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February 7, 2016 7:45 am

King’s College London Says Students ‘Crossed Line’ in Anti-Israel Protest; Invites Lecturer Back

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An anti-Israel protester with a Palestinian flag, outside the room where Ami Ayalon was giving a talk at Kings College London. The university concluded that the protesters "crossed the line." Photo:  Youtube/Screenshot.

An anti-Israel protester with a Palestinian flag, outside the room where Ami Ayalon was giving a talk at Kings College London. The university concluded that the protesters “crossed a line.” Photo: Youtube/Screenshot.

King’s College London concluded on Friday that anti-Israel students who turned violent during a protest on campus last month went too far.

The university said in a report that after conducting a “swift and comprehensive investigation into the events which took place,” it has concluded that “a number of individuals intentionally disrupted the rights of others to exercise freedom of speech within the law.”

“Those individuals who chose to behave inappropriately crossed a line and should be held accountable for doing so,” the university said.

As The Algemeiner previously reported, anti-Israel activists chanted “Free Palestine” and “Viva Viva Palestina,” as they hurled chairs, broke a window and physically assaulted an event organizer at a lecture given on Jan. 19 by Ami Ayalon, a former head of Israel’s Shin Bet security agency. Angry protesters at the event – co-sponsored by the Israel Societies of Kings College London and the London School of Economics — also set off fire alarms on every floor of the building in which the lecture was held. Security guards were already on the premises but dozens of police officers were called to the scene of the violence.

King’s College London said there is “sufficient evidence of misconduct” against those who participated in the protest inside the university’s Norfolk building. The incident will now be referred to a disciplinary committee.

The university’s report added: “As the majority of the students involved in entering the Norfolk building were not King’s students, we will assist other London institutions in any way we can to take action under their disciplinary procedures.”

Professor Ed Byrne, president and principal of King’s College London, accepted all findings of the investigation and said he invited Ayalon to return to King’s College. The former head of the Shin Bet accepted the invitation.

Byrne said the university has a “duty to uphold freedom of speech within the law and will fight against intolerance wherever it is found.”

“Intimidating behavior is completely unacceptable and goes against everything that we stand for at King’s,” he added. “We do not, and will not, condone the use of any form of violent protest.”

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  • betty schneck

    Kings College should do more to protect all its students. If they don soon they will become the dhimmis If this represents Islam I feel sorry for their education and consider them sloth.

  • Mike

    The big question is – this happened on Jan 19. Why did Kings College take so long to admit the Muslims were wrong. The school saw immediately the damage done, the interruptions. Why have security if they are just going to stand around and watch? Besides charging the morons who staged this inhuman activity and sending them to prison, the security guards need to be fired.

  • Galloway

    Have pro-Palestine/BDS gangs ever produced civil public behavior? I’m surprised that by now anyone should expect something different.

  • You need a Jewish Defense League well trained

    • orange

      The JDL is the last thing that is needed…it is like pouring gasoline on a fire. Besides, British Jewry doesn’t have the fortitude. They are weak compared to American Jews and super weak compared to Israelis.

  • Al Talena

    Unfortunately, American university officials don’t have the ‘baitzim’ to discipline islamo fascist actions on campus where they interfere in freedom of speech. In reality, we are seeing the imposing of a m.e. standard of tyranny coupled with tyranny of the left on our campuses.

  • Randall Otto

    The incident should be referred to the police for prosecution of those who engaged in such vandalism and intimidation. The rights of all to speak and address issues in a civil manner must be upheld everywhere, particularly in a university setting.

  • May King’s College be vastly successful! It seems to be one of very few that uphold the right to freedom of speech.

  • Students causing damage and restricting rights of others should be expelled,any none students should be charged with trespass and willful damage

  • Peter Joffe

    It has become a worldwide phenomena that violence is the best way to protest. Peaceful protest achieves very little so bring on the thugs and beat people into submission.??? Freedom of speech is now freedom to intimidate, injure, even murder and trash. It has to be stopped as it gets worse by the day. The minority forces its view on the majority and it seems that the only time a majority has its say is in democratic elections? After that the minority gets its way through political correctness, accusations of racism and violence. Democracy is under serious threat and civilized values have no value any longer.

    • ronnie pleet

      Well said

  • stevenl

    Not should but MUST be held accountable. Once you allow the Sharia law in your country, expect anything!

  • Moses

    Islam, a racist fascist religion of hate destruction and death.Muslims don’t believe in free speech or democracy. They will be kicked out of the EU.

  • Paul Cerar

    Why have no criminal charges been laid against the fascists?

  • SteveHC

    A very good and appropriate response from Kings… and one which, I must admit, I was not expecting. At least one actual Kings student involved is about to be expelled from the school – also very aporopriate.

  • Australian Jewish lawyer

    Algemeiner: would you please contact KCL to find out whether charges are going to be laid against students? Were arrests made? A disciplinary process is not sufficient. These were acs of thuggery that must be criminally prosecuted to ensure they don’t happen again. Media like Algemeiner have power in that they have many constituents, and you can use that power to demand criminal prosecution.

  • ZG

    Hopefully more and more institutions and individuals will stand up to BDS lawlessness and it intimidation.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Now let’s see what transpires.