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February 11, 2016 3:04 pm

UK Mother Decries Apathy of Passengers to Son’s Falling Prey to Antisemitic Abuse on London Underground

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The London Underground. Photo: Wikipedia.

The London Underground. Photo: Wikipedia.

The concerned mother of a 23-year-old and his girlfriend who were abused by a man shouting antisemitic epithets on the London Tube has called on fellow Britons to stand up for the victims of antisemitism.

“Please, if you hear someone being yelled at for being Jewish, don’t believe this is not in your name. Otherwise, who knows? Next time it might be you getting the ‘nothing to worry about’ text, when you should have been worrying long before…” wrote Angela Epstein, in a piece in the UK’s Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

The story began when Epstein received a casual text message from her son, Sam, reading: “Nothing to worry about, but…. just been verbally abused by a stranger calling me a ‘f***ing Jew’ on the Tube.”

Apparently, “a complete stranger who appeared to be Muslim, began screaming at him for being Jewish. He also called Sam and his ‘people’ murderers for killing ‘my people.’ As the rant continued, the rest of the carriage buried their heads in their free newspapers or peered in fascination at their laps. Even though the stranger alighted at the same stop as Sam and persisted with his poisonous invective,” she wrote.

Ultimately, Sam ignored his assailant’s verbal abuse and “walked away,” though a police report about the incident was filed.

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  • enufizenuf

    EVERY JEW A 22.

  • Ellen

    Why do people fear speaking up against an anti-semitic rant? Because they think that it will go away if they ignore it. What they don’t realize is that they’re ceding their values and their culture to a bunch of ignorant troglodytes, and the troglodytes are winning because they aren’t being corrected. It won’t be long before western culture disappears in the EU, which has been seeded with Muslims. Those who fail to fight for their identity will eventually lose it.

  • duPont

    I believe that the young man did the right thing by being silent. He would only have inflamed his tormentor by responding defensively. Since the British are not known for standing up to their Muslim trash, it is no surprise that no one on the tube said anything. Not getting involved is the Pavlovian response to these incidents. Unfortunately, no one seems to care enough about their fellow human beings to take a stand against bigotry or harassment. They are allowing their Muslim population to change them into quasi Muslimites. Shame on the British for abandoning their former glory! As a 75 year old female, I would readily stand up for anyone being attacked physically or verbally and actually have done so! Wake up children! Help maintain civility and humanity for your progeny! If you don’t, they will indeed be coming for you!

  • Seth Ginsburg

    Another argument for open-carry

  • art frank

    The muslim was typical of his kind: Inbred and evil. Hating someone he never met.unfortunately for Jews in england, the country is becoming inundaied with
    these inbred low-life muslims which the uk government cannot control. Best for uk Jews to
    make aliya to Israel as it will only get worse as the uk and the rest of europe is being flooded with millions of muslims, most of them brainwashed into hating Jews.

  • Sandra Vincent

    Julian Clovelly…….so it’s the settlers fault we are suffering from anti semitism eh? That’s not what the Nazis said, or anyone preceding them. It’s easy to conflate and blame the victim!

    • Seathrún Mac Éin

      Anti-Semitism among Muslims is not new: it dates from the time that the Jews of Arabia refused to recognise Mohammed as a true prophet. As a result, Mohammed expelled two Jewish communities from Arabia and massacred a third.
      As to Western anti-Semitism, this is not entirely due to “Christians” – many only Christian in name! A controversial Jewish historian has traced the beginning of European anti-Semitism to an inaccurate account of one period of early Egyptian history written in Greek by Manetho in the third century BEFORE CHRIST.(See pages 94-98 AGES IN CHAOS by Immanuel Velikovsky, British edition Sidgwick and Jackson, London 1953)
      Why then have so many Christians promoted – or seemed to promote – anti-Semitic views? The reasons are not all “theological”. The trouble is that while Christianity began as a sect of Judaism, Gentiles (non-Jews) soon became a majority of its followers and – at that time – most Gentiles, unlike Jews, were illiterate or very poorly educated. As a result, they were poorly informed on anything more than the basic points of their faith and did not know – and certainly did not take to heart – its Jewish roots. Thus they were all too easily influenced by the pre-existing anti-Semitism derived from the writings of Manetho. Many devout literate Christians today, on the other hand, who know and love the Scriptures also love the Jewish people who gave us the Scriptures. Some even realise that it is ridiculous to love Yeshua (Jesus) whom we believe to be Israel’s Messiah and not also to love Israel and the Jewish people.

  • Rachel Cohen

    Why would a grown man run and tell mommy? there is something very wrong with this man.

    • duPont

      I respectfully disagree. It was natural for him to tell her of the insults hurled at him for being Jewish. What she then did may not have been his idea, however, I applaud the mother for making this a public issue.

    • Esther Kaplan

      Baloney to Rachel. There are those of us moms who can have conversations with our offspring without falling into the parameters of “mommyism.” Just the fact that this young man and his friend were able to emerge from the situation physically unscathed would make a mom happy. You don’t know if he came whining to mom or just remarked on something that happened during his day. And the fact is that Jews are being attacked with words, knives, fists, guns and cars all over Europe and in the Middle East, including in Israel. We talk about these things in our homes. A new age is upon us and it isn’t going to be pleasant.

