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March 21, 2016 7:54 pm

Trump Says Dismantling Iran Deal Will be His Top Priority, Humors AIPAC Crowd

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Donald Trump spoke  at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference on Monday. Photo: Facebook.

Donald Trump spoke at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference on Monday.
Photo: Facebook. – In a much-anticipated speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference on Monday, Republican presidential primary front-runner Donald Trump said that dismantling the “disastrous” Iran nuclear deal would be his top priority as president. Trump also outlined a three-pronged strategy for dealing with Iran, offering the type of detailed policy talk that many have criticized him for leaving out of previous speeches.

“We’ve rewarded the world’s leading state sponsor of terror with $150 billion, and we’ve received actually nothing in return,” he said.

Trump was the subject of much pre-conference debate regarding whether or not AIPAC should have invited him, due to his controversial policy proposals such as banning Muslim immigration. But he seemed to earn more laughter than boos during his speech, resulting from his jokes, his stylistic choices such as the repeated use of the phrase “believe me,” and his well-known propensity to make sweeping declarations. He told the crowd that he was speaking to them “as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel, and a newcomer to politics, but not to backing the Jewish state.” He noted that in the spring of 2004, at the height of the violence of the second Palestinian intifada, he served as grand marshal of New York City’s Israel Day Parade.

“Many people turned down this honor” because it was a dangerous time for Israel and its supporters, said Trump, but “I did not. I took the risk, and I’m glad I did.”

“But I didn’t come here tonight to pander to you about Israel,” he told the audience. “That’s what politicians do. All talk, no action. Believe me.”

Instead, Trump said he came to speak about future of America’s relationship with Israel, which he praised as “the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Trump said he has studied the Iranian nuclear issue “greater than anybody else. Believe me.” That statement earned significant laughter from the audience.

The nuclear deal “places limits on [Iran’s] military nuclear program for only a certain number of years,” but once that period expires, Iran will have a weaponized nuclear program “ready to go,” said Trump.

The businessman said he would adopt a three-pronged strategy on Iran as president: standing up to Iran’s aggressive push to destabilize and dominate the region, dismantling Iran’s global terror network, and vigorously enforcing the terms of the nuclear deal.

“If I’m elected president, I know how to deal with trouble, and believe me that’s what I’ll be elected president, folks,” said Trump, proceeding to remind the audience that he is “leading all the polls.”

“We must enforce the terms of the previous deal to hold Iran totally accountable, and we will enforce it like you’ve never seen a contract enforced before folks, believe me,” he said.

Trump lamented that the nuclear deal is “silent” on the testing of ballistic missiles, a move Iran recently carried out in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

“Nobody has done anything about it. We will, we will,” said Trump, earning a standing ovation.

Trump also earned an ovation for saying, “President [Barack] Obama in his final year. Yay.”

“He may be the worst thing that ever happened to Israel, believe me,” Trump said.

Trump vowed to use American veto power in the United Nations to shut down an internationally imposed settlement for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Deals are made when parties come together, they come to the table and negotiate,” while each side makes concessions and gets something of value, said Trump.

“It’s really the parties that must negotiate a resolution themselves, they have no choice…the United States will be useful as a facilitator in negotiations, but nobody should be telling Israel”  that it needs to abide by an agreement made thousands of miles away, he said.

Trump said that to make a good deal, you need two willing participants, and it is known that Israel is willing to negotiate a deal. He noted that former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak made “maybe even too generous” of an offer to the Palestinians at Camp David, only to be rejected by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, while former prime minister Ehud Olmert made an “equally generous” offer in 2008 but was rejected by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

As president, Trump said he would “meet with Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu immediately.” He said that in Palestinian society, “the heroes are those who murder Jews,” but that glorification of terrorists “will end and it will end soon, believe me.” He did not, however, offer details for how such incitement would end.

“What President Obama gets wrong about dealmaking,” said Trump, “is that he constantly applies pressure to our friends, and rewards our enemies.”

