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February 2, 2016 4:42 pm

Canadian Media Mogul Blasts ‘Clueless’ York U Administration After Pulling Funds Over Anti-Israel Mural (INTERVIEW)

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Canadian-Jewish media mogul Paul Bronfman. Photo: Courtesy.

Canadian-Jewish media mogul Paul Bronfman. Photo: Courtesy.

“I heard that there has been a toxic, antisemitic and anti-Israel environment at York University for years, but I wasn’t really involved in those issues until the mural was called to my attention,” Canadian-Jewish media mogul Paul Bronfman told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

Bronfman, chairman of Pinewood Toronto Studios and William F. White International, a supplier of film equipment and know-how, subsequently became associated with the now-famous controversy surrounding a wall painting at the university’s student center, deemed anti-Israel by many students complaining that it made them uncomfortable.

The mural, called “Palestinian Roots,” shows a keffiyeh-clad individual aiming rocks at a bulldozer — as The Algemeiner reported last Tuesday. The winner of a 2013 student contest, the mural has been on display since then.

Bronfman said he learned of its existence “by accident,” in a recent weekly email sent out by the CEO of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, Avi Benlolo. Bronfman, a director of FSWC in Canada, is also a contributor to the York University film studies department.

He responded to the mail by contacting York University president Mamdouh Shoukri and threatening to withdraw his support if the mural was not immediately removed.

“I didn’t expect the amount of media attention I’ve been getting about this whole thing,” Bronfman told The Algemeiner. “It has really snow-balled.”

Not, however, to the point that other donors have followed suit, according to Bronfman, who said that although many told him they were considering pulling funding, none so far has actually done it. Except for Bronfman himself, that is.

“I pulled everything,” he said. “Money, production equipment, seminars, open houses with students, learning labs and training programs. The students have everyone at the university to blame, from the president on down.”

“These guys don’t bloody get it; it’s that simple. They have no clue why there’s been an outcry. They’re in a land of confusion. They say it’s a free speech issue and an independent student thing, which is nonsense, because the student center where the mural is hanging is funded by the university. This is why I realized that these guys with thick skulls are not the type of people I want to support and I told them so. I also made good on my threat.”

Following Bronfman’s threat and subsequent follow-through, Shoukri released a statement on Friday to address the stir surrounding the mural.

“It is clear that the subject of the artwork is offensive to some individuals and groups, particularly Jewish members of our community,” Shoukri wrote. “The mural has given rise to a broader conversation about whether, as an institution and as individuals, we are doing all we can to ensure that all members of our community feel welcome and supported.”

According to the Canadian Jewish News, Shoukri also said that he will form a “President’s Advisory Committee on Inclusion” to “ensure inclusive respectful exchange of ideas, particularly on social and political issues,” and the university will review its policies to “better foster and protect an inclusive and positive learning environment.”

This comes after a previous statement from Shoukri saying that there were no legal grounds for removing the mural.

“That is lot of bureaucratic baloney,” Bronfman told The Algemeiner. “And Shoukri’s latest response is no better.”

In an email to the Globe and Mail, the CJN reported, Gayle McFadden, the student center’s vice president of operations, said, “This artwork is not hateful and is the artist’s depiction of the resistance to the occupation of Palestinian land. This painting is not antisemitic, as it is merely critical of the state of Israel and its continued occupation of Palestine.”

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  • Brad Atchison

    This is the email correspondence I had with York University’s President et al about the one-sided ANTI-SEMITIC mural at York…


    From: Brad Atchison
    Subject: The Persistence of Disgusting Anti -Semitism on Your Campus!!
    Date: Thursday, January 29, 2016 12:33 PM

    Thank you for your prompt response (although no one signed the email).

    However, the response did not address my SPECIFIC concern about the upsurge of anti-Semitism, particularly at York University, which has lingered and continues to linger for far too long. Chalking this behaviour up to simply a respectful sharing of ideas and social and political positions as well as “freedom of expression, open dialogue and constructive discussion” entirely misses the point.

    My question quite simply is: “What do the President, the Senate, the Governors, the Administration, and the Student Union intend to do about anti-Semitism at Your University?” Acknowledging that you have a problem is at least a step toward dealing with it. This issue hardly needs another academic study. Get on with it!

    As I indicated, we will be watching to see how forcefully York University deals with anti-Semitism on the campus.

