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February 19, 2016 4:25 pm

Donald Trump, After Vow to be ‘Neutral,’ Calls Obama ‘Worst Thing’ for Israel (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate said President Barack Obama has been "the worst thing that's ever happened to Israel.” Photo: Twitter.

Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate said President Barack Obama has been “the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel.” Photo: Twitter. – Republican presidential candidate and business magnate Donald Trump on Thursday said President Barack Obama has been “the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel.”

“Israel is so important. What Obama has done to Israel is a disgrace. How they even talk to us is hard to believe. How do they talk to Obama? You know, I have friends who support Obama, I said, How do you do it? It’s almost like they do it out of habit. They agree he’s been terrible,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

“You look at what he’s done to Israel, with just this Iran deal, which is such a terrible deal. He’s been the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel. Now, a lot of my friends that are Jewish do not support him any longer. But I still have some that do. I say, How can you do it? …You know what? I think it’s habit. They do it out of habit,” he added.

A day earlier, Trump said that he would remain “neutral” with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but also mentioned Palestinian incitement to violence as a reason for why the conflict remains unresolved.

“You know, you have both sides, really, but one side in particular growing up learning that these are the worst people…I was with a very prominent Israeli the other day. He says it’s impossible because the other side has been trained from the time they’re children to hate Jewish people,” Trump said at an event hosted by MSNBC.

Watch Donald Trump weigh in on Israeli-Palestinian conflict, trade with China, 9/11 Commission and Iraq War on Hannity.

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  • Joseph Stein

    An Open Letter to Donald Trump

    As a business man, property owner, and real estate developer you thoroughly understand the importance of clear title in property ownership. You also know the importance of asking the key questions and appreciate brevity. I’ll be brief.
    The Questions
    1. Who holds legal title to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria?
    2. Have events and decisions already occurred historically that recognize clear title and ownership of these areas?

    The Answers
    The San Remo Resolution of 25 April 1920, the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine of 24 July 1922 (signed by 51 member natons), the Lodge-Fish US resolution 360 of 28 Sept 1922, and the article 80 of the founding UN Charter Dec 1947, recognizes under International Law that the Land of Israel belongs in title to world Jewry. The decision regarding who hold title is ‘Res Judicata’ -already decided. Under the rule of Estoppel the property rights of the Jewish people are protected under international law, and cannot be revoked. Nothing in International law has yet occurred to change the legal rights and ownership of Israel by the Jewish people.
    You undoubtedly understand the value of having a clear title of property. The articles of these treaties state Jewish ownership in plain language.
    Those are the facts. There is only one Jewish State. Tiny Israel is surrounded by 21 Islamic countries with a land mass of over 1,600,000 square miles. Some of these countries want to see Israel wiped off the map and have tried several times to do just that. The Jewish people have already been robbed, attacked, murdered, and coerced out of circa 70% of our mandated land. Yet Israel has and will probably continue to make extraordinary compromises to achieve peace. Please keep that in mind when you go looking for a deal.

    • Robert Hand

      Joseph, you’re absolutely correct, and this nation should be shouting out these facts to the world on Israel’s behalf.

  • Jonah

    Trump will be single handedly the best thing that ever happened to Israel. That is why they will attempt to assassinate him at every turn. His reputation, his statements, his family, his opinions….but the truth will always rise to the top. The liberal and conservative press are just like the Iranians when it comes to Trump. When he is not looking and does not expect it they will turn on him like wolves and stab him in the back. I know we are suppose to pray for the peace of Israel, but Israel should collectively pray for Trump. Without Trump you well may be toast.

  • Trump’s comments here are perhaps not at all inconsistent with his previously stated desire to remain neutral on the issue. It appears that he is simply talking about someone who he does not feel has been neutral, that’s all.