“When the United States stands with Israel, the chances for peace really rise, and rise exponentially,” he said.

Trump also vowed to move the American embassy in Israel “to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.” He has previously wavered on that issue. He ended his speech on a lighter note, expressing pride that his daughter Ivanka, who is married to Jewish real estate developer Jared Kushner, “is about the have a beautiful Jewish baby.”

“In fact,” Trump said, “it could be happening right now, which would be very nice as far as I’m concerned.”

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  • Ibrahim Ibn Ibrahim

    Long live America, long live Donald!!!

  • Larinthian

    I hope the Jewish American community will not repeat the mistakes of 2008 and 2012. There are strong parallels that could be made between then and now. In fairness, perhaps a case could have been made as to why the Jewish people of America voted for Obama in 2008. At the time, nobody heard of Obama and he swept the country off of our collective feet with stirring rhetoric. But, even this scenario has limited validity because the people should have been savvy enough to do some research on who Obama was, what he believed in, and his voting record. Even rudimentary research would have revealed the real Obama and led people to the conclusion that McCain was the better choice. In 2012, there was no excuse for reelecting Obama, especially in the Jewish community. At that point, we had endured four years of Netanayhu bashing, blatant anti Israel policies, appeasement and blind loyalty to the Arabs. I think there were a couple reasons why this happened. The failure to understand that the Democratic party of today is not the same as it used to be during the progressive era. This shift is not only felt in the U.S. but throughout liberal strongholds of the world. But, since we are discussing American politics, I am focusing my remarks on this country. The left likes to portray itself as the party who stands up for the little guy and the downtrodden. In the earlier days, this is precisely how Israel was perceived. All too often because of the unholy alliance between liberals and the main stream media, the opposite holds true today and there has been a worldwide effort to portray the Arabs as the prey and Israel as the predator. This of course is a false narrative. The other reason stems from the fact that many Jewish people of this country has replaced leftism as their religion instead of Judaism. In 2016, we have the opportunity to vote for someone who is a strong supporter of Israel who has strong values, with the qualifications to start digging this country out of the massive hole we are in, due in large part to the Democrats and a weak and inept Republican party who rubber stamps Obama’s agenda. I am talking of course about Ted Cruz. I am pro choice and am in favor of gay marriage, so I don’t agree with everything the Republicans stand for. However,there is no candidate that you will agree with one hundred percent of the time, so you have to look at the broader picture and if you do, you will see Cruz is the right man for the job. At one point, I supported Trump but his decent started right before the caucuses in Iowa. Up until that point, Trump was respectful to Cruz but when he discovered that Cruz was within striking distance of beating him, he became vindictive and belligerent.The other major factor in me losing support for Trump is when he stated that he would be “neutral” in regards to Israel and the Palestinians and his belief that he could broker a “deal.” There has been no stronger ally to Israel than Cruz and he has one of the strongest voting records to back it up. Cruz will finally move Israel’s capitol from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, where it should have been all along, he will defund the U.N. until they change their long standing anti Israel bigotry and universities that support BDS will lose federal monetary support. What has Trump done, he was the grand marshal of the Israeli day parade. As an entertainer, Trump is great but not as president.

  • Allan Richter

    The headline was inappropriate. Mr. Trump does have a sense of humor but all I noticed were standing ovations.

  • Martin Katchen

    What distinguishes Trump from the rest is his willingness to criticise the United Nations and to keep the UN away from any peace negotiations. Trump could be the President that cuts off funding to UNWRA as a terrorism support organisation.

