise he was honourable and honest to a t, took Canada out of debt, and blanced the country’s budget.

      He was firm and quite blunt with Obama, regarding the need for a pipeline. He was blunt and direct with leaders of other countries who were constantly violating human rights.

      He refused to accept any “refugees” before they were given a very rigorous vetting in their own country. And would have NOTHING whatsoever to do with terrorist organizations. He was ready to remove the Canadian passport from dual-citizens who were proved beyond a doubt to have been terrorists.

      The Conservatives under Harper negotiated the TPP which opened Canadian trade with the whole world and vice versa.

      He made very lucrative trade deals for Canada.

      Shame on you for not appreciating his total commitment to our country.

  • Melanie Burns

    So to all those that voted Liberal not because it made sense, but because you wanted Harper gone… I hope you’re happy now…. you are complicit in this nightmare and deserve any hardship, grief or ruin that comes your way. Now apologize to the rest of Canada, shut your mouth and hang your head in shame for the next 4 years

  • Milly Kirsh

    exactly what I expected of him ( Justin Trudeau )..His brother Alexandre is much worse.. a true anti-semite following in the father’s footsteps..hard to believe so many Jews supported Pierre..lots being written about both.. Pierre….the father.. his feeling about Jews… ” .Mr. pierre Trudeau also demonstrated a distinct lack of multicultural credentials in his youth. He wrote a one-act comedy of manners in 1938 that “was intended to bring out the difference between dishonest and profiteering Jews and honest but too naive French Canadians.” The play was selected by the college to mark its 10th anniversary and was “a great success.”
    Alexandre the son…….. in his writings and films on the injustice of the world to Iran and other Arab/Muslim nations…”Importantly, Iran’s leadership continues to incite genocide in its calls for Israel’s annihilation with President Ahmadinejad declaring recently that “The very existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to humanity” and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei proclaiming that Israel would “disappear from the geographical landscape.” This is something that Alexandre quite agrees with..Repeatedly, he states, that Israel is the aggressor…

    Not to be outdone, Iran’s Foreign Minister recently described Israel as “a malignant tumour.” Iran’s bellicose statements were never mentioned in this hour-long film, however, it is clear in its message that Trudeau would have you believe that it is Israel that wants to “wipe Iran off the map” and not the other way around.

    Trudeau continued to perpetuate Iranian victimhood and to present Israel as the aggressor by interviewing renowned anti-Israel activist Noam Chomsky who claimed that Iran’s “strategic doctrine is defensive… What country in the world could have a greater need for a deterrence?”.. If it weren’t so ridiculous, it would be a farce…but as Goebbels said…the bigger the lie, the more you tell it, the more it becomes the truth…too bad we in Canada have this for our leadership

  • Yadja

    What about electing a Socialist did Canadians not understand?

    We have one daring to run for POTUS under the guise of the Democrat

    Yes you guys are in for a real ride America is getting off our roller coaster and not even considering any politician but a billionaire who says what he thinks and opened up the can of worms in my country led by the top worm O.

  • victor a ortega

    He does not want to offend muslims.
    That is more important to him.

  • Pauline Maxwell

    To my fellow Canadians:

    You reap what you sow-you elected him, you did not listen, this is your reward.

    • JR Bailey

      It’s amazing that elections actually have consequences isn’t it?

      Sadly down here, we in America who are still saying, and who were still saying in 2008, could not get a plurality of the lemons to understand just how bad Obama was and is.

      You can lead a deranged horse to water, what was all the jumping and skipping and bashing his head into trees, you could never make him drink.

    • CHorton

      right on Pauline this is what happen when there is so much hate on for the other party PC (Harper) people get blinded and vote in a sub teacher who couldnt complete 2 different course in university and had to drop out all this is a young boy riding on his father coat tails.. now the rest of canada has to ride it out in shame …

    • I could not have said it better,Pauline.He should have mentioned the all groups of the millions who were murdered by the Nazis.Now the new Nazis are in ISIS,Iran and Turkey mostly and should be eliminated by any means necessary.
      Trudeau was sought after and elected because of his father and his mother????No comment there.I am not political but I made no bones about voting for Mr Harper because he did an excellent job but,quite frankly,because he supported Israel.Now Lil Trudeau will seek excuses to alienate Israel further.

    • Alex

      It’s just a call for peace in the world. Calm down, you’re over exaggerating.

    • Mr. Trudeau’s comments regarding the holocaust were very well stated, especially inclusive of ALL who died & suffered during that dark period, not just Jews. As Mr. Trudeau so touchingly & eloquently stated: ” The Holocaust is a stark reminder of the dangers and risks of allowing hate, prejudice, and discrimination to spread unchallenged. It also reminds us that silence must never be an option when humanity is threatened.”
      Well said, Mr. Trudeau.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

    • paul

      the FACT that your so-called “judaisms” are NOTHING but “social constructs” that fly in the face of The Prophets??? those are your lies, and GOD punishes, liars….

      • paul

        picking on people for not supporting LIES, as you do….. the punishments???? lol READ THE BIBLE 🙂

  • carl

    This statement can easily be taken by the islamists as support for their anti Israel and antisemitic agenda. Whose human rights warant defending today? What is the intolerance that must be condemned?

    • Oh, Carl…Mr. Trudeau’s comments are crystal clear. You are purposely letting your imagination run away with you. Read it again, if it’s not clear to you.

  • Daniel LeBlanc

    As a proud Canadian I have to say that after reading this I am absolutely disgusted with the alarming uneducated dribble I have just read. Surprise is, I’m not talking about Trudeau.

    Having read Trudeau’s statement I immediately drew the conclusion that he was paying respects to everyone who was wronged or slain during what could be considered one of the lowest points in recorded human history. And all you people can say is “Oh, he didn’t use the word Jews! He must be anti-Semitic!”. Fact of the matter is if he had used the term “Jews” you know you’d be harping on that next, but that’s beside the issue. You want numbers? Lets break the Holocaust down, shall we?

    6 million. That’s how many Jewish innocent were slain during the Holocaust. The death toll for the entire duration of the Holocaust exceeded 17 million. So although they were the group that was most drastically impacted by the Holocaust, their casualties count for only a third of the peoples who lost their lives. So who is next to speak up about not being directly mentioned? The families of the 3 million Soviet POW’s? Or maybe the families of the 2 million Polish victims? Or the half a million Serbs? Or the disabled? Or homosexuals? Or how about the hundreds of thousands that were killed just because they were considered to be “Untermennschen”?

    Yes, the Jewish people faced an incredible atrocity that no people should ever have to face, but they did not face it alone and if you think that this day is specifically for the Jewish peoples then you need some serious education. Worse still if you are Jewish and you have no respect for the other unfortunate souls who suffered at the hands of this fascist dictator then you do not deserve this day.

    In closing I just have to point out, to the gentleman who quoted “Where are the prominent Jews that helped get him elected, with money and advice.”, fantastic job of reinforcing the stereotype that the Jewish people are money mongers. Good on you, mate.

    • Larry Andrews

      The Holocaust is about one thing, and only one thing. The deliberate murder of six million Jewish men, women and children perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its auxiliaries between 1939-1945 with the goal to exterminate European Jewry first, and then all of the world’s Jewish population.

      It was called “The Final Solution of the JEWISH Question”, and it was ONLY the JEWISH “race” that Nazi Germany targeted for total extermination.

      It is imperative to never forget Elie Wiesel’s brilliant statement that “the Holocaust was NOT about man’s inhumanity to man. No. It was man’s inhumanity to the JEWS.”

      There were millions of victims of Nazi Germany’s racial and political policies. But, the Holocaust belongs ONLY to the JEWISH people. As Hitler so succinctly stated, “the sworn enemy of the German people is the JEWISH race.”

    • A Zionist

      Daniel LeBlanc.

