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March 17, 2016 6:25 am

John Kerry to the World: Let’s Gang up on Israel

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Photo: GPO.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Photo: GPO. – John Kerry has a new strategy for achieving Mideast peace: mobilize the international community to gang up on Israel.

That was the essence of the secretary of state’s disturbing remarks in Paris on March 13. Kerry declared that the Obama administration is “looking for a way forward” to bring about creation of a Palestinian state. He said that Palestinian statehood is “absolutely essential.”

Not just “an idea worth exploring;” not just “something to be considered’.” Rather, “absolutely essential.” Kerry and President Obama have made up their minds and will not consider any alternatives. They have decided that establishing an independent Palestinian state is the only solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It’s just a question of how to make it happen.

The administration’s attempts to pressure Israel into creating a Palestinian state obviously have not been successful so far. So Kerry is looking for new ways to harangue the Israelis. Standing next to a group of European foreign ministers at the Paris press conference, Kerry said: “There’s not any one country or one person who can resolve this. This is going to require the global community, it will require international support.”

Significantly, Kerry’s quest for an international alliance to pressure Israel comes on the heels of France’s recent announcement that it will try to convene an international conference to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The French said that if the conference failed to produce a Palestinian state, they will go ahead and unilaterally recognize such a state. That’s the French idea of “negotiations.”

The French approach, which Secretary Kerry now seems to be moving towards, is reminiscent of similar proposals that were made back in 1985. Alarmed, then-Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin flew to Washington to try to head off the convening what was being called an “international umbrella” for Mideast negotiations.

“Whenever anyone mentions umbrella, it reminds me of Chamberlain and Munich,” Rabin declared. For Rabin to invoke the memory of Chamberlain selling out to Hitler at Munich — and for Rabin to use those words at a press conference in Washington — vividly illustrates how dangerous he considered the ‘international’ proposal to be.

It’s not hard to understand why Rabin in 1985 opposed such a proposal, and it’s not hard to see why Israel’s leaders today oppose it, too. If Kerry succeeds in his strategy, such an international conference or umbrella would consist of a dozen or more Arab and European countries ganging up on Israel and demanding that the Israelis make unilateral concessions to the Palestinians. Knowing the Obama administration’s pro-Palestinian slant, one must assume that the US would side with the Arabs and Europeans.

The French — evidently with Kerry’s tacit approval, or perhaps even his encouragement–are pushing forward. French diplomat Pierre Vimont will be visiting Israel and the Palestinian Authority this week to promote France’s initiative. French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, appearing alongside Kerry at the press conference: “The conflict is getting worse and the status quo cannot continue.”

The conflict is getting worse? No, it’s not.

The status quo cannot continue? Yes, it can.

I am the last person in the world to minimize the reality of Palestinian terrorism. But there’s no way anybody can say the current attacks are worse than the weekly bus bombings of the 1990s. Israel’s strong military response put an end to the suicide bombings — which shows that if Israel does not fight with one hand tied behind its back, it can beat the terrorists.

And the status quo may not be the ideal solution, but show me a better one that’s feasible. Withdrawing to indefensible borders? Setting up an armed or soon-to-be-armed Palestinian state just a few miles from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv? In 1976, people were saying “the status quo cannot continue.” They were saying it 1986 and 1996 and 2006, too. Yet here we are, nearly 50 years after the 1967 war — and it has continued, because the alternatives have been worse.

Of course, what Kerry and French call the “status quo” is not at all the same as the status quo of the 1970s or 1980s. In 1995, Rabin withdrew from the areas where 98% of the Palestinians reside. For the past 21 years, the Palestinian Authority has functioned as a de-facto state in a large portion of Judea-Samaria. The only thing the PA lacks is a full-fledged army and the ability to import tanks and planes. And from Israel’s point of view, that’s not such a bad status quo.

So maybe it’s time for Kerry and his gang of would-be interveners to step back, take a deep breath, and face the fact that the slogans and ideas of the 1980s — “status quo,” “international umbrella” and the like — are just not suited to today’s reality.

Stephen M. Flatow, an attorney in New Jersey, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995.

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  • Joan Austin

    What Kerry and the French don’t understand is that you cannot take land that was given to Jewish people by God. They had best remember the Bible verse I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. Israel is our only true friend in the middle east and we best keep them.

    • Bruce Wayne

      it’s also rather ironic that France in Paris and other places is now experiencing the scourge of islam. Since they want to force Israel to give up safety by letting muslims right into their land which will make Israel less safe..Now france is less safe in the same way.

      France has betrayed it’s own people and brought their enemies..muslims right into their land and paris sucks now….

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Good for Sec. Kerry. So what if his grandfather was a Jew and he had everyone believe that he was a good Irishman although his brother recently converted to Judaism when he found out he was a Jew.