  • Rachel

    I’m thinking ‘humors AIPAC crowd’ is an appropriate phrase for Trump’s speech last night; not to mention the bombast and exaggeration-everyone knew he doesn’t know that Iran deal better than anyone else! That’s why there was audible laughter when his narcissism required him to say that he did

    He said what he knew he should say to please the crowd and he already knows how to deliver a speech-of course we went through this with then-Senator Obama in 2008 and later President Obama in 2012 and his rhetoric has never matched his actions relating to Israel

    The issue of Jerusalem being undivided? That’s a COMPLETELY new view for him; he even borrowed exact language from other candidates (who’ve been saying these things for years) in his prepared remarks about that and other areas

    Your very article printed the contradiction in the speech regarding the Iran deal: “dismantling the “disastrous” Iran nuclear deal would be his top priority as president.” THEN later he said he would, as part of his 3-pronged approach be: “vigorously enforcing the terms of the nuclear deal.” and “We must enforce the terms of the previous deal to hold Iran totally accountable, and we will enforce it like you’ve never seen a contract enforced before folks, believe me,” Which ‘previous deal’? The one he said at the beginning he would destroy? Or the current one he would ‘vigorously’ enforce? Or is this a different one?

    Of course, there’s the typical and frequent “Believe Me” statements
    Is this about faith in his words? Because the only actions he has are financially supporting candidates for decades who have supported this Iran debacle and candidates who have actively worked against Israel’s (and America’s international interests) Oh yeah, and being in a parade, getting an award for giving money to JNF, and having a Jewish grandbaby; all nice, but not really qualifications

    Yeah, he got the crowd cheering-so what?! There’s no consistency, it’s all about deals and strongman statements and attitude, not principles held deeply or an understanding of the Constitution

    Frankly, the candidate who has the actual record and speaks from the heart and not a teleprompter-speech written by someone else, who knows facts and statements that ‘work the crowd’, was and is Ted Cruz

    I recommend reading the articles written By Caroline Glick about the reliable works and record of the senator on behalf of Israel and Israeli/American relations:


    Please don’t be bamboozled by this charlatan, who can work the media and manipulate the emotions, when you have the real deal ready and able to follow through on his LONG HELD beliefs

    The Jewish people, of whom my children are a part, have rightly prided themselves on, generally speaking, thinking through things, not reacting emotionally to things

    Please use those incredible G-D given minds for analytical thought to choose wisely and not be swayed by the mob

    • Sholom Gootzeit

      I would prefer Cruz too, however if Trump gets the Republican nomination, I would vote for him over Hillary or BS (Bernie Sanders) in a heartbeat. Hillary will sell her soul to the highest bidder (which will not be Israel). BS did not even bother coming to AIPAC, because he really doesn’t believe Israel should exist. So, trash Trump as much as you want, but if he is nominated, staying home or voting for some illusionary alternative is the same as voting for Hillary.

  • I fell in love with Trump when he said that he wants to limit Muslim immigration to the US.
    He’s the only candidate who gets it and has the non politically correct balls to do it.
    There is nothing funny about this article. The Iran deal is the biggest mistake in modern times. Once Iran has nuclear armed missiles our lives will change forever. And what does Obama do? He rewards Iran, the largest sponsor of terror by far with billions of dollars.
    Please Trump, tear that insane agreement up or let the mullah’s use it for toilet paper!

  • David Rice

    The title of this article was inappropriate at best. Most people I spoke to not only agreed with Ttump but found his speech captivating this speech was serious and to the point and anything but humorous.

  • A lot of Democrats tell me that they fear Donald Trump. They say he’s scary. So they’re going to vote for Hillary. To them I ask what is scarier than a President who does business with the enemy and a future President who will do the same?

  • oscar Shank

    “…but nobody should be telling Israel” that it needs to abide by an agreement made thousands of miles away, he said.”

    Didn’t the UN do this to the Palestinians? Just asking.

  • Frederick S. Blum

    Where was Bernie Sanders, the snake oil huckster and self proclaimed proud to be Jewish candidate, during the AIPAC conference ?

  • jakob wasi

    Trump knows his audience. He skirted his stance on even-handedness on the Palestinian question. Instead he chose to highlight the Zionist bugaboo–Iran which pleased the Zionists no end. Wily, he won’t be put into a corner by the blackmailers of the American elite.