      It seems necessary to state the obvious. The Holocaust or the Shoah is specific. No one, least of all Jews, dismisses the millions who died as the result of WW2. But, let us be clear. Why is WW2 different from WW1 where millions also died? It is different because of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question and if you understood history, you would understand that while the physically and mentally disabled, the Roma, the Sinti, the trade unionists, the communists, the political opponents and Christians were all sent to concentration camps, even extermination camps, the Final Solution was only directed against the Jewish people.

      Even today, the total population of Jews is below that which preceded the Holocaust. The Jewish population was almost wiped out through antisemitism and you are having a tantrum! Not just a tantrum, but an envious attack on Jews. In this rant, you project and attack Jews for not having respect for others. It is offensive. It is untrue and it seems you have a problem – with Jews. Unfortunately, you share this viewpoint with antisemites (and I am not calling you an antisemite because I do not know you) who try to maintain that the Holocaust is like any other genocide and that the Holocaust should not be about 6 million Jews.

      Your comment that the Jews did not face it alone shows an alarming ignorance, perhaps a willful ignorance and the failure of Holocaust education. There is help for you. FutureLearn have a number of free online courses which include Holocaust 1 and Holocaust 2 via the University of Tel-Aviv and Yad Vashem. I recommend them to you.

    • Wackin Wall

      Many, most Arien children were fostered. All available Jewish children were murdered. Just one little separation for the Jews from the other victims.

    • Frank

      We Jews lost half our numbers. It was a systematic extermination of a civilian population. Note, peaceful, law-abiding citizens were butchered, raped, plundered and enslaved. In a World War, we made up roughly a third to a quarter of the dead.

      More shocking is that as the last of those that survive pass on, Europe is returning to its antisemitic ways. So much so that European Jews are beginning to flee their homes again. So, yes, when you speak of the Holocaust, especially as an elected official, you take a moment to point out that Jews died. That a madman caused millions upon millions of people to lose their freaking minds and slaughter men, women and children of the Jewish faith, for no other reason than they were Jewish. You should also note the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roma Gypsies, and Homosexuals that were specifically targeted by the them.

    • Ragnar Naess

      I was relieved to find LeBlanc’s thoughtful review of the uproar about the Trudeau memo. I am, like any informed person, concerned about the revival of antisemitism along with similar anti-OTHER behavior world wide. Unfortunately Jews are not the only victims of Nazi like horrors- either before or since the second world war. Human capacity for evil behavior is universal and knows no boundaries in its victimization. Daniel LeBlanc points eloquently to the massive carnage of WWII- and its plethora of ways in which the Nazis dehumanized and murdered many categories of human beings. As long as we continue to ignore ALL those stigmatized and diminished by those criminals – whether large percentages of the WWII horrors or small, we risk becoming complicit in that kind of pejudicial behavior again. Today pundits and demagogues are beating the drums to tar and feather all people of Islamic creed with the terrorist and antisemitic labels. This blanket judgement and condemnation leads downward as proponents feel justified ignoring cruel treatment of innocent fellow humans. I applaud Trudeau for writing a piece on the holocaust which allows the rest of us non-Jews whose identity would have led us to the gas chambers to feel included in the remembrance. If some of us must spend our lives knowing that at any time we can quickly become scapegoats we welcome all the more this leader who is including all who have reason to fear the return of Nazi like behavior. The Nazi’s virulent scapegoating is a reprehensible example of human depravity. Too often it is retold as if only our Jewish brothers and sisters were the victims. Yes: We must not remain silent. Yes: we must all speak up and we must accept the fact that no one community owns the moral high ground of the victims of human depravity.

    • marlene Josephs

      The difference between the Jews being exterminated and others, MORON, is that hitler, may his name be erased!, and the nazis planned to totally annihilate the Jewish people. I even read recently that hitler was quoted as saying that he wanted to kill every single Jew, even a newborn baby, because he knew that every Jew has the spark of G-D in him and he wanted to do away with G-D. So your fuerer, you Jew hating anti-Semitic BASTARD, was a lunatic who thought he could battle the Creator…just like those who tried to build the Tower of Babel, and we all know how that turned out! He also said that he wanted to return to the law of the jungle where only the fittest survive, which explains why he euthanized Down Syndrome and other retarded people, physically ill or challenged and mentally insane people. The nazis were also collecting Judaic memorabilia in order to build a museum of this “now extinct” people/culture, the JEWS! Sick, or what?!?!

      The simple truth is that the Jew has always been the canary in the coal mine. Do you understand this analysis, genius? Before the coal miners go down into the mines to work, they send down a canary. If the canary comes back up, they know that the air is safe to breath and they go down to work. If it doesn’t come up, they know that the canary died because the air was unsafe. And so it has always been with the Jew…the Jew is the first to be killed and tortured while the rest of the nations sit by and do nothing to help the Jew, but eventually the monsters killing and torturing the Jew turns on the other nations and does the same to them. So for your own sake, if not for the Jew, the other nations should always help the Jew…but they never seem to learn their lesson, do they…or YOU? So your figures don’t impress me at all. It is horrible that so many died during WWII…of course it is! But the other deaths were the casuality of war and there are ALWAYS casualties, unfortunately. But what happened to the Jews were different and apart from all of that…and, in your heart of hearts, YOU KNOW THIS! And for you to sit there and pontificate about the Jews not caring about others is not only specious, it intellectually dishonest.

      The Jews are referred to as the “chosen people”…do you know what we’re “chosen” for? G-D Intended to Give His Laws to the entire of humanity…and then Adam and Chava kind of messed up in the Gan Eden, didn’t they. So He Waited for Avraham to come along. someone worthy of getting His Laws of civility. You see, G-D is beyond time and space and He Sees the past, the present and future simultaneously, so He Knew that Avraham and Moshe and everyone else were going to come along, so He Waited to bestow His Laws on worthy individuals and a worthy people. Although Avraham didn’t “officially” get the Laws, his progeny did a few generations later, as did they receive the land of Israel. What G-D Told the Jews is that they are to be “a light unto the nations” meaning that we were supposed to teach the rest of humanity, all of the other nations, His Will…not to kill, not to steal, etc. We also were commanded to do “tikkun olam”…repair the world…which the Jews have been doing since time immemorial. It is part of our DNA. So don’t sit there and lecture us about not caring about others, you BASTARD! Nobody cares about other people like the Jews, we even help our enemies!!! Do you know that the Israelis have been risking their own lives for the past three years, opening the fence to Syria and medically caring for and operating on wounded Syrians who have been massacred by their own leader? Do you know that in the past 17 years, Israel has been the first to help 14 countries, including arab/moslem countries that would allow them in, when they’ve been struck by natural disasters (hurricanes, sunamis, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns…risking their own lives to do so!)…with boots on the ground, doing search and rescue and setting up MASH units before ANY OTHER COUNTRY gets there, including the US and CANADA, big shot?

      Israel is also constantly inventing tons of things to make life easier and to save lives. Israel has been going to Asian, Latin American and African countries to teach and help them grow better crops for their poor and dying populations many years before 1948 when the Modern State of Israel was resuscitated. They also help them with safer water and help them medically to care for their sick. Israel is on the forefront of medical and scientific research and better cancer drugs and cures for cancers and other horrible diseases. The majority of computer technology comes from Israel…the biggest computer tech companies have been in Israel for YEARS!

      Please don’t lecture the Jews or the Jewish State of Israel about caring for others’ well being. Israel should kick the arabs/moslems the hell out of Israel, but they don’t because they are the most moral people on the planet…as is their IDF…these words from a retired British Colonel Kemp (see: who defends how the IDF handled the war with Aza 1 1/2 years ago. These arabs/moslems refuse to live with us in peace in OUR LAND. They murder and torture our people in our own little country. There are more and more of them who realize that they live better lives and have more freedoms and opportunities than they would have in other arab/moslem country and are professing their love of Israel…THEY CAN STAY GLADLY! But the rest have to go…yet the democratic State of Israel won’t kick them out. NO OTHER COUNTRY WOULD STAND FOR WHAT ISRAEL HAS BEEN STANDING FOR ALL OF THESE YEARS! Only recently are European countries beginning to get a taste of what Israel has put up with for hundreds of years…LONG BEFORE 1948.

      So…shut your stupid mouth and educate yourself to the facts before you spewing your lies and distortions, okay? And BTW…TransJordan——>Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Sinai Desert, parts of Iran and Iraq…ALL BELONGED TO ISRAEL but were stolen, piecemeal, from Israel over a few hundred years by the US, UK, France and other countries. Israel rightfully should be 5 to 6 times the size it is now. And, yet, Israel has been more than generous in that they have been willing to share their tiny piece of land, the size of NJ in America, with these arabs/moslems. They have given more of their land away to them (Aza!), they have offered to have a two-state solution (which is beyond stupid!)…and yet the arab/moslem leaders keep walking away. Why is that? Because they don’t want to live side-by-side in peace with Israel. They want the Jews dead and they want the whole thing. But it’s not theirs and never was theirs. They have 22 arab/moslem states, a few of which really belong to Israel, and yet they want this, too. They don’t want western culture in their midst which is the crux of the matter. In fact, they don’t want western culure ANYWHERE in the world. They strive for a worldwide caliphate where sharia law is the ONLY law and every bend will bend to allah. You will convert to islam or be killed…or maybe if you’re lucky…they’ll allow you to live as dhimmis as the Jews lived amongst them in arab/moslem countries for 2000 years unti they kicked over a miilion Jews out of their countries in 1948! Their leaders also have stolen billions of dollars over the years that have been given and continue to be given to the PEOPLE, not to the leaders. They put the vast majority of this money into their personal bank accounts offshore…including Arafat, Abbas, Mashaal, Haniyeh and many others. They use a portion of this money for weapons and ammo and to build tunnels into Egypt and Israel. Tunnels into Egypt in order to smuggle weapons and ammo and tunnels into Israel in order to KILL and kidnap Jews!!!

      How would you like to live like this with your neighbors plotting to slit your throat daily while you sleep?

    • Dave Wright

      Yes it’s true that there were a lot of other people murdered by the Nazi’s, and that is just as tragic. However the standing order when taking control of the country, the SS were under orders to hunt down and eradicate the Jewish people and their sympathizers. So while the official number stands at 6,000,000 the true total will never be known. The point is that the muslim leaders were connected to the nazi’s and even now they push the nazi agenda of total annihilation of not only the Jews but everyone who is not muslim or refuses to convert. Justin is the most unqualified Prime Minister in the history of Canada and has proven that people will swallow anything if you tell the lie long enough, and there were those so stupid as to vote for him cause he is cute, there’s a great qualification, any way, He is anti everything that makes Canada great, and pro-destruction of the Canadian way of life.

    • Colyne Gibbons

      Excellent comment…

    • Dawn

      Good for you!!! You put into words exactly what I was thinking. I think it was an excellent statement because it included ALL the victims of the Holocaust and the Nazis and not just one group of people. None of its victims deserve to be forgotten – no one group should be held as more important than the next.

      Thank you for having the ability to see this!

    • Daniel:
      I often wonder why so many miss the meaning of the Holocaust. Yes, all those things you said about others dying are true, but they were victims of war, not an intentional, targeted genocide of a race of people, simply for being a certain race, Jewish.
      It is like an accident compared to murder. One is horrible yet unintended, unplanned and un-orchestrated. The other is pre-meditated, pre-planned and well orchestrated. Our laws allow for the difference, in perception and conviction and punishment, so why don’t you and the multitudes that have denied simple Justice to the Jewish peoples acknowledge that difference admit that theirs is a just cause and join in their remembrance. That is all they ask, to be recognized for what mankind has wrought upon them.
      Why, why, why won’t you do that?? The answer is Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism, a mindless, baseless ideology
      that belongs in the dark ages.
      “Come. let us reason together..”
      Rev. Roy….<

    • JR Bailey

      Daniel LeBlanc,

      Tell me, are you a professional twit, or have you merely worked great diligence for the last few decades?

      Apparently you’ve never taken the time to read Mein Kampf, or listen to any other translated speeches by Adolf Hitler. You surely have not bothered to ever read Albert Speers book, you know, the book wherein he details how he designed and laid out the extermination camps?

      Speer was quite clear on who the main target of the extermination camps were to be: the Jews.

      Oh to be sure, the Nazis intended to throw in Slavs ( once they had been worked almost to death), Jehovah’s Witnesses, the mentally deficient ( oh and how that term was abused, just as it is now again beginning to be abused by the Obama administration), political enemies of the domestic nature, and sundry other minority groups including the gypsies.

      However, the one single ethnic population in Europe the tide of Hitler and those who supported him desired to target for placement in those camps, so they could be exterminated where the Jews.

      This isn’t even a debatable issue, the mountain, Himalayan mountain, amount of evidence Confirming my statements above are easily obtainable, both online and in libraries.

      So when the Marxist Trudeau, spews forth his generic soliloquy complaining about intolerance, which was his main theme, but without mentioning the fact that the Jews were Hitler’s and the Nazis primary target, is why people are so well and truly upset.

      You obviously wish to join that anti-Israel bandwagon Trudeau has going, whether or not you seek to join the Holocaust Denial Group ( ala of the Iranian ayatollahs ) happily I can say that you’re not that far gone yet.

      So, while there may be hope for you, the sad fact that you can’t even bring yourself to honestly and forthrightly deal with the facts of history as they occurred, As far as it concerns the Jews, is very, very troubling.

      Trudeau will destroy the Canadian economy, just as Obama destroyed the American economy, and then, and only then, in the midst of such economic misery will Canadiens with your mindset pause, and take a considerably harder look at their Marxist Messiah.

    • Michael Mann

      Although you are clearly beyond reclamation at this point — if you ever were onside — I’ll point out some gaps in your understanding of events.
      The Holocaust was designed as the “Final Solution” to the existence of Jews, however many others were caught in the Nazi net and reprsented the destruction of half the world’s Jews.
      No commentator called Trudeau “anti-Semitic” although I’m prepared to in light of his policies. His goal is to be for Palestinians and the Palestinian cause what Stephen Harper was for Jews and Zionism.
      Muslims congregate in enclaves that are readily delivered as voting blocs; for example, Mississagua-Centre and Mississauga-Erin Mills. Trudeau appointed a documented Islamist and racist, Omar Alghabra, from Mississauga-Centre, as parliamentary secretary for Foreign Affairs with responsibility for Canada’s consulates abroad. Justin Trudeau intends to build a Muslim voting bloc in Canada to support the Liberal Party.
      Support for Islamists that thrive in Muslim enclaves and for the Palestinian cause brings another benefit: it draws so-called “progressives” to support the Liberal Party. That is who delivered victory to Trudeau in the last election, defecting from the NDP.
      Call Trudeau — or, more correctly his team since he is a total naif — a student of realpolitik or a hypocrite if you prefer those to anti-Semite but, without question, he is bad news for Jews.

    • D Young

      Just to quote you “Worse still, if you are Jewish and you have no respect for the other unfortunate souls. . .”

      Maybe you should listen to yourself? It sounds like you are reinforcing a stereotype, making an assumption and suggesting a threat of your own against the ‘wrong’ kind there sweetheart.

      By the way, stereotypes come from those who use them to make arguments, not from those who are typed. Just saying . ..

    • James

      Daniel! Thank you for speaking some sense into all this blind hatred and disdain. If anything I would hope all these people calling out JT for not saying Jews or Jewish would be a little more aware and empathetic as opposed to spiteful. Get over it and move on guys. If anything we should all be spending more of this “mistakes of the past” focused on what we’ve all done to displace native aboriginals from their home/s and how we can move towards empowering them. It’s hard to wish peace for people when they don’t truly want it for themselves.

