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February 21, 2016 8:19 am

Jewish Leader Malcolm Hoenlein Lauds Christian Support for Israel, Warns Against Missionizing (INTERVIEW)

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Malcolm Hoenlein, CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Photo: Algemeiner.

Malcolm Hoenlein, CEO of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Photo: Algemeiner.

Back in 1977, Mike Evans was the director of Bnei Yeshua, an openly messianic congregation he founded in Texas and moved to Stony Brook, NY. According to press reports, the group held Friday night services with a pulpit adorned with a star of David, holding prayers and singing songs in Hebrew, all dedicated to Jesus.

When Bnei Yeshua started to proselytize on the streets and on nearby college campuses promoting Evan’s message that the goal was “to see every Jewish person in the world come to a greater relationship with the God of Israel through the acceptance of Jesus as the messiah,” Jewish organizations began to get concerned.

One of the first Jewish leaders to take action was Malcolm Hoenlein, then executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of New York. Hoenlein created the Task Force on Missionary Activity in June 1977, specifically targeting the summer campaign of Jews for Jesus and Evans’ Bnei Yeshua.

Today Hoenlein is Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, and Evans is a leading TV evangelist and prominent “Christian Zionist.” Evans heads up the Jerusalem Prayer Team, a multi-million-dollar operation whose latest project is the Friends of Zion Museum (FOZ) located in the center of Jerusalem, a short walk from the Old City.

This past week, Hoenlein led an official delegation from the Conference of Presidents on a visit to the FOZ. The Jewish leaders were accompanied by more than 20 senior diplomats stationed in Israel. For Hoenlein, the visit was not an endorsement of Evans or the Jerusalem Prayer Team. “We don’t issue endorsements; all we did was show people this new museum,” Hoenlein said.

Nevertheless, within 12 hours of the visit by the Jewish group, the FOZ issued a news release announcing that Hoenlein had been presented with a leadership award. The PRnewswire release included a photo of Hoenlein and Stephen M. Greenberg, chairman of the Conference of Presidents, looking uncomfortable, next to a grinning Mike Evans Jr., son of the televangelist, who currently heads the FOZ.

In an interview with The Algemeiner, Hoenlein expressed surprise at the publicity over the award, and said he thought he had just received a simple certificate from the Christian group.

The FOZ PR gesture is typical of deceptive missionary tactics, said Shannon Nuszen, a former evangelical missionary from Texas, who works for Jewish Israel, an Israeli group dedicated to raising awareness of missionary activity. Nuszen converted to Orthodox Judaism and now lives in Israel.

Nuszen said the Jewish umbrella group was “used in a deceptive way to boost the legitimacy of Evans and to show off the extent of his foothold in Israel.”

She warned that most Jews don’t recognize the subtle messages at the FOZ museum. She pointed to a scene in the IMAX film screened for visitors, in which Evans climbs atop a mountain and proclaims, ‘Hineni! Here am I.’

“This term is used throughout the missionary world as a call to evangelize and save the Jews,” she claimed. “It’s understood that this means ‘I am here’ with 100 percent commitment to save God’s people by whatever means necessary.”

Hoenlein is convinced that the FOZ museum is designed to target Christian visitors, not Jews.  Before agreeing to visit, he consulted with “people I trust who are involved” who assured him Evans has not engaged in missionary activity, and “there’s no sign of any kind of effort at conversion or proselytization at the museum. We have no evidence that he’s engaged in that kind of activity there,” Hoenlein said. “But it’s something that has to be watched and we must be assured that continues to be the case. To have an institution that can be attractive to Christians to come and learn about Israel is a valuable addition to the city.”

Nevertheless, Hoenlein is very concerned and aware about the extent of missionary activity in the Jewish state. “Today there are many more of them operating in Israel, which is a matter of concern to me. I have tried to be careful with whom we associate. I do believe evangelicals are great friends and we work with those who disavow proselytizing. I have a history in efforts to counter deception,” he noted, adding that many mainline Christian organizations and ministers support that approach.”

