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March 7, 2016 12:20 pm

Knesset Bill Seeks to Restrict NGO Involvement in Israeli Elections

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MK Yoav Kisch, who introduced the new Knesset bill. Photo: Facebook.

MK Yoav Kisch, who introduced the new Knesset bill. Photo: Facebook. – Member of Knesset Yoav Kisch (Likud) on Sunday introduced a new bill aimed at reducing the involvement of NGOs in Israeli Knesset elections. The bill would essentially apply Israel’s election laws to advocacy groups such as Victory 2015 (“V15”), which campaigned against the Likud-led government in the March 2015 Israeli election, although it did not endorse a specific candidate or party.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that he would consider supporting the measure. It is believed that V15 received tens of millions of dollars to fund its campaign to unseat Netanyahu, but since it did not explicitly back a specific party or candidate, it did not have to comply with Israel’s strict laws on campaign finance and propaganda. V15 now operates as part of a larger movement called Darkenu (“Our Way”).

The new bill would drastically limit political advocacy by V15 and similar organizations, who would not be able to spend freely on issues germane to elections or political parties.

“Propaganda that is not affiliated with specific parties but nevertheless helps a party or a political bloc is exempt from the rules governing parties, even though this activity and the parties it supports share a similar goal: influencing the Knesset elections,” the bill states. “As a result, organizations can circumvent election laws to the point that foreign funding and corporate donations can have undue influence over campaigns.”

The bill calls for a “remedy to this distortion, by defining that any organization that engages in activity that would normally be associated with parties during a campaign be considered an ‘actively involved organization’ and would have to comply with fundraising laws and other rules that apply to parties.”

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  • Al Sheeber

    he bill is only a faint reaction to what in reality has been a rolling putsch by EU/u.S Presidents, to overthrow BB. hey succeeded in 1999 with the help of the Clinton dirty team, Carville, B. Schrum, S. Greenberg, who came to the Dan Hotel and masterminded the entire Barak campaign, fueled with overseas cash and Israeli Arabs support, similar to the unholy alliance stitched in 1992 to put P.M Rabin in power. he imploding Socialists could never make it unless they got a commitment from the Arabs to block any non confidence vote. in two cycles they allied themselves with groups who demanded huge concessions for political gains, it was nothing short of outright betrayal, which the Left knows how to do in every country. During 2015 it was clear that the detested Obama regime with the weak European Governments wanted the contentious BB out.Poring huge sums of cash to assorted NGO’s, helped to gin up propaganda against the corrupt right and help Labor gain some seats, but in general little changed. Most partied are corrupt to the core, and it does not take much in Israel to make a major move with enough cash and a pretty talking head. he problem for most Israelis is the blatant aggressive interference in their sovereignty, the crude, openly disrespectful of the domestic laws, the crude alliances between fly by night Communists, Arab lefties and the Israeli Left, was giving the public a real jolt. he fact is that there was money to bus Arab residents to vote for the Left streams, donated by EU governments, shady blocks of cash passed around for posters, flags, banners and internet activity by various Lefties to topple a legit party regardless of how rotten its standing is. he rigging of the election by the left was no different than the hanky panky in U.S elections, rushing mobs into caucuses, before closing in texas to defeat HRC, 2008, or simply awakening the dead, using their names of the deceased to vote. JFK did not exactly win the 1960 elections fair and square, neither did the Israeli Left-2015. his lawless anarchy — the left is so good at masterminding has to change.