    • Steve

      You are 100% correct.

    • Lindsay

      I have to agree. He played it out for all survivors and ethnic groups that were singled out. Gypsy’s for one. I am sure we can all agree that there were millions of soldiers that died,that never had there young lives. it was not the Human Races greatest moments….

    • Carol

      You have a point in saying that it was not only the Jews that were affected by the Holocaust. In that case, the PM could have mentioned all the groups that you did, it would not have taken up so much time. It is not totally JT’s fault since most people associate the Holocaust with the Jews, which has been the narrative for the past 60 years.

      However, I do believe that this Prime Minister is looking to attract a new voter base in the Syrian refugees and other new immigrants who tend to vote liberal, and I do have suspicion of his motives after seeing who he appointed as his foreign policy cabinet minister

    • Maria

      I totally agree with you.

    • Let me guess: you voted for Trudeau and are glad to see the back of Mr. Harper?

    • Sylvie7

      “fantastic job of reinforcing the stereotype that the Jewish people are money mongers. Good on you, mate.”

      This comment makes me wonder what your own personal stereotypes of Jews are. I’ve asked myself a similar question about American Jews who helped get Obama elected and not because I think rich Jews are “money mongers.” Anyone who has paid attention all these years knows that people other than Jews were murdered, tortured, and starved by the Nazis and the many who collaborated with them. The Jews were slated for total annihilation. All of us.

    • Asaf

      I’m an israeli jew, and i thought exactly the same as you. here in israel people feel like the holocaust was done to the jews, and what you said is absolutly true. however, as humanity, we can not allow this to happen again, not to jews not to Muslims, not to anyone.

    • Pamela Kenny

      The point is, that yes, many others did suffer death by the Nazi’s, but it was the absolute persecution of Jews from all over that by far was most horrendous. By remembering their devastation is to remind us all that no ethnic group; no human being should ever be persecuted in such a grotesque and inhumane manner. Since WWII, all Western countries have recognized and remembered those terrible times and paid tribute to the suffering oF the Jewish population. Why is it only this Prime Minister who has chosen his words so carefully to omit their recognition? I think we know the answer to that!

    • Daniel

      I’m sorry sir, but you are false to bring those numbers into account because in fact homosexuality its is a sexual preference it is not a race and in fact those homosexuals as you dubbed them could also practice Judaism. The polish prisoners also is not a segregation worthy of note in this because being polish is not a religion it is a nationality and polish people can also practice Judaism. Next time don’t state facts unless you know exactly what your saying because you just make everyone see how naive you can be without thinking before posting.

      Trudeau’s message was one of sincerity, and one of meaning well in attempt to being politically correct in a time where political correctness whether right or wrong is demanded. I appreciate that he was bringing to light the past because it is where we as a country come from, but with something as big and well known as the holocaust it calls for calling a spade a spade and screw political correctness. The holocaust has always been a staple within the Judaism community and deserved to be acknowledged in that statement made by our newest Prime Minister.

    • Zucker

      Hello Mate, For you infos “MATE”…Yes, some of the victims of the holocaust where not jewish but all the
      Jews were victims of the holocaust. That’s the difference mate. Of course some could go into hiding always in fear that their good lily white neighbours could inform on them. I recommend to start an education by reading “…willing exucutioners” of Goldhaheng. When you finish this come back to me for
      more titles for your reading pleasure.

    • Kimberly Lee

      My thought exactly.

    • Sandra MacCoul

      Thank you Mr. LeBlanc for putting to paper my exact thoughts on the subject. No one can deny the terrible suffering by the European Jewish community at the hands of the Nazi’s, but as you pointed out there were many other peoples systematically exterminated for a variety of reasons. The statement was indeed weak, and I feel that it would have been far more powerful if mention of all who suffered during the Nazi reign had been made. You managed to do that in two short paragraphs. I think Trudeas staff writers could take a lesson or two from you.

    • Roy

      Your comments are as ignorant and vacuous as are the prime minister’s and, as you may not have noticed, this is the prevailing impression.

      This is an ominous sign for Canada.

    • Gregory

      Daniel, you make good and important points. More Russian gentiles lost their lives during WWII than did Jews. Many Americans, Brits, Canadians, Poles, and others must not be forgotten when counting the casualties of that violent, terrible period, initiated by German, Japanese, and Italian fascists and their millions of persuaded fanatics. However, “The Holocaust” is a special term used to describe a special event which took place during WWII, and is not meant to be synonymous with it. Soldiers dying in battle and even civilians being targeted with air raids are, for most people, tragedies that are, nevertheless, comprehensible. What is special about the Holocaust is that it was the single largest public works project that Germany as a nation ever undertook, and it’s chief aim was the complete extermination of the Jews. The Holocaust was not a land grab, a money grab, or a power grab. It was neither political nor strategic. It was an expression of a deep desire to perpetrate genocide against a particular ethnic/religious group as part of a wider world view which held that there was one racially superior ethnicity, several racially inferior ones, and one racially criminal ethnicity, and that the rightful order of the world necessitated the enslavement of inferior ethnicities and the absolute destruction of the criminal ethnicity by the superior ethnicity. More Germans participated in the Holocaust than in any other national undertaking in that nation’s history. People from all walks of life heeded the call to be part of it. It was complex, organized, sober, and terribly expensive. Ordinary Germans had to pull together at great national cost to carry out the work of the systematic murder of millions of Jews. Many historians would agree that the natural, human, and financial resources drained by the prosecution of genocide was a deciding factor which tipped the war against Germany. Even more, the Nazi hierarchy knew it but refused to change policy, prioritizing genocide of Jews over even victory over Russia.

      The Holocaust is something that many people still have trouble comprehending. I think the outrage of some at PM Trudeau’s failure to mention the Holocaust by its true name (virulent, eliminationist antisemitism) is not unreasonable, especially at a time when a similar ideological mind disease is spreading through the Islamic world. I would not deny homosexuals, disabled persons, Russians, Serbs, Poles, or any other national or ethnic group who suffered tragedy at the hands of ideological fanatics during the the WWII period their right to mourn publicly, but I think the special brand of hatred and genocide directed at the Jews deserves a special title with which we can begin our attempt to comprehend what happened.

    • Zucker

      Surely not all the victims were jewish but all jews were victims. It was a systematic hunt.
      The few jews who went into hiding had to fear the germans and also the serbian, hungarian, polish, french, dutch etc nazi sympathisers.
      Your first reading assignment is : “The willing
      exucutioners. ”

    • Daniel: You have expressed my sentiments exactly. “Drivel” is exactly what I’m reading with some of the comments here.

    • David Maynor

      You’re a total ignoramus. What made the Nazi targeting of Jews unique is that they did not perish in ‘collateral’ damage as did almost everyone else. They were slated for extermination by the Nazis. Not subjugation, but extermination. Does someone have to explain the difference to you, you idiot?

    • Bill Irwin

      The others ie Polish, soviets, Serbs, etc, were Jewish, or sympathized with them. They, the liberals in that day did as they pleased with all who weren’t up to the nazis evolutionary standards. The Holocaust is specifically for Jewish peoples. They, the Jews have not forgotten the others. That’s what it’s about. Nice try.
      Prominent Jews are just as easily mislead as are people who comment like you.

    • Sue

      Yes, the numbers are correct, but how did you feel when you read the statement by Dion’s spokesman, Joe Pickerill saying, “a longer “tough message” would soon be delivered to Israel” ?

    • Andrew K

      Thank you!
      As a Polish-Canadian, people’s comments on here are so ignorant it’s appalling.

    • Jerry

      Dear Mr. Leblanc,
      As a Jew I applaud and agree with your comments.
      Well said.