    Yours truly,
    Brad Atchison


    On Jan 29, 2016, at 9:17 AM, wrote:

    Thank you for your e-mail expressing concern about a mural in the Student Centre. We recognize that the subject of the mural is offensive to some individuals and groups, particularly Jewish members of our community. Decisions regarding the mural’s continued display are the responsibility of the York Student Centre, a separate and distinct legal entity. We have forwarded these concerns to them and look to their Board to address the concerns which have been expressed.
    York University remains firmly committed to the principles of freedom of expression, open dialogue and constructive discussion. Discussion and debate about the mural has given rise to a broader conversation about whether York and members of its learning communities are doing everything possible to ensure all students feel respected and safe. We are committed to do more to strengthen a culture of sensitivity.

    To that end, President Shoukri has announced three initiatives to further York’s commitment to inclusion:

    1. York will create a President’s Advisory Committee on Inclusion composed of York scholars to lead an examination of effective methods to ensure inclusive, respectful exchanges of ideas, particularly on sensitive social and political issues. A call for participation will be issued by March 1, 2016.

    2. York will undertake a review of existing University policies and make changes to better foster and protect an inclusive and positive learning environment. This will include a review of Presidential Regulation #4 on student groups and organizations, and the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

    3. Finally, York will continue to work with internal and external partners to ensure we remain a leader in promoting inclusion and a positive learning environment.
    I hope this information is responsive to your concerns

    Office of Community Relations
    Division of Advancement
    York University
    West Office Building
    4700 Keele St., Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

    416-736-2100 ext. 44206

    This electronic mail (email), including any attachments, is intended only for the recipient(s) to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and/or exempt from disclosure. No waiver of privilege, confidentiality or any other protection is intended by virtue of its communication by the internet. Any unauthorized use, dissemination or copying is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email in error, or are not named as a recipient, please immediately notify the sender and destroy all copies of it.


    From: Brad Atchison
    To: Mamdouh Shoukri
    Subject: The Persistence of Disgusting Anti -Semitism on Your Campus!!
    Date: Thursday, January 28, 2016 2:01:32 AM
    Attachments: P-Webding.png
    Importance: High

    President Choukri:
    This is a post I just made on a very well-attended web site about the disgusting, anti-Semitic
    mural you allowed at York University. This mural is a metaphor for the anti-Semitism which your
    university has allowed and continues to allow. The local BDS Campaign on your campus is another

    Here is the post I referred to:
    “The First Palestinian intifada in Israel in 1987 was initiated the various students in the West Bank. This tactic is also being widely used by the various
    Palestinian/Muslim Student Associations on our North American campuses (including York University)
    who have carried out BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) campaigns against Isreal to
    de-legitilimize its very right to exist. Many of us see this anti-Semitic tactic for what is is.

    As a result of the gutlessness of the universities to clamp down forcefully on these Palestinian
    racists operating on our campuses, a number of us have removed provisions in our wills to eliminate
    the estate money we intended to endow to our Canadian alma maters.

    Either the students should start to behave and fit in or they will be outed. Gutless, spineless
    university administrators who refuse to deal with this crap and provide a safe (including
    psychologically-safe) environment for ALL its students is shamefull!

    Bravo to Paul Bronfman! Hopefully, other powerful and wealthy university benefactors will do the
    same, pronto.”

    Hopefully, your Egyptian Muslim background has neither clouded your judgement nor involves any bias
    against Israel’s right to exist or any undisclosed sentiments you have toward Jews. Unfortunately,
    as is often the case, underlying intentions and motivations are often revealed by the overt actions
    taken. The fact that anti-Semitism exists overtly, is allowed to exist, and has existed at York for
    far too long may say something (as actions almost always speak louder than words).

    Do the right thing and clamp down on the racists you allow to operate at York University, expelling
    them if necessary. Of course, we will watch your actions and how you deal with this situation. This
    is no time for political correctness when it comes to racism and providing a safe learning

    I will likely cc this email to the York Board Governors and Senate members as well as the Hon. Reza Moridi, the Ontario Minister of Training, College, and Universities. Interestingly, Ontario’s and some Quebec campuses seem to be the hot-bed of anti-
    Semitism in the country. Hmmm!

    Yours respectfully,
    Brad Atchison

  • Tasha A.

    THANK YOU Mr. Bronfman, for calling attention to York University and the political atmosphere on Campus. There is an organization called ‘Honest Reporting’ in Canada which documents biased media coverage regarding Israel. They (HR) send facts about Israel and world Jewry to correct misinformation or propaganda reported by various media outlets. In Canada, some of the newspapers, radio, and TV channels are fair enough to respond with a correction when their news is inaccurate. Journalism needs reliable facts, not manufactured news.

    Sadly, the media tends to tell only ONE side of any story.

