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February 18, 2016 4:22 am

Former Democratic White House Advisers Knock Sanders’ Economic Plans

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  Photo: Wikipedia.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Photo: Wikipedia.

Politico – Former top economic advisers to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are taking aim at the underpinnings of Bernie Sanders’ plan on income inequality and employment, particularly expressing dismay at the assumptions of professor Gerald Friedman, who has advised Sanders’ campaign on economic issues.

In an open letter to Sanders and Friedman, a University of Massachusetts at Amherst economics professor educated at Harvard and Columbia, the four former members of the Council of Economic Advisers write that they’re worried that Sanders is citing flimsy arguments from Friedman.

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  • Yadja

    He is a Socialist not a Democrat and he is promising everything for free from college to healthcare. Yet not one of his supporters have the brains to ask him how he intends to do it. Putting his taxes on the table they add up to 75% and we know how that went over in France, it bombed, wait til it his America if he is elected.

    • Steven Richardson

      WRONG…he is a Democratic Socialist…a Democrat who believes in social justice in public policy.

      WRONG…he is not promising everything for free — he is promising to require billionaires to pay the same amount of taxes as the middle class; requiring companies who pay zero in taxes to pay their fair share.

      Do you think it’s acceptable …for companies to lower pay for American workers while they rake in extreme profits and do not pay taxes on those profits to put money back into the American economy so our country can succeed?

      Are you really asking Americans to be satisfied that only the extremely wealthy can live well in our country and put their kids through college? Sanders is trying to give all people the same opportunity to succeed in an increasingly economically disparate country.

      Are you really asking Americans to be satisfied that American jobs have been outsourced to other countries building their middle class at the expense of the American middle class, while people are struggling in America to survive, working two or three jobs a day?

      What has Obama done to change the plight of the dwindling middle class and what has he done for Latinos and African Americans in close to 8 years?

      More Latinos have been deported under Obama than anyone else. Bill Clinton’s trade deals have been disastrous for the American worker, i.e., NAFTA. African Americans have been, under Obama, arrested just as unfairly, and just as much as under any other administration.

      Bernie Sanders will address these issues because they are policies that are not serving all Americans and that is exactly why it’s critical to have him as a President. There will be someone fighting for the American worker and for equity and justice in America.

      Hilary Clinton is a consummate politician…she is now saying she will make Community College free…trying to steal leverage from Bernie Sanders with young voters. She criticizes him, denigrates him, then steals his ideas, all of them. There’s integrity for you!! She didn’t even win by much. If Sen Harry Reid didn’t push for the culinary union to get out and vote and have release time, Bernie would have slammed it.

  • Emanuel

    Sanders is NOT a Jew; he doesn’t identify as a Jew and he doesn’t support our culture or Israel’s security. He is also a delusional idiot and a liar and way too weak to do any of what he says therefore also wholly dishonest but he’s about to be rich when he loses the race to killery, he never was a regular guy he just doesn’t comb his hair that’s not a quality we need in a President.

    • Tom Ernst

      So what if he doesn’t identify as a Jew. That’s not a prerequisite to being President. Hilary doesn’t identify as a Jew, either. By your standards, she doesn’t qualify to be President.

      I don’t think he’s delusional and he certainly is not dishonest.

      What do you mean “he was never a regular guy”? What a strange statement to make.

      I guess you are paid to discredit him by the Clinton campaign.