According to Hoenlein, an important principle in relating to Christians is, “You don’t blur lines” between Christianity and Judaism.

“We have to be alert and careful,” he cautioned. “We can only judge their activities, not their intent. I was in battle with Evans in the past, but saw no reason not to be open to hearing him now, if in fact there was a change.”

Hoenlein mentioned a few specific cases of concern that relate to his red lines regarding working with Christian groups. Those Christian organizations that target “vulnerable populations,” (i.e. the poor, elderly, immigrants, Holocaust survivors, lone soldiers) should be “exposed and dealt with,” he said, but not by government regulation, because of concerns about freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

“I was appalled here recently when I saw a group of Israelis watching a TV show with a guy in a black suit wearing a kippah, talking about the weekly Torah portion and it was about Jesus!” Hoenlein exclaimed.

Hoenlein said the Conference of Presidents works closely with Pastor John Hagee of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), whom he “trusts explicitly,” but the Conference of Presidents does not cooperate with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, “because people sent me enough compelling information for me to have very serious doubts and questions about their activities.”

He acknowledged the sensitivity of maintaining relations with the Christian community. “You don’t want to alienate friends, and evangelicals are among our biggest supporters.”

Enemies in 1977; friends in 2016? Perhaps it’s time for a more discerning look at whom we consider “friends” these days.

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  • William C. McKee

    I hear a lot of words. And no small measure of hate. Many question of why we should believe the notion that someone might rise from the dead. Or others could ask: is it likely that an Egyptian army might be covered by the Red Sea. It is hard to objectively prove the first miracle. It is very easy to prove (or disprove) the latter miracle. Modern methods using well designed discriminating magnetometers could locate any bronze or other metals (at the expected depth below geology laid down sea ooze), recording the anomaly using military grade GPS devices and bulk data devices — is trivially easy.

    Proving that Jesus is who he said that he was takes some more effort. But it is also worth doing. And here is explicitly why that is so. The “handwriting is on the wall” that everyone in the Middle East will perish unless the words of Jesus are well pondered and attended to. You will have a clear and objective decision to make. Follow his advice and live, or don’t and (knowing every tiny detail of it and why — perish). Your thinking of him as “The Son of God” or not — is relatively unimportant. As he said, “Believe or not in what I say, but at least believe in what I do.” Despite Peter’s objection, that he was their teacher, and their master, (and possibly God himself) (did not Abraham see God as seemingly a man at his desert tent door?) — it was simply not his place, to strip to his waist and go to his knees to wash the dirt of the road from their feet. Think, would the God of ISIS ever do anything at all like that? Perhaps that is why Jesus did the seemingly absurd. And made it a rule that we do likewise. Today, I am washing your feet — as so instructed.

    The dirt in question is seen in the following article, or other articles based on the same sort of information. Science is creating “the handwriting on the wall” — your dirt. Dirt which will kill the whole Middle East.

    Jesus quoted a saying of Moses. A very important saying, “You are to love God with all your heart, mind and spirit, and like unto that your neighbor as yourself.” You that are Jewish have received much the same words from both Moses and Jesus. By a great many examples we know who Jesus meant was your neighbor. He went so far as to say that you should even love your enemy. A friend of mine who was Islamic responded as he was taught: “you are to kill your enemy!” What do you who are Jewish do with your Book’s teaching “that to do good to your enemy, is like putting ‘burning coals upon their foreheads'”? Are you cursing them? Or are you giving the lady of the house something to start the fire in their own hearth — a thing needed to help them live. Something for heat and light and cook food for their table. Something that relates to the deadly dirt that is on your feet. As you will shortly see.