  • marilyn libin

    Please add my wife to your list.
    Dr. Joseph Levy

  • jakob wasi

    Get over it. Any criticism of Israel is evidence of anti-Semitism. You do more disservice to Jews by taking this tack. Israel is not without sin. The more you cry anti-Semitism, the more you diminish the Shoah.

  • nat cheiman

    Shoukri is an arsehole. How on earth did he get to be president of York?
    Funders should pull funding.
    Here in SA, funders and sponsors withdrew sponsorships on similar grounds and these universities, with muslim Vice Chancellors are now in crap. Serves them right,

  • I wish other Jewish donors to York U would follow his actions. The anti-Israel / antisemitic environment at York makes me sick to my stomach. The toxic messages come from the top down i.e. from the Muslim president on down to the Muslim dominated student union who’s only objective seems to be to attack Israel at any opportunity while totally ignoring typical student concerns. Where is the outrage when arabs stab innocent Israelis which sadly occurs on a daily basis of late? Mr. Bronfman gets it!
    I would gladly offer up one of my pieces of art that would be more appropriate for a school that prides itself on its fine art program instead of promoting a mediocre painting with a biased, political message bombarding all who are forced to walk past it since 2013.
    What’s going on at York is no different than what’s happening in the Muslim Middle East. Children are brain washed to hate Jews & Israel and this is all government sanctioned. Shoukri could easily replace Abbas if and when he ever gives up his leadership.

  • This is a creative variety of lying, double-talk, etc. so as to get as much control and power in the world as the ‘ms can by whatever means that the ‘ms can do it.

  • A Zionist

    When academics and students are incapable of understanding antisemitism, this illustrates a crisis in the education of children and young people.

    The Fundamental Rights Agency’s website of a “working definition” of anti-Semitism that was adopted in 2005 by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia — the EU entity that her organization has replaced, has dropped its own definition of antisemitism! This definition has been adopted by the US Federal Government and it is on the website of the US State Department. This definition has been promoted by the ALL Party Parliamentary Enquiry into Antisemitism in the United Kingdom.

    The reason it has been mysteriously dropped by the EU is because it includes an update showing how antisemitism can be applied in the case of the Jewish State of Israel.

    “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” –Working Definition of Anti-Semitism by the European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia

    Contemporary Examples of Anti-Semitism

    Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews (often in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion).
    Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as a collective—especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.
    Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, the state of Israel, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.
    Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.
    Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations.

    What is Anti-Semitism Relative to Israel?
    EXAMPLES of the ways in which anti-Semitism manifests itself with regard to the state of Israel, taking into account the overall context could include:


    Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism to characterize Israel or Israelis
    Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis
    Blaming Israel for all inter-religious or political tensions

    Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation
    Multilateral organizations focusing on Israel only for peace or human rights investigations

    Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, and denying Israel the right to exist
    However, criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as anti-Semitic.

    Little wonder why the EU and others do not want to define antisemitism. Similarly, the UN fails to adopt this definition.

  • This painting is not a “Respectful exchange of ideas”.
    Hate should not be protected just because it’s in the form of art.
    Hats off to Mr. Bronfman for being brave enough to taking a stand.
    York University does not deserve your generosity.

  • Paul Sobel

    Paul Bronfman did the right thing! Thank g-d someone finally had the balls!! The

  • Corey Multer

    Thank you Mr. Bronfman. And thank you, algemeiner, for continuing to bring us important information. In reference to your article, and in particular the comments from the VP of the student center that the mural is not anti-Semitic, I find it interesting that when Muslims claim to be intimidated or offended by something, it is accepted as offensive prima facie, but when it’s Jews who find something offensive, it’s OK for others to tell us what we can and cannot find offensive.

  • Bill Narvey

    Bravo Paul Bronfman. Shoukri has countenanced antisemitism on his campus for years, heard Jewish students were not just offended but fearful and has done nothing about it but speak of freedom of speech and academic freedom.

    It’s people like Gayle McFadden who see antisemitism and look for all kinds of reasons to convince themselves that it is not antisemitism. The McFaddens of the world enable and empower antisemites and it seems there are lots of them at York U.

  • Andrei Vincenzo

    Kudos to Mr. Bronfman!
    If only more people would respond to anti-Semitism and Anti Israeli boycotts by with holding assets, funding, or financing to these “Places of higher education”, we would see a lot less of this nonsense going on.