    • David G

      Fully 1/3 of the Jewish people were murdered. Yes, World War II was horrible for everyone, and no one denies that. But if you can’t understand the impact of losing 1/3 of your people, if you think that this fact is negated by the numbers of other people killed as part of that conflict, then I really can’t take your criticism seriously. The hatred that triggered the Holocaust, the hatred that allowed other, so-called ‘enlightened’ countries to turn their backs on the Jews then, still exists today. Who are you to judge the Jews? Would you judge any other ethnic/religious/national group the same way? I wonder…

    • Sharla Dewan

      Great summary Daniel LeBlanc!!!!….It’s a travesty that so many other comments had such narrow focus. The only consideration to make in remembering this day was the huge loss of our fellow man, no matter the heritage, as they were all our brothers and sisters !! If you want to bypass the seeds of hate when it comes to differences , then you mustn’t allow it to grow in any sense , and accept your neighbor as yourself and love one another for who they are individually. Racism should be about celebrating the similarities and differences between cultures and heritages , as for without these life as we know it would be pretty boring !….I challenge all those with a narrow focus to extend but once over the next week a handshake of hope towards a stranger , look for similarities and celebrate differences, cultivate peace..,..isn’t that something we can all agree on? Help those who have fallen along the path of forgiveness to pick themselves up and see a light of hope for all mankind.

    • Theresa Redecopp

      Perfectly said!!!!

    • Channah Magori

      I love to watch word vomit pile up in the comment box. Word vomit in your case quotes and crunches numbers in an effort to obfuscate ( that means ” to bullshit or do a “snowjob” on readers). You excuse PM by quoting the other millions of deaths. They happened, tragically. But the raison d’etre of The Holocaust was the Final Solution Plan to eradicate the Jewish People off the face of the planet. Do you argue that? The other deaths that ensued were the by product of a World War. Their were millions of deaths in WW1 but no one has ever called it a Holocaust. Your comments betray you. And shame on you.

    • Kevin

      You “sir”, and I use that term licentiously here, are the ignorant & uneducated one. The term “Holocaust”, in contemporary & conventional usage, is synonymous with: ” the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II”. Look it up…further YOUR education. So when you want to “break the Holocaust down”, the only number is 6 million (Jews). Your argument, in an attempt to defend this “PM”, by stating his “drivel” is in some way trying to be more inclusive of lives lost in WWII, is founded on fallacious reasoning. ie.:

      Holocaust Remembrance Day: “As of 2004, twelve countries observed January 27, the day of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, including Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Scandinavian countries. In 2004 Israel designated this date as a mark of the struggle against anti-Semitism.”

      = The date/Day is specifically designated to mark the Holocaust of the Jews. So the next time you wish to bandy about your absolute disgust ” with the alarming uneducated dribble” (sic), you may want to reflect upon yourself first.

    • You obviously don’t get it. WWII was by definition a world war. All wars are terrible and international ones are worse. Many innocents died tragically in this war. But the word Holocaust is justly owned by the Jews. The Nazi’s agenda was to eliminate the Jewish race. Men, women and 1.5 million children were killed. Hitler nearly succeeded. The Nazis managed to kill half of the Jews on our planet in a very short time and in the most horrendous ways. To not mention that during a Holocaust memorial is either sheer stupidity or something worse. I think it has something to do with gaining the Muslim votes which he so doggedly wants.

    • Pam

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Nicely done.

    • Gus Lansky

      Brilliant comment. Keep the light shining on the paranoia of the weak

    • Lina Csillag

      Excuse me, but you are wrong. You yourself need education if you do not know that the term Holocaust means the genocide of specifically those 6 million jews. Try to google it, you’ll get smart: You are mixing a lot of victims together. Estimation of deaths in total during world war two goes from 50 to 75 million people, and it includes 27 million Russians – both civilians and soldiers, which is the absolut biggest amount of casulties for any country or people. This is horrible as well, but don’t try to unacknowledge the fact that Holocaust is about jews, because it is. You can also see here that the Jews were the biggest group of the people in the genocide:
      Your comment was unnecessarily aggressive.I normally do not reply these kind of posts, but you were lucky.

    • Glenn

      Absolute perfection. Good job, Sir.

    • Jethro Cohen

      Nice rant mate,
      But do you really believe he deliberately failed to mention Jews because he couldn’t be bothered to also mention all the other minorities who were also murdered by Hitler? Or could it be that the reason is more contemporary and sinister, mired in political correctness and muslim appeasement? The only precedent for the current spate of anti-semitism is the fervour of pre-Holocaust Europe. The whole purpose of commemorating the victims of the holocaust is to ensure that the lesson is not forgotten, to ensure that Jew-hatred never again reaches the hysteria that lead to the Nazis attempting to eliminate an entire race. His failure to even mention Jews in the context of Holocaust Remembrance Day is merely proof that the lesson has indeed been forgotten…

  • Ruth Resnick

    I am outraged that our prime minister does not understand what the Hoklocaust was all about. He needs to study the history that is being taught in High Scools across Canada. Prince Albert S
    ask. has recently presented aprestigious award to Holocaust survivoe Nathan Leipzinger. Ceck your web site on Holocaust Education,

    • Alex

      Calm down he’s not giving a high school class. He’s a addressing the nation. If you need to be educated about it; go back to high school or better say. .go finish high school.

    • Glenn

      Absolute perfection. Good job, Sir.

      • Glenn

        This reply did not belong here

  • larry kokkonen

    standing strong with israel and throughly disgusted at the juvenile statement of our prime minister

  • “Social media” postings should not be the basis of a news article.

    • Yes, Larry, do stand strong with Israel, as we all do. But stand strong also with the non-Jews who also suffered & died during that dark period, as our PM Trudeau so eloquently & inclusively expressed.

  • Ruth Resnick

    Very disappointing statement fromournew prime minister
    His education seems very lacking. Astonishing and disgusting.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “The Holocaust is a stark reminder of the dangers and risks of allowing hate, prejudice, and discrimination to spread unchallenged. It also reminds us that silence must never be an option when humanity is threatened.”

    Your words, Mr. Trudeau. And with those words you you have just done exactly what your words hypocritically say not to do.

    So I refuse to remain silent as per your “…silence must never be an option when humanity is threatened.”.
    Your silence about the six million dead Jews of the holocaust is the silence of a typical anti Semitic bigot and racist and hate monger.

    You, sir, are a disgrace to your own people, to your office and to your country.

    • I agree. I can’t stand the idiot, I feel sick everytime I see his pathetic face or voice. We knew what he was before he was elected, a muzrat. He is jgnorant, and show his stupidity every time he opens his mouth. Canada has never had such an embarassment at the head of this wonderful country. What is funny (not funnt ho ho but fu n y in a sad sense) is that NO ONE VOTED FOR HIM! Ya right!

    • Perfectly said. He and his father were never friends to the Jews, and he and his brother are particularly good friends to Muslims. He will bend over backwards to befriend them and anyone who thinks different are either stupid or blind.

  • Paul Tork

    That does not surprise me… Justin trudeau and his small time film director brother Alexandre Trudeau are member of the Quebec mOsk….as practicing mOslems .

  • And so it starts: from Mr. Harper, one of the best Western political leaders to Trudeau, a wanna-be Barrack-weDontHateTheJewsButIslamRulesMkay-Obama – who actually is much faster out of the closet than Obama who at least did a little Taqiyya when he started out on his Odyssey to make America kneel before the Allah-u-Akbarists….

    As Nigella Lawson would say: “Here is something I prepared a little earlier” :

  • Lee Majewski

    I am not a Jew and my family was also murdered in Aushwitz and Ravesbruck… do I ask for my peoples to be singled out? If Jews are to be mentioned then we have to cry for ALL other European nations murdered during Hitler’s war to be mentioned as well. Jews do not have monopoly on Holocaust…

    • D Young

      Far be it for Jewish people to want a monopoly on such an event. But you are responsible for speaking up for yourself. If you haven’t done so, why are you blaming others–namely “Jews”?

