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February 21, 2016 11:06 pm

Chilling Details Emerge From Thwarted Jerusalem Hamas Plot to Assassinate Netanyahu in Terror Attack

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Facebook.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Facebook.

Details of a thwarted Hamas-hatched plan to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were revealed for the first time on Sunday, after a two-month interrogation of the suspects involved, the Hebrew news site Walla reported.

According to the report, the plot was made public with the Attorney General’s indictment last month of two of the terrorists, including the head of the cell, a 25-year-old from Kfar Yassuf in the West Bank who had rented an apartment in the Abu Dis neighborhood of east Jerusalem.

Ahmed Azzam was in the advanced stages of establishing Hamas infrastructure in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, with funding and direction from Hamas in Gaza, the indictment said. To this end, he had purchased chemical materials and rented the apartment in east Jerusalem, where he set up an explosives lab. Also, according to the indictment, Azzam recruited the terrorist who was tasked with transporting the bombs beyond the Green Line.

It was this terrorist, Hazam Sanduka — nicknamed “the mechanic” for his intimate knowledge of cars — who had determined that Netanyahu would be the main target.

The 22-year-old resident of east Jerusalem and a student of Arabic at Abu Dis University was recruited in November by Azzam, who was looking for a Jerusalem resident to aid in the preparation of terrorist attacks.

The following are excerpts of interrogations conducted by the Shin Bet-Israel Security Agency and Sanduka:

Interrogator: Did you plan where to carry out terror attacks?

Sanduka: After discussing with Azzam the possibility of kidnappings, suicide attacks or bombings, I began to think about the most suitable place to carry them out. Since I worked for a security company in Jerusalem, I thought the most appropriate places were the Malha shopping mall, the Jerusalem [sports] Arena and the Great Synagogue, because many people frequent those places, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Interrogator: What was your job at the security company?

Sanduka: My job was to conduct security checks at the Arena and the Great Synagogue… After purchasing the (chemicals) in Abu Gosh, I drove to Jaffa to check out whether I was being followed and if there was a good place there for a terror attack… I saw that there was, at the Jaffa Port and on the beach, where many restaurants are located, so it is filled with people.

Interrogator: Tell me about your work at the security company.

Sanduka: I worked there for a few months… as a guard and usher… I thought to myself that a stage [at the Jerusalem Arena] would be suitable for blowing up a bomb when… Netanyahu was on it with those close to him. I did not do it, because I don’t know how to do it and I don’t know how to create explosives and bombs.

Interrogator: Did you have the thought of becoming a martyr?

Sanduka: I did not have that thought, but I know that to die a martyr is the most sacred death.

According to Walla, the Shin Bet originally believed that this group was an ISIS cell operating in Israel. But eventually, it was led to focus on Azzam, who had served time in an Israeli prison two years earlier. It was during his stint in jail, Azzam later told his interrogators, that he had decided to contact Hamas in Gaza and pledge to carry out attacks in Israel in order to receive financial aid.

But Hamas inmates told him to stop talking about military operations, for fear that they would not be able to be released in future prisoner swaps. Nevertheless, according to Walla, in August Azzam managed to make the necessary connection with a dispatcher in Gaza – via the app Telegram and through Gmail chat – who told him he would be responsible for Azzam’s training.

Azzam told his interrogators about the instructions he received. Meanwhile, he said, he began to look for people to join the Hamas cell he was establishing – a mere few kilometers from Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.

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  • Jim Edmondson

    Interrogator: Did you have the thought of becoming a martyr?
    Sanduka: I did not have that thought, but I know that to die a martyr is the most sacred death.
    Again, we see the Islamic perversion of the term ‘martyr.’

  • Henry Kemoni

    Congratulations to those who uncovered plot

    • Henry Kemoni


  • Jon Thuym

    Cannot fathom while a young Muslim Arab would be hired to do security; which is to find young Muslim Arabs who want to Kill Jews.

  • Abe I Dumanis

    It is time for the Israeli leaders and general public to realize that we are not and can not be like everybody else. Democracy in politically correct sense does not work for us.
    Radical left liberals cause only harm to everybody including themselves. Security of our nation is much more important then opinions of those who are absolutely careless about our well-being, let alone those who are raised to hate us.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Terrorism is their life blood and the Arabs, like the Zebra, will not change their spots.

    The only thing they fear and respect is force and terror, the kind that Ariel Sharon devised with his Unit 101.

    Bring back that unit and put a Sharon in charge of it and the rest of the army.

    • Marco


    • Steve Ranot

      Leopards have spots. Zebras have stripes.

  • Sam Harris

    It’s more than time for Israel to do what it has to do.

  • jakob wasi

    No surprise here. As prime minister he is always a target for someone. However, he’s not Rabin, nor would a fool like Yigal Amir put any bullets in his body.

  • Bev

    If the story were true, why would the Arabs want to kill their golden goose and agent working for them at the highest level of the Israeli government? Besides, any information diseminated by the Israeli government & their sources are not credible considerring their proven lack of integrity & inhumane treatment of Jewish citizens.

    • GOLUM…

      Bev…you’re a FOOL!!!

    • Norman

      Nice try Hamas propagandist! People who believes in what you wrote must be a bunch of idiots like you.

    • David Levine

      Bev- you are an example of the results of Arab slander and propaganda. Nowhere in the Arab world to Arabs have as much freedom and opportunity as in Israel. Arab Israeli citizens will admit that much to you and would never trade their Israeli citizenship for any other, except perhaps the USA. You are what is known as a “useful idiot”. I suggest you visit Israel and see for yourself. Of course, if you choose to only speak to the haters- you’ll get the wrong impression.

  • alon tolwin

    are you telling me that these terrorist barbarians are allowed cell phones while jailed?

    Are we insane?

  • Amos Borochov

    This story is not true.
    The Hamas will never do something good for Israel.

  • paul camilleri.

    Shalom Aleichem Ve Khol Yisrael.

  • Judith Nusbaum

    Who employed him in security? Were there no checks?

  • It seems to me very clear that Mr Netanyahu, simply for his strong protection of Israel, must be a target. I pray G-d to keep him well & strong, for, to my, mind, he is, under G-d, the protector of Israel.

    • Bev

      Lia, why do you choose to believe lies when the truth about that traitor masquerading as a PM is subtantiated.

      • Sam Bryks

        you are really a fool,,,
        I wish you no harm of course, but you belong in a mental hospital and need some basic lessons in the principles of Torah (by the way I am not religious, but i know as a Jew that Torah teaches decency not what you are doing with your words which is vile beyond vile. You are more or less like Hamas.. who is the real traitor?

  • Isahiah62

    “My job was to conduct security checks”

    why are Muslim Arabs trusted as security guards anyway? at a synagogue?

    why are any Muslims still in Israel at all? Why weren’t an equal number expelled, as you moved Jews from GAZA?

    when will be enough dead Jews to make population transfer palatable?

    what kind of god wants this? “to die a martyr is the most sacred death.” is that called a religion? if so , why?

    every Jew a .22 not sounding so racist or crazy anymore is it?

  • Terri Granot

    Why on earth are these people being used as security…has someone lost their mind?????

    • private1028

      Kerry comes to mind …

  • Michael Mayben

    Arab Muslim terrorist are falsely motivated by Islamic hate. It’s a religion that lives and breathes hate for Israel and all Israelis. What other religion has this type of sick and demented agenda other than Islam? None! The Islamic faith is motivated by the teaching of the Koran that’s rooted in war and death to all believers of any religion than Islam. If that’s not the most barbaric of all religions I would beg to know if there’s another that is this vile and disgusting.