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March 29, 2016 11:39 pm

Bernard-Henri Lévy on Global Terrorism: Europe Has Not Taken Advantage of the ‘Laboratory’ That Israel Provides for Upholding Democratic Values While in State of Emergency

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Bernard-Henri Levy, addressing the Gatestone Institute. Photo: Raymond Hamlin.

Bernard-Henri Levy, addressing the Gatestone Institute. Photo: Raymond Hamlin.

“Jews are, of course, a main target of the radical Islamists, but not the only ones,” world renowned French-Jewish philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

During a talk titled “The European Union and Totalitarianism,” hosted by the Gatestone Institute, a New York-based think tank specializing in strategy and defense, BHL, as he is known in France, was responding to a question about Monday’s Sky News report about advanced Islamic State plans to attack Jewish children in Turkey, on the heels of a series of ISIS-perpetrated bombings and other murders that have rocked Europe and Africa in the past week alone. The two other targets of global jihad he pointed to were Christians, who are being slaughtered across the Middle East, and what he called “enlightened decency,” a term he elaborated on by saying that it is “not by chance that [the radical Islamists] have been attacking cities, such as Paris, Brussels and Istanbul.”

Referring to this as “metrocide,” BHL said, “All fascist movements hate cities, because they symbolize and embody civilization,” and “Islamofascists” are no different in this respect.

Going through a list of what he called “stupid and disgusting excuses” made by the West for the global terror wave (i.e. that terrorism is rooted in misery, poverty and despair; that terrorism is an act of revenge or retaliation for Western aggression; and that it is a response to Western military, political and cultural imperialism), BHL asserted that “Islamofascism has not been studied and analyzed as it should have been.”

He also argued that Europe has not taken advantage of the “laboratory” that Israel both constitutes and provides for how a country can be in a state of emergency where terrorism is concerned and at the same time uphold democratic values.

“Israel’s state of emergency began 67 years ago,” said BHL, who is promoting his latest book, Lesprit du judaïsme (the spirit of Judaism). “And it has found the means to remain a vibrant democracy.”

BHL was honored Monday night at The Algemeiner‘s third annual “Jewish 100 Gala,” along with UK Justice Minister Michael Gove, philanthropist Jeffrey Rosen and Broadway star Tovah Feldshuh.

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  • Every word that Bernard Henri Levy says in this interview is true, now we have to act upon them.

    All the free world should join hands, brains and hearts together to overcome this new cancerous Hitler – Daesh ISIS – the Horrendous Islamic State. Not only with THE UN AND NATO armaments but also with cultural arms from all writers, poets philosophers, researchers, etc condemning and shaming ISIS and prove that:
    Prof. Ada Aharoni, Pres. IFLAC: International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace

  • stevenl

    That is what antisemitism is about. Undermining the only country east to the Mediterranean sea where people with a brain and a soul exist.
    Antisemitism is constantly rejuvenated!
    Islamofascism and Socialism are joined at the hip.

    • Mike

      “Antisemitism is the socialism of fools”.

      Most socialists are fools…

  • Stuart

    Thanks BHL for the truth about Islamofascists. Hope it’s not too late.

  • Peter Joffe

    I wonder where the world would be today if Arabs did not have most of the oil? Oil has been the pay cheque by which Arabs have promoted their barbaric and outdated philosophy/ideology. All the proof in the world is ignored as oil buys allegiance and silence. If the oil barons say it it must be true as otherwise these evil people will cut off the brown gold supplies, then true it becomes. Islam has no place in the modern world and really had no place in the ancient world either! 1/2 the world is made up of females and without them there would be no people at all and yet Arabs treat them as trash and a vehicle to satisfy their rabid sex drive. Shame on us all for siding with them to keep the oil fires burning!! Legalized rape is a crime against all the world and we have to stamp out Islam and the Koran that breeds this behavior and accepts barbarity. Decent men have to ‘earn’the respect and care of a woman. An Arabs take it as his right because of Islam.