    Nature Climate Change 6, 197-200 (2016)
    Published online 26 October 2015
    “Future temperature in southwest Asia projected to exceed a threshold for human adaptability”
    Jeremy S. Pal & Elfatih A. B. Eltahir

    Critics of Jesus closely consider how very easy it would be for wealth from Iran, coupled with millions of Palestians as workers in the field, and high tech solutions from Israel to transform the 10 million square kilometers of the Sahara Desert into a giant garden with lakes many times larger than America’s great lakes. Absorbing, within a few decades sufficient atmospheric CO2 so as to save your lands, peoples, and crops from all the scientifically prophesied “handwriting on the wall — of your destruction” as obviously stated above.

    Jesus tried to save Moses from himself, for what he taught. Some Jews believe that “your neighbor, that you are to love, is “your fellow Jew”. But did not Moses, also about 50 some times also say to do rightly to foreigners, for you were also foreigners. But obviously there is a division of thinking. And a kingdom divided among themselves will not long stand. [A kind of Jesus thought.] A not dis-similar problem presents itself for all your neighbors.

    Here a Jewish scholar examines the teaching of Moses, and as to why there was (or is) a division as to its meaning. Consider carefully as to what he says, for life or death is in what you do with it — with effectively your vote. As God put it, “I put before you the choice of life or death — though I’d rather you choose life.”

    “Love Your Neighbor: Only Israelites or Everyone?”
    From the September/October 2014
    issue of [Biblical Archaeology Review]
    Richard Elliott Friedman 08/19/2014

    One last thing critics of Jesus, as to his being a “good Jew”.
    In the end, risen from the dead or not, he definitely wins out. If objective science as to your danger is valid. Then the cure for your danger fully agrees with absolutely everything that I have said. The prophets agree with rain and rivers in the transformed deserts of the world. But you that curse without mercy the nation of Iran, have either not read or believed the verses in Jeremiah Ch. 49. God would not so limitless bless that nation, unless they somehow came through for both God and humanity: obviously loving both God and their neighbors — as themselves. Your chess move critics.

  • Menachem

    I am a Messianic Jew and have been following this discussion. There is of course a very bloody history between Judaism, the Jewish community and Christianity. The national churches, especially in Europe have histroically been guilty of anti-Judaism on many fronts.

    But, to compare Evangelicals who sincerely love Israel because they love a Jewish Messiah and a Jewish Bible to those who persecuted the Jewish people in the past…all because they want Jewish people to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah, is unfair.

    The Bible calls upon followers of Yeshua to share their faith. It is a matter of religious duty and as Jewish people – we understand this. For true followers of Jesus – Jews or non Jews, telling others the good news about the Messiah, doing good works, tikkun olam, and supporting Israel and the Jewish people all come fro the same motivation. It is not a matter of disrespecting Jewish people but rather obedience to Hashem.

  • BGC

    The content of most comments only prove the article’s message of suspicion towards Xtianity. As in every major Israeli website, Facebook page or media, there are plenty of Xtians trying to push Jews away from Judaism, with the idiocy that Jesus being a valid Jewish symbol.
    As to every non-Jew, our attitude must be respect vs. suspect. Respect them as humans, suspect them as they do everything to destroy our People. In every generation, they keep trying.


    Marcel Cousineau–How did Trump get compared to Evans??? Does it bother you that Trump has Jewish blood in his family?Playing on the old Shylock figure who is only interested in big bucks–Money,Money,Money!?

  • Thank you for publishing this site. It was sent to me by a friend who has discovered Hebrew Roots studies. Very excellent comments. I will recalculate my research and studies on Jewish motivations. I am trying to understand why assimilating into American culture was so important for my parents and their parents.

    Do seek peaceable associations for fellowship….no more assimilation or controlled exposure for the extinction of me and my family that I may have G-d bless my family.

    This discussion is important. Thank you.

  • The Evans ministry is a collection of misogynists. Women don’t even have rights. Why should Jews?