    I liked Kerry when he threw away his Vietnam medals but that was the last time I liked or respected him.

    He may have a $1,500 haircut but there’s nothing in his head to make him Sec. of State and give away 150 billion dollars to Iran for a worthless piece of paper and put Israel in the cross hairs of a nuclear bomb on Tel-Aviv.

    Obama is pro-Arab andpro-Muslim. He hates Jews and hates Israel; and the stupid Jews voted for him twice.

  • Then let France give them part of their country to establish a state.

    • Bruce Wayne

      France already has by bringing in way too many muslims….and paris sucks now…..there are plenty of videos out now showing bands of muslim youth harassing French people in their own land….France is no longer a safe place for tourism..stay away !!!

  • Leslie Benjamini

    All comments above eloquently written
    Drefinition of insanity: continuing to repeat the same action over & over expecting to get a different result. Obama & Kerry need to be committed.

  • Obama’s obsession with the sacrifice of Israel to ingratiate himself with his Islamic brethren, I can rather understand, but the reaction of the rest of the world to Israel is reminiscent of mass hysteria— one theoretical cause for the Salem witch trials. Or perhaps the ancient Wicker man which was burnt and driven into the sea to “wash away communal sins and bring good fortune ” Most likely the Scapegoating of Yom Kippur. All very primeval and visceral. And this is the 21st. century!

  • Stafford Fernando

    Before French and Americans try to impose their wills on Israel, they ought to look at their own countries. Islamists will soon impose their Sharia Law on America and Europe and make them ‘slave dogs’. Then, only, Israel will be the true free country in the world . . . might even remove the Islamic yoke from them. Having said that, enemies of Israel should know that Jewish people are G-d’s people. Nobody can defeat the G-d of Israel. Are these idiot still blind? What happened to all the wars against Israel since 1948?
    Woe to the enemies of Israel. Long live Israel.

  • Why not give the French and USA governments some downside risk. If France/USA decides to promote the interests of the Palestinians to the detriment of Israel then Israel will reevaluate its present position and will look at those territories presently occupied to determine which are important to Israel in the future and will declare them as part of Israel right now. Israel will also take what ever steps may be necessary to protect Israel’s security interests on its own as it will no longer be able to depend on other countries to do the right thing. Those Palestinians who wish to remain with the new Israel will be given the right to declare their loyalty to Israel and will be treated as an Israeli citizen and be given a chance to enhance their economic status in the new Isreal. The new Israel should adapt the USA government structure with each unit of Israel having a Senator and Representative. The Senators will be one per area which will be designed to protect the interests of Jews and Palestinians with the area also having a representative based upon population size.
    Until France and the USA solve the problems of Syria and Iraq they have no right to bully democratic Israel. The French and the USA have done nothing for years while hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Iraquis have been murdered. The priority of these great democracies should be to save innocent lives by the hundreds of thousands instead of taking their valuable time to make life difficult for the one demoncracy in the neighborhood.

  • Calm down people. Israel has the greatest defender against an Obama-Kerry push to create a Palestinian state. It’s the Palestinians themselves! There is no way that, given the corruption and the malaise within the Palestinian Authority that Abbas could accept statehood on the part of his people. His authority has long past its term limit and there is no other governmental entity which will deal with the United States or the United Nations in accepting a state. Hamas has repeatedly turned down anything short of the entirety of the land upon which Israel now sits, and any thought of a Palestinian unity government is ridiculous. Ironic that Israel is inured from a Obama-Kerry initiative by the very people they are trying to aid in the creation of their state. Were Obama and Kerry to have studied the history of the Middle East and, specifically, the history of the Israel-Palestinian situation, they would never have tried what they did the first time. Palestinian intransigence will undermine this potential next round, and President Obama will be able to leave office with the legacy of having been one more United States leader who tried and failed to bring about a Palestinian state.

    • Yale


      You miss a key dimension of the Obama-Kerry strategy: They don’t care whether the Palestinian state they seek to establish is viable or whether it descends immediately into chaos; they’re not concerned with the welfare of the “P”alestinian people but with claiming credit for having established a “P”alestinian state. Thus, it doesn’t matter to them that Abbas has no credibility never mind authority.

      The notion of a “P”alestinian state is the problem in the Middle East conflict, and there is no solution unless and until this bad idea is dumped on the trash heap of history.

  • Don’t see any record of my replies.

  • stevenl

    A TALL idiot.

  • Robert Weintraub

    Polls show American Jews overwhelmingly support Israel. Yet American Jews overwhelmingly support the Democratic party which is less supportive of Israel than the Republican party. Evidently most American Jews think there are issues more important to them than Israel. They need to wake up to the fact that Israel is the only reliable haven for diaspora Jews.

    • debbie

      Wow! That is scary. Just looking out for themselves.

