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January 31, 2016 11:52 am

Former Scottish First Minister Slammed for ‘Breathtaking Pomposity’ After Criticizing Israeli MK Over Holocaust Comments

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Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond was accused of “breathtaking pomposity” on Friday for rebuking an Israeli Knesset member over his denouncement of the Iranian president, who was visiting France during International Holocaust Memorial Day.

“How can Europe honor the memory of the Holocaust, and on the exact same day host the leader of the Iranian regime, which denies that the Holocaust actually happened?” challenged Israeli MK Michael Oren, also former Israeli ambassador to the US, during last Wednesday morning’s commemoration ceremony at the European Parliament.

Salmond, who represents UK voters at the European Parliament, said there was a “time and place for international politics,” and that the “solemn” Holocaust memorial ceremony was not one of them.

Iran has a history of belittling and outright denying the events of the Holocaust. The country hosted a Holocaust cartoon competition in 2015 around the time of the UN-designated Holocaust Remembrance Day, and is sponsoring another one in June this year.

In addition, a website associated with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released a video asking whether the Holocaust “is a reality or not,” according to the Daily Telergaph. 

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was visiting Europe to sign major business deals in Italy and France, among other countries, after international sanctions were lifted. Other Twitter users also criticized Salmond for lecturing an Israeli MK on the proper conduct at a ceremony marking Holocaust memorial day.

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  • John Paul Jones

    Wee Alex Salmond is the epitome of Scottish nationalism. Smug, xenophobic, ignorant and vile. I have Engilsh who have spat on while waiting for bus in that great city of enlightenment, Edingburght. The Scots are still engaged in anti – catholic zealotry.

  • Eli

    Perhaps the good Mr. Salmond is unaware that “Iran” means “Aryan” and that is why its leaders identify with Hitler’s objectives.

  • Dr. Svetistephen

    Salmond’s noisome posturing re Ambassador Oren’s expression of disgust at the EU’s sleazy attempt simultaneously to genuflect to Jew-hating/Holocaust-denying Iran — in the squalid pursuit of truly filthy lucre — while engaging in a wholly hypocritical “Holocaust Commemoration” is morally obscene. A reprehensible Klein Bürokrat, Salmond’s comments exemplify perfectly the banality of evil.

  • Gail Tenzer

    Money, business opportunities and raw greed trump social justice in this case. Mixed with anti-Semitism, a dangerous witches brew! Nothing in Europe has changed! History has taught them nothing! Pandora’s Box has been opened and the demons have been unleashed! The G-d of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps and the Europeans are just beginning to experience the wrath of the demons they are welcoming into their midst! They are making deals with the Devil and will pay very dearly for it! They will not, however, benefit from the protection of the Lord who sayeth: “I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her.”

    I know, Salmond is no doubt a non-believer! He’s also an Ignoramus for he who ignores history is destined to repeat it! Evil=Stupid! That’s an equation which works both ways. There are Universal Laws which must not be violated and there is a price to pay for doing so! Salmond is bringing death and destruction down upon his own people! Every great civilization in the past went into extinction when it turned on the Jews! This will be no different! Yet through it all, we the Jewish people are still here, we are thriving, are a strong nation and have the power to ensure that Never Again prevails — Now and Forever! Am Yisrk Chai!

  • Holy Shirt

    Such a task of words may be better left to Y. Y. Rubinstein

  • stevenl

    People, nations and civilizations devoid of moral code/Ethics, all disappear from the face of the planet Earth.

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    Salmond joins a list of European idiots including the FM of France. Common sense is something we should not expect from these European intellectuals.

  • As the politician said: “These are my principles, but if you don’t like them I have others.”

  • Atilla

    Another candidate for the Mossad to add to field training exercises for their Kidon trainees.

  • brenrod

    europe is full of baloney also, they “honor” the holocaust by funding jew killer muslim orgs, libeling Israel and trying to decide the boundaries of the jewish ghetto in Israel. Europe and Iran are not much different, just on the surface.

  • Raymond Gork

    I believe that Salmond is Jewish (I read that somewhere?). If that is true, it makes his idiotic utterances doubly breathtaking

  • naomi

    It is ironic that this nationalist, who hates the English and wants to eradicated every trace of Englishness from Scotland, dares to speak in this way – what a hypocrite and an ignoramus!

  • Andria SWITZER

    Salmons should have reiterated the statement not criticized the Israeli. Every European government or businessman dealing with the treacherous Holocaust denier and Israel bashing Rouhani shows total disregard for the millions killed by the Nazis.

  • ralph izbicki

    The more ignorant those people are the more they speak about things they ignore pretending to know more than the Germans and all the victims of the Shoah.
    And such people are leading a country that wants to wipe Israel out from the map but are welcomed in Europe by countries interested more to make business with Iran than caring about moral and ethical behavior.

  • robert davis

    I Wonder why salmond has the looks of a rat…

  • The Scots are not known for their philosemitism.

  • Dave

    Salmond is a pompous idiot, with not the slightest bit of common sense or sensitivity.

  • Jonas

    Alex Salmond I think you have to adjust your brain prosthesis
    or go back to that specialized hospital.

    • stevenl

      Too much scotch shrinks the brain unless he is an unreported victim of the Zika virus!