    • Brian Goldfarb

      So, Ms Cohen, who would you tell if this happened to you? No-one? The police (as, apparently happened), or, if young enough – i.e., so that your parents were still alive and in good health – your parents? I’d be bothered if my children, of that age, didn’t tell me.

      Or are you so mentally strong that such a verbal attack wouldn’t bother you? Tell us what you would have done?

    • Edna

      What an unpleasant thing to say!!! Ofcourse there is nothing wrong with calling his mother!!

      Many years’s ago when the Sinai belinged to Israel, we were in Sharm el Sheikh where there was a lone telephone booth. I was trying to call my Israeli family in Ramat Fan when a tough looking IDF SOLDIER DEMANDED THAT i vacate the booth as he needed to make a phone call.

      When I protested he harshly told me he wanted to call his mother, and that was more important than my phone call…..i had my three young children near me, and my phone call was important….but I was not calling my mother, so I let him have the phone.

  • Yishai

    If Sam only buried his head and ignored the abuse, the mother has nothing to complain about, because Sam himself sadly set the tone for non-confrontation that the rest of the silent train car was only too happy to follow. If Sam set about confronting and even fighting the ignorant hate speech ranter, and no one came to his defense, then the mother might have something to ‘complain’ about.

    The outrage in this should be wholly against the crazed Islamist, who has been so warped by the message of extremist insanity of genocidal hatred against Israel and the Jews to believe the behavior exhibited was warranted.

    We all must against the rise of Islamic terrorism and extremism, if it is to be defeated for the good of the entire civilized world.

    • Edna

      . It was not Sam who buried his head, it was tbe other passengers.

      We Britons are taught to ignore loony bins who out of the blue hurl insults at us. We are taught that if we “ignore” the incident it will just go away

      In this day and age one does not attack a Muslim ranting anti-Semitic vituperations. He/she may very well be carrying a knife!

      Sam must have been quite shocked!!!! This sort of thing never happened to me during all tbe years I used to live in England.

      It did hapoen to me in Montreal, and the anti-Semitic rant came from a well dressed non-Arab non-Muslim woman who said I had killed Jesus Christ! She obviously was not carrying a knife, so I laughed at her and made mince meat out if her accusations.

  • We are world famous for not wanting to be involved,for “nothing to do with us “, for crossing the street.Even more so, if the unpleasantries involve “foreigners.”

  • atilla

    You know the Ukistan gestapo will throw the report in the trash.

    Muzslime filth are a protected species.

  • Michael Ackerman

    No Churchill in Great Britain. LONDONISTAN is Done !

  • Shame on you my fellow Londoners! Have you all become so
    scared that together you can’t intervene in this scenario unfolding
    before you ? My Jewish parents lost so many of their family in
    concentration camps during WW2 and always taught us to stand
    and resist when the moment came.. We have cameras in buses
    and trains nowadays plus armed police everywhere so when you
    reached the next station you could have helped this couple at
    no risk. This has become the norm here,don’t get involved
    but next time it could be you! Remember guardsman
    Lee Rigby stabbed by two madmen in Woolwich for just being
    an off duty soldier? What happened to the British bulldog spirit?

  • Julian Clovelley

    To find someone sounding off about anything on the London Underground wasn’t so unusual in the days when I used to use it – which were many years ago. The general practice has usually been to only intervene if there was a realistic threat of actual, rather than verbal, abuse. The person abused would generally just walk away, well aware that his fellow passengers were quite aware his attacker was a nut. Confrontation was avoided as an act of policy rather than cowardice. Ignoring fools is often the best policy.

    Pulling the alarm would likely have halted the train in the tunnel, which would have been a very dangerous thing to do in a crowded train. A more sensible action – if possible – would have been to use a mobile phone to notify what was happening. The key immediate aim would normally be de-escalation – reporting the incident later. Here in Australia the rare incidents of racist abuse on public transport are quietly videoed using mobile phones so the abuser can be prosecuted later and shamed on YouTube

    It is difficult to know how to deal with these situations in that one does not know how the person victimised chooses to handle the matter. One is anxious not to escalate the matter to the point where a physical confrontation occurs and the victim is physically injured. Sometimes eye contact with the perpetrator – who quite likely is mentally ill – is all that is needed to set them off.

    Had I been the victim I would likely not have got out at the same station, rather wasting five minutes going to the next station and then taking the next train back, especially if I had my girlfriend with me. Safety must come first. The abuse only defames the abuser in the public’s eye

    It is useful sometimes if the victim lets surrounding people know they would like intervention. In Australia such intervention has happened on many occasions and events recorded.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the behaviour of extremist West Bank settlers has fuelled antisemitism and placed many Jewish people unnecessarily and irrelevantly in the line of fire. Not everyone makes the separation between the various strands of Jewish opinion. I find that deplorable but compare it with a similar situation during the Apartheid years of South Africa when sometimes individual white South Africans were automatically regarded as racists. People forgot just how many white South Africans were themselves opposed to Apartheid.