  • Wayne Scott

    Trump Towers over the rest of the lying Presidential options, especially Trump Towers over Hillary the Horrible and Bernie the dead-beat Socialist! Vote Trump!!

  • Great speech! Several standing o. He said he would move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capitol of Israel. GWB said it but didnt do it. Donald Trump will DO it!

  • We are in a very difficult point in world’s history. The crisis worldwide has reached to the heights. Politicians do not have the trust of US Citizens. They don’t deliver what they promise. America has had a very bad 10 years period. Has be very much weaken. We experience a massive invasion in EU and Middle East from Syria and ISIS and other Islam extremes even we see them here into our Country.I don’t know Mr. Trump and I don’t really know whom I will vote for us I am very sceptical though I am a conservative by character. America needs a Leader who can deliver and is not poisoned by politics as much as possible to have given exams on the field and be surrounded by best advisors and administration. America has to do the most of those that Mr. Trump promises for the best of our Country and for many voices to stop speak out without fear and create the mess of crisis and threats worldwide. I think that Mr. Trump might be good for the Middle East stability too if he follows what he says.

  • fRED kAHN

    if I may informyou that I am the original architect of the televised presidential debates in the geral election, Please seee all about it by goggling research of “Fred Kahn and Presidential Debates.” I am a naturalized immigrant whosurvived the Holocaust. Congressman Chris van Hoolen made a statement in tribute to Fred A. Kahn in the US House of Representatives on March 13 , 2014 (Please see congressional record, March 13, 2014). I have been intervviwed by the Washington Post, Washington Jewish Weekly, the Huffington Post, Newsday, Bethesda Magazine, The Washingtonian Magazine the Gazetter and even interviwed by the NPR (National Public Radio). Furtheralso on televison at he WUSA, chANNEL 9 OF wASHINGTON, d>c> wHENI STEPPED PUBLICLY FOWARD ON MY ADVOCACY OF TELEVISED PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES 60 YEARS AGO IN L956. I WAS ENDORSED BY mRS eLEANOR rOOSEVELT AND IN L958 BY gOVERNOR aDLAI e. sTEVENSON, THE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN L952 AND 1956. tHIS YEAR THERE WILL BE THREE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES IN THE GENERAL ELEXCTIONN WITH THE LAST ON LESS THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE ELCTION. iT WILL BEAT THE uNIVERSITY OF nEVADA IN lAS vEGAS ON oCTOBER 19, 2O16. iN MY OPINION IT WILL BE A CRUCIAL DEBATE LIKELY BETWEEN tRUMP AND hILLARY cLINTON.

  • Peter Joffe

    Of course all of Islam do not want to hear what Trump has to say. Islam is not for the West and we will not tolerate it. If it goes ahead it will end in civil war such as the world has never seen before. ‘Islam go Home’ is the cry of all free men.

  • Heidi Rechteger

    To the Editor:

    Trump said he will visit Israel soon, but he has been dis-invited by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who finds Trump’s bigotry offensive. He is a gross offense to Jewish values and the PM was correct in telling him not to come to Israel.

    You do not note in this article the many racists and anti-Semites who praise Trump and support him, including the notorious Jew hater David Duke. It is high mishegoss for any Jew to be supporting Donald Trump, and I am grossly disappointed in the Alegemeiner’s puff piece on this terrible person. I expect better from a Jewish publication.


    Heidi Rechteger
    Portland, OR

    • D. Chetakian

      Mr. Trump was NOT disinvited by PM Netanyahu. Google it.
      As for being endorsed by “racist” and “anti-Semites”, this is a typical leftist ploy to discredit somebody’s argument.
      I know for a fact the Mrs. Clinton is endorsed by George Soros who is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jews. And is also endorsed by Satan himself.
      Just FYI…

  • stevenl

    Isn’t Hilary son-in-law a far left individual too?
    Far left have NO love for Jews in general and IL in particular.