    There are many more universities and colleges willing to have a film program funded by Paul Bronfman. Let us hope the meek and timid souls who merely voice their concerns over York University’s actions will follow Mr Bronfman’s lead. YOU have to nip this in the bud. There is an old proverb, “once the camel get’s his nose under the tent, soon it’s body will follow.” I hope York University opens it’s eyes when the university turns on such anti-Semitic activities that adversely affects their pocket book.

  • Sharon Klaff

    This is not about the display of artwork, but about the idea created by the PLO of an indigenous Palestinian Arab nation whose land has been stolen by the usurper Jews which an indoctrinated establishment, specifically European (the EAD by Bat Ye’or’), but increasingly American has embibed and now freely disseminates in universities and schools as fact. This is underpinned by a main stream media, specifically the BBC that reports distortions for news termed as own goal journalism by Prof Richard Landes.
    References for information:

    Unless educators understand the consequences of their politicisation of education there will come a time when the very existence of a Judeo-Christian Western civilisation will become unknown

  • Robert Davis

    I am glad Bronfman is starting to understand what antisemitic incitement is but regret it takes a huge mural to understand summer is hot,winter is cold! As to shukri he is a mere liar to pretend it is …illegal to take away a mural inciting antisemitism it is incitement which is illegal and of course he knows it.

  • Paul

    Maybe someone should explain to the free-speech supporters that they are being used, that their truly noble belief in ideas like free speech are being used against them, with great success, by peole who do NOT believe in free speech. The Palestinians only support their OWN free speech, try prevent free speech from Jewish supporters. They openly and consistently blow up lectures by Israelis or Jews. They wouldn’t know what free speech looked like if they came across it in broad daylight. Ami Ayalon was recently prevented from speaking at a US University – the promoters of free speech simply prevented him speaking by physical force and violence. Is that how free speech works ? Or is it cynically used as a slogan to get the naive and uninformed to support the opposite of free speech ?
    And maybe they should be enlightened to the fact that the Chant of the Arabs is “Itbah al yahoud” – which means “slaughter the jews”. Not “slaughter the Zionists”. Not “uphold our right to free speech”. The chant is, SLAUGHTER them. And they are in fact trying very hard to do so.
    It is only in Canada and other misinformed western countries that rabid antisemitism hides under the camouflage of free speech and anti-zionism. Out here in the middle east, the simple hatred, based on the Holy Koran, is stated loudly and clearly. If you read the Hama covenant you discover that the hatred of the Jews is based on the Koran, not the result of Israeli policy regarding the Palestinians. It appears, ironically, that the real free speech is practised here in the mideast where they curse and try murder jews openly and without lying about their real intentions, but in the West it is disguised to mislead the uninformed. The reason they give for wanting to murder the Jews is NOT because of Israe4li policy, but because the Jews are the offspring of pigs and monkeys and must be destroyed by holy decree. Stating this clearly would be practising free speech.
    In the opinion of many (including myself) Israeli civilian settlement policy in the territories is a mistake. This is something that should be discussed and resolved by a negotiated settlement. If the Palestinians refuse to discuss it and want to impose THEIR solution by force, the settlement problem will simply continue to be defended. The more support the raucous Palestinians receive for mispresented facts and pure deception, the less likely they are to sit down and negotiate a real solution – they prefer to go for vanquishing the jews, by enlisting the support of misguided believers in free speech through deception.

  • Elliott Vizel

    York University – Pallywood North.

  • Reform School

    Congratulations to Bronfman’s Pinewood Studios for finally shedding itself of the Jew-hating socialists infesting York University, another intitution so rank that J. Arthur Rank must be spinning in his grave. Were they honest about submission to Islam, they would drop the taqiyya deception, renaming the school after Egypt’s last sovereign, Farouk. Aren’t Shoukri and his gang telling its Jews, “Farouk U.?” Even atheists recognize hatred when they see it:

  • Mickey Oberman

    Ever since Shoukri assumed his position York has been a hotbed of Muslim attacks on anything Jewish. His words are soothing but his actions to correct the problems – non existent.

    I congratulate and thank Mr. Bronfman for his courageous action.
    If other donors who, so far, have lacked the courage to take positive action like Mr. Bronfman’s I say “Shame, on you, you cowards.”
    I hope your names are widely published.

  • Dan C

    “This painting is not antisemitic, as it is merely critical of the state of Israel and its continued occupation of Palestine.”
    That statement shows the level of stupidity on the part of the Administration. Palestine never existed as a Nation and the land that Israel sits on now was PURCHASED from Arabs by Jews decades ago.

  • Jay

    God Bless Paul Bronfman. It’s too bad that many other Jews don’t start exercising their abilities to combat Anti Semitism, and Anti Iraelism on university campuses.

