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February 23, 2016 12:06 pm

Canadian FM Outdoes Himself

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Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion. He announced his (Liberal) party's support for a Conservative motion condemning the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, while attacking it as an attempt to foment discord in parliament. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion exhibited a real knack for the twofer on Friday, by going after both his political opposition and the Israeli government in one disingenuous swoop.

In perfect doublespeak, Dion managed to announce his (Liberal) party’s support for a Conservative motion condemning the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, while attacking it as an attempt to foment discord in parliament.

The motion to “condemn any and all attempts by Canadian organizations, groups or individuals” to engage in BDS — “the demonization and delegitimization” of Israel — was tabled by Tory MP Tony Clement.

“This is not a partisan issue,” he asserted, urging Liberals to “side with us on this motion. Send a strong message to our fellow Canadians and to freedom-lovers around the world.”

Tory MP David Sweet went even further, calling BDS “anti-Semitic.” Sweet also got up and commended the Liberals for joining in a bipartisan effort to combat it. But this was too much for Dion, who made sure to say that though the Liberals would support the motion, they had “reservations” about it, among them the impure and divisive motives of the Tories in pushing the bill forward.

“To me, this is further proof that the Conservatives have not learned from their mistakes and are still trying to divide Canadians on issues that should unite them,” he said.


And then he proceeded to defend not only “freedom of expression,” but BDS as well — at least its supporters whose motives (unlike those of the Tories) are pure.

“Some supporters of the boycott have bad intentions, do not want peace and are working against Israel,” he said. “However, it cannot be denied that many of the boycott supporters are mistaken in good faith. Many organizations and individuals in Canada and abroad support the BDS movement out of the belief that it will somehow accelerate the peace process and be a nonviolent initiative that leads to a lasting resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their goal ultimately is the same as ours: a two-state solution with a secure, stable and democratic Israel, living side-by-side with a secure, stable and democratic Palestinian state. However, they are mistaken in the way this goal may be achieved.”

This is quintessential Dion drivel in its finest. Since the November election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which marked the end of Stephen Harper’s conservative government, Dion has been making it clear in his convoluted way that Israel shares, if not bears, responsibility for the ills befalling it.

The wave of Palestinian terrorism against the Jewish state that surged shortly before Trudeau took office provided Canada’s recently instated top diplomat with the perfect opportunity to show the international community that he — the new peace sheriff in town – grasped this tenet. To illustrate he meant business, Dion promptly took a sharp turn away from his predecessor’s public display of support for Israel as a staunch Western ally, under the same kind of attack at the hands of radical Islamists as the rest of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim world.

The way he did this was to issue a public statement equating Palestinian and Israeli “violence and incitement,” and calling on “both sides” to return to the negotiating table. His timing was impeccable, as an additional heads up about a more harshly worded reprimand to Israel came on the heels of two particularly horrifying stabbing attacks by Palestinian terrorists against two Israeli women — one slashed to death in front of her traumatized teenage daughter, the other wounded while pregnant.

Imagine how painful it must be for him, then, to have to join forces with his enemies at home in countering Israel’s enemies abroad. No need to worry, however. We have not heard the last of Dion, whose ability to distort reality to suit his fantasy may yet surpass that of his counterpart, US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Fortunately for Israel, Canada has no real power; it has simply become yet another former ally professing to have its best interests at heart.

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  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Dion is a cretin!typical Liberal cretin!

    • Fritz Kohlhaas

      Dion is a typical Liberal cretin!

  • Sam Feldman

    As an Israeli, I have to say I am not sure why you feel you can attack the foreign minister of Canada like this. What purpose does it serve? Nothing positive, that’s for sure. The Foreign Minister’s point is quite legitimate. By introducing a foreign policy issue where there is widespread disagreement within Canada, the opposition party was a stirring contentious issue. Dion and the Canadian Government are clearly against BDS, even though many Canadians are not. Often quietly doing the right thing is better than public debates that stir up opposition. The Conservatives were soundly defeated, Dion is the Foreign Minister. Respect that. He is a friend. Your vicious attack is not helpful.

  • stevenl

    He must be watching the INEPT Swedish government.

  • Mark Anderson

    Stepahane Dion was a complete waste of space when he was leader of the Liberal Party of Canada so it’s no surprise that’s he’s still a complete waste of space now.

    Israel should not be surprised by this. The Liberal Party of Canada is no friend of Israel. It has members who are Islamist extremists and the Liberal Party is not going risk alienating those supporters by openly supporting Israel.

    In this case, the Liberal Party of Canada can’t vote against this motion without alienating a lot of Canadians but, at the same time, it doesn’t want to alienate its Islamist supporters either. So here’s Stephane Dion accusing the Conservatives of playing politics with this anti-BDS motion so the Liberals can maintain a certain deniability when discussing this motion with their Islamist supporters. It’s all politics.

    Never forget that the Liberal Party of Canada is no friend of Israel.

  • Barry Green

    Dion has now officially joined the ranks of the useful idiots.

    • Dion was ALWAYS a cretin, so being a useful idiot is a sort of doubtful promotion, …in a way, because medically speaking a cretin is a lot more “intelligent” than an an idiot which is the very lowest group, which literally cannot feed itself, and is useful for nothing and to nobody…..poor people.

  • Edna

    Ruthie is right. Canada has no real international power. But she is also wrong, Canada has not changed sides.

    We Canadians are saddled for the next FOUR years with an effete, narcissistic and bumbling Liberal government, who are after the Canadian Muslim vote for the next elections. They are putting this country into C$ twenty billion in debt as they are giving away money hither and thither.

    65% of Canadians did not vote for them, and those who did are now realizing the terrible mistake they made.

  • leonard feinman

    Funny to listen to a person trip over their own tongue. I don’t know if he said what he wanted to say, but it sounds like nonsense.

  • Uriel Priwes

    This man is as effective and reliable as he was when serving as the wimpy leader of the Liberal Party.

  • HaroldT

    This resolution has no teeth. So, it is not worth the paper it is written on.