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February 10, 2016 1:52 pm

New York Times’ Thomas Friedman Says Peace Process Is Dead

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New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman. Photo: Screenshot.

New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman. Photo: Screenshot.

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process “is dead,” declared longtime New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman in a piece about the Middle East on Thursday.

“The next US president will have to deal with an Israel determined to permanently occupy all the territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, including where 2.5 million West Bank Palestinians live,” he wrote, referring to the West Bank, or what the Israeli authorities refer to as Judea and Samaria.

In pondering who killed the said peace process, Friedman suggested everyone from right-wing settlers — “able to sabotage any Israeli politician or army officer who opposed them” — to the Gaza-ruling terror group Hamas, which made a “laughingstock of Israeli peace advocates” through its devotion of resources to means of violent resistance to Israel, rather than somehow turning “Gaza into Singapore.”

In addition to Hamas, Friedman also blamed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for sacking the PA prime minister, Salam Fayyad, who Friedman said was committed to institution-building and fighting corruption.

He also blamed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, now into his third consecutive term, “whose lust to hold onto his seat of power is only surpassed by his lack of imagination to find a secure way to separate from the Palestinians… Bibi won: He’s now a historic figure — the founding father of the one-state solution.”

“They all killed the two-state solution,” Friedman wrote, going on to predict, “Let the one-state era begin. It will involve a steady low-grade civil war between Palestinians and Israelis and a growing Israeli isolation in Europe and on college campuses that the next US president will have to navigate.”

The last US attempt to restart the peace process was Secretary of State John Kerry’s initiative leading to nine months of negotiations between Israel and the PA, but those efforts ended without results and the 2014 Gaza war erupted soon after.

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  • Mark

    There cannot be “peace” with the Palestinians as long as they, as a national goal is genocide of the Jews. Now before you comment to “correct” me? Understand that the UNITY government of the PA and Hamas accepts Hamas’s actual verbiage of genocide of the Jews. Now we all KNOW that the PA is smarter and talks out of both sides of it’s mouth, as it say it condemns terrorism on all peoples, it names schools, stadiums, squares and streets after mass murderers…. The so called PEACE PROCESS was really appeasing the Palestinians national movement, or what I like to say, ISIS of the West Bank.

  • Abbushuki

    Hey Tom: Howzabout considering that your beloved ‘peace process’ was one of the most stupid ideas of the last 100 years? It took you how long to figure this out? The Arabs want Israel dead and that’s not changing, so where have you been all this time? I know, in the dreamland of left field.

  • Avrohom Bilgrei

    Thomas Friedman is DEAD between the ears!

  • Susan singer

    Oh please, Friedman.!! ISRAEL gave the Palestinians so much rope and they HUNG THEMSELVES!!! Dont minimize the degree of hatred and terrorism against the Israelis by the Palestinians. You assign equal guilt to both sides. Facts don’t to you. SHAME ON YOU!!

  • Ellen

    What crap! The ONLY reason that there is no peace between Israel and Gazans (NOT Palestinians since there is no such state or peoples) is that Gazan elected leadership has refused all offers of settlement from Israel based solely upon their refusal to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish state among so many Islamic states. Since the NYT is so obviously favorable to Israel ceding its identity, I don’t wonder that they criticize Netanyahu, who was elected to do just what he’s doing. Don’t bother criticizing Netanyahu or Israel for failure of peace since Gazan leadership refuses to sit down and discuss or negotiate for it. Rather, they are fat and safe using UN and US welfare, while Gazans suffer at their hands and their hands only and while they continue to poison the minds of their children, who they use as shields in warfare and warriors in their behalf. What a group of cowardly, self-pitying good-for-nothings. Sure, you just keep inciting them by appeasement of their stinking thinking, rather than giving them a respectful, honest critique of what they’re doing wrong. Keep looking to Israel to cede its identity for no one’s sake but your own, because the world wants to dictate terms to Jews, whose power simply cannot be tolerated. When Jews in Israel mean NEVER AGAIN, it’s not like the mantra sung in other parts of the world. They MEAN never again. I’ll tell you what. You want peace in the Mideast? You want Israel to cede lands won in wars she didn’t start? Convince Obama to return Texas to Mexico to set a good example. Convince any other country to do what you ask of Israel. Let’s see how successful you are.

  • John Train

    One of the major problems with Thomas Friedman is that he has never outgrown his smug, “I am smarter than you” attitude that he picked up as a left-wing undergraduate at Brandeis University.

    Talking to Friedman, who views himself as an expert on the Middle East (or any other subject that matters)you soon find that he gets wrapped up in his own assumed sense of geopolitical brilliance and is very willing to mislead his viewers with twisted and/or totally false information just to make a point.

    When Friedman talks about the wave of discontent that is sweeping the Middle East, Friedman quickly invokes his penchant for pop-pomposity. As he puts it, as far as the Mideast is concerned “stability has left the building” (he liked the phrase so much that he used it twice). Moreover, he insisted,we are “still in the top of the first inning”.

    Friedman went on to indicate that solving the Israeli-Palestinian problem was still a regional core issue (something the lack of anti-Israeli rhetoric during the demonstrations from Tunis to Tahrir Square proved was not quite true – at least as far as the Arab masses go. )

    What’s more, Friedman – who has been on an anti-Israel rant and rage for some time now – went on to suggest that it was the Jewish state and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu who are holding up the peace works…not the Palestinians who steadfastly refuse to negotiate face to face until Israeli agrees to prior conditions . In other words Friedman would have Israel”surrender”, not “negotiate”.

    My Arab Associates said that the “Saudi peace deal” was given to Friedman sine only he had an ego big enough to believe that if he championed this “offer to consider normalization” (only after all parties had their territorial and other demands against Israel met) he could single-handedly bring peace to the world.

  • Stein

    I called the death of the socalled ‘Peace Process’ at least 5 years ago.

    Despite the peacenik spin, it was a ‘legitimate terrorists process’ and, in principle, unable to achieve peace in the first place.

  • dante

    old tom “jowls” friedman, America’s public fool: he’s wrong about a lot, but nothing so consistently as Israel.

    “Israel determined to hold the territories”? fool, despite the fact that Israel has a legal right to those territories, a right superior to anyone else’s, Israel would have made concessions to a credible treating partner. but, only a fool would condemn Israel for not surrendering land to its mortal enemies. only a fool would do that. enter “jowls” friedman.

    “lust to hold power”? “lack of imagination”? hey, fool: here’s some news: reaching an agreement with Israel’s enemies does NOT depend on any Israeli imagination; it depends, fool, on the hatred or goodwill of the enemy. and, fool, where are your winning ideas?

    old tom, a fool with a column and a gold rolex. oh, and those jowls…the more pompous he gets, the bigger they get. it’s getting to be like tom’s twin.

  • Harry

    I was hoping the says peace process part wasn’t there.