    As for Ms. McFadden: you will have a very easy task in convincing the Globe and Mail with your argument. The Globe isn’t known for being very even-handed in its reporting, where Israel is concerned.

    Fortunately, you were not able to convince Mr. Bronfman, and York University lost.

  • tan

    Good for you, Paul Bronfman, and too bad that other donors are being timid to the point of cowardice.
    The mural is a highly political and partisan piece of propaganda.
    Is the mural antisemitic ? Certainly it might not be considered so were there murals protesting China’s invasion and tyranny in Tibet, or the brave fight of the Kurds against the Arabs, Turks and Iranians who occupy their lands and exercise control largely through brutality, or the Basque fight for independence from Spain started in 1959 and often considered Europe’s longest war. I could list any number of other similar conflicts round the planet, and none are to be visited upon the students of York in any form, save possibly in a classroom where such national boundary and independence conflicts might appropriately be discussed. Only the Israeli Palestinian conflict is displayed, in giant mural form on a wall in the University student center, and that mural totally takes the side of the Palestinians in that conflict. The uniqueness of interest in that one conflict of many, and many indeed involving longer conflicts, far more bloodshed and far more people, like the 30 million Kurds, fighting for nationhood, the uniqueness certainly suggests that the nation of the Jews is not being viewed, treated, handled and respected like other nations, but rather is singled out for special treatment, and
    that’s what makes the mural, and much more importantly the University’s attitude to it, rankly antisemitic.

  • Tabitha Korol

    The Art of War
    By Tabitha Korol

    York University, a public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, is Canada’s third largest university, with 52,800 students, including 5,462 international students, and 7,000 faculty and staff. The Mission Statement is grandiose and appealing, claiming “excellence in research” with a goal of cultivating “the critical intellect.” There are assurances that the University is “open to the world: we explore global concerns,” accompanied by ensuring “social justice” and a commitment to teaching “social responsibility.” The President’s Message further confirms that the University is “proud to be one of Canada’s most socially responsive and engaged Universities,” yet the president, Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri, is unwilling to test those very ethics.
    If the University welcomes the diversity from 157 countries, it should be prepared to suppress conflict and injustice. If it prides itself on social responsibility, it should discourage irresponsible behaviors and the incitement to isolate one people, one country. If excellence in research is encouraged, then it may be time to thoroughly research both the irrational Islamic hatred and culture of violence and the validity of the Jewish bond to the Land of Israel.
    Affixed to a wall in the Student Center is a mural that features a Palestinian youth preparing to throw two rocks at an Israeli structure. More than 4,000 incidents of rock throwing against Jews are reported each year in the West Bank, causing serious injury and death. The “art” expresses the Arab demand for a Palestine that includes Israel along with Gaza, Judea and Samaria (Jordan’s West Bank), without border definitions, without compromise. The violent elimination of the State of Israel and the Jewish people define the words beneath, “Justice” and “Peace.”
    Having initiated four military wars against Israel, suffering utter humiliation with each loss, the Muslim Brotherhood chose the course of psychological warfare, propagating lies on which to base another intifada (uprising), days of rage or boycott, and it is on Israel specifically that Muslim students maintain their focus – for the time being. The mural is propaganda meant to provoke; to deny Israel her 3,000 year history of Jewish presence (Muslims appeared in the 7th century), and the legal deeds held by the Jewish state since 1948. The mural supports the invented history of Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, Saudi and Egyptian Arabs who deceitfully took the Latin name of Palestinians to fabricate a bond between themselves and the area they invaded and lost in 1967. The concocted history and accusations of “occupation” are part of the Islamic aggression against the world, one of many battles in which Muslims are engaged – in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas – to establish a global Caliphate.

    Yet despite voiced disapproval by students and citizens alike, University President, Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri assures us of their commitment to a safer environment, but that this instance is off campus and beyond his jurisdiction. The claim to be cultivating “critical intellect” in the students and “social responsibility” rings hollow, for these are York students, and the building is York University Student Centre. Is there no responsibility to maintain an apolitical, non-threatening environment? The mural is encouraging violence, perhaps worthy of emulating, climate permitting. Dr. Shoukri knows such incidents in American universities have resulted in terror and bodily harm inflicted on Jewish students. Who is charged with overseeing student welfare or is this disengagement meant to perpetuate the narrative? Is this being considered “free speech” until legally challenged, or slander and incitement to violence? It is certainly advocating one political viewpoint while suppressing another.
    Therefore, to fulfill his aim of “social justice,” I would ask the president to consent to five more murals to enhance the Palestinians’ objects of glory or mission on one wall, and an equal number of similarly sized murals to express the objects of Israel’s glory or mission on the opposite wall. Thus both groups could legitimately present their ideas of justice and values to students, faculty and staff, and allow “critical intellect” to decide.

