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February 18, 2016 4:04 pm

21-Year-Old Israeli Killed in Palestinian Stabbing Spree in West Bank Supermarket

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A victim being transported into an ambulance outside the West Bank supermarket where Palestinian teens went on a stabbing spree. Photo: Twitter.

A victim being transported into an ambulance outside the West Bank supermarket where Palestinian teens went on a stabbing spree. Photo: Twitter. – Two Palestinian teenage terrorists on Thursday stabbed two Israelis at a supermarket north of Jerusalem.

The Israeli victims, ages 21 and 35, were evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital. The 21-year-old later died from his wounds. The attackers, Bassem Subach and Omar Salim, both 14, were also taken to the hospital after being shot by armed civilians at the scene of the attack—the Rami Levy supermarket in the Sha’ar Binyamin area.

The civilians who stopped the attackers, Ben Hamo and Hanamel Even Chen, recounted the attack in interviews with Israel National News.

“I came to shop at Rami Levy, I was in the aisle of aluminum foil and the like, Shabbat candles, and suddenly I heard shouts and immediately I understood that an attack was happening,” Hamo said.

“I ran in the direction of the shouts, I saw a terrorist in front of me with a knife in hand approaching me,” he said. “I told him, ‘Stop, throw away the knife.’ He took another step, I shot him with a precise bullet to bring him down.”

Hamo said he saw the other civilian, Chen, shoot the second terrorist.

“[I] heard another terrorist, I looked to the right, then there was another guy behind me named Hanamel, he shot him with two bullets and eliminated him too,” said Hamo.

Chen said he “saw someone trying to get up after taking some kind of hit from a shopping cart, with a knife in his hand trying to get up towards a woman a meter away from him….[the terrorist shot] two bullets to the center of his mass, and the guy fell, thank God.”

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  • Atilla

    Shoot to kill. Use low velocity, hollow point ammunition, for maximum effect.

    All Israeli citizens need to be armed.

  • Yadja

    Time for Israel to arm all the Israeli Jews. Time to have armed guards all over Israel. Time to wipe Hamas and all it’s leaders out. Kill them all.

  • Amy Sheneman

    I just hope both of these arab bastards die from their injuries – they make me sick preying on innocent people just doing their grocery shopping – they deserve to die or they will just do this again – mI’d hang them in public as a deterrent to more attacks

  • andreiVincenzo

    I don’t really know how to take this report. You have two teenagers who terrorize a supermarket who aim to kill or do great bodily harm to innocent people. I was concerned about the one rescuer who emphasized he precisely shot him to disable him.

    I am glad to see civilians fighting back but to take extraordinary measures to save the life of someone who is trying to kill you makes no sense to me. All that has happened was to groom a future terrorist who may one day go after one and kill one of your loved ones. In the States, you have a right to protect yourself and if necessary take that life which threatens yours. You will not dissuade someone bent on your destruction.

    Age of the perpetrator makes no difference. That child has been groomed to hate from the day it could walk and talk. Taking a like to protect yourself or a loved one is not easy but you have to wake up to the cold hard fact that these terrorists want you dead and they have ” Martyred ” themselves in their mind. Might as well help them on their way and oblige them.

  • jakob wasi

    La la land reporting. The newspaper doesn’t dare to look at the deep rooted causes for Palestinian of Israli nationality or under Zionist colonial rule attack Israelis. Dah. It’s the short sighted blind policies of the Zionist elite. It’ss time to change…if not Israel as it defines itself has turned into a despot Levantine country!

    • Acher E BenAbuya

      Yes, of course it’s all the fault of the Jews. After all the “Jews Ate Their Homework” Arabs have no agency in the world; and therefore, zero responsibility for their actions.


    Those savage bastards should have been shot in the leg, so that they will never again be able to walk,
    Time for every Israeli to carry a weapon.
    I hope that these savages are sent to prison for life, with no parole.

    Their parents should also be jailed.

  • Prayers for the injured and for the families of the dead and injured. How many terrorists were there? Have they all been killed? To paraphrase: the only terrorist who cannot kill again is a dead terrorist.

  • h.s.cohen

    Baruch Dayan Emet.

    • asher Gold


  • B”H PM Mr Netanyahu should go to The Supreme Court and enact the following simple law:

  • These despicable murders of Israeli civilians will continue until Israel unilaterally annexes Yesha. The relentless incitement of young Arabs to murder Jews must end by replacing the PLO/Hamas terrorist entities with Israeli governance.

  • Ephraim

    I can see the headlines now, “Two Palestinians shot in a supermarket.”

  • Ron

    The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist!