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February 23, 2016 4:01 pm

Duchess Camilla Expresses ‘Pride’ Over UK’s Treatment of Holocaust Survivors

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The Duchess of Cornwall, right, talking to a Holocaust survivor. The royal highness visited the Holocaust Survivors Centre in London. Photo: Twitter.

The Duchess of Cornwall, right, talking to a Holocaust survivor. The British royal visited the Holocaust Survivors Centre in London. Photo: Twitter.

Britain’s Duchess of Cornwall said on Tuesday she is proud of how the country has taken care of Holocaust survivors and refugees who escaped Nazi persecution, Britain’s Jewish News reported.

Camilla, 68 — the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales (who was first married to the late Lady Diana) — visited the Holocaust Survivors Centre (HSC) in London and met some 100 survivors who found refuge in the UK after World War II. She talked with them about the importance of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive in her generation and the next. “I just hope these stories will continue so people know just how incredible you’ve all been,” she said. “I’m also very proud this country has looked after you so well.”

Henrietta Kelly, who spent 20 months in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp from the age of six, personally invited the Duchess to the HSC after sitting next to her at an event last year commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. They spoke at the HSC on Tuesday and Kelly said the Duchess expressed genuine interest in the stories of all the survivors at the event.

“She remembered me and another lady on my table – and even recalled what I’d told her that my parents didn’t recognize each other when they met on the street in Paris after the War,” she told the Jewish News. “She really is so interested and chatty and made sure everybody had a chance to speak. I could never have imagined in a million years that I would meet a member of the Royal Family.”

Ninety-four-year-old Freddie Knoller, another survivor, said about the royal, “She’s an amazing woman, so easy to talk to.”

Lord Levy, president of the charity Jewish Care, added: “The fact we had such a senior member of the Royal Family visit the Centre is an indication of how the Royal Family understand and relate to all the different communities, particularly the Jewish community. Everybody at the Centre had a day that will live long in the memory. One survivor said to me that the visit ‘was yet another stage in the healing process for me.’”

The duchess heard the survivors tell their stories and then spoke about her own father’s experience as a prisoner of war, according to the Jewish News. She praised the “wonderful” Centre and the connected Shalvata facility, which offers support to survivors of more recent conflicts. After hearing the wide variety of activities and services offered at the facility she said, “Everything seems to happen here.”

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  • stevenl

    But no one will go to Jerusalem, Israel. Shame on the Brits.

  • Sam Goldman

    England has much to be proud of in relations to the treatment and acceptance of Holocaust survivors. It also has some shameful memories. But overall the good overrides the bad.
    It would be much more meaningful if the Duchess , no doubt a wonderful person, would put her full influence behind the fight against anti- semitism in today’s England.
    Fights the threats of the anti- semitic marches, with their vile placards, of death and violence. The intimidation of Jewish communities and Jews on the streets.
    Finally her true support to Holocaust survivors, be they British or other nationalities, could be exhibited by officially visiting Israel where the bulk of survivors live.

  • Linda Golden

    Well how nice, now ask her to talk about real time Britain…where anti-Semitism is at an all time high, and no one seems particularly concerned with doing anything much about it. Jews live in fear and university campus life is extremely uncomfortable for Jewish students. The BDS movement is alive and well in England and boycots against Jewish academics, medicine and products made in Israel are under constant attack. Pretty sad.

    • Harry

      Correction. Antisemitic (about one trillionth of it) REPORTING is at an all time high. You could never get higher than Britain’s jealousy stealing then taking from the Jews, 1000 years ago. Britain has had a consistent obsession then erasing with the Jews, in every single day of its history. In fact it is easily at an all time low.

      Britain, Poland and Italy had a consistent 1500 year daily obsession with the Jews, long since hidden. All 3 it is at its lowest ever.

      They learned it from Greece and Alexandria, which had the unique obsession 2400 years ago. Once every 50 million people it backfires and the obsession gets rebelled upon and turns into an obsession of love.

      There would be no USA if there was not hatred of that British nature, nor Protestantism though hundreds of years after its invention as always it was credited to obsessive genocidal Luther. America was created to fight that disease, as George Washington made clear. But like Protestantism America was hijacked eventually by the evil group, the twisters,and by the mainline Brits and those forces.

      Liberal enlightenment, Libertarian thought and freedom for slaves all came from the fight against the antisemites in realtime, then was switched against the Jews as all things in history that the Jews had done have been.

    • Perhaps more appropriately, the Duchess should ask the British Government why more wasn’t done to prevent The Holocaust happening, why the information that was known did not prompt a more robust response!

  • Harry

    This is classical antisemitic turn around and trickery. The Germanic British tribe were the worst antisemites and basically invented it. British are the ultimate superiorist thieves. They had one and only one, Christian conversion baby stealing, part of their Jewish baby stealing by the millions by nuns since the 900s, at a time when their fellow germanic tribes were doing one of the things they usually do and hide better.

    Many of the Jews were exploited by this to convert to Christianity and its colonialism, kind of like a show-camp Britain was, while these 2 criminal germanic tribes pretended to play good cop bad cop at that particular moment.

    Proof: the transjordan memorandum written by the British explicitly sets the stage for the extinction of all Jews of the mideast, by calling them foreigners and settlers, and they were all murdered within the next few decades. Jordan’s 6th law that no Jew may ever be a citizen is based on it. Britain and France armed all the racist Arabs against the Jews (and many others) with the exception of the ALA which was armed by fascist Italy and germany.

    Britain is the queen of the antiseemitic trick.