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March 20, 2016 9:39 pm

Biden at AIPAC: ‘No Political Will’ on Either Side for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

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Vice President Joe Biden, pictured, spoke at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) 2016 policy conference on Sunday. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

Vice President Joe Biden, pictured, spoke at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) 2016 policy conference on Sunday. Photo: Maxine Dovere. – Reflecting on his recent visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, Vice President Joe Biden told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) 2016 policy conference on Sunday that there is currently “no political will, among Israelis or Palestinians” to move forward with serious peace negotiations.

“After extensive meetings with leaders on all sides, including the different [political] parties in Israel, I must tell you I didn’t walk away encouraged,” Biden said.

Biden condemned what he called actions on both sides that undermine trust between the Israelis and Palestinians, including Palestinian efforts to marginalize Israel at the United Nations and Israeli settlement activities. Biden drew some boos from the AIPAC crowd when he said that settlements are “eroding prospects” for a two-state solution—a solution that the vice president asserted is the only way for Israel to maintain its identity as a Jewish and democratic state.

While he said he knows that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “talking about it (a two-state solution), and I hear it being talked about on the Palestinian side,” Biden argued that such talk is not being backed up by actions.

“I know we have to work on renewing that will for peace…The terrorist attacks must stop, the rhetoric that incites violence against innocents…it must stop. The acts of retribution and revenge must stop,” Biden said.

“Trends on the ground…are moving in the opposite direction, towards a one-state reality, which is a reality that is dangerous,” he said.

Biden—who on his latest visit to Israel found himself about a mile away from a Palestinian stabbing rampage in Jaffa that injured 11 Israelis and killed visiting American graduate student Taylor Force—condemned “the failure to condemn” terrorism and said that is “exactly what I said to [Palestinian Authority] President [Mahmoud] Abbas when I met with him in Ramallah.”

“There is no excuse for killing innocents or remaining silent in the face of terror,” said Biden.

The vice president also addressed the topic that dominated last year’s AIPAC conference—the Iran nuclear deal, which at the time had not yet been reached. Predictions about the prospects for reaching a deal or not, Biden recalled, “were rampant.”

This year, with the nuclear deal now in place, Biden said, “To put it simply, Iran is much much further away from obtaining a nuclear weapon than they were a year ago.”

“The incentives are aligned for Iran to hold its part of the deal…we’re watching Iran like a hawk….If Iran violates the deal, the United States will act,” he said.

“We’re working with a community of regional partners to check Iran’s influence. Not just Israel,” Biden added, citing meetings with countries like Jordan and the United Arab Emirates on his recent Mideast trip, in which the U.S. spoke with those nations about “the need for us to unite to make sure Iran’s [threatening] activities are thwarted.”

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    There is not a single word that the Obama regime has ever uttered vis a vis Israel that wasn’t either an overt threat or a lie.

  • Jonah

    Spoken like a true politician. They have nothing to lose. Biden is nothing but a lobotomized monkey collecting rhetorical points for his master. Our president is a genious at using the entire world, the U.S., Russia, the U.N., the international community, Western Europe, Isis, Hilliary the harlot, the Clinton foundation, and the Pope….he has created a formidable antisemitic tsunami while he has a Stranglehold on the American congress. He has taken down Europe with Hilliary and they still love him. Iran has been financed and consequently armed to the teeth by America…this was done full well knowing that Russia must fight Islam on its own turf or face Obama and Islam on their turf. Now with the changing of the racial completion of Europe he now has a formidable western force under Islamic influence with their finger on the trigger and Israel in the cross hair. What the American congress does not understand is scripture. Oh they claim to know it, and they wave the bible in the air when they need votes but have they read it. Have they read about the individual that was possessed by a legion of fallen angels, do they realize their Oresident could be being advised by legions of fallen angels who have intelligence that would make a congressional member appear to be that of a Turky who will stand in the rain lookup and drown. Their is know one on this planet that can stand against the wiles of Obama. Scripture says China and Russia will dig in and enrage the beast. But all the other nations are fodder he plays with, why? Because they do not understand scripture, they do not understand the end game. Now their are sheep nations that will not go for Israel’s jugular who will be well rewarded at the end of the seven year tribulation, but most of the world will turn on the Jews and Israel. Why, because Satan cannot take over this planet if one Jew or one Christian is left standing…he must kill them all. Try telling that to a Mormon, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a jehovas witness…the U.S. Congress…but it is an understanding hammered into the brains of caliphate Islamasists who then become the forces for the antichrist. Yes the cry from the American Congress is we need TPTA but what they do not understand is they are creating the mechanism for the antichrist to carry out what is described in Revelation to the T, every jot and tittle. The main concern of the American congress and Europe right now is, ” How can we get rid of Trump”. God luck you will need it…he is a fighter!

  • dante

    biden is (as was said of another American) an amiable dunce. but to say that he’s amiable, personally, does not mean that he cannot do a lot of damage.

    the Israelis are very much interested in constructive talks with the “palestinians,” but not some sort of occasion for capitulation. biden and his boss have attached themselves to a fantasy of equal culpability, equal interest or disinterest in settlement, equal commitment to hate. but, it’s all a lie. all biden and his boss want is something that they can call an agreement. what happens a year or two or three after the signing
    is not a matter of any interest for these clowns. (it’s like the iran fiasco…”better any deal than no deal…let the Israelis deal with the consequences.”)

    biden is not bright enough or motivated enough to know the difference. all his boss knows or cares about is his ridiculous fantasies about the world, about human behavior and humanity, about the comic book myths that were recorded for him by the author of “dreams from my father.”

  • Michael

    With friends like these… – the question actually is, why does Aipac find it in Israel’s interest to host an Administration which is clearly doing whatever it can to undermine, dare I say encourage, its destruction?

  • sifter

    Lies, lies and more lies! Israel wants peace. Palestinians want Israel. USA will do NOTHNG to stop Iran from producing the Bomb. The Gullibles swallow Bidens nonsense hook line and sinker.