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March 28, 2016 6:32 am

Haaretz Sinks to New Low in Glorifying Palestinian Murderer

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The Left-wing Israeli daily Haaretz. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Israeli daily Haaretz. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The bar for how little Palestinians have to do to be considered saintly keeps getting lower.

From David Sarna Galdi at Haaretz:

 [O]n March 9th, as live television broadcasts jumped between different scenes of attempted attacks, one news report caught my eye. Mid-morning at the Zawiya checkpoint in the West Bank, a 16-year-old boy, Ahmad Amer, from the neighboring village of Mas’ha, approached Israeli soldiers with a knife and was immediately killed. Nobody else was injured.

While the troubling details of the attack otherwise fit the familiar pattern, a Haaretz report mentioned that Amer had left a suicide note – an unusual detail. Driven by curiosity, I found a full copy of his letter.

“In the name of God, the most gracious, the most compassionate. May peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

Dear mother and father, forgive me and be pleased with me for I am a martyr by God’s will. Thank God for everything. I want you to recall my bad deeds and not my good deeds, so that people may forgive me.
I owe money to some people:
Rami Mohyee A-Din – eight shekels
My uncle Hamdallah – twenty shekels
Al-Beek Restaurant – thirty two shekels.”

The short note, in its humble, poorly scrawled simplicity, is a revelation. Not only does it portray complexity and humanity that is invariably lost between the headlines, but it shows us Israelis where we’ve gone wrong.

It’s too late to ask 16-year-old Ahmad Amer why he made the poor decision to go up to an IDF checkpoint with a knife that morning – a long walk to what he knew would be his death. Before he could be arrested, interrogated and tried in court, which might’ve given us a clue as to the motive for his act, Amer was shot dead.

Despite Prime Minister Netanyahu and his right-wing government’s determined efforts to ignore the deep-seated resentment and frustration behind politically motivated acts of violence, and to dismiss all attackers as zombies infected by incitement and hatred, equal to the Nazis or to ISIS, what emerges from the suicide note is a picture not of a hate-fueled killer robot, but of a boy. Amar believes in God. “Forgive me,” he begs, anticipating his parent’s disappointment. He seeks the forgiveness of his community. “Recall my bad deeds and not my good deeds,” is an unexpected, sophisticated twist of reverse psychology and penitence. This teenage boy believes he is sacrificing himself for what he feels is a greater good: his community’s historic struggle.

But the most astounding thing about the note is that this 16-year-old boy confesses to the money he owes a friend, a family member, and a local business, making one last request: that his parents pay it back. The sums of money in question are so small that the act of contrition would be laughable if it wasn’t so heartbreaking; For Ahmad Amer, a small-town boy with an adult’s sense of responsibility and honor, those measly few shekels were crucially important. In the last moments of his life and, in his own moral world — incomprehensible to us — he was concerned with doing the right thing.

And then there is everything Amer’s message isn’t. It isn’t angry or hateful; it doesn’t speak about revenge or glorify killing. It is personal, casual and hauntingly resigned – a world apart from the scripted, Koran-wielding, politicized videos familiar to us from terror group-sponsored suicide attacks.

The suicide note makes it hard to write off Ahmad Amer as a homicidal jihadist monster; it reminds us that no person, even a violent person, is just one thing: good or bad, black or white. A Palestinian, it seems, is also a human being with beliefs, experiences, pathos, and motives that demand consideration. Yes, Palestinians are killing. But these killings are a twisted response to an equally twisted political and social reality that Israel has a strong hand in. In the words of Charles M. Blow, “You can’t condemn the unseemly howl and not the lash.”

Ahmad Amar teaches us that there is always a partner for negotiation, despite Israeli leaders’ claims to the contrary. As the powerful side of the equation, it’s easy to sit back, claim victimhood, blame — or just kill — the enemy and assert that there’s no possible path to a two-state solution.

Ahmad Amer’s suicide note teaches us that there is still hope for a renewal of the dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians founded on the basic mutual recognition of our humanity, and that there no excuse to stop trying to find a way. In another time and place, Ahmad Amer wouldn’t have attempted to kill and had to die for the sins of others, becoming a statistic in a fifty-year-old conflict. Like his death, his note is not eloquent, but conveys a message much more powerful than the sum of its words.

How much wishful thinking is crammed into this piece?

Because a kid who set out to murder Jews is also concerned about repaying debts, he is now considered the paradigm of a peace partner?

Osama Bin Laden was a fan of Whitney Houston, Charles Manson played a flute, John Wayne Gacy was a clown at children’s birthday parties. Are they any less monsters because of these personal details?

Ahmad Amar was clearly not raised as a normal child to want to end his life this way. His decision to stab Jews seems to be a far more important detail of his life than his asking forgiveness in his martyrdom note. Also important was the fact that his mother greeted the news with “Thank Allah he is a martyr!”

