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March 8, 2016 6:38 pm

French Leader Decries Attacks on Jewish Schoolchildren as Police Search for Assailant Who Targeted 13-Year-Old Boy on Way to Synagogue

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CRIF President Roger Cukierman. Photo: EJP.

CRIF President Roger Cukierman. Photo: EJP.

The leader of France’s Jewish community denounced what he called the “unbearable” situation of children victimized by antisemitism, the European Jewish Press (EJP) reported.

Roger Cukierman expressed concern about Jewish kids “suffering physical and verbal abuse at public schools” during a radio interview on Monday, ahead of the annual dinner of CRIF, the umbrella organization for French Jewry over which he presides.

This is the reason, Cukierman told Europe 1, that “today, only one third of Jewish children go to the secular schools; and two thirds attend either Jewish or Christian private schools.”

Cukierman’s statement came on the heels of Saturday afternoon’s violent attack in Paris against a 13-year-old boy wearing a kippah, the EJP reported.

According to the report, the boy was walking to meet his father at synagogue, when three youths, whom he later described as of “African origin,” shouted “dirty Jew” at him before pulling off his skullcap, grabbing him by the hair and ramming his head into a pole.

The boy, who suffered bruises to his face, joined his father and then filed a complaint with police against his assailants, who purportedly fled the scene at the first sight of passersby.

In response to this incident, said EJP, the Bureau National de Vigilance Contre l’Antisemitisme (the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism or BNCVA) condemned the incident and called on law enforcement to make every effort to investigate it and apprehend the perpetrators of the “anti-Jewish aggression.”

The BNCVA also stressed that Jews who wish to wear their kippot in public should not “give in to intimidation,” stating that it is those who commit acts of hatred and discrimination against Jews who should be “worried, condemned and neutralized.”

At the CRIF dinner on Monday evening, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls – stepping in for President Francois Hollande, who had to bow out due to his presence at the EU-Turkey summit in Brussels on the migration crisis – denounced antisemitism from “the extreme Right and far-Left,” while responding to the spate of attacks on Jews in the country and indirectly discussing the wave of immigration to Israel.

“Yes, the Jews of France are too often afraid – to wear a kippah, to go to the synagogue, to go shopping in the kosher shops, send their children to public school. We don’t accept this reality,” Valls said. “There is antisemitism and anti-Zionism, which is simply synonymous with antisemitism and hatred of Israel. The Jews of France have built France and they must continue to build it; and at the same time I know the solidarity that binds you to Israel. Israel is a democracy, a nation that speaks to the world, and France will always be by its side.”

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  • Wm. J. Levy

    It’s a shame that the murder of 7, not 6, million Jews in the Holocaust has left a totally weak Jewish French unable to protect their own.

    Organize, train, hire tough Jews to fight the enemies of Jews and then the haters will be afraid.

  • Dorierez

    France has always been very ambivalent about Jews. There has undeniably always been a lot of antisemitism. Since the early days of the catholic church, l’affaire Dreyfus, the Vichy government and the gendarmes arresting Jews. But France has also welcomed (accepted) many refugees from Europe, my parents among them.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    So “the Jews of France have built France” claims Manuel Valls,who must be the only pro-Israel and pro-Jewish member of the French government of Pres.Hollande.And what have the Jews got for all their loyalty? Nothing!There are almost daily attacks on Jews and their properties,especially attacks on Jewish children.And in classic Jewish tradition the Jews “turn the other cheek” (something the Christians preach but never practise).How tempting to counter-attack : right-wing thugs and Muslim bullies make tantalizing targets.But that of course is not the Jewish way.The solution is to get out of France as soon as possible while you still can and emigrate to Israel.Leave France to disintegrate and implode as the Muslim hordes begin to overwhelm the country and the right-wingers retaliate:a real “clash of civilizations” is in the making.The term “clash of civilizations” is of course a term which left-wing pro-Muslim liberals abhor since it undermines their anti-Western and anti-capitalist ideology.But it is going to happen;in fact,it is already happening!

  • Jeremy

    You afraid to call the thugs black?

    “African origin”. Jesus H Christ, how pc can one get?

    The Jews are way too comfortable in galut. France isn’t getting the message. French Juifs ain’t gettin it either. Some are; some never will.

    Get out of Frogland and come home.

  • stevenl

    C. K. does not get it? I think he does.
    The elite has nothing to fear the mass of average Jews are the target.
    For years the EU rightfully refused to accept Turkey into the EU.
    Now Erdogan has the whole of Europe where he wanted it.
    He can turn the spigot of invasion at will and there isn’t much the EU can do. Erdo must thank the US President!
    As the number of Muslims increases antisemitism will increase unless Muslim males are not allowed to come into the EU.

  • Fred

    France has abdicated it sovereignity to Arab Muslim thugs.
    It is a reminder Hitler’s 1930 is back on the street of France. Liberte , Fraternite , Egalite is being snuffed out from the French soul by Muslim dominee.

  • Christian P Dreyfus

    Cukierman would have more credibility if he was not so supportive of the French gov which is hypocritical: they condemn the attacks on the Jews but they pay for the propaganda from the state owned media outlets which allow this incitment against the jews and Israel.
    Cukierman is not a Jewish leader, he is just a court Jew surrounded by a group of far leftist Jewish opportunists…

  • sifter

    Funny how France, England, and Obama are always prattling on about ‘standing by Israel’s side’, when, in fact, they are all really standing behind the Jews and Israel, insisting that we grab our ankles while they just….

  • Norm O’Dwyer


    For goodness sake when is France going to start taking action to stop these violent attacks against its Jewish citizens. Are children not safe to walk to their school or synagogue because they are Jewish? What has happened to this country!!! It really is becoming a NAZI country and it’s not happening via a coup, it’s through an inability or lack of will, to protect its Jewish population.

    Now France is bending its knee to Iran.

    I am Irish. My son married a Jewish woman and we have Jewish grandchildren. We were planning a trip to Italy and France to see the museums, but we will skip France! Not putting my family in harm’s way.