    ~convert circa 2009

    CUFI is good; IFCJ is good; this book is REALLY good for open minded Christians, written by an attorney who absolutely makes his case:

  • Laser

    I see that several commenters here are trying to use this forum to proselytize to make Jews forsake their G-d for a renegade Jew, whom they insist on calling Yeshua, so that the Jews would not make the connection with Jesus, whom they know to be an anathema to all in which they believe.
    Sir Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1891), the British prime minister, was once insulted in the House of Commons because he was Jewish. He responded: “While your ancestors were painting themselves blue, my ancestors were worshipping one God.” (The Picts, early inhabitants of Scotland, for some strange reason did paint themselves blue.)
    Let the missionizers know that we will not be fooled by their trying to turn Jesus into a good Jew. In fact, Jesus was a bad Jew and died for his sins.

    • Stein

      Actually, Yhoshua (or Jesus in Latin) is a good Jew.

      As a good Jew, he worships God, and never allows himself to be worshiped as an idol. He loves fellow Jews, and died to save the lives of Jews in Judea from Roman aggression. Yhoshua observes early Rabbinic traditions, and requires his exclusively Jewish students to observe Rabbinic traditions.

      Today, Christianity is strictly Nonjewish. But Yhoshua himself is within Judaism, and he and his own students remain within Judaism.

      By contrast, Paulos intentionally founds a Nonjewish movement. Some centuries later, the Council of Nicea defines Christianity as a strictly Nonjewish religious, replacing Shabat with Sunday, replacing Pesakh with Easter, and so on. It is legitimate for Nonjews to be students of Yhoshua, without an obligation to observe the Mitsvot of Tora.

      The loss of a Jewish context, can lead to misunderstandings about what Yhoshua says and means. The most serious misunderstandings are a tendency to worship a human as an idol, and to treat the Tora as no longer in effect. The Tora was never in effect for Nonjews, but remains in effect for Jews.

      Originally, the main argument by Yhoshua concerns the now age-old debate in Tora between the external physical ‘action’ and the internal spiritual ‘intention’, to satisfy the requirements of a Mitsva. Yhoshua is in the camp of the Mkublim and the Khasidim who prioritize ‘intention’, Kavana. This position is respectable and its limitations are well understood. Today, the consensus is that both action and intention are equally important – neither has to be perfect, but both must be present to some degree, while fulfilling a Mitsva.

      Also, Yhoshua is a mystic who emphasizes the ‘unity’ of God, and being ‘one’ with God. This concept seems similar to what Khasidim would call ‘adherence’ Davkut, and what Catholic Christians would call ‘communion of saints’. All humans are to be one with God. To believe that Yhoshua alone is a god, is a misunderstanding of the Jewish concept of Divine unity.

      In essence, when Yhoshua says something that sounds controversial, if these words can be interpreted in a kosher Rabbinic Jewish way, or else in a Nonjewish way, then the kosher Jewish Rabbinic understanding is probably the correct one, and closer to the original meaning that the historical Yhoshua intends.

      Yhoshua is a good Jew, in the Judaic sense, albeit often misunderstood because of a lack of awareness of his Rabbinic context.

      • Stein

        I just noticed a typo, and there seems no way to edit it. The concept of being one with God is Dvekut in Hebrew (not Davkut).

  • simcha

    Problem is when Hoenlein supported the withdrawl from Gaza it reflects poor judgement as anyone could see that it was going to put hamas right on our doorstep. Question is how can we rely on people in leadership who made such poor and dangerous choices in the past?

  • aswanash alehim


    im glad some one hebrew says YH’s son’s name


    • Laser

      I see that the commenter here who calls himself “aswanash alehim” is himself a missionary for Xtianity. Sir Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1891), the British prime minister, was once insulted in the House of Commons because he was Jewish. He responded: “While your ancestors were painting themselves blue, my ancestors were worshipping one God.” (The Picts, early inhabitants of Scotland, for some strange reason did paint themselves blue.)
      Let the missionizers know that we will not be fooled by their trying to turn Jesus into a good Jew. In fact, Jesus was a bad Jew and died for his sins.

