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February 21, 2016 7:10 am

Canadian Christian, Jewish Leaders Decry Trudeau Government Gift to ‘Antisemitic’ UN Gaza Relief Organization

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UNRWA employee Hiba M. Miari's Facebook page featuring an image glorifying the recent spate of Palestinian stabbing attacks. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

UNRWA employee Hiba M. Miari’s Facebook page featuring an image glorifying the recent spate of Palestinian stabbing attacks. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Canadian Christian and Jewish leaders criticized their government on Friday for planning to give $15 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), The Algemeiner has learned.

Dr. Charles McVety, national chair of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Canada, called it “outrageous” that the Canadian government wants to give such a sum of taxpayer dollars to “reward the terrorist regime in Gaza via UNRWA,” at a time when the PLO and Hamas are “inciting a knifing intifada throughout Israel.”

“This agency has been proven to be teaching hate, promoting violence and antisemitism,” he said in a released statement. “We ask that the Trudeau government reconsider its gift. The Canadian people should be assured that this country will not support terrorism directly or indirectly.”

Professor Frank Dimant, a dean at Canada Christian College and a spokesperson for Canadian Jewry, said that by funding the UNRWA, which promotes terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Canada is “becoming an active player, not on the side of our sister democracy Israel but rather on the side of radical Islamic terrorism.”

He noted that the Liberal government in Canada pursued “intense efforts” in the recent election to convince the Jewish community that the Liberal party would continue to support Israel. He said the Liberal government “interprets that as remaining neutral.” He called on Canadians to now “speak out immediately and loudly as this policy of ‘neutrality’ will surely lead us in the coming years to a dangerous situation akin to the European experience.”

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  • miriam gestetner

    Shame on the Canadian Government!
    Maybe it is a mistake?

    Hello Mr. Trudeau
    If you worship your Father (Whom You Should!) He would never allowed you to help terrorist, with Canadians hard earned dollars, or any other way!

    Pleae reconsider!

  • Ludo Tausch

    Great that the leaders pack together, and also try to protect Canada for a painful mistake.

  • Acartia

    Just a questions. It indicates that there are six comments but only two are showing. Were the other four inappropriate, or is there a glitch?

  • Janice Schellenberg

    We should support Israel not UNRWA. I do not want our Canadian money going to support Terrorism in Gaza. Hamas and PLO both support terrorism. Must be another way of getting money to the poor there without giving it to their terrorists leaders. What does Abbas need another palace. Hammas need more tunnel money. We need more accountability to where are those millions go.

  • Kevin Boyle

    Trying to relieve the suffering of wickedly persecuted Gazans is merely human.

    Since when did behaving like a normal compassionate human being make one “anti-Semitic”.

    This weaponised Zionist language should be turned against its inventors; the criminal supremacists that define EVERY phenomenon only in terms of their own special interests.

    • Harry

      Gaza was Egypt prior to 1967 when 7 armies tried to wipe the last Jews of the mideast out. Gaza was Egypt for 100 years before that. Egypt has had one war there after another in the 1800s. Egypt is 30% below the poverty line. Those Gazans in 1966 were included in that statistic that no one cares about in 1967. Egypt has been killing terrorists at will for 600 years. I can name them, all of them, hundreds of groups. all wiped out.As far as is known Egypt has never been a democracy. Hence, you are a sick disgusting antisemite.

  • Acartia

    Narrow minded people like McVety and Demant can’t see past their own bigotries to see that the people who are suffering in a country are not the policy makers for their country.

    • Harry

      You’re the narrow minded obsessed antisemite.

  • Edward Tigchelaar

    “Know Your Enemy” is fundamental in politics and in war. (1). Who is Trudeau? (2) Do Canadians know anything about him other than his election platform promise of “Change”. (3) Does Trudeau embrace Judeo Christian values OR does he embrace Islam?
    The answers will tell Canadians where the country is heading in the next 4 years. From my observations to date: “it don’t look purty’.

  • Patricia MacKinnonSorry

    Lets just support Israel, and stop spending money like it grows on trees!

  • Robert Wright

    Canada support Isreal NOT terrorists or their countries