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January 29, 2016 10:22 am

US and UK Spied on Israel for 20 Years Through Drone Feeds, Leaked Documents Reveal

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Israeli Air Force drones

Israel Air Force drones. Leaked documents show the US and UK monitored their feeds for years. Photo: Wikipedia. U.S. and British intelligence services hacked Israeli drones and monitored their activity as part of a classified program code-named “Anarchist,” the online publication The Intercept reported, citing documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The U.K.’s Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) and America’s National Security Agency (NSA) spied on the drones from Cyprus to collect information about Israeli military operations in Gaza and potential strikes on Iran. They also monitored Israeli exports of drone technology worldwide.

GCHQ and NSA collected images from the drones in 2009 and 2010 through “Anarchist,” a program operated from a high Royal Air Force military post located near Mount Olympus in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus.

“This access is indispensable for maintaining an understanding of Israeli military training and operations and thus an insight to possible future developments in the region,” said a GCHQ report leaked by Snowden.

“We are not surprised, we know that the Americans are spying on the whole world, including their ‘friends’. That is disappointing, because for decades we have not spied, collected intelligence or attempted to crack the encryption of the United States,” Israeli National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz told Army Radio on Friday.

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  • Dani

    As a token gift in exchange for their double standards they could at least let Pollard go freely to live with his wife in Israel!

  • How long would you remain as friends if you find them to be peeping Toms? The UK and the Us should be ashamed to resort to those practices and them condemn them on what they find?
    Neither the UK nor the US are holy,holy in their current undertakings. SHAME ON YOU.

  • JEAN

    While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton must have had access to this information. Russia, China, Iran and other hostile countries have been hacking our computer for decades. They most probably know everything that was on Hillary’s unsecured server.
    The real Walter O’Brien, on whose life the TV show, “Scorpion” is based, has his own hi tech computer protection company. Our government needs his services in every department.

  • Israel is the apple of God’s eye and will overcome all obstacles that may be thrown in her way.
    God’s Word is not wrong and never can be and gives a grim picture for those that stand against of people of which He calls His own.
    Everything is Israel is not right that’s done there but they are still God’s people and He will provide. After all He is Jehovah-Jireh!

  • Hugh Croll

    Israel ought to have been gathering US intelligence over the past seven years to learn how Obama is undermining the only democracy in the Middle East.

  • marlene

    Spying on an ally – how low can they go!

  • Linda Rivera

    Despicable. US and UK HYPOCRITES spied on PEACEFUL, Peace Loving, Trustworthy Ally, Israel for 20 Years.

    Unrepentant Turkey barbarically slaughtered millions of Armenian and other Christians not that long ago. Violent and dangerous warmonger, Christian-hater Turkey invaded and occupies Christian Cyprus.

    And Turkey is still a member of NATO proving that rabid Christian-hating Turkey’s violent invasion and illegal occupation of Christian Cyprus has the FULL APPROVAL of American leaders and other NATO nations’ leaders.

    There is no one to protect Christian Europeans who are being rapidly replaced with Muslims by the EU Monster. US/NATO hates both Christians and Jews. We face very dark years. But in the end, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will give great and everlasting victory.
    The day my family fled Famagusta: How life changed for ever when Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974

    …..But what happened in 1974 totally altered the course of my family’s life.’

    Maria grew up in 1960s Famagusta, then one of the most glamorous and sophisticated seaside resorts in the Mediterranean. The beach attracted millionaires and celebrities such as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and Paul Newman. Nearly half of the island’s hotel rooms were in the town, which was also home to Cyprus’s main port.
    What happened in 1974 totally altered the course of my family’s life

    Today, however, glamour and wealth have given way to decay and the main tourist area – a quarter known as Varosha – is an uninhabited ghost town, its port a Turkish military zone, a no-go area fiercely guarded by the Turkish army.

    Forty years ago Maria’s home was abandoned when the family fled the invading Turkish forces – sewing was left half-finished on the kitchen table, food abandoned to rot in cupboards, jewellery to languish in drawers and clothes in wardrobes, gardens to overgrow. It was a state of affairs repeated thousands of times over in Famagusta as 40,000 Greek Cypriot residents were forced to flee with only the clothes on their backs….

    In spite of the 1984 UN Security Council resolution calling for the return of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants, the Turkish army and successive Turkish governments have refused to do so.

  • Dan Gomez

    Again the Obama administration and all the rest of them who continue to provoke Israel is leading america and all its peopl on a one way head collision with the God if Israel. May God bless those who blesses her and cursed those who curse her.
    Please my citizens of America, I beg you to turn from your ways and return to the Lord Almighty. The God of Israel. Love you all..

  • ART

    How dare Obama or the US ever challenge Israel over spying/ They were spying real time. They were literally in the cockpit with pilots. This also brings into question ALL US arms The Us spied on Israel, its friend, but has been unable, or incompetent, doing intel against, Iran, islamists Russia etc. The US has shown itself to be an untrustworthy and dangerous ally

  • Isabella1709

    It is the disgraceful Obama cult of government headed by Muslims and leftists. No doubt given to your enemies in Iran.

  • What’s new? Every government with an ability to spy does just that. And it matters not a whit whether the eavesdropping is aimed at friend or foe. It’s also not surprising that Obama is monitoring Israeli military activities to determine if an Israeli attack on Iran is in the works. The bigger question–and concern–is what would Obama do if such an attack on Iran were imminent. I shutter to think. Am sure Obama would alert Iran and provide whatever intelligence it might need to thwart such an attack. Very disturbing.