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February 3, 2016 8:56 am

19-Year-Old Israel Border Policewoman Wounded in Palestinian Shooting, Stabbing Attack in East Jerusalem Dies of Wounds

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Hadar Cohen, 19, the Israel Border Policewoman who was killed in Wednesday's terrorist attack at the Damascus Gate. Photo: Courtesy.

Hadar Cohen, 19, the Israel Border Policewoman who was killed in Wednesday’s terrorist attack at the Damascus Gate. Photo: Courtesy.

One of the two Israeli Border Policewomen critically wounded in a combined stabbing and shooting attack at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday afternoon has died after serious efforts to revive her, the Hebrew press reported.

Three Palestinian terrorists  — armed with knives, guns and explosives — committed the two-pronged attack; all three were shot and killed by Israeli security forces.

The attack occurred, according to Israel’s Channel 2, when the three terrorists aroused the suspicion of Border Police in the area, who asked to see their documents.

Magen David Adom paramedics treated the two women at the scene for stab and gunshot wounds and evacuated them to the Hadassah Medical Center at Mount Scopus in Jerusalem — where one of them, Hadar Cohen, 19, was pronounced dead after prolonged attempts at reviving her failed.

According to the Hebrew news site Walla, the three terrorists were identified by their ID cards left on the scene as Ahmed Abu A-Rab, Ahmed Zacarna and Mohammed Kamil from Jenin. Two of them came from the Kabatiyeh refugee camp south of the West Bank city and the third hailed from the city itself.

Channel 2 reported that Cohen — who was recruited into the Border Police a mere two months ago — managed to shoot one of the terrorists before being shot in the head.

Israeli security sources told Channel 2 that the swift action of Cohen and other Border Police on the scene prevented a far greater and more massive attack that the terrorists had planned to commit against Israeli civilians.

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  • Robert Davis

    One more crime Netanyahu is responsible of. If that idiot and cowardly PM with no strategy whatsoever does claim Israel’s sovereignty it would enfore inernational law acknowledgement and Israel’s enemies such as France could not keep their rants about recognizing “palestine”(sic) without even the acknowledgement of the Security Counsel(does France think she is a majority by itself and does not need to care for the US veto on top of that?let alone the other many other legal points she ignores). Of course France does probably not mind one more international law’s points she ignores but this time it would refer to Israel as a military existing force and France is governed by cowards. France would take the risk of war against France and paris in particular where the govt.’s people sit their buttocks.

  • Richard E Sherwin

    may her name and memory be blessed among the people of israel!

    what a contrast to the 3 male butchers she helped prevent carrying out their violence on jews. and what a shame the best they couldnt find a way to improve the internal lot of palestinian citizens of their own kleptocracy, instead of obeying the incitement of their imams and national palestinian tv.

    and to think the great foreign press cant even tell the difference between her and them, let alone between and us.

  • the terrorists are using some code language to communicate. What is it? the police must crack it. They have planned and grouped together. even the police dogs should be pressed into service to check their messages

  • Hank

    The Religion of Peace strikes again.

  • Myron Slater

    Of course the Palestinians will say, the Border police attacked the terrorists. This is a hero of Israel! When will the world recognize that Israel is fighting for their lives?

  • G-D save Ysrael and it’s people from these animals.

  • Isaac Brajtman

    Thanks to Mr Ban Noon. Following in the footsteps of Koffie Annan

  • Chaim

    Why do you publish the name of these murders.. They want publicity and you have given it to them.future ,Just relate that they were 3 Muslim Arab Murders.. period.