    In my opinion the Occupation and the Settlements have negatively affected Jews as a whole because of unreasoned association. They have made it harder to treat antisemitism as the disease that it certainly is when talking with other people. The present Government of Israel has incidentally done Jews worldwide a terrible disservice in posing as representing all Jews and as the ONLY valid Jewish opinion. With friends like Zionist extremists who needs enemies!

    • Shalom-Hillel

      Sorry to see you back here attacking the Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria. Your argument is nil for the simple fact that Israelis and Jews were attacked before 1967 as well.

      As you must know, Israel was attacked, unprovoked, FROM the West Bank before Israel went in there to rout the attackers. It’s people like you from whom the fanatics take support.
      You always manage to ignore the terrorism and hatred before the “occupation”.

      Give up your tired line. It is not supported by the facts.

    • Joseph Wein

      Julian Clovelley – You doubtless like to think of yourself as a rational, dispassionate guy, but your venom is simply more genteel. You have no doubt that West Bank settlers fuel antisemitism in the UK. Really?

      And then you make a reference to Apartheid SA? You obviously know nothing about apartheid. Nobody who has ever lived through apartheid and who has examined Israel makes such a comparison. Israel is a good country in a bad neighborhood. That neighborhood by the way is migrating. Good luck with that.

      The fact is that you need no reason to hate Jews, Julian. They are there so you hate them. Muslims hate Jews too, but fear not – they hate you as well, Julian, even if you adore them.

      Sadly great Britannia has lost her way, and you are a perfect demonstration of that.

  • Topcat

    Thousands of Jews travel on the tube every day but you make this horrid attack, headline news. I (a white gentile in my sixties at the time) was pushed off a packed train on the day of the Notting Hill Carnival a few years ago by a young black girl for accidentally treading on her toe when trying to alight from the train. I stood on the platform demanding to know why she pushed me off and kept repeating myself until the trains doors closed. Not one person defended me. They all looked down. People suffer abuse every day on the tube and although I deeply sympathise with the victim here I can’t help but feel you go looking for things to complain about. ‘Nation will rise against nation and ethnic group against ethnic group.’ We Christians suffer too you know and there are far greater grievances against some Christians than being verbally abused. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour but we are all living in a mad mad world not just the Jews. I sat opposita a guy wearing his kippah on the tube last week and he was perfectly safe and people don’t even notice what you are wearing. I honestly think the average jo is more aware and on guard when a guy with a beard and ruck sack gets onto the tube. If you look for things to write to a newspaper about you will find them. I have been reading Algemeiner for years now and the comments are like a broken record. Poor old us and everybody hates us. NO THEY DON’T. There are millions of believers out there who stick up for you daily and make enemies on your behalf. Start focusing on the good in this world. While I’m at it, Jesus loves you. Give Him a chance.

    • Shalom-Hillel

      Jews appreciate Christians who are supportive.
      Your comment raises complex issues.
      I do try to raise awareness against abuse of Christians in the Mideast.
      I think Jews and Christians are increasingly making common cause, and we should continue to do so.

  • Pastor Niemoeller said, ‘And when they came for me there was none left to speak for me’ (NOT a verbatim quote).

  • Ellen north

    Another despicable act. When will England and Europe wake up? Hopefully before it is too late

  • Menahem

    All indications we should make Aliyah to Israel. Islam is a murderous cult, and if I ever should be abused, I will abuse the Muslim world or the person back. One must not stand idly by, when these miscreants are abusing us. There is nothing that Islam or the Muslim world has contributed to the human society, that is the reason, they want from both worlds. Except for their murderous ideology. They are worst of the worst kind. Shout back at the person. It is also Arab indoctrination.

  • Undoubtedly, the passengers on the “Tube” were scared to death to confront the Muslim. Sadly, gone are the days when England had courageous men like Admiral Horatio Nelson. Unfortunately, many 21st Century Englishmen have lost the courage to defend their countrymen against vicious Jew-haters and barbarians.

  • Ted U.

    They always come for the Jews first.
    to all those that remained silent, keep in mind that you will all be next.

  • Vivien Rotenberg

    As a Canadian Jew and a former Brit I am disgusted hearing about Sam Epstein’s horrible experience on the tube. I am getting very worried because our very naive new Prime Minister insists on bringing in Syrian refugees and I am afraid that soon they will be demanding Sharia law and attacking our citizens similar to what happened in Cologne, Germany. I guess the people in the tube were too afraid to get involved in case the guy had a knife and would start stabbing them. Good luck.

    • Mickey Oberman


      As a fellow Canadian I am in complete agreement with you.
      Trudeau is a very dangerous ignoramus who is incapable of original thought. He is very good at reciting what others have written for him regardless of what he may be repeating.

      In 1991 during the Gulf War I went to Israel and worked at a military base.
      I was 59 then but I did what I could.
      Today at 83 I will still do what I can. Should anyone confront me the way Sam Epstein was confronted, he would very soon be the recipient of blows from my very solid cane.

      Sam had his girlfriend with him. He was very gallant in not wanting her to be present in a freeforall with a virulent barbarian who, based on the histories of these butchers, could have been tragic.