    • Melvin Muskrat

      Yes Lee, Estimates of those murdered in the camps and elsewhere by the Nazis is estimated at over 12 Million. Of those, Jews are said to be 6 million or roughly half. So I have no problem with Jews getting special mention on this. But the others too we must not forget. And why they were made victims. It can all happen again.

    • “…do I ask for my peoples to be singled out? …”

      Well you obviously do, right here, or is you post only to snipe at “them Jooos”?

      By the way I am not Jewish either, but in a war between the savages and the civilised, I will stand by Israel.

    • Rhonda Daniels

      Thank you Mr. Majewski. My thoughts exactly. There were so many more people that lost their lives in the Holocaust; 5 million people not of the Jewish faith. How are we to name them all, “PEOPLE” works for me. It was an atrocity, not to be repeated.

    • Alex

      Thank you. .really well said.

  • Judi Sendel

    Trudeau is his last name. Only reason he is PM. First time I voted non liberal. The worst is yet to come,

  • VictorMc

    Trudeau…a chip off the old block Canada….you made a big mistake. This is just a start.

  • John Cohen

    Another gem from the pen of Ruthie! This attitude is par for the course for this wimp of a liberal leftist Prime Minister that the Canadian people put in power. Until he’s thrown out of office Canada will have to get used to this. He is to Canada what Hussein Obama is to the USA. Canada, you had a great guy before this wimp who did all he could to protect you from the dangers facing the world today and then you let this idiot in who has opened the door to those who would destroy your culture and way of life. What a damn shame to have fallen hook, line and sinker for the pre-election bull put out by Trudeau and his liberal leftist buddies.

    • Reform School

      Steve Allen’s message was also left to the Provinces:

    • It was Obama who sent a democratic propaganda team to Canada (& also Israel – before their recent election) to help the Liberals win. Through the lies and omissions of our ( Liberal) Cdn medias- omissions of Trudeau’s stupidity and Harper’s excellent leadership, they basically caused the Liberals to win. They absolutely glorified. Trudeau! It was sickening and greatly ddisturbing. The media grudgingly reported any good Harper did – that they absolutely had to. But took every opportunity to run down the PCs, magnify those few bad Conservative MPs. Afterwards, Trudeau pd the CBC $150,000,000 for helping him win the election with their lies. Theyve already squandered much of it with a useless trip to Paris after the terrorist attacks: theybarely left their hotels & champagne. What the cbc reported – they couldve stayed home! The Rebel media on the other hand, went into the Muslim areas and exposed the fact that the Muslim community is in total denial that ISIS (they call DAISH) is even Muslim!!! They told Ezra Levant ISIS is Jewish! Or American!!!
      Anyway, I prayed for 18 mo before the election that Harper would be re-elected. I begged God to keep PM Harper in office! I volunteered with the Conservatives. I tried to convince people daily to vote Conservative.
      But I’ ve learned to trust that God is on the Throne. And He ultimately is in control. He basically told Israel, ‘You are my Chosen People : now meet my servant Nebuchadnezzar’. Canada needs to repent and turn bacj to God.

  • Sharene

    Particularly galling since Canada turned away the Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi horrors..

    • “In the ‘heat’ of emotion associated with this subject, a ‘generous’ measure of hypocracy is inescapably obvious! Yes, anti-Semitism was quite widely prevalent in North America, and it was emphasized and highlighted when Canada turned away a shipload of Jewish Refugees, sending them ALL back to be ‘properly’ disposed of, in the crematorium ovens of Auschwitz! A commenter also bemoans the critique regarding ‘other’ Victims seen to be left out over Jews, – the “Jews” were “Selected” Victims, others included with them, were ‘collateral’ Victims, amongst which were large numbers of “anti-Semites!”

  • Bill Toews

    This boy does not speak for me. He has associated with the Muslim leaders in the run up to the election, to the point he put on the robe and was at the front of the mosque when prayers were being held. This lets me know he’s on a different direction than is good for the long term good of our country.

  • Kris Kristian

    So now, Canada has an nti Semitic PM>
    So what;s new?
    He is like his father, and the one PM who refused to take any Jews in “non is too many”

    I hope this anti Semite reads the bible.
    GOD said. I will bless those who bless my people. I will curse those who curse my people, Israel.”
    May he experience many curses.

    • Colyne Gibbons

      Your statement is without merit..the denial to take Jewish refugees in was long before the father became PM..As for mentioning Jews in conjunction with the holocaust, they weren’t the only victims of your history! Some of you have to get a grip

  • Canada just embraced holocaust denial.

    To deny that the Holocaust is essentially a Jewish tragedy is to deny the Holocaust.

    Muslims are also holocaust deniers. Is there a connection?

    • Tom Shneer

      I am Jewish. A majority of my family died in the Holocaust. I love Israel. Muslims are not holocaust deniers.

  • Elischeva Friedl

    It is not surprising that the Holocaust was not related to the Jews. Governments pander to their constituents and most countries have a much larger Muslim population than Jewish and couple that with your antisemites, governments remain silent. Many governments after having let in not just the political refugees but economic refugees are now swamped and the threat of civil rioting within their countries is another incentive to stay quiet and pacify the numbers.
    Many people complain that the war did not just kill 6 million Jews but millions of others (may they all rest in peace), but they are forgetting that the Jews were the initial target and trigger for Hitlers hatred.
    While the leaders and people of the world remain silent through fear, the desire to stay in power, I fear the world will travel down that path again in the not too distant future – G-d forbid.
    The saying the Jews cried out, but I did nothing, the Disabled cried out, I did nothing, the gay community cried out, I did nothing and so on – and then I cried out and there was no one left to do anything hits the nail on the head.

    • Yes, the term Holocaust refers mostly to the brutal murders of Jews plus many gypsies,gays & all the others you mentioned. Lets not forget the numerous murders done b Stalin, Mao & many other brutal dictators of the recent past or even nowadays. We Jews are WELL AWARE of them and deplore all. Back to the word Holocaust. Basically it was first used by Jews about Jews and to some extent it implied others. For the likes of you and those who agree with you, perhaps the better word is Genocide. It means the murder and complete elimination of a race of people. So that you understand. To us Jews, the word holocaust refers to the total murder all Jews in the world. Not to mentions Jews when referring to the Holocaust is to us anti-Semitic. Hopefully this improves your understand of our dislike of his speech.

  • While this man is right, he would have done better to use the fact of Shoa as,”Never again”,to elucidate needed retraining. And so by doing this, his reasoning could then really help many. Silence is helping no one.

  • Poor Canada! How uninformed can any country’s government be?

  • Herod the Thinker

    Oh please. Let all those (often young eager beaver) Jews who hasten to express indignation at anyone failing in the essential script lines (like the unfortunate British celebrity otherwise saying the right PC things for not knowing that “People of Colour” was the only way to refer to non-white Americans)… please, please realise what a first class way it is to irritate non-Jews who are otherwise more than friendly to Jews. Competitive victimhood is no longer an appropriate part of Jewish conduct or identity and doesn’t sit well with those who admire the tough inventive country that Jews have made of Israel. So spare us who are not even supporters of the Trudeau government, indeed the contrary.

    • Tom Shneer

      Canada has a history of not being friendly to Jews. Look it up they denied Jews sanctuary during and before WWII. They simply would not take Jewish Refugees.

  • Peter Joffe

    Trudeau shows his fear of Islam by siding with them. Canada will destroy itself as this sort of fear increase and bowing to Islam is symbolic of bowing on the chopping block.