    A second Palestinian mural should show the stoning of Islamic women who are accused of adultery or something as simple as owning a cell phone. Siddqa, 19, was dressed in a full blue burqa, buried up to her waist in the ground, and pelted with stones. When she collapsed, covered in blood but still alive, a Taliban fighter shot her three times in the head with an AK-47. This photo is of her 19-year-old lover who was trying to flee, was captured and stoned to death. Justice was equally served.

    The third is the Jordanian pilot from the US-led Coalition, Muath Al-Kassasbeh, who was deprived of food for five days, displayed in front of armed terrorists, caged, soaked with petrol and set afire as an offering to Allah. Watching and listening to the screaming and melting is considered justice to the “religion of peace.”

    The fourth, death by decapitation, is not as commonplace as stoning or being buried alive and left exposed to the elements. Beheading, mentioned twice in the Koran, instills fear into those who watch, and it attracts more publicity than car bombings and suicide bombings. The killers achieve a sense of justice. Children are taught to behead at an early age, using dolls and live animals.

    This is a recognized Australian victim of rape. In Saudi Arabia, rape victims would receive 100 lashes for committing adultery, followed by incarceration for a year. Australia lacks such rules of “justice.”

    The sixth is justice for women. The Muslim woman, mother of three, was walking in the street, stopped, and pronounced guilty of wearing a red jacket over her black burqa. She was told to kneel and was summarily shot in the head.

    This new discovery is worthy of inclusion because of the enormous pride and occasion for celebration. Samir Kuntar, Palestinian superhero, smashed the head of a four-year-old Israeli girl with the butt of his rifle.

    The opposite wall should also display a like number of murals to acknowledge the interests and commitments of the Israelis.

    Haiti’s devastating earthquake of 2010 attracted many rescue teams, including from Iceland, China, Qatar, South Africa, Columbia, Cuba, Japan, Florida, and New York City’s experienced 9/11 personnel. Israelis brought a rescue team of 200 and a field hospital. An Egyptian-Jewish Haitian supplied his factory’s grounds and trucks to bring in tents, medical equipment, communication hardware and all supplies. Within eight hours, the field hospital was set up and operational, and became the model for the future. Israelis performed surgeries and births, treated broken bones and traumas. The first baby born was named Israel Michel.

    An Israeli company’s water purification systems deliver safe drinking water from almost any source, including contaminated water, seawater and urine. Following a major earthquake in Taiwan in 2009, Israeli humanitarian aid workers brought locally made WaterSheer products to ensure a steady stream of potable water for the survivors and wherever it was needed. Within 48 hours, Taiwan had 4,227 gallons of pure water per day.

    Dr. Amit Goffer, an Israeli, developed ReWalk Robotics, an exoskeleton system that enables the paralyzed to walk. Facilitated by computers and motion sensors, it allows independent, controlled walking. It helped Clair Lomas to complete the marathon course at the London Paralympics in 2012, and recently assisted a groom to walk down the aisle. It also provides dignity, mental health, improved cardiovascular health and bowel function, loss of fat tissue, and building of lean muscle mass. Users have less pain, take fewer medications, and require less hospitalization.

    Israel has become the fastest growing laboratory for innovative technology, following US and China in creativity and entrepreneurial leadership. Some innovations are responsible transportation using batteries, not oil; drip irrigation that allows farmers worldwide to grow 40% more crops using half the water. Tahal Group has technological solutions to make wastewater treatment processes more efficient and relevant. LifeStraw is the water filter chosen by leading NGOs for humanitarian relief worldwide since 2005, which meets or exceeds EPA standards for efficacy. It removes almost all the waterborne bacteria and parasites and it filters a maximum of 1000 litres of water, enough for one person for one year.

    Israel’s breakthroughs are too numerous to mention. Here are a few recent one: * Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem developed a molecule (NT157) that targets metastatic human melanoma and colon cancer. * Israel’s Oramed gives China the right to its oral insulin capsule to treat the large, growing numbers of diabetics in China. * A new arthritis treatment reduces high blood pressure. Japan turns to Israeli tech to treat radiation disease. A new voice technology Voice ITT translates speech of people with communication disabilities. Israel’s Enopace performed first implant operation to treat patients with congestive heart failure. Israel developed a plastic material that repairs itself. For weekly updates on Israel’s achievements, send your request to:

    It is insufficient and irresponsible for the University to blithely state that it is concerned with “social justice” and yet to be unprepared to put all sides of this issue on the table and allow the unprejudiced “critical intellect” of the students to make their assessment. I welcome hearing from Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri, that he will be re-aligning himself and the University with the pursuit of true “excellence in research” combined with intellectual honesty and fairness.