  • interesting follow-up opinion piece:
    A former Texas Missionary’s Visit to Mike Evan’s FOZ Museum

  • The Nulter

    Greetings All, Shalom!

    I am a Christian. I believe the God of Moses Isaac and Abraham is the Father of my Savior Jesus Christ. My Savior was Jewish Hebrew of the Chosen people. Nowhere does it say in the Old Testament that the descendants of Ishmael will bring forth Peace but to the contrary that they will be the bain of the Hebrews.

    Abraham made a terrible mistake listening to to Sarai and copulating with Hagar. Abraham brought forth the spawn of evil that today exists in the Middle east and abroad.

    It is to the very core of belief that Hebrews and Christians to unite under our God and Savior Jesus Christ to Stop the madness and bring about Peace but alas this will not come until the end of times. Thus we must be vigilant and America Must back Israel 110%. God Blesses the Jews for they are his chosen, God blesses America because America Blesses Israel, Woe to those who break that bond. Islam is of Lucifer It is the exact opposite of core Judaism and Christian faith. Pure Evil at it’s Core. Wicked Theocracy

    Islam must be put down, Muhammad was a Child Molester nothing more. Sunni/Shiite they are both lost souls that will burn in the lake of fire if they do not Repent their wicked ways and accept Christ. But will we kill them to do so, Of course not. We will only kill to save our loved ones from their evil nature. This is the difference between us and them.

    Islam is on the fast track to bring about the destruction of life on this world as we know it. We must rise in yet another Crusade to stop them . All the while pitying them and Proselytizing them to Christ. There is a new covenant my friends the prophecies are being fulfilled. God Bless Israel and God Bless America ! Wake up.

    Be Well. Shalom


    • G-d makes it clear in Deut. that no man can take on the sins of another. G-d alone, who is invisible, and who was never a human being, is the only savior.

      • bethy

        Thank you for this!! Reuben! This is so true. “they” don’t get it.. There is nothing before G-d and was and never will be a human being. They are so small thinking and hypocritical as well…

      • Isaac

        Exo 32:30 The next day Moshe said to the people, “You have committed a terrible sin. Now I will go up to Adonai ; maybe I will be able to atone for your sin.”

        Moshe though that it was possible for one man to atone for peoples sin.

        or is Moshe wrong

        Num 12:6 He said, “Listen to what I say: when there is a prophet among you, I, Adonai, make myself known to him in a vision, I speak with him in a dream.
        Num 12:7 But it isn’t that way with my servant Moshe. He is the only one who is faithful in my entire household.
        Num 12:8 With him I speak face to face and clearly, not in riddles; he sees the image of Adonai. So why weren’t you afraid to criticize my servant Moshe?”

        More The principal is in the ten words

        Exo 20:6 but displaying grace to the thousandth generation of those who love me and obey my mitzvot.

        Gen_26:24 Adonai appeared to him that same night and said, “I am the God of Avraham your father. Don’t be afraid, because I am with you; I will bless you and increase your descendants for the sake of my servant Avraham.”

        1Ki_11:34 Nevertheless, I will not take the entire kingdom away from him; but I will make him prince as long as he lives, for the sake of David my servant, whom I chose, because he obeyed my mitzvot and regulations.

    • bethy

      Sorry we don’t need you and your hypocrite proselytizing. The Vatican during WW2 could easily have opened their gates and even symbolically offered all Jews refuge there all of Italy in fact instead they did nothing as the rest did nothing..and through history christians did little except persecute Jews accusing and still do! of killing Jesus who by the way there is NO PROOF he ever lived..the pope system is just an extension of the Emperor system.. you are all a bunch of fakes and hypocrites and your brainwashed minds about Jesus being G-d is so fallible and in fact disrespectful of G-d.. you are not much better than the brainwashed billions of Muslims.. you all harbor hate for Jews because we don’t believe what you do just what Christ taught NOT to do you all did through history. And both muslims and christians have ruined the world with their huge birthrates not using modern contraception Chinese and India no better.. 8 billion now world is DOOMED you people have no respect for the planet the environment and therefore G-d.. GO AWAY!!!

