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March 15, 2016 4:16 am

US Media Ignores Tel Aviv Shooter’s Plan to Attack Israeli Kindergartens

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CCTV footage of the shooting in central Tel Aviv on New Year's Day. Photo: YouTube Screnshot

CCTV footage of the shooting in central Tel Aviv on New Year’s Day. Photo: YouTube Screnshot

The terrorist who shot and killed three Israelis in Tel Aviv on New Year’s Day hoped to slaughter Israeli kindergarten students, the Israel Police reported on Sunday.

Nashat Milhem indiscriminately fired a submachine gun, killing two Israelis outside of a bar on a popular Tel Aviv street before running off. An hour later, the terrorist also killed a Bedouin taxi driver. After a week-long manhunt, Israeli forces killed Milhem following an exchange of fire near his home in northern Israel.

Two days after the attack, police uncovered Milhem’s plans to “carry out an attack on Tel Aviv kindergarten students.” However, the terrorist “felt he was being chased” and “focused on survival,” instead of going through with the plot to murder Israeli pre-schoolers.

Milhem’s attack was among those lauded in a Hamas video that aired after the terrorist group hacked into Israel’s Channel 2 feed. “The year started in Tel Aviv and we have already returned to Dizengoff,” Hamas threatened, referencing the famous street in Tel Aviv where the terrorist attack took place.

“Terror will never end,” the video said, telling Israelis to “get out of our country.”

While the Washington Post chose to write about Hamas’ hacking attack, no mainstream US media outlet, including the New York Times, saw fit to report on a terrorist’s plan to massacre Israeli schoolchildren.

The Times and Washington Post reported extensively on follow-up plots after November’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Yet a heinous terrorist plot targeting Israeli kindergarten students following a New Year’s Day shooting spree apparently does not rise to the level of meriting a new story for American readers.

These types of glaring omissions are consistent with the misleading reporting associated with the initial January 1 Tel Aviv shooting attack.

In a January 5 article, the Times indicated officials remained unsure whether the shooting attack was a terrorist attack or criminal in nature.

But by January 2 — a day after the attack — a growing consensus among Israeli security officials considered the shooting a terrorist attack.

Nevertheless, a week after the shooting spree, the Post argued that “the motive for the Tel Aviv attack also remains unclear…”

Imagine the headlines if the roles were reversed, and an Israeli was found plotting an attack on Palestinian youngsters. The coverage would last for days. Stories would include detailed examinations of public reaction and what the incident meant about the well-being of Israeli society. Why, then, is Milhem’s shocking plan failing to attract a word of coverage?

Steven Emerson is the Executive Director the Investigative Project on Terrorism ( where this article first appeared.

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  • Marian

    Anyone who thinks that Washington Post or The New York Times are still newspapers with grain of integrity toward Israel, should have his / her head examined. These two are the avantgarde of the BDS movement just waiting to announce that position on their editorial pages. It is a charade, just wait and see.

  • Myron Slater

    The US media is a disgrace, they have to be antisemitic to ignore the facts and not report these criminal acts. As usual in the past, Jews don’t matter!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    The Safad High School massacre years ago. The Netanya High Holy Day massacre. School buses targeted. Egged buses targeted.

    It will never stop until Israel declares war against these terrorists and destroys them.

    In 1956 during the Suez War Arab Israelis attacked Israelis and were killed by the IDF and the village leaders were warned and threatened with expulsion.

    The threats obviously haven’t worked and the Arab birth rate will soon overwhelm the Jewish birthrate.

    Just as in the U.S. the non-white minority is becoming the majority because they are mostly on welfare and everything is paid for them.

    Israel should stop all benefits to E. Jerusalem Arabs who have been instrumental in attacking Jews.

    Get tough or get gone.

  • H. Givon

    Were grades to be given for adhering to the Code of Ethics for Journalists, leading American publications would receive a failing mark. Deliberate omissions and distortions mock the requirements of the profession that journalists be honest and courageous in fairly interpreting and reporting the news. It is time for the American public to demand better of its reporters. Not adhering to basic rules has eroded the trust of readers who seek alternate news outlets. Thanks to Steve Emerson for his article and to the Algemeiner for printing it!

  • Meron Medzini

    A glaring omission in your artcile is the fact that Milhem was an Israeli Arab, not a Hamas terrorist, and that the police bungled this case in a most serious manner as they now admit.

  • Peter Joffe

    I wonder what sort of person would murder defenseless children? The civilized world should mint a Medal of Dishonor to award to these cowards. There can be nothing worse than becoming a ‘Martyr. by doing such a disgusting and cowardly thing? Are there any ‘cowards’ in Islam?? Probably not as Allah does not recognize children as anything other than cannon fodder. Muslims must stand up against the crimes against humanity committed in their name.

  • Alex Berger

    It actually *was* an Israeli that was found plotting the attack.

    However, because he was an Arab, the standards set for him are very different than if he were a Jew – hence the silence. Perhaps unwittingly, the likes of the New York Times are thus promoting racism.

  • stevenl

    The war of the West against Israel goes UN-abated!

  • Lia

    Does anybody still actually read the WaPo &/or NYT?

  • Theodore Crawford