  • Jeffrey Zucker

    Any institution that takes public money for any reason should refrain from making political statements. Therefore the mural, which does this, should be removed and a piece that is art for arts sake made to replace it.

  • joe silva

    How about a mural showing a Palestinian terrorist murdering an Israeli infant?

  • Arie

    Do they have a mural depicting occupation of Maldives as well ? Or maybe they are concerned about Tibet ? … It is too bad about York. Decline in academic performance will be forthcoming.

  • Carl

    Bet they wouldn’t permit a mural depicting Arab oppression of women or Christian minorities or gays. Or an artistic rendition of opposition to suicide bombings or Islamic beheadings. Such art wouldn’t be critical of Islam, merely expressing revulsion with common practices.

  • Gloria Wilner

    This painting should not be hung in a public Canadian university! This painting is an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statement. I believe in freedom of speech but this goes way over that line!!!!!!!!!t
    Is this what 0ur government and tax payers Are supporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myron Slater

    Yes, the Palestinians want the Israeli Jews to disappear from the earth, so they could steal the land. They never owned the country of Israel at any time in the past. Those students can’t use what brains they are supposed to have, if the school only did their job of teaching the truth!

  • The email of Gayle McFadden to the Globe and Mail says all you need to know about the sheer ignorance of the media on the historical and legal rights of Israel.

    Instead of talking about “resistance to the occupation of Palestinian land,” (a total inversion of reality), a statement far closer to factual evidence and international law should be: “terrorism by Arabs who are occupying Irael-owned land.”

  • E benAbuya

    What these Yorkies don’t get is that the fraudulent meme of Palestinianism (that the Palestinianst leadership itself does not believe
    [] – Collected statements (incl Arafat)

    [] – “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity.”

    [ scroll to Time Index 1:34] – Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad (Al-Hekma TV (Egypt) – March 23, 2012: “Half of the Palestinians Are Egyptians and the Other Half Are Saudis”

    [] Abbas: “the relationship between Jordan and Palestine is the relationship of one nation living in two states.”

    is the peg on which this whole antisemitic edifice hangs from. Citing it to justify itself is an example of circular reasoning (petitio principii fallacy)

  • Jerry Ram

    Leave it to the media, (for lack of a better description)
    to avoid confrontations with the liberal, lefty,anti-Semites and anti-Israel certified losers. What would happen had a Jewish group done the same thing? Let me guess.
    These idiots certainly know how to massage the media, big time. And, where are the rest of the contributors to York? Afraid to come out of the closet?

  • Anthony Dayton

    “Merely critical of Israel and its continued occupation of Israel.” Really? How many years should this monstrously sixpzed mural be hanging? When does it get replaced by one that shows Palestinian children being taught hatred of Israelis or plotting cars into them, or knifing them?

    Or perhaps a mural with the three offers of peace that were rejected by Arafat and by Abbas ensuring that Israel would be blamed for being an occupying force?

    Is Mr McFadden okay with Israel Apartheid week and the persecution of Jewish students in their dorms and walking passed the mural?

    And exactly why is that mural worthy of protection. It is propaganda, which has no business posing as truth, especially on a university campus.

  • SeeGG

    Good for Bronfman for following through and walking the walk! Other donors should stop paying lip service and do the right thing. Don’t fund hate and incitement to violence.

  • citizenstat

    Under the title of this piece, there is a statement: “18 COMMENTS.” In most venues, my clicking such a link would display for me all the previous comments, and offer me the opportunity to submit one of my own.

    Not here! Algemeiner simply displays the “LEAVE A REPLY” field, and that’s it. Feh!

  • rulierose

    this has to win some sort of prize for cluelessness:

    “his painting is not antisemitic, as it is merely critical of the state of Israel and its continued occupation of Palestine.”

    noted: it is not antisemitic to believe that all Jews should be removed from Israel and the land “given back” to the Palestinian Arabs from whom it was stolen.

    good to know.

  • Barry

    Bravo Mr Bronfman. Sometimes it just takes cahones to stand up to lying bullies.

  • Sam Steinfeld

    Thank you ………………………………..
    It’s about time someone stood up to anti-Semitism under any name or disguise !!

