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February 1, 2016 3:17 pm

Comedic Actor Removes Social Media Promo for New Movie Following Angry Comments About Israel

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The movie poster for 'Ride Along 2,' starring Kevin Hart (left) and Ice Cube. Photo: Wikipedia.

The movie poster for ‘Ride Along 2,’ starring Kevin Hart (left) and Ice Cube. Photo: Wikipedia.

A social media post by Kevin Hart about the release of his latest movie in a number of countries abroad, including Israel, was removed by the American actor, apparently due to the angry comments he received from followers, pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon reported on Monday.

The message in question – with an attached video clip — which was tweeted and posted on Instagram on January 21, was encouraging audiences to see the action comedy film “Ride Along 2,” directed by Tim Story and starring Hart, Ice Cube, Ken Jeong, Benjamin Bratt, Olivia Munn, Bruce McGill and Tika Sumpter.

The message read: “Let’s goooo…Germany, Hungry [sic], Israel, & Malaysia!!!!!Get up & get out & go see ‘Ride Along 2’ TODAY DAMN….”

Elder of Ziyon claimed that negative responses – such as one from @tzh14 saying that he loves Hart but “because [of] Israel, I will unfollow you” – seem to have been enough to cause Hart to delete his post. This, wrote Elder, is in spite of the comment from a friendly follower (@NickAAWood) who retweeted Hart’s message and wrote: “Kevin Hart…Just…Kevin Hart!”

Once the post was removed, Hart received praise for taking it down from @yasminedjed:“If you took down that video where you said Israel, then I have more respect then [sic] anyone in the world right now! Props to you for standing up for people and admitting your [sic] wrong. Props to you to [sic] listening to the majority of your fans!! It’s Palestine baby not Israel!”

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  • Lauren Goldman

    One look at the address of the cited complainer (@yasminedjed) gives away the obvious prejudice. We do not know Kevin’s mindset, but it is unfortunate that he took his post down.

  • Steve

    Also, anti-Israel people work together in packs and collectively tweet their DESIRED MESSAGE to other people.

    While pro-Israel people seem to just tweet complaints mostly TO EACH OTHER.

    It’s driving me crazy. The pro-Israel community, at least on the Internet and in social media and email etc. is the most disorganized group in the world

  • Steve

    Pro-Israel people should be tweeting POSITIVE THINGS about Israel to Kevin Hart and urging Hart to respect Israeli fans like he respects all his fans.

    Instead, pro-Israel people are tweeting a bunch of nonsense.

    We pro-Israel people are losing because anti-Israel people have clear strategies and THINK CAREFULLY about the DESIRED EFFECT their tweet will have on who they are sending it to, while pro-Israel people don’t seem to do this

  • Holy Shirt

    I couldn’t deliver a joke if I owned Federal Express, but cabaret career experience taught me there’s more to comedy acts than material and delivery. Watch the audience. You can be funny as a funeral, but if your audience likes you, you’ll be successful. The less culturally-diverse and/or sober) the audience, the funnier the comedy act. In “SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL,” Richard Prior and Gene Wilder, playing a blind man and a deaf man as the only witnesses to a murder (but with their backs turned) had all the theater audiences (Broadway to Brooklyn) rolling in the aisles. Kevin Hart’s shows look like they were all staged “Live At The Apollo,” as racially and culturally diverse as an Arab wedding. Without their steady barrages of expletives, Buddy Hackett and George Carlin were no funnier than Redd Foxx and Chris Rock. The ghetto street was always an easier audience than Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

  • BMS

    Don’t be a coward Kevin Hart and cave to the Anti-Israel Anti-Semites out there. Put your original post back up.

  • James, Kevin Hart exhorted 4 countries to go see his new movie, one being Israel.You think that inclusion was mistaken as derogatory– presumably to the anti Israel mob. You then applaud him for giving in to complaints from his “fans ” for mentioning Israel and removing his tweet. Fine, you are entitled to your opinion. The bit that puzzles me, apart from your capitalising the beginning of every word, is your appeal to forgive his ” honest mismanagement”. Which one? Committing the career faux pas of mentioning Israel in the first place, or the cowardice of removing the tweet to appease bigotry? But you applauded his removal and cowardice.I feel sure Israel appreciates your sentiments at the end of your post !

  • Goldstein…

    It’s unclear why he included Israel in an innocuous message???…it had no meaning one way or another…HOWEVER when he got an angry response from the CRAZIES at the mere mention of Israel…to remove it and CAVE…that shows he has NO Cajones at all!!!

    • Agreed!
      the Palestinian “Justice” crew are trolling for places to bully where they can. It’s unfortunate Hart, is an easy target.

  • Nathan

    Kevin is a small talent. His disregard for Jews is insensitive but his ignorance blunts the impact such comments will have. Don’t give this inarticulate, uninformed, pop culture semi talent the oxygen his comments require

  • Debbie Richards

    I will not go see it or any of your movies because you removed Israel from your message. You can take your movies and go to hell.

  • dante

    file this one under “cowardice” with cross-references to “intimidation” and “hatred.”

  • By the way, Kevin, I saw your new movie and enjoyed it very much!

  • Kevin, too bad u give in to the loudest! Even if they r so stupid that they obviously cannot read a map n think they wish away a country. The U.N. Divided up the land according to the type of people in that locality. The Jews have history of being there for the last 5 thousand years and they r Palestinians, also. Maybe, if the so-called Palestinains stopped killing women n children, and put their efforts towards education building a better tomorrow, they would acquire much more and have much more success.,

  • James Hay

    Palestine Is An False Fabrication Of The Twits In Europe. It has No Other Purpose But To Give False Recognition to An Bunch Of Land Grabbing Bedouin Arabs. Palestine Is As Bogus As The Arabs Claims To Land That Is Rightfully Belonged To Israel For Centuries.

  • Obviously Kevin Hart is a virulent antisemite.

  • James Hay

    I Can Be sure That Kevin Hart Didn’t Mean Any Thing Derogatory In His Tweet. And I Applaud Him For Taking It Down. I Like His Work In The Movies Believe That He’s Talented And An Real Humble Person. So Please Take It Easy And Don’t Give Him An Hard Time Over An Honest Misjudgement On His Part. Peace And Love Israel.

  • ART

    what a pathetic WIMP hart is to be intimidated