    • Rod LF

      Mr. Weintraub:

      You say, “Evidently most American Jews think there are issues more important to them than Israel.”

      I say, “Good for those American Jews who think that issues affecting the interests of their country are more important than any others.”

  • What happened to my recently submitted email? If you don’t print my responses after I spend time carefully thinking about them and writing, again I will quit your newsletter.

  • Gregg Solomon

    I’m in the middle of the Obama article in “The Atlantic.”

    Separate from the childishness of our current President in blaming others, his over intellectual effetism, and the obviousness that he is a college professor who should be debating in a class room and not be the President of the U.S. and leader of the Free World. Separate from all that, in the article he is clear and unambiguous that in his view support for Israel is over-blown. He also is clear and unambiguous that Saudi Arabia has to accept that they have to share regional Muslim power with Iran. (I am sure none of us are naive about Saudi Wahhabism and I’m prettty sure we all agree that the answer is not Obama’s over-intellectual decision to bolster Iran.)

    Just because Obama was elected President and Kerry appointed Secretary of State doesn’t make then “Kobe Bryant,” they are still the JV.

    I hope Netanyahu obliterates them and the French and any others that take the Obama/Kerry view.

    • Yale

      Obama is a pseudo-intellectual and the sooner this is understood the better.

  • Kenneth

    If Michel Aoun were to be elected in the upcoming Lebanese presidential elections, there would be pressure on Hezbollah to scale back, and eventually to halt attacks on Israel, from Lebanon. Also, Syria and Iran´s influence in the area would wain, both in Lebanon, and in the Palestinian territories. With greater security along her borders, Israel would be in a better position to assess whether she can support the idea of greater Palestinian autonomy, as well as the national aspirations of the Palestinian people.

    • Yale

      Because the “P”alestinian People was created to provide a Muslim counter-claimant to the Land of Israel, the aspirations of that people can be nothing other than the destruction of Israel. Thus, the notion of a “P”alestinian state is the problem in the region. There is basically nothing that can change this reality.

  • I’ve been saying for a long time that John Kerry and Barack Obama are two of Israel’s worst enemies. They wish to destroy the Jewish state. How any rational person could think that peace is possible with the Palestinians is beyond comprehension. They don’t want peace. Kerry and Obama hate Israel and hate Prime Minister Netanyahu. Netanyahu is more of a statesman than they could ever conceive of being. If the world tries to impose a Palestinian state on Israel, this will invite wars of the worst magnitude and just the opposite of peace which some claim to desire.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Kerry is what is known in diplomatic circles a a “whore”.

  • Francis Figliola

    An incompetent sphincter working for the Incompetent-impotent-potentate-in-Chief!

  • Theodore Crawford

    Obama will definitely use UN support as a leverage to try and persuade Israel to do his will. He and his “camp” believe that if they can eliminate G_d’s People, Israel, then they can eliminate G_d Himself; completely erase Him from all human remembrance. Then they can have their way with the world, where Government is G_d. Psalm 2 reveals the furious response of the Almighty and Sovereign G_d Of Israel… and everything else!

  • ART

    The world,especially the ME has changed since 1996, 2000, 2006 and even before the arab spring that Hillary and Obama so brilliantly engineered. The ideas and concessions that may have been acceptable in the past no longer are relevant in the new ME especially with Isis and iran. Obama/Hillary/Kerry have encouraged abbas’ incitement and the blood of DEad Jews are on their hands

  • Esther Kaplan

    I have made a point of looking at Gatestone and Algemeiner daily. But I find that I must give them up. They used to be the places I went to feel strong, to see myself as not alone. Now I ask, is there no good news anywhere in the world of letters for Jews? Despair is what I feel now. John Kerry and Barack Obama are our harbingers of doom.

  • SteveHC

    If I didn’t “know better” I’d say it looks like Obama wants to make sure that we vote for Trump…

  • Rachel Cohen

    John Kerry along with the rest of the criminal Obama admin are Godless anti-Semites–who hate Israel and want it destroyed. These wicked people–are the result of bad parenting. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

  • Elinda

    John Kerry is a paid SCHMUCK. Pure and simple. SCHMUCK. And yes I know the meaning of the word.
    These charlatans of the current us govt do not represent most of ‘we the people,’ I guarantee you that.
    I’m a midwest mama in the heartland, and I stand with Israel, and I always will. Peace and blessings to you all.

  • To those who say Kerry is not too swift to want an international final solution to the Jewish question in the Middle East, remember he won a lot of medals in Vietnam and forget he threw them away.

  • Vivian Corey

    Ooh well, I guess G-d is going to have final say on this read all about it in Tanach= The war of Gog MGog in Zechariah as well as Ezekiel. These Jew haters just can’t help themselves.G-d will make an end of all of them

    • enufizenuf

      You think G-d wants Jews to wait for Him to make an end of them?