  • sol

    Bio of U. of York President :

    Mamdouh Shoukri
    7th President of York University
    Assumed office
    1 July 2007
    Preceded by Lorna Marsden
    Personal details
    Born: near Cairo, Egypt !!!1947/1948 (age 67–68)[1] — exactly when Egypt (King Farouk) invaded the newly born Israel and started the Israeli Arab conflict.
    You really cannot expect him to be impartial

  • Denis MacEoin

    McFadden is talking through her hat (and through her hate). Excessive and unmerited criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism according to the US State Department definition of the term. The original International Definition of Anti-Semitism is phrased in exactly the same way. The occupatin is entirely legal under UN Resolution 242. How come so many university students are so dumb and ill-informed?

  • art frank

    The mural should be replaced by a more realistic one showing palestinean savages murdering innocent people. Maybe another one showing their cousins murdering
    their own in syria, iraq libya, and other muslim paradises.

  • enufizenuf

    Shoukri’s a muslim and McFadden is a typical IDIOT Canadian LEFTIST piece of crap. York is a terribly hostile environment for Jewish students and NO JEW or thinking person ought to allow their children to attend that wretched place. Canadian academia is SO FULL of muslims and leftists they will destroy Canada before the end of this century.

  • I agree 100% with Mr. Bronfman – I would not give 1 cent – they
    take your money and then spit in your face!

  • Barbara

    Good for Bronfman. The university should feature subjects relative to learning and campus,
    – not hateful paintings that make students uncomfortable. Terrorist Hamas is featured – with campus shootings, why would the chancellor encourage violence on campus?!

  • Joy Wolfe MBE

    Wow if Bronfman’s powerful action doesn;t make the York administration sit up and do something nothing will
    Joy Wolfe StandWithUs UK

  • leonard feinman

    Being considered “art” is shameful. This is political. The artist is making a political statement that there is an “occupation.” The only occupation they could refer to is the legal habitation of Israel.
    When a war is over, borders are set, and that should be the end of it. Germany lost WWII and was occupied. Was that considered “illegal?” Did the German people continue their “resistance?” No, they accepted that this was the new norm, and made the best of it. Israel should not be asked to give up one inch of territory. Nobody has a right to make such a demand.

  • Duncan Walker

    I thought Canada has a hate law We are letting the Hate factor rising up there is a seminar on men and masculinity which includes rape of women ok if it is in your home It will be available in 6 Canadian cities including van and to so much for our Prime Minister for turning the other way apathy will rein

  • Lawrence Vidaver

    InToronto the Jewish community has about 200,000 members, and York U. still does not have kosher food available on campus.
    LV, Class of ’73

  • Mira Shimkovich

    Hello Mr.Bronfman.
    When I have learned that you got involved in this matter, I have from my chair. I new all the situation on YU, but not about the mural. I had called the Jewish Congress of Canada to do something, to get involved, since no one did it until now.The students were and are in uncomfortable environment for a few years already. Some complained on FB. The answer from the Congress was – next year (2015) we will go to schools, mostly privet, to explain the children how to except a new environment where will be not only Jews, but other nationalities too. I suggested my help in anything just to help the children. They promised to call me. No one called. What for we need them, if we have you and like you. You will probably ask me – why I write, why I am worried. My daughter Shulamit graduated this university. She never complained. She had wonderful years their. Now, see what is happening. The hater is overwhelming towards our children. The anti-semi students that already graduate a few years ago continue to keep the fire burning. I wish our Intelligent Services would get involved in this matter. Every time when I read about it, I am boiling. Some children already deciding not to go to YU, but in that case it will become a very bad place. That probably what they want. Will we give up to them? With G-d’s help, my grandchildren might attend the U, what will happen to them and others if we will give up? Sorry for my mistakes. I did not graduate in Canada, far away from here – Lithuania. Thank you again. Mira Shimkovich

  • Nick T

    If the mural was offensive to a single Arab it wouldn’t last a day

  • Rabbi M Friedman

    Anti Semitism emanates from left, center and right!
    Bronfman was correct!

  • Walter Norman

    I am shocked by the statement that is because of the occupation as the land was always had the Jewish peoples on the land for more than 3000 years. LONG before there was anything such as Palestine as most of all there birth was in other Arab lands.

  • naro

    Any mural critical of Muslims and Arabs or even Native Americans would not be tolerated by the university only Jews are easy targets. Can’t let them get away with them.

  • brenrod

    York University president Mamdouh Shoukri

    that name explains everything, wherever they are there is only trouble… hence Trump is right in keeping them out.