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March 18, 2016 5:33 am

Pro-Israel Candidate for Student Govt President at Trent U Loses Election Days After Swastikas Drawn Into His Name on Campus Graffiti

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Graffiti at Trent University. Photo: Corey LeBlanc Facebook page

Graffiti at Trent University. Photo: Corey LeBlanc’s Facebook page.

A candidate for student government president at Canada’s Trent University lost the election five days after antisemitic graffiti against him and his candidacy appeared on campus, The Algemeiner has learned.

Economics major Corey LeBlanc told The Algemeiner on Thursday that though he is not Jewish, he has been active in his support for Israel.

LeBlanc said that he first learned of the graffiti when photos of it were sent to him by a friend on Saturday night. Scrawled in chalk on two different walkways were the phrases “Just Not Corey” and “Anyone But Corey.”

Inside the “o” of his name in both cases was a swastika.

He immediately took to his Facebook page, saying, “Antisemitic attacks are NOT part of political discourse.” He continued:

Tonight a disturbing wave of hate crimes struck our campus. If you haven’t already seen it, walkways were vandalized in an effort to protest my campaign for President of the [student association]. The individuals responsible used disturbing symbols including a swastika to describe me. First let me say that these attacks are pathetic and are examples of the type of intolerable behavior, which is exhibited by a very small and disillusioned loud minority of extremists.

In 2013, the Trent student government passed a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resolution against Israel. LeBlanc founded “Trent Students for Israel,” which succeeded, in 2015, in obtaining a large majority student vote in favor of repealing the earlier BDS motion.

LeBlanc told The Algemeiner that it wasn’t clear whether there was a connection between his anti-BDS activity and the antisemitic graffiti. “But I am also involved in the conservative party here,” he said, “a very minority viewpoint in a very liberal environment. Perhaps that is the connection.”

He expressed hope that the antisemitic graffiti played no role in his having lost the election. “People should vote for their values, and about the issues,” he said, “not out of sympathy for a hate crime.”

Trent University President Leo Groarke told The Algemeiner that after his administration was informed of the graffiti, it released this message:

Trent University is concerned about the use of a swastika in a chalked message. Although it is unclear who is responsible for the message, Student Affairs has reached out to the student presidential candidates to offer our support.

The use of a swastika is offensive and troubling. It is a symbol of hate and intolerance. We hope and trust that the individual responsible for this thinks seriously about the impact that this type of action can have, both on individuals, and on the community.

The chalk messages have been removed and Campus Security are investigating and monitoring for any recurrence.

Trent University is located in Peterborough, Ontario, east of Toronto.

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  • Carmi Turchick

    Not surprising. Trent has long been a hotbed of racism of the “leftist” variety. When my wife was a student there I overheard several explicitly anti-Semitic statements, and I was rarely on campus. In response to an “Apartheid” event I wrote the student newspaper a letter explaining the racism of anti-Zionism. The sponsoring group responded in a letter that they did not have a problem with Jews having their own country, they only objected to Jews LIVING in their own country.

    Worse still, apparently a professor there had the library stock this book:

    The book is blatant in its racism, suggesting that in order for the reader to understand the events of 9/11 they need to read Adolph Hitler, “The World Jew” by Henry Ford, and some racist vomit by Charles Lindbergh. When confronted about that book being on the shelves of the library the head librarian literally tried to suggest that one could argue whether or not HITLER was an anti-Semite. I am not making that up.

  • Anti-Jewish hatred has nothing to do with liberal or conservative ideologies per se. It has everything to do with values. In any case, most values-driven people tend to shun political ideologies [idolatries]. For their inspiration and direction in life, they look to a higher source.