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February 25, 2016 10:44 am

British PM Slams Israeli ‘Encirclement of Occupied East Jerusalem’

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British Prime Minister David Cameron and Conservatives get the majority in British election. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

British Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

British Prime Minister David Cameron slammed Israeli construction in East Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, saying the situation in the capital was “genuinely shocking.”

Cameron was responding to a question about the Palestinian plight from Labour MP Imran Hussain in the House of Commons.

“I am well known for being a strong friend of Israel, but I have to say the first time I visited Jerusalem and had a proper tour around that wonderful city and saw what had happened with the effective encirclement of East Jerusalem, occupied East Jerusalem, it is genuinely shocking,” the British prime minister said.

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  • rbockman

    You’d think he’d have enough to keep Britain going, with brexit and “youth violence”, but no the Jew hatred rises up even in what’s considered a moderate head of state.

  • Murad

    Oh Cameron, the wise and bright smart, must first of all take care of the numerous independent states {no-go zones for infidels), in little britain.

    There are Afghani States, Pakistani, Eritrean, Somalistan, .. . etc all in little britainistan, thriving by hour. What a democracy little britainistan is!

  • shloime

    mr cameron, don’t tell israel where and when to build in its capital.

    imagine if someone tried to tell you when and where to build in london. because jerusalem was the capital of judea when brits were still painting their bodies blue and worshipping trees, more than 1,000 years before brits even knew what a city is.

    amazingly enough, we never heard such denunciations of the illegal jordanian occupation of jerusalem, or of their brutal and systematic ethnic cleansing of the old city. but somehow jewish construction of new suburbs to house the jewish majority upsets your delicate sensibilities.

    suck it up.

  • stewart schwartz


  • stewart schwartz

    Ignorant Shmuck!

  • Stein

    It makes no sense that Europeans would try to prevent Jews from living in Jerusalem, but it is time that Europeans get over it.

    For about two thousand years, the unholy Roman Empire did everything in its power to prevent Jews from being in Jerusalem.

    It is time for modern Europe to end this injustice against the Jewish people.

  • LIKE SO MANY HE KNOWNS NOTHING ABOUT HISTORY – The Jews are Rebuilding. Since 1933 thousands of Jews were expelled , forced out of East Jerusalem, the final blow came in 1948. In 1948 Hundreds of Jews were expelled from East Jerusalem. Since the mid-1800’s, Jews have constituted the largest single group of residents in the city. Until about 1860, those residents lived almost exclusively in east Jerusalem. Yemenite Jews had settled in 1882 (and where King David built the original Jerusalem) was also taken over, along with the Old city’s Jewish quarter which was razed.
    In 1948, Israel declared a state, the Arabs attacked, and Jordanian soldiers invaded the Old City and surrounding Jewish neighborhoods. Jordan gained control of the west bank and part of Jerusalem (it is the portion that was occupied by Jordan for 19 years that they now call “East Jerusalem”). As the Jordanian soldiers invaded Jerusalem, the Jews ran for their lives. As a result of the war, Jews were thrown out of the Old City and other areas of Jerusalem en masse (creating many Jewish refugees from “East Jerusalem” that no one ever talks about). No “right of return” was invoked for these Jewish refugees, expelled from homes where their families had lived in peace for hundreds of years. Nobody in the world protested this ethnic cleansing. Nobody protested the fact that the Jordanians destroyed 58 of the 59 synagogues of the Jewish Quarter, or that they used the headstones of graves in the Mt. Olives cemetery to pave walkways for their latrines.

  • Stein

    Yrushalayim is THE Jewish city.

    Yrushalayim is Jewish only.

    To say Yrushalayim belongs to anyone else – God forbid – is like saying that Mecca belongs to Catholics, or that the Vatican belongs to Muslims.

    Yrushalayim is the holy city of the sacred ancestors of Jews.

    Any foreign culture who tries to steal Yrushalayim from the Jewish people is at war against the Jewish people. God forbid.

  • A Zionist

    Mr Cameron is clearly worried that his anti-BDS stance will lose him votes.

    Thus, he returns to his ignorant position when he first became PM. There is no such thing as “East” Jerusalem and to be “shocked” by Jews building in their own capital, while also building for the Arab population is worse than “shocking”.

    To assert that our capital is not our capital or that Jews do not have the same rights to build in our capital as to the Arab states or the British, IS shocking, discriminatory and frankly antisemitic.

    What will British Jews do to enlighten Mr Cameron? Will the British Board of Deputies point out to Mr Cameron that to deny that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State is to assert that the Jewish people are denied self-determination’ and to deny Jews self-determination, is antisemitic.

  • Yadja

    England is in a total uproar with their refugee problems, Parliament just met this week to discuss leaving the EU. This PM has done nothing good for his country as O has done nothing good for America. To me neither of them need to make comments on Israel.

    Too boot, people forget the land belongs to Israel. Israel a Sovereign Nation, the world does not tell them what to do with their land or who to give it to. PERIOD. If the world told O to give Texas, Colorado, California etc back to Mexico see what they would get.

    Israel too patient. Too kind. Too bending when any other country plagued with bombings, kidnappings, stabbings on their borders would take care of the perpetrators spit spot.

    Stay strong Israel. Don’t give an inch.