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March 21, 2016 11:59 am

Israel Defense Minister Accuses ‘Breaking the Silence’ of Committing Treason Following New Expose

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Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israel’s defense minister said on Monday that however the left-wing military whistleblower organization Breaking the Silence (BtS) is making use of the information its members have been gathering, it is committing “treason,” the Hebrew news site nrg reported on Monday, as Moshe Ya’alon toured the north of the country and met with students from high schools in the area.

Ya’alon was responding to questions put to him by students about the investigative report that appeared Saturday evening on Israel’s Channel 2, according to which members of BtS have been collecting data on military equipment and other issues, that have nothing to do with soldiers’ behavior.

“What was revealed [in that report was that BtS has also been] asking soldiers questions unrelated to routine operations and morality,” he said, referring to hidden camera footage aired during the broadcast, recorded by the right-wing group, Ad Kan, which has been monitoring left-wing organizations by infiltrating their ranks, under cover, and exposing their activities and funding.

Ya’alon told the students that BtS – an NGO made up of IDF veteran soldiers and officers, infamous for traveling the world and claiming that the Israeli military routinely commits war crimes – is up to no good, either way. BtS claims its mission has been to bring to light immoral/illegal behavior engaged in by comrades towards Palestinians.

“If they are distributing this material abroad, it is treason and it is serious. If they are keeping it to themselves, what do they need it for?” he said.

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  • HaroldT

    Long overdue for them to be charged with treason. A court case will expose the lies and uncover which NGO’s are paying them.

  • Monty Pogoda

    They should be locked up for life. Nothing less is good enough.

  • Paul

    Surely the truth should be able to stand up on its own merit – if you have to be deceitful, perhaps it is not the truth ?

    you quote Ayalon as saying “If they are distributing this material abroad, it is treason”. But your headline says he accuses them of committing treason – no ifs.

    It has been repeated here in Israel that ALL materials used by Breaking the Silence are inspected and authorized for distribution by the Israeli military censor. In addition, it has been stressed the the Israeli SHABAK, (General Intelligence Service), is extremely powerful and effective in finding and stopping such activity – but they have made no accusations re BtS. the only ones presenting these arguments are an extreme nationalistic right-wing group called Ad Kan, who present slanted biased information to the media, who cannot resist using it because it is so sensational- despite it being simply FALSE.
    War crimes ARE being committed by Israeli soldiers, who are punished for them when they are uncovered. BtS comprises soldiers who are just as patriotic as Ad Kan, but who believe that covering up immoral behaviour is destructive to |Israe4l’s And the IDF’s best interest. We keep claiming we are the most moral army in the world. We most definitely are. This does not mean there is NO immoral behavior – it means that there is relatively little, and when there is, it gets punished.
    Does the nationalist right-wing prefer that when crimes against humanity are committed, they should be overlooked ? Others, like me, think our reputation as the most moral army in the world must be protected by breaking the silence on immoral actions by a few soldiers.

    • SLMorris

      Stick to the damn subject, you fool. The subject is spying and treason by BtS.

  • Jose Duran

    Revelations about tactical or strategic goals being used by soldiers should be considered a crime. No matter who these asinine lefties are, prosecution must be arranged to thwart their actions.

  • Peter Joffe

    Treason needs to be treated with speed and vigor. Its bad enough having Arabs terrorists in Israel and surrounding areas but now Israel has to deal with their internal cancer – BtS. Put them in jail for life.

  • Reform School

    Has treason hurt Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry?

  • ART

    BtS, New Israel Fund, Peace Now etc. are indeed treasonist organizations. They receive money from hostile governments or entities to harm Israel, that is by definition treason and the government should act on them. Israel should remember who supports these groups and keep it in mind when sharing intel or maybe not sharing intel

  • Ruthie M.

    They’re turning on themselves. The leftist NGO being called traitors by another terrorist supporter and destroyer of Jewish homes. In Israeli politics, I guess those corrupt politicians who also committ treason are immune from prosecution by their own decree. But to turn on their own fellow traitors in the media just to draw attention away from themselves is SOP. The informed people all know that it is only lip service, for those leftist NGO’s and the typical Israeli politician are paid by the same sources.