I’d day that despite his idea that repaying a few shekels of debt is more important than life itself, Amar was closer to being a monster than a misunderstood moral actor.

But people who want to blame everything on Israel see someone who attempted murder as a victim and those who defended themselves — people who incidentally also have girlfriends, hobbies and other complexity in their lives — are the monsters.

The moral universe that Haaretz lives in is one where no matter what, Israelis are evil and Palestinians are saintly. And they don’t even realize that they are engaging in the exact stereotyping that they claim Israelis are guilty of — with far less evidence to support that simple-minded conclusion.

Ahmad Amer woke up on March 9 intending to kill. The soldier who killed him did not. And that is a world of difference.

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    Dear Mother and Father (I know you’re already dead, but I’ve no one else to ask) forgive me for I’m going to have to use the stack of Haaretz newspapers you’ve been saving up (for that “rainy day”). You see, I live a very bare existence and forgot to pay my gas electric bill, so it’s been shut off and I’ve nothing with which to cook my water in order for me to have my morning coffee (you know how I get when I don’t have my morning coffee). So again, please forgive me for having to use that stack of Haaretz news (and I use the term “news”, lightly) to not only light the fire under the espresso maker, you know, the one you got me for Hanukkah, or was that for my birthday? G-d only knows. Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.
    p.s. Uncle Irving still owes me dinner

  • SSers also were against cruelty to animals and attended classical concerts. They were very “human”

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Tikun Olam has never worked, not here, not Europe nor in Israel.

    Tikun Olan has been an excuse to show that Jews pose no threat to another group and the other group(s) have used that weakness to hate and kill Jews be it in Jerusalem, blowing up buses, killing Jews at the Brussels Holocaust Museum, or in France including Paris.

    In short the belief that now that there was Israel anti-Jew hatred would diminish. Hogwash!

    Good for that IDF soldier for killing, yes I’ll say it again, Killing, that Arab terrorist. I don’t call them Palestinians because the only Palestinians are the Jews and that was a big PR blunder when Arafat called the Arabs Palestinians and Israel didn’t launch a campaign to stop it.

    The world doesn’t like tough, strong Jews who don’t go meekly into the gas chambers and the don’t like Jews who kill them.

    This IDF soldier has my respect and my support and I wish we had a 100,000 more of him inside Israel and out including the campuses of America where Jews are targeted and belittled on a daily basis because they are so weak and want to share with their haters.

    The Holocaust ended in 1945 or did it?

  • Marvin Sigal

    I’d like to read a similar story compiled by Mr. Galdi……only instead of a Palestinian trained and brainwashed to kill Israelis and Jews, it were a young Waffen SS German soldier during WWII who was also trained and brainwashed to do the same thing, and who also wrote a similar letter to his family before going off to “war”. Let’s see if somehow, Mr. Galdi, could explain how “But these killings are a twisted response to an equally twisted political and social reality that [the Jews of Germany]=Israel has a strong hand in.” I’m sure he could twist his own sense identification with the kllers use his journalistic talent to explain why the German SS could also be justified in their murderous desires.

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    Why has Haaretz not been closed down as treasonous trash, not even worth used toilet paper.
    The reporters should be charged with treason and given long jail sentences

    Are they being paid by the Arabs to always write anti Israel stories

  • Jonas

    Haaretz stinks to unbearable smell

  • As long as the palestinians do not accept the armenians also to have claim over jerusalem, there is no need to care their suicides whether it is done by a little boy or a big one. Even the death of judas iscariot was a pitiable one. But we accept the death of jesus only and not of judas iscariot

  • Rose Handleman

    Shame on Haaretz!!!!! Israeli’s fear for their lives every single day! They have to look over their shoulders at every turn. Pathetic left progressives. That Arab boy had an agenda and that poor soldier had to make a choice. The left leaning Jews will be the ones responsible for the demise of our beloved land!
    How ridiculous to ruminate over what would have been and what this idiot’s motives were for having a knife at the checkpoint! One doesn’t need to be a Rhodes scholar to figure that one out!
    I am disgusted beyond the ability to put it into words!

  • Isahiah62

    I’d [day] that despite …
    correct typo please

    love you Daniel
    Haaretz is outta control now
    their own hatred of Bibi supersedes logic, decency and truth

  • Lia

    The last line says it all … for all of us … for ever. Thank you, Elder.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Haaretz is a SHAME !
    It’s as bad, as the New York Times.

  • Irvin Whitten

    His note deserves the Nobel Prize for literature. However, in the words of the great philosopher, Charles M. Lash,cousin of Charles M. Blow, “if you can’t reason with them, blow them away”.

  • enufizenuf

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Naftali

    Ok, when a terrorist stabs him or someone in his family, we will review the letter the terrorist wrote to see if it was an “angry or hateful” letter