  • Tess

    Yeshua never raised a finger to harm any of His Jewish disbelievers yet they had Him crucified. His apostles and followers were almost entirely Jewish.Today the most devout followers of Yeshua, gentile and Jewish, are the only group in this world who wholeheartedly support Israel and the Jewish people. Yeshuas followers pray for the peace of Israel everyday! They do not behead those who do not convert instead they share their thoughts through dialogue and give freely to those suffering most in Israel. I think this writer should reevaluate who is a threat to the Jewish people and who will stand with Israel till the end. Freedom of speech and a friendly exchange of ideas should never be a threat but an important part of a free society. And because a Jew believes Yeshua is indeed his Messiah does not make him any less a Jew. They As did Yeshua follow all teachings and traditions of the Torah. Yashuas message is always for the jew first.

    • DACON9

      Tess you say:devout followers of Yeshua, gentile and Jewish, are the only group in this world who wholeheartedly support Israel and the Jewish people.THATS ONLY TO BRING YOUR deadgod,DO THEY SUPPORT ISRAEL AND JEWS TO PRAY UNHINDERED WITHOUT YOUR DEADGOD? NO!!!you are grossly misinformed and blinded.
      JC said: if you don’t own a sword, SELL YOUR ROBE AND BUY A SWORD. jc said don’t follow the RABBIS follow me.
      every church represented jc by killing JEWS WHO DID NOT ACCEPT their deadmangod.The Spanish inquisition funded and set out in the name of jc to convert the world. Crusades burned Jews tortured Jews all for jc their deadmangod. Every church and pope was determined to remove Jews.Africa AMAZING how many xtians killed the people for not converting to accept deadgods much the same as the ishmaeleem.

    • bethy

      GO AWAY you brainwashed!!

  • Convert to Islam , like your 6th century ancestors did in Palestine , Who are now the palestinians !

  • A.Tucker

    Good to read a balanced article that presents the facts and several angles of the story to help reader understand what this is all about.Cant say the same for other english newspapers that just spat out the press releases presented by one side.
    Thank you to the algemeiner and to this reporter judy balint!

  • Reform School

    J Street proposes TEKIAH and taqiyya are the same.

    If he works with J Street, Hoenlein is one Ho out of line!

  • Rachel Cohen

    Jewish hypocrisy at its finest. Interesting how some Jews hate Jesus, and are oh so concerned when a Jew is Christian; but they have no concern for the many Jews who are communists, Cultural Marxists, atheists, Buddhists, etc. And they cheer when a so called but not ‘Christian’ becomes a Jew and becomes a Jesus hater. {A truly Biblical Christian would never reject Jesus.} Jews can’t have this both ways–it doesn’t work that way in real life. It doesn’t hurt Jews to hear the Gospel message; its just that some Jews hate Jesus–and those who hate Jesus also hate those who love him. These haters–do not truly appreciate Biblical Christians, and all they do to defend Israel against a hate filled anti-Semitic world. In fact there are many more Biblical Christians who love and defend Israel, than there are Jews.

    • jeff

      i think you’re a bit confused. a jew is never a christian and a christian is never a jew – it’s one or the other – not either or. confusing political beliefs with religion re communists and marxists? also confusing a lack of belief with hatred. eg. – i’m a jew, i’ve heard the gospel message proselytized at me, and i don’t hate jesus. i simply don’t believe in him. you can choose to believe what you want, as can the jews.