    • !!! – Peter joffe’s comment: “Trudeau’s ‘Fear” of Islam? – A tongue-in-cheek assessment of J.T’s ‘absent’ worldliness! Justin Trudeau’s capacity and appreciation for the inherent “Threat” posed by ISLAM is glaringly clear and present! Without a measure of ‘Devine’ tutoring ALL of North America is in peril! Hopefully He will come to his senses, and begin displaying some progressive signs of maturation, to enable him to acquire a ‘sense’ of responsibility to a level of quelling the ‘unease’ he is responsible for, – enough to instill ‘some’ confidence in his tenure in Office!”

  • Lawrence Kauderer

    Although I am American, I paid attention to the Canadian elections for the sole purpose of the impact it would have on Israel. Stephen Harper was an ally, at a time when Israel has very few. That’s why I was dismayed when I learned of Harper’s defeat. I knew, Israel lost a precious commodity. There used to be a time when liberals supported Israel. But, those days are gone and it has been the conservatives who have taken their place. The decision to support Israel should not be a political issue, it should be a moral one, and anyone who is not clouded by hatred and bigotry, understands supporting Israel is the right thing to do. As this article points out, just like Obama, there is a lot of empty, meaningless rhetoric about supporting Israel and a return to the futile cause of peace. Israel has offered countless far reaching and generous proposals so they could live like normal people and on every occasion their offers were rejected. That’s because there is only one proposal that the Palestinians will accept. The total annihilation of Israel and a Palestinian state in its place. There will only be a realistic chance of normalization in relations when the world makes the Palestinians accountable for their actions, a legitimate government is established, and the Palestinians make genuine concessions of their own. Until this happens, if it ever happens, there should be no further discussions of peace.

  • NuritG

    Canada goes dark again, Obama period upon the Canadians. After 10 of light years from Stephen Harper Canada goes into darkness under the Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – clueless like Obama

  • stevenl

    A socialist!

  • Chantel Herron

    I’m so glad that people are finally waking up. The PM has only
    1 agenda and it has nothing to do with helping actual Canadians. He has already
    Done so much damage yet he still has a seat. It’s sad but I see a civil war in our near future.

  • ZG

    What do you expect from an Obama wannabe.

  • felix dollinger

    When we hire a janitor we do a thorough search/inquiry regarding his
    civil status, professional experience, eventual references, previous jobs and expect him to provide us with written recommendations from previous
    Not so when we vote for a President or Prime Minister. So please stop
    criticizing -unless you think that the voting was cooked.
    Next time be smarter people. You all have not been in bad shape after
    the years of conservative management.

  • As a Jewish Retired Officer in the Canadian Forces, I am ashamed to have this Immature Idiot of a Prime Minister speak for the majority of Canadians who did not vote for him. He shows his true colours whenever he opens his mouth. He is nothing but a part time drama teacher with nothing upstairs.

  • where did he grow up and what about his education ?it looks like he never left kindergarden. how did he ever become prime minster? i wonder and many others wonder? what an insult to the 6millon innocent jews killed for no reason other then being born jewish. charnes you are so right when you called him a 5 year old . he is a disgrace to canada.

  • Andrew

    Canada elected a Canadian Obama, so starts the downfall of Canada.

  • chris Chowaniec

    Why do the Jews feel that they were the only people who died?
    I though others including Poles, Catholics, deformed,, gays, tramps, old, and many others died in the camps.
    Yes most were Jews but there were others and if JP named one group he had to mention them all.

    • “…Yes most were Jews but there were others and if JP named one group he had to mention them all….”

      And so what? You just did, was that so difficult that a so-called “Leader” of a country could not manage it? Have a look into who is his closest advisor.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    One should not confuse Canadians, the inhabitants of Canada, with their elected prime minister and his defenders. Having lived in the States for sixty years, I know for sure that Canadians are primarily people of caring and concern about decency; and I have every reason to believe that the current prime minister’s words concerning the Holocaust and the omission of the Jewish people who were the primary victims of the Nazis and their associates do not represent the majority of Canadians.It seems to me that the speech is all about political correctness. How deplorable, indeed!

  • Peter Cihelka

    Please to note that this new PM has NO EXPERIENCE IN ANYTHING, save for snowboarding, and teaching grade 4 graphic arts. He did not finish university. Notably, he has
    done nothing in the past three months save for becoming
    a legend in his own quarter mond!

    His father, my mp for 5 years, was a known anti-semite!

    His mother was a tart in West Van High school! She has the intelligence of a budgerigar!

    Justine will finish the job of destroying Canada that his disgusting
    Father started!

    • jo

      While I recognize that many Canadian Jews are distressed by Trudeau’s comments re the Shoah, to overstate one’s case is not productive.

      One does not have to like Justin Trudeau, but why say he didn’t finish university, when he clearly did – undergraduate from McGill and teaching from UBC.

      And as far as Trudeau being “a young kid”, frankly I don’t think people in their mid-40’s are young kids. Harper was younger when he was first elected . . .

  • Richard E Sherwin

    what do you want, he’s a young kid. ww2 isnt HIS history. try him on inuits or french canadians or….

    liberalism has finally assimilated jews/jewish history/ into a ‘universalism’, holocaust isnt jewish, it’s anyone who’s had their candy cane taken from them, you wanted assimilation, you got it. and anyway stalin killed as many people as the nazis did in camps, just wasnt as industrious or industrially efficient. so what have jews got to do with western culture anymore anyway?

  • Isabella 1709

    Who are the Jews that helped get that ass elected,just like the 70% that helped elect Obama. It appears diaspora Jews are one of Israels worst enemy.

    • robin

      your comment was painfully and completely on point.
      It is wearisome and fruitless for Jews at large who do not realize how true your words are.
      Such Jews, though we are enjoined to love our fellow Jews regardless of our differences of opinion, religious practice, etc. have become, as you have observed, a veritable Trojan horse, creating havoc both in the US and now Canada,and reflected back on Israel.
      It is tragic. With tears in my eyes, I applaud your understanding and candor.

  • Gail Kay-Kaplansky

    For shame Mr. Trudeau. Your speech writers need some lessons and so do you. Learn something real about the Holocaust so you might actually know what you are talking about. Weren’t 6,000,000 enough for you to recognize the day properly?

  • Tom Birch

    Never been ashamed to be Canadian before. Now I am. Our alies are being treated like enemies and we are ignoring the threats from enemies. Very sad day indeed due to our PM

  • Ephraim

    Reluctantly, I have to acknowledge, that all ‘liberal’ parties, everywhere, are antisemitic to the bone. In the UK, in the US, and now, sadly, one of the few countries whose leaders have expressed solidarity with real liberalism, decency, fair play, has succumbed to the dirty, filthy, barbaric sound bite of antisemitism. If it can happen in Canada, it can happen anywhere.

    I hereby disavow all political parties which claim the title “liberal.” They have hijacked this wonderful word and turned it into a bastion of sewage, hate, and all the crimes of the dark age radical Islam mentality. I never thought I would see the day, but if I read that someone is ‘liberal’ I must assume that they are nothing of the sort.

    Where do I go now? Right wing? G-d forbid.

    Does anyone else feel this overwhelming grief? Does anyone else feel totally left out? Are there any thinking people left?

  • Malik

    Relax people, at least he took the time to write something

    • Pamela Kenny

      He didn’t write anything; his speech writers do that and speeches are vetted by Gerald Butts. When you are that high up in government everything is done for you; your meetings, appointments; you are given the schedule and briefed both verbally and with a 1-page document. You are handed speeches and off you go. There are very few leaders who actually have hands on with their political day to day business. Those are the leaders who really understand the issues. The rest, like Justin, just depend on their handlers.

  • An absolute disgrace not mentioning the 6 Million Jewish souls who were murdered in the Holocaust! This PM needs to visit the Holocaust Memorial YAD VASHEM in Jerusalem to see just exactly the impact of this horror had on humanity! The Children’s Memorial leaves any decent human being heart broken and sick in spirit!! 1.5 million children murdered! It’s beyond comprehension, beyond words! To not acknowledge this heinous, evil and obscene perpetration upon the Jewish people by the leader of a country that supports Israel is totally unjust and immoral and quite frankly, speaks clearly of his lack of integrity and sense of humanity!

