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February 5, 2016 11:16 am

As Terror Rages in Israel, Hundreds of Ex-Combat Troops Get Gun Licenses

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Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (far right) with former members of Duvdevan, the IDF's anti-terrorist unit, on Thursday. Former Duvdevan members were issued firearm licenses. Photo: Public Security Ministry.

Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (far right) with former members of Duvdevan, the IDF’s anti-terrorist unit, on Thursday. Former Duvdevan members were issued firearm licenses. Photo: Public Security Ministry. – The Israeli Public Security Ministry on Thursday issued 304 firearm licenses to former members of the IDF’s anti-terrorist unit, Duvdevan. The decision was made in light of the dramatic rise in terrorism across Israel in recent months, and as part of Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan’s stated policy of easing the criteria for carrying a firearm.

“Issuing gun licenses to former Duvdevan members is a sensible step due to the security realities, and it will enhance our response capabilities in cases of possible terrorist attacks,” Erdan said.

“There is a pressing need for far more trained civilians in the streets, who can save lives,” he added.

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Duvdevan representatives who met with Erdan and employees of the ministry’s firearms department thanked them for expediting the licensing process. One former Duvdevan member said after the meeting, “We have a background in fighting terror, and we want to take part and contribute to the security of the state as caring citizens.”

Since the beginning of October 2015, more than 15,000 civilians have submitted requests for firearm licenses, compared to 3,000 in the same time period last year.

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  • AndreiVincenzo

    I think it is a right for any citizen of Israel to have the means to arm and protect themselves and their families. Generally, No one licensed with a permit to carry a concealed pistol in the States is a lawless irresponsible person.

    We as a society cannot rely on our local police and military to protect us from all harm. They are not omnipotent and cannot be everywhere. With proper vetting and safety training on the handling of such a weapon, lives can be saved. I have been licensed in Michigan since 1979 and have never had the need to draw my weapon, though I would not hesitate to use it if my life or the lives of my family were in danger.

    With all due respect, arming ourselves should not be an exclusive right for just our former police or military, but it is a G-d given right of every citizen to protect ourselves and the public at large in light of these perilous times .

  • Fed up

    Arm those men and women who have had combat training ,a 19 year old border policewoman is vulnerable ,no one wants to see any innocent lives lost on either side,but shoot first,prevention is better than cure.

  • Mark Anderson

    I’m somewhat confused by the license mentioned in this story. Are these just regular gun licenses permitting a person to possess firearms?

    Or are they the equivalent of an American “concealed carry” permit? That would make sense given the rest of the story.

    Could you clarify this for those of us in your international audience who aren’t familiar with Israel’s gun licensing legislation?

  • martin

    all former military should be allowed to carry guns who can you trust more

  • Dr Jack A Zeller

    Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan is presumably responsible for the severe restrictions on gun ownership which is less than 5% of the population. That sounds a lot like the american left than the Israel right.

    The intifada accelerates because people like Erdan are waiting and praying rather planning and acting. The addition of only 304 licenses is tokenism. Another photo opportunity? An opportunity to demonstrate incompetence? Why does not every IDF reserve not have a gun and instructions to carry it all times? Why not require mandatory refresher training NOW for shooting in close quarters?

  • RiverKing

    Civilians licensed to carry a concealed weapon are more effective than even a larger number of armed police. Terrorists have to guess who is carrying a weapon. And when they guess wrong, the innocent looking elderly lady blows them away.

  • Sofia B

    Congratulations and good luck to the brave men representatives of the Duvdevan. Give them all the ammo and defend innocent Israelis, from those cowards, that are getting bolder and bolder.
    May they rot in hell.

  • Tone Lechtzier

    Shalom, too little, too late. All Jewish Israelis should be armed to the teeth. The “higher ups” are certainly well protected, what’s good for the gander, is good for the goose. For every Jewish murder, 10,000 Arabs should be deported. They are a malignant cancer in the world, G-d forbid, not all. As far as I’m concerned the Knesset is a wuss for not taking appropriate action to secure Jews safety.My god father Meir Lansky knew how to deal with it in Israel’s early days. Arabs would sell their property to Jews, and come back and murder them, and move back in. Meir put out the word for every Jewish murder, it was either a 100, or a 1000 Arabs would die. In about two weeks, guess what… it stopped. Wake up.
    Blessings ~ Tone

  • Enezio E. de Almeida Filho

    All Jews in Israel should have the right to own and carry concealed weapons for defense purposes.

  • Mickey Oberman

    At last a positive and essential move.

    My very best wishes to the men and women who are doing what so many of us old geezers wish we could do.


  • Great Idea, about time.

  • Atilla

    I wish Israel could invade Europastan !!!!