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February 16, 2016 5:06 am

Guardian Headline Omits Fact That Palestinians Were Killed AFTER Attacking Israelis

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A Palestinian terrorist killed after he stabbed an Israel. Photo:  Twitter, Israel News Feed.

A Palestinian terrorist killed after he stabbed an Israel. Photo: Twitter, Israel News Feed.

The Guardian has once again published a report on terror attacks with a headline that not only focuses on the fate of those who initiated the violence, but fails to even inform readers that the Palestinians were killed only after attempting to attack Israeli security forces. The Guardian’s version of an Associated Press (AP) report, on multiple terror incidents in the West Bank, led with this headline:

“Three Palestinian teenagers shot dead in West Bank”

It’s only in the strap line, and then in the opening passage, that we’re told Israeli security forces were under attack before the Palestinians were shot.

Tellingly, the original AP article (which included information on additional terror incidents ) did in fact note in the headline that the Palestinians killed were “attackers.”

“Israel: 5 Palestinians killed while attacking Israelis “

Remarkably, even Al Jazeera’s headline accompanying its own report on attacks in the West Bank that day managed to note that the Palestinians died while carrying out “alleged” attacks.

See here for additional examples, at other media outlets, of egregiously biased or inaccurate terror-related headlines.

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  • stevenl

    Guardian + BBC + NYT + Le Monde (+ many others) = collectivistic and bigoted antisemitism.

  • Isaac Brajtman

    The Guardian is in business to make money.

    2 billion potential readers will by buy more papers tan 12 million , so pander to them.

    Who cares about the truth .

    • stevenl

      Which 12 Mil?

  • Jonas

    Okay the Guardian is the Guardian,
    but I don’t understand one is reading that bloody f***ing
    s**t paper.

    • stevenl

      Guardian of what? Immorality and or amorality.

  • We need a list of trustworthy publications, broadcasters and journalists in the USA, so we don’t waste time reading the rest. Can anyone compile & publish such a list, please?

  • Ephraim

    I believe “Guardian” is short for Guardian of barbarism and savagery.

  • Peter Joffe

    Slanted journalism is a blight on the industry of free speech. Come on The Guardian, declare your love for terrorists so that in the future you can lovingly report on people who are deservedly being decapitated and don’t be surprised if some of the those headless people are The Guardian reporters. Convert or die is what you seem to want. Cahnge the name of you publication to “The Guardian of Islam”. You have taken sides so your publication no longer has any value.

  • What is it at stake for this kind of malevolent Journalism? What is it they fear most by telling the truth?

  • Sheldon Goldberg

    The same thing is happening in the Washington Post. Their strap line in the 15 February “Digest” that addressed this incident read: 3 Palestinians killed in West Bank attacks. Only after one gets into the article, does one learn that they were knife-wielding teenagers attacking Israeli security forces.

  • dante

    the persistent, systematic falsification of the news leaves no doubt that “the guardian” has abandoned all pretense at journalism. it has exchanged the role of journalist for that of propagandist.

    the government of Israel has to face so much hatred that it is reluctant to respond in any way, however modest, measured or tentative, that could be used as a pretext for additional media “drive-bys.” NEVERTHELESS, Israel should remove the press credentials of the “the guardian,” nyt, bbc, afp, npr, etc.

    close the bureaux. IMMEDIATELY, cancel their press credentials. deport the enablers of terrorists, their allies and collaborators. give them ONE hour to settle their affairs, then, drive them to the airport for their departure on the next out-bound flight (irrespective of whether that flight is to irkutsk or brazzaville, or some malaria-infested swampland…wherever…just get rid of these enemies).

  • Ralph Richman

    How many times do you need to be cited for bias to finally get it? Or is your originization so corrupted by bias against Israel that any criticism falls on deaf ears.