  • Pierre

    Please, DO NOT pay attention to Stephane Dion’s comments and declarations. He said enough already to show he has NO credibility, nor the actual Canadian administration to tell Israel what to do.
    If the Palestinians left the negotiating table and won’t return, then let it be for Israel. Israel needs a partner to diccuss and it doesn’t.

  • paul ackerman

    PM Trudeau is,as expected,a leftist of the new-left.They do not acknowledge anti-Semitism at all.
    His words demonstrate nothing more than the vacuous poltical correctness of this ideology.
    He has made this sound as if the millions rounded up,hereded onto freight trains,shot,beaten or starved to death…not to mention impolitely gassed,were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oh,the small detail that they were almost always JEWS somehow isn’t worth mentioning.
    The sooner the Canadians get rid of this twerp the better.
    He will be importing Islamic radicals to Canada under the guise of “tolerance”…oh,they already have that.Too bad.

  • Michael Palmer

    If Trudeau and his Government think that the Settlements in the West Bank and Netanyahu’s Government are the sole problem he is very naive. Most palestinians want ONE Palestine from River ( Jordan ) to Sea ( Mediteranian ). They want the destruction of Israel, plain and simple. They do not want a Two State solution. If they did, there would have been peace in 1948 in stead of war.

  • Paul Lockwood

    He missed an opportunity to point to the dangers of the resurgence of antisemitism and not having learned from the past. His omission of Jewish victims of the holocaust indicates his youth and lack of education — or his own antisemitism. Not sure what to make out of it but i’s morally repugnant.

    Bottom line, what a dumb schmuck!

  • Rachel Cohen

    This is to be expected from the Marxist globalist Sodomite and pro Islamic terror, one Justin Trudeau. He’s a fine example of parents who raise their children improperly. {His father was also a pervert.}

  • ART

    It is amazing how hateful and vicious the left has become. They even have to steal the SOAH from us. How low can they go

  • Sofia B

    PM Trudeau, seems to have his feelings for Muslims, more then for the Six Million Jews that were murdered by Nazis, a word that was created for this horrible sad event in our history. Evil monsters can learn from what the Nazis did to the Jews. Then again, his brother, has been doing documentaries and being paid by big money from the Middle Eastern countries that he leans heavy on the side of the Palestinians where he did films. Our ex-Drama Coach,for a High School is now the PM of Canada. It’s sad to know that this election was done just as “Anyone but Harper” – he is a Politician and a Diplomat that understands evil and doesn’t let it get away.
    We miss you Stephen Harper.

  • joe khoury

    Trudeau jr. has no business leading Canada as PM. He has grossly offended many if not all Canadians. Who the heck voted for this clown?

  • Veronica Kaufman

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  • Edna

    Neither my husband nor I voted for this piece of s….t or his Liberals. Unfortunately many Jews did!!!

  • I regret M. HARPER. First he was a good administrtor and second an honest man. Now, people in all the world is as muslims; we say to them we wil give democracy, and free vote, they elect the worst islamits and governments hate all the not muslims, encourage terrorism, etc. Western people want freedom, democracy, free enterprise, and vote for leftists, who promote the contrary. It’s not surprising, it’s the result of their vote and their money given to the candidate they elected.

  • In 1947 the UN partioned Palestine between Jews and Arabs.
    The Jews accepted; the Arabs did not. In 1948 the Jews proclaimed the State of Israel in their allocated portion.
    They were immediately attacked by the local Palestinians and neighbouring Arab states. The Jewish population at the time was +/- 600,000. The totally unprovoked Arab attack left 6,000 Jews dead, 1% of their total number, and 30,000 wounded. (British Encyclopaedia, page 142) The Jews prevailed, but since then and until now almost every day, Arab terrorists have murdered 3817 Jews and counting, and wounded 25,000.

    The Harper government saw the reality of the situation.
    And now Canada’s new government wants to deliver a “LONG, TOUGH MESSAGE” to Israel? Are they insane or that desparately in need of Muslim support?

  • The Prime Minister’s statement is not an oversight or a “slip.” It is right up there with President Obama’s comments about the attack in Paris in January 2015. The President made the comment that the attack on Jews was not anti-Semitism, but a “random” attack on “random people.” His comments were deliberate and meant, like Mr. Trudeau’s to test the water. After his press secretary, Josh Earnest, wiped the egg off his face, he finally admitted the attack was directed specifically at Jews.
    The goal is to make the Jews just one of many victims of the Holocaust. It is a way to deny anti-semitism then and it will be used to deny the existance of anti-semitism today.


    I guess empty cans make a lot of noise.Its a shame we have a lightweight for a Prime Minister and a numskull for a foreign minister.As a Canadian I am not only embarrassed by our so called Liberal leaders but also perturbed by their ignorance.What a combo- Trudeau and Dion two empty cans-knock knock anyone there!!!!
    Robert H Robinson

  • michelle kahn

    Trudeau garnered the Muslim vote. The u-tubes out there clearly showed him soliciting their votes and who he really is in his political view. Suddenly everyone who voted for him is missing Stephen Harper?!?! The great Stephen Harper! Indeed – a man of honor and truth! As for those Toronto Jews who voted for this pip-squeak! Shame on you! Look at his pictures in “hello” magazine, clutching his wife’s buttocks! Like Father like son! May G-D protect him from himself and may the Almighty protect the Canadian Jewish people from this “leader” of our great country Canada.

  • Cheryl Semrau

    I miss Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

    • So do I. His departure made the WORLD (let alone Canada) a nastier place.

  • Corey NY

    Orange is the new black. 50 is the new 40.
    Canada is the new Sweden. Trudeau is the new Obama.


  • Shalom-Hillel

    This is what we have come to expect from leftist governments. We must ask ourselves as a community why we have leadership that insists on supporting such people.

  • Accept the Arab Peace Plan of 2002 and stop all this political posturing so the jewish people can have a secure Jewish homeland at peace with all it’s neighbors .

  • Judy Goldstein

    Truedud is going to make us Canadians very ashamed to be Canadian over his term of office. Please, God give us Stephen Harper as soon as you can. I am very worried and afraid of this bunch of uneducated and possibly anti-Semitic morons. Forgive me if you think I’ve been too kind.

    • Thomas

      Wednesday, April 22, 2009
      Stephen Harper issues statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day
      Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement today to mark Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day:

      “Today Canadians from coast to coast will stand together in remembering the millions of innocent people who were killed during the Holocaust.

      “It is important that we take this opportunity to remember the suffering endured by the victims of the Holocaust and their families. It helps keep strong the conviction in our hearts to do everything we can – through our actions and our words – to stand firm against the forces of intolerance and remain vigilant against genocide. Only through these continued efforts can we ensure that such atrocities never happen again.

      “Our government remains vigilant, both at home and abroad, against all forms of racism and discrimination, including the malignant hatreds of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. We oppose and condemn anti-Semitism no matter where it is found and no matter what shape it takes.

      “We are committed to ensuring that future generations understand the causes and consequences of the Holocaust. We will continue to work closely with the State of Israel and all of our partners to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are never forgotten.

      “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem for organizing this year’s ceremony and moment of silence in Ottawa.”

  • dante

    one has to give Trudeau the benefit of the doubt; he’s not very bright and he’s not very knowledgeable.

    on the other hand, one doesn’t have to be smart or especially well-informed or Jewish to know that there is a massive effort to deny the ESSENTIAL anti-Jewish character of the Holocaust…it is a mirror of the often successful effort to deny the Jewish connection to all of what is called “Palestine.”

    we should expect better of Trudeau but he’s surrounded by some ignorant, self-righteous, haters who fully intend to shape Trudeau’s thinking and control what he hears and sees; they think that they can control him; we’ll see if they have him pegged.