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February 1, 2016 4:19 pm

Survey Reveals More Than Half of French People Think Jews ‘Have a Lot of Power’

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A rally against anti-Semitism in France. When asked if there are too many Jews in France, 13 percent of the respondents said yes. Photo: CRIF, Twitter.

A rally against anti-Semitism in France. When asked if there are too many Jews in France, 13 percent of the respondents said yes. Photo: CRIF, Twitter.

More than half of the French population surveyed in a new poll published on Sunday admitted to thinking that Jews are powerful.

The poll, conducted over the course of 18 months, sought to study French sentiment toward racism, religion, antisemitism and Islamophobia. The results, which were published in the French weekly Le Journal Du Dimancherevealed that 56 percent of French people believe Jews “have a lot of power.”

Some 91% of respondents said Jews in France “are very insular,” and 30% answered yes to the question: “Do you think a racist reaction can be justified?”

Regarding the number of Jews in the country, 13% said they think there are too many, while 18% said the same about Muslims.

The survey also asked respondents if they “ever personally encountered problems,” such as being insulted or assaulted, by members of different religious and ethnic groups. Twenty-nine percent claimed they had had some form of trouble with North Africans; 27% with Romas; and 26% with Muslims.

The survey was carried out by the IPSOS Institute and commissioned by the French Judaism Foundation.

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  • So, The Jews have a lot of power! SO WHAT????????

  • Myron Slater

    Leave it to the French, they have short memoirs, they forget that Jews helped liberate France during World War 2.

    • Oh my..

      And how did that go?
      Do you think they appreciate it today?

    • OhZone

      Liberate???? You mean enslave!

  • Robert Weintraub

    Charles DeGaulle once Described Jews as an “elite group with an eye to power” Was he right? Is that statement anti-Semitic?

  • James

    Is the statement “Are Blacks disproportionately represented in
    the prison population” an anti-Black statement or just a fact?

    Could someone explain the difference to this ignorant Goy, borderline anti-Semite or whatever you choose to call me?

    • Bernard

      To James.

      To me there is no difference. The statements are simply statements of fact. There is no prejudice involved in them.

      Some comments expressed on this site are totally unfounded. I believe that some of these comments about the French are much more hateful, more prejudiced, than anything said in this article.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Years ago the PM of Malaysia stated that Jews rule the world.

    I wrote a letter to IBD which was published stating that I wished it was true that the Jews ruled the world.

    Because if we did than that PM idiot wouldn’t be able to write what he did and we could make him disappear.

    Jews are hated not because they are powerful, but because they have great wealth and are productive but so terribly weak because they feel insecure.

    Jews say “Never Again! I say “Why Not?” when you have an idiot like Bernie Sanders declare that he will stop military aid to Israel and that he will be more evenhanded with the Arabs, I hate that word Palestinians, and he mourns the casualties in Gaza.

    Hey Bernie if the Jews didn’t have shelters the casualty rates would be astronomical and then Jews like you would feel that it was “proportional”. God help us with all those enemies like Bernie.



  • Jonah

    It’s good to see that someone can study French sentiment, that it even exists is somewhat of a miracle. The French are a dying breed soon to be exterminated by Islam. First they will whittle away at their customs by destroying everything which does not conform to sharia law. That would be about everything the French say and do. Blood is going to flow in the streets of France until they get it right and are in good standing with the tenants of Islam. They are going to kill the gays, the lesbians, the feminists, the liberal politicians who have granted them the right to settle as immigrants, good by to heavy metal and music of any kind unless it is the sweet music of Islam calling you to pray. The book stores will be burned and they will Finnish the job by killing everyone who is French. The French civilization in their eyes is a denigrated, godless, humanist, secular pigstye. So as you gather carrying your signs saying I am Charlie be sure your wearing bullet proof vests. Islam views you as fodder for the dung pile.

  • Rabbi M Friedman

    Its high time Jews leave France and Europe!

  • CarolAnn

    Europeans like the French, are seemingly willing to die to hold on to their prejudice against Jews, regardless of how irrational, counterproductive and misdirected it is.

  • Bernard

    The numbers of French who think Jews are powerful is 56%. Are they right or wrong? I believe they are right.

    As a group, aren’t Jews powerful? In fact, more powerful than their sheer numbers warrant. Jews tend to be high achievers and as a result, wield power and influence in greater proportion to their sheer numbers.

    13% think there are too many Jews in France. Those feelings may be considered anti-Semitic, but they are less against Jews than against Muslims.

    Please keep in mind that ALL PEOPLES have negative feelings against minorities-those who are different than the majority. Jews are the same. Israelis are the same. Americans are also the same.

  • stevenl

    It is all in the brain! But the French Jews still don’t get IT!

  • MAS

    When I see the French in their anti-Semitic diatribes, I sometimes wonder whether they remember 75 years ago, when they were occupied by those who shared the same views as the French express today. Those Jews whom they denigrate worked hard for the liberation of France from Nazi oppression. Now, some may question whether the French earned the liberation that was given to them by others. France has soiled itself with the disgrace of anti-Semitism.

    • Goldstein…

      …when it comes to Western examples of anti-Semitism it seems “the Frogs” are still prosecuting the Dreyfus Case!!!

  • enufizenuf

    The French get more hilarious every day. Wait till their Islamic overlords ban the drinking of wine. Will they blame Jews for that, too?

    • OhZone

      Since it was/is the jews who are responsible for all the immigration, yes it is their fault.

  • shloime

    but to put the statistic into perspective, jews are less than 1% of the population whereas moslems are about 8%, or 10x as many. despite the claims of the french politicians, it seems antisemitism is alive and well in france, after all.

    • Mickey Oberman

      France is a Catholic country.

      Draw your own conclusions.