    • Peter Joffe

      Why is it that every single US “President” wants to secure the destruction of Israel by forcing them to give up their security to terrorists? Obama has already left a terrifying legacy by giving Iran billions of Dollars and a short cut to nuclear weapons. Will Americans cheer and dance with joy when Iran unleashes nuclear destruction on US soil?? Obama’s additional legacy’ could be “I helped Israel commit suicide”!! There are only 2 parties that can get a peace settlement in the Middle East and those two are Israel and all Arabs. The Koran forbids peace with Jews so this is a stupid thing to try to do!!

  • Joseph Winterstein

    Beneath the thin veneer of benevolent rhetoric an deflecting strategies such as appointing a Jewish judge, lies a deeply Antisemetic president. Rather than prioritizing the use his numbered days left in office to bolster the defenses and security of America and her Allies against the growing threat of Islamic terrorism, he his irrationally escalated his incessant attacks on Israel.

    One does not have to look too far back in history to see this same blind irrational Jew hatred at work.
    By 1944, the Nazis were running of of time and resources and were being defeated by the Allies on all fronts, yet the murder of Jews continued uninterrupted. Trains vital to Wehrmacht were instead used by the SS to transport Jews to death camps.

    The 24 July 1922 LON Mandate for Palestine, the United States Lodge-Fiah Resoluation 360, and UN charter Article 80 (The Jewish Clause), implicitly grant and recognize Jews the irrevocable right to settle in the area of Palestine, anywhere between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

    This indisputable legal and diplomatic history of irrevocable treaties remains enshrined in both United States and European international law, yet the US, the UN (including France), and the ICJ sacrifice world security in favor of destroying Israel. As the Obama administration exits the world’s stage, the urgency of his contempt for Israel will predictably become even more focused. Even at the expense of US and Allied security. Despite their best efforts though, he and Europe’s current leaders will fail as the Nazis did before them. Israel will prevail, and their common legacy will not be of efforts made towards global peace and prosperity, but of one of blind hatred, and a shameful betrayal of world Jewry, Israel and the sacred trust of nations.

    • HaroldT

      But, 70% of USA Jews voted Obama into office on the second election !
      And these same “Jews” will vote for Clinton to finish off Israel if Obama does not have time to do it.

    • Rachel Cohen

      Barack and administrations reason for being is to create as much ruination as possible–they in large measure have succeeded.

    • Ephraim

      Beautifully stated.

    • Yale

      You need to recognize that Obama regards the US as a malevolent force in the world. His administration has been dedicated to undermining US power because only that serves the interests of “light and truth.” Unfortunately, there are far too many Americans who agree with him, and in their dreams, the Soviet Union and its virtues survived and the US perished.

  • Is John Kerry in his right mind. How many times can you negotiate with the Palestinians State who has only one desire and that is to kill the Jewish People.Wake up John Kerry.The French are professional at giving in.

    • enufizenuf

      Hillary Clinton is every bit the Jew-hating anti-Israel POS that is our Muslim-in-Chief.

    • stevenl

      Most if not every US adm has followed this path to nowhere blaming IL to keep things on the burner. It gives to the Muslim world the feeling that the West has ANY intention to solve the problem they intend on NEVER solving.
      The Muslims are so stupid that they refuse to accept their own stupidity. They could create many centers of development throughout the Muslim world if working with the Jews.
      The Islamic MO is genocidal fanaticism.

    • Lonna Bertelli

      Don’t forget, Kerry has Muslim in-laws. He and Obama are traitors.

  • Isaac Bensussen

    I can not believe that these two incompetents (Obama and Kerry) after their majors screw ups with Iran, Cuba, Libya, and Syria with 250,000 dead people hanging over their heads are making plans to impose a peace plan with Israel and the Palestinians that do not want to make peace with Israel. That together with France where thousands of Jews are leaving for Israel because of blatant Anti-Semitism that France has not been able to control and terrorist attacks left and right almost every week. That these people are getting together to device a plan is a recipe for disaster. Arrogant Obama that believes that he could have been re-elected if there was a third term and who is blind to the fact that during his 7+ years in Office Democrats have lost 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats, 910 state legislative seats, 30 state legislative chambers and 11 governorships believes that he has what it takes to make a plan for peace, that brilliant Jewish minds have not been able to come up with, because again, the Palestinians are just peons that are happy with their status quo and don’t want to make peace or prosper. I can not believe it.
    To Obama, Kerry and France, stay out of Israel. You have the wrong credentials.

  • Herb Glatter

    Obama is not finished with Israel. After “successes” in Cuba and the Islamic Republic of Iran, he will attempt to impose a solution perhaps withholding support in the UN Security Council