  • enufizenuf

    Every word out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth is a complete and utter lie. She hates Jews and despises the State of Israel. No matter what she promises every action she takes on the Middle East will severely damage Israel.
    Trump or Cruz would both be a blessing for Israel, but millions of Jews who are political IDIOTS will vote for Clinton because they are brainwashed prideful fools.


    It is so pleasant to hear from a man who is so obviously not in favour of the Muslim terrorists. Here in Canada are prime minister before the last election managed to visit many many mosques and virtually no churches synagogues or Hindu temples. Showing where his preference lies. Your own president appears to have gone even one stage further. He is rewarding the Iranians with $150 billion for being Jew haters and also hating his country. Very strange supporting people who hate your land and people.
    I don’t know what kind of president Trump would make, but he couldn’t certainly never be worse than what you have now. Possibly with a bit of luck he could make another Ronald Reagan.

    • Rachel

      No need to take a chance with ‘luck’ based on mere rhetoric-again; we already have a candidate in Senator Crz who has PROVEN himself over and over with ACTION-a Jewish value-that he understands the threats and follows through accordingly against the ‘powers-that-be’ and what is popular

      He doesn’t wait to be told what to do or think, it’s in his kishkes

  • bonnie redmond

    lets make america and israel great again!!!!!
    Go team

  • Eddie Moses

    If Mr Trump is equally sensible and decisive on other important issues, he will be the next President of the United States. Kol ha cavod.

  • Eddie Moses

    If MR Trump is as sensible and decisive on other important issues, he will be the next President of the United States. Kol ha cavod.

  • John Train

    You had good coverage… but you headline “humor” was inappropriate and condescending . Trump’s points are very well stated…. but the question is will Trump live up to them? This in unknown for most politicians.

    We do know that Hillary Clinton was an architect of the “more light between Israel and the US ” policy of the Obama administration. And that her emails show that she surrounded himself with anti–Israel advisors.

    • Sally

      I agree “humors crowd” is inappropriate and condescending. Find a better headline writer.
      SoTrumps remarks were pleasantly received? Well he hit the nails on the head.

  • Seth Lefkow

    He keeps saying “believe me”. Yeah, right. Makes promises, predictions, but no details. For Republicans, the poor choice between this clown and Rafael Edward Cruz (Not ‘Ted” Cruz) borders on the pathetic.

    • Rachel

      “Rafael Edward Cruz (Not ‘Ted” Cruz)”?

      Is this birther nonsense, a tinfoil-hat conspiracy, or don’t you realize ‘Ted’ is short for Edward? Here’s the reality:

      From his Book “A Time for Truth”:
      When he was 13, Cruz decided to change his name to “Ted.”

      Born Rafael Edward Cruz, he’d gone by the nickname “Felito” most of his life. Cruz describes the nickname often resulted in him being teased. He refers to that time of his life as a time where he was an “unpopular nerd.”

      “The problem with that name was that it seemed to rhyme with every major corn chip on the market. Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos and Tostitos- a fact that other young children were quite happy to point out,” Cruz wrote.

      Cruz wrote that his mother gave him the idea to change his name: “‘Ted’ immediately felt like me. But my father was furious with the decision. He viewed it as a rejection of him and his heritage, which was not my intention.”

    • D. Chetakian

      So are you saying to support Clinton who has been caught in numerous lies?
      Just saying…

  • Emanuel

    Trump, Trump, Trump. No we aren’t stupid. Cruz is OK but Trump is the best and the others are worthless liars.

  • The evenhandedness previously promised is enough. When your cause is just, you have nothing to fear. Being both pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian is fine: the goal is to try to create a win/win situation.

    An undivided Jerusalem is quite possible, although Israel still has work to do in terms of bringing the infrastructure in the eastern part of the city up to par and gaining the confidence and support of its residents.