      • Elliot J. Stamler

        You are quite right. Some years ago Jackie Mason had to sue Jews For Jesus for misappropriating his name/picture in one of their ads-he said at the time: A table can not be a chair. The JFJ withdrew the ad.
        I further agree that no intelligent Jew has the least hatred for our fellow Jew, Jesus, who all of his life was a believing Jew and rabbi. We do not accept his divinity, of course, but all of his ethical precepts are as he himself preached, from the Jewish law.
        The claims by some of the “Messianic Jews” that Jews hate Jesus is a manifestation of their own underlying dislike of Judaism even if they don’t and can’t realize it.
        If regardless of our individual attachment to observance each of us is secure in and proud of our Jewish faith and heritage we do not have to shake in fear of the proselytizers unpleasant as we rightfully regard them.

        • Very well said. It is Paul who is the spiritual criminal not Jesus. Paul mangled and defiled the Torah to fit his agenda. Matthew turned Hosea inside out, and other apostles likewise skewed the Torah thus compounding the lies that comprehend Christianity.

      • Allan Muller

        Thank you. I was trying to formulate a reply. You said it first.

    • Batyah

      Rachel Cohen ~~ Wow…you’ve managed to turn reality on its head. Somehow it’s the Christians who are victimized by Jewish resentment… That’s a good one. Be sure your understand: JEWS DO NOT HATE JESUS. They do, however, hate and resent the church and christians who for over 2,000 years have tortured Jews through inquisitions, forced conversions, kidnappings, pogroms, and now even BDS…and you, Rachel, want to portray christians as victims of Jews? Chutzpah at it’s finest!!! Again, JEWS DO NOT HATE JESUS…some of us just hate those who claim to love Jesus…I, personally, despise those who believe they have a right to convert me. Rachel Cohen…on behalf of every Jew (authentic Jew…not christians who PRETEND they are Jews) — it is ignorant of you to state: “…when a Jew is Christian…” IT’S AN OXYMORON. And if you do not understand that one who claims to be a “Jew” all the while embracing a savior — is a gentile…then, you too, are a MORAN.

      • Paul Benson

        Absolutely right. I too read the passage from Ms Cohen with some amazement. I wish to be kind to her and I’ve decided that she has no clear idea about what she is saying. I have NEVER met a Jew who hates Jesus but I have met many Christians who hates Jews. As you say we hate the experience of 2000 years of persecution culminating in the death camps in Europe set up to murder millions of Jews plus many others. These were set up by Christians and followed quite naturally from centuries of Christian teaching.


        Moron is spelled incorrectly..You spelled it MORAN, Batyah! But I agree a rose by any other name is still a rose.

  • Tsvi Kilstein

    As one of the people who gave Malcolm the information on Mike Evans starting in 1976, he knows better. I still have the literature Evans used back then. I’m on Evan’s email list today and he preys on Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and the poor.

    Once upon a time, Malcolm had a backbone. Today he’s a jellyfish. Trust Mike Evans? Are you kidding?

  • Interesting article Judy,
    The waters are so easily muddied in these days of confusion and great instability.

    The one danger and greatest threat to the Jews continue to be swept under the rug.
    While the purist Jews go after ‘missionaries’ they have willingly converted to the shameful will and agenda of their big and all powerful god Washington, whom they’ve served and obeyed with religious devotion for decades.
    Bowed down on their knees, willing and obedient slave’s as we witnessed at Gush Katif, all to please the Master they serve above God.
    I’m speaking about Israel and their leaders devotion to Temple Washington and it’s perverse miss ionizing 2 state final solution for Israel.
    Even after the failed and shameful surrender and retreat episode from Gush Katif and doing great damage to am Yisrael.
    And again, and again, abusing fellow Jews at Amona and Migron in order to please the false god of the Potomoc which Israel continues to serve with religious devotion it is much easier and acceptable to write about some minor nobody like Evans who is only trying to make many buck$, just like Trump.

    Is it any wonder why Jews have to look behind them when they walk the streets of Israel, not looking for the terrible missionaries, but the peace partner they surrender land to in order to please their Masters at Temple Washington.

    PS; I’ve got nothing to do with Mike Evans, to me, he’s just another ‘evangeli$t’ getting rich with his gimmicks and hype to raise MONEY,MONEY, MONEY!