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February 4, 2016 12:55 pm

Father of Slain 19-Year-Old Border Policewoman at Funeral: ‘How Can I Part With You?’

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Hadar Cohen, 19, the Israel Border Policewoman who was killed in Wednesday's terrorist attack at the Damascus Gate. Photo: Courtesy.

Hadar Cohen, 19, the Israel Border Policewoman who was killed in Wednesday’s terrorist attack at the Damascus Gate. Photo: Courtesy.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral on Thursday afternoon of the Israeli Border Policewoman who died of wounds sustained during Wednesday’s shooting and stabbing attack in east Jerusalem, the Hebrew news site nrg reported.

Nineteen-year-old Cpl. Hadar Cohen was buried at the Yehud military cemetery, with family, friends, comrades and government officials in attendance. Also there to pay her last respects was Ravit Mirishvili, the other Border Policewoman who was wounded in the attack.

“She saved my life,” Mirishvili told Prime Minister Netanyahu, who visited her in the hospital earlier that day, according to nrg.

At the gravesite, Cohen’s father read the mourners’ kaddish and burst into tears. “My darling daughter, how am I supposed to part with you?” he wailed.

“My dearest Hadari, our dearest. From being only ours, you have become dear to the entire people of Israel,” her sister, Mor, eulogized. “I cannot believe it. How can one react to those awful knocks at the door [breaking the news of your having been wounded in the attack]? I prayed to God that he would bring you back to us. A girl with a captivating smile. Always a leader … I love you. Maybe I wasn’t there for you enough. You gave me a lot of strength. You were the light of our household. Yesterday, you blocked the hateful and hate-filled terrorists with your body and soul…You took on the terrorist without thinking of the family. The people of Israel were what you saw in front of your eyes at the moment.”

She was referring to the fact that Cohen, who had only just been recruited into the Border Police two months earlier, managed “to prevent a much more wide-scale terrorist attack,” according to  the deputy commander of the Border Police, who also gave a eulogy at the funeral.

“I salute you, [Hadar],” he said.

The attack took place near the entrance to the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem at around 2 p.m., when three Palestinians from the West Bank – armed with knives, guns and pipe bombs – were stopped by Border Police and asked for their ID cards.

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  • I’m immune to the reaction of the Arab world, the U.S. media and the U.S. left–most particularly the BDSers–to this heinous killing. But when I think of the suffering of Hadar’s parents, I’m appalled. May God through the memory of their heroic and beautiful daughter relieve their suffering.

  • James Brown

    My heart goes out to this family, their grief is indescribable, one of their own taken away from them with much violence. Young Hadar in the flower of her youth protecting her colleagues, and the citizens of her country, it may seem that Elohim is absent, but be assured he has seen all. The day of our Lord is fast approaching . Shalom to the Cohen family and Shalom to th Land of Israel

  • ted weiss

    such a loss , a beatifull daughter of israel

  • Sofia B

    Our hearts are broken and sad, another tragic death this time Hadar. We feel with her family, and we share the sorrow in Israel.

    It’s time to take action against these barbarians – its not going to get better, only give examples to others to do the same. The UN, Obama, Kerry, Clinton, don’t give a damn.

    Rest in Peace Hadar, but how can we feel good about this beautiful young woman leaving us so early in her life.

  • ines

    EVERY DAY IS THE SAME, the murderers quietly are doing their desire and I ask my people: where is your pride, Israel, where is your mission? looking for your heaven´s FATHER

  • Nancy Williams

    To Cylus Benjamin, No one will know or understand why Adonai Eloheinu allows some to die & some to live, but we do know that He is G-d Supreme, Malek HaOlam…& His ways are greater than ours! Don’t lose Faith because He DOES hear our prayers. Your prayers did not fail. Keep your Faith in Yeshua because He shed His blood for us to set us free & in HIM we have Hope & a future. (Jeremiah 29:11 & Psalm 23). Hadar, you are a beautiful daughter of the Most High God & your reward is not in this world, but in His eternal, Everlasting world! Rest there in peace & deepest sympathies to your family, Israel & all of G-d’s Jewish nation… from Canada & our hearts. Xox

  • Dani

    HAdar is going to become a symbol of the defensive fight in Israel against arab terrorism and islamic fundamentalists. The Cohen’s blessings from now on will remind us of her sacrifice for the people of Israel.

  • Dan Gomez

    My heart goes out to the family friends and nation for there lost. Her life wasn’t lost in vain, you will see her again very soon. From the Gomez clan in America.
    We love you…Peace…Shalom

  • ART

    Obama/Hillary/Kerry remain silent. Their silence encourages more terror attacks, which is what they intend. Israel should punish the families demolish houses, refuse all benefits, sue for damages for the acts of the terrorists, yes the pa will pay them but it will still hurt. Also reduce the number of workers allowed from the pa areas. The gov should institute no parole and the death penalty for pa area terrorists. Time to get tough with the pa and its killers

  • My dear HADAR. I salute you and I am very proud what you did. I am very sad that this could happened in 2016 !!!!!!! As a senior octogenarian Holocaust survivor condolences to the family and SHALOM.

  • May she rest in PEACE.

  • Rebecca Camhi-Nachmia

    No words can soothe the terrible pain of the brave yong woman’s family, who gave her life for the security of Israel against terrorist attackers.

  • Mordecai Bwen Natan

    Meir Kahana was right.
    Israel should have expelled every Arab fron Israel
    Time for the Israeli government to do as Rabbi Khan suggested.

  • Peter Joffe

    The World will not be destroyed by those who do evil!
    But by those who watch and do nothing.
    Albert Einstein.
    I am far away but feel for the people of Israel and particularly the Cohens’ who have had to suffer the barbarians of Islam.

  • I too prayed sincerely unto Jesus to give her life back again. But nothing happened . this is a failure to me